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Opportunities: Franchise with VaporZone

img_vz_south_miamiUp until very recently, the e-cigarette market has been an almost exclusively online industry. This has enabled it to grow tremendously, reaching customers directly and enabling them to have the products they sought, which were, for the most part, unavailable in the brick-and-mortar setting. As the market and mainstream acceptance has grown, and the technology has advanced, top quality electronic cigarette names are starting to reach retail stores.

VaporZone, one of International Vapor Group’s most successful concepts, has now started to offer exciting franchising opportunities, enabling driven entrepreneurs to tap into this exciting, growing, booming market. The franchises are to feature all of this brand’s top quality products, including their widely popular line of advanced personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, custom e-liquid blends, and versatile accessories, available at a wide variety of price points, which appeal to a very wide array of customers. VaporZone franchises are also to feature the brand’s signature custom e-liquid blending and vaping bars in every location.

When you embark on this endeavor, VaporZone will provide you with all the tools necessary for success. Franchisees will be trained on-site, and provided with continuous support, as well as guidance for the location and the format. An additional aspect to consider as well, is that franchisees who work with VaporZone are equipped to profit from our industry-exclusive revenue sharing program that allows them to generate additional income from online sales in their area.

The e-cigarette industry is booming, and more and more opportunities are arising, making way for potential businesses and lucrative opportunities for those interested in being a part of it. VaporZone is one of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brands, and if you are considering being a part of an electronic cigarette retail venture, consider becoming a part of one the quickest growing brands in the brick-and-mortar sector.

Cost: a Huge Reason E-Cigs are so Successful

cs2One of the best reasons to consider the many financial incentives to carrying electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in your retail stock is that they offer one very promising benefit to customers: saving money. While many retailers have seen drastically lower sales in tobacco cigarettes and products in recent years, especially since electronic cigarettes have taken such precedence, e-cigs have enabled business owners to capitalize on the growing movement, as well as offer products that are in demand, and add revenue in areas where they were seeing declines.

Traditional cigarettes are extremely expensive, and most smokers spend over $2000 yearly on the habit. Saving money is one of the most obvious reasons smokers look to alternative cigarettes, and most are extremely pleased with how much they save over time.

While they are very cost effective for users, they also happen to be very lucrative for retailers. They present a variety of different products that fulfill the needs of smokers, offering an extensive range of different items that appeal to a wide range of different smokers, from e-cigarette disposables, to standard e-cigarette starter kits, advanced vaporizers, e-liquids, refill cartridges, and additional accessories that users want and need. Whether users are vaping with disposable units, standard e-cigs that require cartridges, or are using e-liquids with their advanced vaporizers, they will consistently come back to where they purchased their products for more. And even still electronic cigarettes are less pricey than traditional.

Electronic cigarettes offer a great sales opportunity for retailers, and they fill a need that is ever growing. International Vapor Group brands offer great wholesale opportunities to retailers, and the very best quality e-cigarette products to customers; all at enticing prices. These products are seeing such success because everyone on both sides of the sale are benefitting. If your retail selection is lagging behind in this area, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities! We are the forefront of this industry, and offer a variety of exciting ventures.

A Shift is Occurring: Customers are Choosing Vaporizers over E-Cigs

c700x420We’ve been preparing for it for a while. The trend has been brewing, and time has proven what we felt was going to eventually be evident: e-cigarette customers are now choosing vaporizers and mods over e-cig look-a-likes. While there is still a substantial market for e-cigs, as not everyone is opting for an APV, more and more vapor smokers are taking to the more advanced models.

In the earlier days of the e-cigarette market, having a product that mimicked everything about a traditional cigarette, along with the experience and accompanying nicotine was ideal. Smokers were more inclined to try them, use them and get familiar with them. But after a while, especially for those who really got into using these alternatives, the desire for a more intense, more powerful product took precedence.

This opened the door for manufacturers to develop more advanced products, as it was becoming apparent that users wanted more than basic e-cigs could deliver, and were more than willing to pay for more extreme products that did more than simulate a traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarette connoisseurs have gotten to the point of enjoying the option of controlling every aspect of their devices, being able to use a variety of accessories such as tanks and atomizers. They enjoy having full control over their vaping, including how their vape pen performs and how they can further manipulate its performance to their own choosing. With all of this in mind, we saw the need for expanding in this direction. We saw the need for our brands to offer advanced vaporizers, and to do so with a great attention to detail while focusing on quality. And the result has been exceptional, as both VaporZone and South Beach Smoke have seen excellent growth and success from the sales of their vaporizers, while giving their customers the type of high-performing products they want.

