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Expand Your Business, Recover Sales Lost From Tobacco

cigaretteIf you are a business owner who has seen sales fall due to cigarettes becoming less of a commodity, you are not alone. Many businesses (especially smaller, mom and pop shops) have been through the same situation, and have been able to recover due to the rise in popularity and success of e-cigarettes.

The rate of smokers who begin smoking decreases each year, and along the same lines, the number of smokers who are quitting are also on the rise. What this means for businesses whose sales have included that of cigarettes in the past are most likely looking at decreased sales in tobacco. The rising taxes, rising prices, and the many health disadvantages have caused smokers to either quit or seek alternatives. If this is something your business has faced, have you thought about the possibilities of selling electronic cigarettes to help pick up the slack?

Smaller shops are beginning to implement e-cigarettes in their inventories because even in today’s economy, they are selling right along their analog counterparts. In many instances, they have even helped salvage tobacco businesses on the brink of failure. And what is even more promising, is that there are still many smokers who are not yet aware of e-cigarettes, and that switching to the electronic alternatives can offer many conveniences and benefits.

There are many reasons consumers are happy to be switching to electronic cigarettes, and our variety of brands are perfect for filling your shelves if you are looking to add e-cigarettes to your selection of tobacco products. International Vapor Group brands are being sold all over the country, in all types of retail shops.

If you are thinking about getting into electronic cigarette retail, have a look at our different wholesale opportunities. Our products are top rated and top selling, and cover many different options customers are looking for.

Don’t let the end of the era of tobacco hurt your sales! Everyone is going electronic, follow suit!

Why Gas Stations Should Sell E-Cigs

gas-station_2_300Gas stations are a perfect venue for electronic cigarettes because smokers are used to them. They would sell very well in this setting, and be a great entry point for smokers who are curious about trying them because of their visual appeal and convenience. In this setting, they would be ideal for both regular users, as well as whim purchases. Currently some gas stations do sell e-cigarettes, but for the most part they carry lesser quality brands and products, and this is a problem. Should you ask most of the people who have tried electronic cigarettes they purchased at gas stations, chances are you will hear less than wonderful reviews, and a desire to have more advanced, better quality e-cigs. What this means is that gas stations are on to the right idea by carrying e-cigs, but they should be more discerning when choosing the lines they carry.

Many gas stations have upgraded the quality of many products they sell in recent years, carrying more healthful snack and drink options, and now is a great time to do the same when it comes to electric cigarettes. Better products = happier customers, and that will bring repeat sales! Why think just about short-term sales, when you could be bringing your customer back for more?

And if you are a gas station owner, who sees e-cigs as just a one-time purchase, have you considered what additional products e-cigarette companies offer, such as e-cig disposables? These are the essence of convenience, and allow users to use them with even more ease and simplicity than cigarettes. Able to use anywhere, and they are meant to be used straight out of the package, they need no fire to light them, and they last about the same length as two packs of cigarettes.

What smoker isn’t accustomed to grabbing cigarettes when they make a gas run? Gas stations are oh-so-convenient for all those little things, like packs of gum, bottled water, and cigarettes. So now that smokers are switching to e-cigs in droves, it only makes sense that gas stations add them to their inventories.



Electronic Cigarettes: Choosing Innovation

url-4Electronic cigarettes are the most innovative product to ever be made for smokers. Not cessation devices, nor methods to assist in quitting smoking like gums and patches, they appeal to smokers because unlike other options in the market, they offer the same nicotine they can find in cigarettes. This creates an experience that is second to none, enabling for the same feeling and sensation cigarettes provide under much cleaner, nontoxic circumstances.

E-cigarettes have been developed with the highest level of technology available. They are unparalleled in what they offer smokers, and the amount of convenience they provide. Smokers who switch are always impressed by how their lives improve and all the little ways they save time, money, and energy. They enable smokers to enjoy their cigarettes wherever, and whenever they so choose, without the hassles of smoke and tobacco.

Nothing is burned when an e-cig is used. No tobacco is used whatsoever in the process, and the vapor that gets produced is safe and utterly harmless. There is no carbon monoxide, no fire, and no tar; making them a healthier alternative and much more comfortable to use around others. You can’t even smell them! The levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes come measured to certain amounts, and can range from 24mg to 0mg, giving smokers a very wide range of choices. Many smokers use nicotine free cartridges, just to enjoy the experience and sensation of vaping, without nicotine.

