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E-Liquid: Why it Matters

VaporFi-E-LiquidWhen you are looking at different brands of electronic cigarettes and what they offer, you have to take into consideration a variety of factors. One of the most influential, when it comes to how devices perform, is e-liquid.

E-liquid, also known as e-juice, or simply juice, is an essential when vaping. There is no substituting it. It can be made of all sorts of different formulations, it can include a wide array of ingredients as well as be comprised of just a few. It can carry a very high dosage of nicotine, contain a moderate level, or even be nicotine-free. It can be vegetable glycerin (VG) based, propylene glycol based (PG), or some combination of these two. It can be made of the lowest quality ingredients around, or you can be lucky enough to find brands such as VaporFi that carry only the highest grade e-liquids available.

With all of this disparity, all to perform a basic function, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Does it really matter what is going on inside? Does what constitutes the e-liquid even make a difference because it’s getting vaporized? We are certain it does.

You see, when you inhale the vapor, which is a by-product of the e-liquid, it goes straight into your lungs. Wouldn’t you prefer the cleanest, purest substances going into your vital organs?

Experience has taught us that the best liquids are made of the best ingredients, which originate from the best sources. It results in the best flavors, the best nicotine sensation, the best throat hit, and overall satisfaction. We make a point to avoid diacetyl, ensuring we carry only diacetyl-free e-liquids. We use responsible sources such as Malaysian Palm for our glycerin to avoid run-ins with peanut allergies. All other ingredients are Kosher-grade and inhalation-grade; meaning they are literally designed for inhalation.

We believe in having the best electronic cigarette products, and part of this equation is having the best e-liquid. It is what holds the flavor and is the key to the experience. You can have the best mod or e-cig on the planet; if your liquid is mediocre, you can expect the same in performance. We strive to go beyond.

Why Manufacturing Makes a Difference

hero_about_us_what_is_itManufacturing is a broad concept, and in the electronic cigarette industry it can have great significance on the final product and can have a direct impact on products’ overall performance. In addition, it is also of major importance on the subject of nicotine e-liquids. As a company, we are steadfast in our commitment to manufacturing all of our products, under all of our different brands, and this extends even into our nicotine liquids as well. For a deeper look into our e-cigarette manufacturing practices, continue reading on!

When a company controls and oversees all aspects of their manufacturing, there is no middle-man involved. There are no secondary channels to complicate communication. There is no mistaking what gets done and why. While this can sometimes mean it costs more, the end result is usually of higher quality and there are less mishaps; essentially why we choose to produce all of our products, for all of our brands: South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporFi, ourselves 100%.

When you purchase any of our electronic cigarette products, you are purchasing those which have been manufactured under the strictest of conditions, both in the USA and China. Strict audits are conducted at all of our facilities by outside agencies, to guarantee the conditions are continuously up to standard.

We are very confident in the quality that comes from producing e-liquids in the USA, and we are very strict about carrying e-juice that has been manufactured in America. Because this enables us to have full control and view of the production, we are able to guarantee higher standards and more high-quality liquids, resulting in better performance and more satisfied customers.

In all of our manufacturing plants, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our workers. We strive towards maintaining full compliance in every possible aspect, and are fully committed to our product quality and product safety.

Manufacturing is an essential aspect of producing top quality products, and our commitment to the highest quality electronic cigarettes is unwavering. With IVG products and brands, this is a part of our foundation we never compromise upon, and it shows in the finished product.

Cigarettes Sales Decline as E-Cigs Profits Rise

140402-e-cigarette-1933_231e5c322bb87dca8999db15d4687b7cCigarette companies are beginning to acknowledge that vapor cigarettes are immensely popular and causing tobacco profits to decline. As more smokers are turning to these alternatives that offer a smoke-free way of enjoying the same pleasure, (nicotine, sensation, and physical feeling included) the tobacco industry is really beginning to feel the effects. Millions of smokers have switched outright, and one in four have, at a minimum, tried an e-cigarette.

Phillip Morris International has been the first to put it out there that their profits for 2014 have been greatly lower than expected. Among the reasons for this is, it is obvious that electronic cigarettes are a major part of the fall.

Earnings have been severely impacted by sales declines in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as impending production cuts. In addition to these negative factors, Phillip Morris International has equated into their losses a $495 million fee that has come as a result of the planned shutting down of their production facility in the Netherlands at the end of this year. Their decision in closing it is a result of this cease in growth for their European market.