Like any trend or movement, there has to be room for growth, especially as products and people’s needs evolve. Electronic smoking continues to grow in popularity, and users continue to enjoy the many options and conveniences they receive by choosing vapor over smoke.

Why E-Cig Retail is so Hot Right Now

img_vz_south_miamiIt seems that new electronic cigarette and vaping shops are opening all the time, and they seem to be getting more and more popular, both in major metropolitan areas of the country as well as in smaller towns and suburbs. The vapor movement is gaining tremendous steam, and more than ever, smoking culture is shifting to the smoke-free variety.

E-cigarette retail is hotter than ever now, and there seems to be no inclination of it slowing down anytime soon. Rather, it is just the opposite that is predicted. As the industry burgeons to the $2 billion sales mark, and more smokers are switching to these alternative products, the market for electronic cigarette retail is growing as well. What used to be a strictly online market, has now become readily available nearly everywhere in brick-and-mortar.

The reason is simple: more and more smokers are looking to switch to alternative cigarettes, and many of those that have are really into the experience. So much so that it becomes something of a hobby; trying new products, experiencing new flavors, customizing their devices. Vapor shops also hold the unique benefit of providing a social environment, giving vapers the ability to converse with others who share the same passion. Unlike strictly internet social settings, such as discussion boards and forums, being in a shop, in person, is a totally different scene. Being able to see the products firsthand, talk to industry experts who can demonstrate products and accessories, and give users one-on-one attention can make all the difference in their success with vaping. While the internet is amazing for its broad reach, nothing replaces real-life interaction, even when it comes to electronic smoking.

IVG’s newest concept, VaporZone takes e-cigarette retail to new levels, as it offers both an online world of products as well as brick-and-mortar locations that have become hubs in their communities. The VpaorZone name is synonymous with quality, high-tech innovations, and having experts who know their products inside and out in every location. The brand has taken vaporizers to new levels, offering state of the art technology that is exceptionally user-friendly, and customers have become smitten. The success has come out of a need, and the brand is thriving due to their unique offerings and customer satisfaction.

E-cigarette retail is really hot right now because e-cigarettes keep getting hotter. More smokers are using them, and switching to them has upped the demand and success for vapor shop retail locations. If you are looking for the very best, we recommend VaporZone; not just because they are our brand, but because you will not find a better product or retailer! If you are considering adding top of the line products to your brick-and-mortar retail selection, do contact us about wholesale and franchising opportunities!


What’s New with Our Brands

hero_newsIf you are wondering what’s going on with our brands, here is a little update on cool new happenings, products, and current news. We love keeping things exciting with each of them, and should you be interested in carrying any of them in your retail selection, keep in mind that we aim to always try new things and stay at the forefront of this industry!

South Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke has been seeing tremendous growth and positive feedback from the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air and the additional line of e-liquids. Customers have been greatly enjoying the many options for different flavor options, and having an advanced vaping device such as the Air, made with the same South Beach Smoke technology and craftsmanship they are accustomed to.

EverSmoke: EverSmoke continues to be one of the top names in the e-cigarette industry, as well as one of the top points of entry for smokers looking to experience electronic smoking in a classy, comfortable, and affordable way. The brand also continues to provide users with an extensive library of information regarding electronic cigarette usage, legislation, and education through it’s innovative learning center.

VaporZone: Vapor Zone continues to blaze trails throughout the e-cigarette industry, gaining widespread praise and new users continuously with their impeccably designed advanced personal vaporizers. By offering exceptionally high-quality machines that appeal to every budget, and constantly coming out with new products that appeal to their ever-growing fan-base, this brand is always on the up-and-up. They recently unveiled a new Pro Starter Kit, featuring a stainless steel vaporizer body and a Platinum clearomizer tank, it’s a step up from the more basic Pro kit. The brand also launched a 3-Pack Sampler for their e-liquids, enabling users to purchase three flavors at once, in 10ml quantities which allow for them to sample more flavors and save some money at the same time.

Always innovating and expanding in new directions, we are all about keeping our brands ahead of the game. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with International Vapor Group, do not hesitate to contact us regarding such.

Reasons VaporZone is the Top E-Cigarette Brand Right Now!

454642333_640Many of the names in the electronic cigarette industry come and go. Some stick around for long periods of time, and others stay simply because they are known, even if their quality is lackluster. VaporZone on the other hand, has become the premier name in e-cigarettes and vaporizers over the past year, and it’s due to having not only exceptional quality, but also great marketing, and being able to offer users the diversity and options they are looking for.

As the electronic cigarette market evolves, so do its users. Many who started out with the basic e-cigarettes, after switching from traditional cigarettes eventually quit using any nicotine products altogether, and others enjoyed the experience so much it has become a hobby and something of great enjoyment and have only sought more advanced products over time. While there are countless different reasons behind using e-cigarettes, and countless different types of users, one thing remains certain and that is what people are looking for is a great experience, enjoyable options, and quality that will not fail them.

VaporZone was developed to tackle these issues, as well as give e-smokers exactly the kind of experience they were looking for, whether they were beginner e-smokers who wanted something that compared well to traditional cigarettes, advanced users who wanted better made hi-tech devices, or those who wanted more options from the market besides low-end e-cigarettes that did not produce enough vapor or flavor.

As their popularity grows, VaporZone continues to win applause across the market from experts and users. Their wide range of flavor options, with the availability of custom blending flavors has garnered a lot of attention, as well as pleased users who enjoy having any flavors they crave. Having a very wide array of products, giving users the option to choose from numerous advanced models that have excellent performance allows them to continuously expand and gain new followers who want the best they can get – and at a great price. E-cig industry experts have given this brand rave reviews for their quality, selection, and unwavering performance.

All of this equates to one thing: VaporZone knows exactly what they are doing, exactly what this market needs, and exactly what it takes to be the best electronic cigarette brand out there!

Vapor Zone gets Top Honors From Top Review Site!

hero_home_vzVapor Zone has truly become quite the “it” brand for e-cigarettes. Recently, www.E-Cigarette-Review.net announced that Vapor Zone’s Pro vaporizer had executed the ideal makings in EVOD design, labeling it as “simply excellent.” E-Cigarette-Review.net is one of the leading authorities in electronic cigarette reviews, known for giving unbiased perspectives, based on actual experience with a variety of different e-cigarette makes, models, and brands.

After sampling the Pro starter kit from VaporZone, the staff at E-Cigarette-Review.net were ultimately pleased with every aspect of the device, coming away with a very profound sense of astonishment at how well this personal vaporizer was designed and created. Alexa Van Klemp, of E-Cigarette-Review.net remarked “I have been trying to find a single fault with this electronic cigarette but so far I have not been able to.”

Part of the appeal of VaporZone products are the acute attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and excellent durability. Users have been very pleased with the high levels of performance, with great vapor production, high power, and very delicious flavors. One of the standout features of all VaporZone products is the effort placed on the esthetic qualities, as every model they make happens to be very attractive in addition to working quite well.

Other aspects of the VaporZone Pro EVOD that impressed the reviewers of E-Cigarette-Review.net are the high-power capacity of the battery which can last more than a day on a single full charge with regular use, the option of three atomizer resistance choices, and the general ease of use this model was made with.

As stated by a representative from E-Cigarette-Review.net, “VaporZone truly knows how to cater to vapers through choice and quality, and for that reason I am sure this brand will flourish.”

We are pleased that Vapor Zone is making such an impact on the e-cigarette industry, market, customers, and even industry experts. Everything this brand stands for, every product and service was created and designed to fill a void where quality and options were missing, and it is wonderful to see this come to light.

VaporZone’s South Beach Location Now Open!

safe_imageThis past week, our newest VaporZone location officially opened its doors for business! Located in the bustling heart of South Beach, we are very pleased to bring this brand’s amazing products to our customers in this area. As VaporZone has seen tremendous growth since launching, the opening of this store was big news, and we weren’t the only ones celebrating. Local radio station, Power 96 was there, NBCMiami published a feature on the opening, showcasing a collection of photos from the event, and local TV program, Deco Drive showed up to scope things out, and ran a feature on the location.

As this was the 8th VaporZone store to open, it was big news. Our other locations, including Doral, South Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Brandon, Clearwater, and Tampa have all experienced instantaneous approval from customers, so it was only natural to expand into South Beach, where the vaping scene has become quite popular.