In addition to the sales declines, Phillip Morris shares recently fell much further than expected. The original prediction of full-year per-share earnings was expected to be between $5.09 and $5.19, however the newest reports  revealed that the actual number is much less than expected at a rate between $4.87 and $4.97.

The numbers don’t lie, both in terms of tobacco sales losses and electronic cigarette profits. As the e-cigarette industry continues to thrive and push towards the $2 billion-dollar sales mark this year, it’s evident that this industry will only continue to flourish.

It’s a great time to be in this market and IVG is more than excited to be one of the leaders!

The Science Behind Switching

79365658-woman-smokingA recent study done by Robert West of University College London’s epidemiology and public health department, and published by Yahoo! Tech reported that electronic cigarettes are very effective at helping smokers switch to the smokeless alternative, and helping them steer completely away from tobacco use. This study concluded with a success rate of 60% for users when switching to e-cigarettes, in comparison to using other methods including nicotine patches, gum, or without any methods of assistance. Funded by the Cancer Research UK, and published in the journal Addiction, West surveyed smokers between 2009 and 2014 who attempted to quit smoking without the use of prescription drugs or the help of professionals.

The study was performed on 6,000 smokers over a period of 5 years, and the results suggest that electronic cigarettes have the potential to significantly assist in cutting down cigarette smoking rates, and as a result, assist in reducing tobacco-related illnesses and mortality rates.

As it is common knowledge, cigarette smoke-related diseases are plentiful, including numerous types of cancer, a variety of different respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases. In relation to public health, electronic cigarettes have the ability to improve and enhance public health because of their ability to assist smokers in switching to a tobacco-free method of obtaining nicotine.

20% of the people in the survey stopped smoking traditional cigarettes entirely when aided by electronic cigarettes, compared to 10% of those in the study who used nicotine patches and gum, and 15% whose success was based on their willpower alone, without additional methods of assistance.

While public opinion varies about the success rates and true abilities of electronic cigarettes assisting smokers with switching, many smokers have achieved excellent results when switching to electronic cigarettes based on their ability to control many factors of the experience, including how much nicotine they consume, how often they smoke, and how long each smoking session is. What this study shows is that e-cigarettes are a valid alternative to traditional tobacco products, and many smokers have achieved great success when switching because they provide all the same sensations, in a smoke and tobacco-free format.

If you are interested in learning more about different electronic cigarette products that are available, feel free to browse International Vapor Group’s different brands, all of which offer high quality alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

IVG: What We Do

img_illustration_lgInternational Vapor Group makes top quality electronic cigarettes. We are leaders in the industry, designing, manufacturing, producing, distributing, and marketing some of the top names of smokeless cigarettes available. Our extensive variety of products can be found online, as well through brick and mortar retailers around the world. Each of our different brands specializes in innovation, and offering consumers the greatest level of quality and performance available.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of several essential parts, the most important being the battery, which is responsible for supplying power and serving as the “brain” of the devices. They also all contain some variation of an atomizer, which is what vaporizes the liquid nicotine into the vapor hits, a tank, cartridge or cartomizer that holds the liquid, and a mouthpiece made for puffing and inhaling on. And while these are the necessary parts that the majority of all vaping devices use, not all brands create them the same, or with the same level of technology to function at the highest level possible.

Each of our different lines, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, specialize in unique product offerings, while all being based on the same technology. We focus on producing an experience customers are looking for, and with each of these lines, we aim to satisfy the needs and requests of our users.

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative option to traditional cigarettes, without smoke, tobacco, tar, or odor. They also modernize the smoking experience, allowing users the many benefits of reducing waste and simplifying usage with digital accessories as opposed to the mess, fire, and pollution that come with standard tobacco cigarettes.

At the same time, e-cigarettes recreate the experience, eliminating none of the pleasure or sensations, offering users a method that is both familiar and satisfying. While many find there to be an adjustment period when starting out with electronic cigarettes, typically getting used to the devices is not difficult or time consuming. What many are seeking is the same satisfaction they are used to with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to vapor production, throat hit, flavor, and the effects of the nicotine, and our products are made to directly target these goals.

What IVG does is innovate, create, and supply our customers with the very best options available to enjoy electronic smoking. We believe in being ahead of the pack, and that’s the foundation of our business!