VaporZone has been active in the community since launching, and the brand has truly made a name for itself among those who are big on the vaping lifestyle. As a brand, they fulfill a need in the industry as more than just a place to go get liquids and gear. VaporZone locations were designed to be hip, trendy places where electronic cigarette users can go to not only see, buy, and sample the finest e-cigarette products, but also hang out, talk with others who share the same vaping interest, and essentially be comfortable in an atmosphere where electronic smoking is completely welcome.

The South Beach VaporZone location does all of this, fitting completely in line with the area’s reputation for all things fun and pleasurable. The location features a staff who is expertly trained in every aspect of the products, has a fully equipped vapor tasting bar that is manned by professional vapologists who masterfully create the custom blends, and is stocked with all VaporZone products.

Suffice it to say, VaporZone’s newest location is exactly what was needed in South Beach, and we couldn’t be happier with the expansion!

Where Innovation Has Taken Us

hero_3brands2dWhen it comes to innovation, it’s at the core of our business. It’s the premise on which we build our products, and how we plan for the future. Each of IVG’s brands are unique in their approach to maintaining an innovative edge, and while we know the importance of staying competitive in this industry, we also know the importance of being ahead. Here is a look at each of our brands, and what they bring to the table and the market. If you’re looking for the most innovative electronic cigarette lines available, look no further!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke launched during the beginning stages of the e-cigarette boom. They were certainly not the first e-cig company in the USA to hit the scene, however they offered comparable technology to what was out there, only with more advanced batteries, accessories, and performance. This lead to further advancements in all of their products, and set the tone for continuous innovation, as well as product developments. 4 years in, South Beach Smoke continues to be the first choice among thousands of users, as well as the first brand many turn to when they begin vaping.


EverSmoke was developed on the same technology and concept as South Beach Smoke, however aimed towards a more mature demographic, as South Beach Smoke tends to be a brand more associated with younger, trendier users. EverSmoke differs in product styling, accessories, and flavors, however the quality and innovation remains the same as their forerunner.


Still in their burgeoning stages, NutriCigs are the world’s first and only fortified electronic cigarettes. Disposable design, with fortified e-liquid, these e-cigarettes offer more than just nicotine; there is a blend designed to promote restfulness, a blend for curbing the appetite, and a blend made to promote boosting one’s energy.


VaporZone has taken the world by storm, receiving rave reviews and countless converts in the less than a year they have been on the market. Offering some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers and mods available, this brand is hotter than hot at the moment. As a unique concept, VaporZone does many things that other brands are nowhere near doing. With their top of the line electronic cigarettes, custom-blended e-liquids, and exceptional retail locations, they have become the top choice among vapers everywhere.

When it comes to innovation, look no further than IVG. We know what we’re doing, and we invite you to come along for the ride; the future is looking very promising!

VaporZone News!

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nVaporZone is heating up! The brand continues to make a loud presence in the South Florida/ Miami area, having made appearances at quite a few major local events as new stores open. This brand has gained immense popularity, and VaporZone fans have nothing but great experiences to report. The brand continues to represent the positive side of electronic cigarette use, maintaining a very solid presence within the community, and we are very proud of their efforts to spread the positivity across South Florida.

Recently VaporZone was featured all over the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Considered one of the biggest events for the Miami club scene and the definitive place to be for international DJ’s, the WMC lit up Miami with parties and music events. VaporZone was particularly popular at Ice Palace, where a full vapor display was set up inside, and there was an exquisite vapor bar happening outside. It was a really exciting scene, and VaporZone was more than happy to have such a grand presence at one of Miami’s landmark events.

This weekend, April 11-13, is all about pride in Miami Beach as the Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival takes over the town. Again, expect to see VaporZone making a grand presence, as they will be one of the event sponsors. Spreading the word and the vaping love, we hope to have everyone enjoying these awesome e-cigarettes in the spirit of pride and unity.

In other big news, VaporZone is also celebrating their expansion with the opening of several new stores. The South Beach location is set to open its doors on April 15, however the Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon stores have recently opened, and are now in full swing. These newest additions bring it to a total of 8 locations currently open, with an additional 4 VaporZone Express satellite locations.

VaporZone’s impressive expansion, growth, and popularity are a sign of how excellent this brand is. Continuing to spread through the South Florida area, and beyond, keep an eye on this brand as they keep blazing the trail!