International Vapor Group offers a very great selection of product choices, offering such innovations as our fortified electronic cigarettes, NutriCigs. The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines of traditional e-cigs give customers many choices to customize their vapor cig experience, as well as options like disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits in varied configurations, and excellent prices. These brands are adored by customers for the high level of quality, the outstanding customer service, and the very appealing price points.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, they are clearly the more modern, more intelligent way to smoke. Traditional cigarettes are being continuously phased out, as more smokers choose innovation instead of the old fashioned method of smoking chemical-laden tobacco. At least when it comes to smoking, the future is looking a lot greener!

Electronic Cigarette Sales Up by 50%

url-1Vapor cigarettes become increasingly popular, as the months and years go on. Touted as “the future of smoking,” they are proving that they really are innovative and practical enough for even die hard, lifelong heavy smokers to switch to. America is home to more than 45 million smokers, and about half of them attempt to quit smoking every year. Are more smokers switching to e-cigarettes because they are able to have a more comfortable, realistic experience? It’s safe to say “yes” because as awareness grows, so do sales.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently released findings showing that e-cigarettes are so popular now that the numbers of smokers who are using electronic cigarettes are continuously doubling. From 10% in 2010, to 21% in 2011, the numbers of smokers who have tried them are growing consistently and strongly. In America, approximately 6 in 10 adults are in the know about e-cigarettes, especially due to aggressive marketing from electronic cigarette companies, as well as more people finding a compatible and enjoyable alternative in them. The CDC is not exactly exuberant about e-cigarettes, despite their research. What they do make a point of is that there needs to be further testing and further government regulations, to ensure safety and product quality to protect the users.

What lies ahead for customers is that they are faced with choices. While they can read into what organizations like the CDC are saying, and opt for fear, or they can do their own research. Most consumers already know it’s up to them to be educated for their own benefit, to make their own best decisions. When it comes to e-cigarette companies, it’s obvious who the best ones are because the quality shows. There are many companies that have started out with less than stellar quality and have faded quickly, because having a failing product only drives consumers away. International Vapor Group, on the other hand, has built an empire on this premise of quality and consistent ratings throughout the industry, placing our brands within the top 20 e-cigarette names round sure says something!

Let’s Talk About E-Cigarette Quality

url-2One of the big things missing in the electronic cigarette industry is quality. Most brands place quantity well above quality, and it shows in the final outcome of their product. They also lack when it comes to the technical, logistical development that is imperative to expanding within a very big, always growing industry.

International Vapor Group brands have been carefully developed with the highest level of quality found in the e-cigarette industry. With products that offer users many different options and the ability for them to fit perfectly into their lives, we understand that versatility is what works for people nowadays. With expertise that has been in place since the early days of e-cigarettes, and a very keen eye for detail, we know what our customers want. With so many products available in the market, what makes our products stand out is the deep seated passion for what electronic cigarettes bring to the table, giving smokers a new lease on life.

IVG brands have not been made to generate quick sales; they were made to create lasting customer relationships. Sales are great, of course that is our target, but longterm sales mean more steady business in the long term. Having customers that continuously return for products, cartridge refills, continuous disposables, and accessories, as well as exemplary customer service and quality they truly trust equates to further business, as well as a very good word of mouth referral.

As you can see, we are in this business for the long haul. The passion behind the power of what alternative cigarettes offer is the core of our business, and it leads to continuous growth and a loyal customer base. We are in the business of changing people’s lives for the better, and we thoroughly enjoy pleasing our people. The kinds of retailers we seek to work with understand what kind of products they are selling. They want more than a quick turn around; they want the longterm business of customers who are equally passionate about the quality of their electronic cigarettes. They will also want strong, lasting relationships with companies such as ours, where the benefits are mutually beneficial for the long term! If your business can benefit from having top quality brands such as ours, and you want to carry the very best the electronic cigarette industry has to offer, contact us now!


Why Carry IVG Brands in Your Store?

-1International Vapor Group is proud to have a wide selection of products from three top quality brands. Why would you want our brands in your curated selection? Because our lines are at the very forefront of the industry, and offer a wider variety of options than most others. With three distinct, well-established, and highly visible e-cigarette lines, those who are interested in vaping will be ultimately pleased. Our brands have grown consistently and rapidly over the past few years, and now that our products are available for purchase in stores, this will only continue onward.

South Beach Smoke was the original line of cigarette alternatives from International Vapor Group. Hitting the vapor cigarette industry during its infancy, they made a name quickly among the trendy Hollywood scene as premier among e-cigarette brands. Affordable, convenient, and good looking, these e-cigs continue to receive rave reviews and a loyal following of users.

EverSmoke was the next foray, diversifying the offerings with a line focused on supreme quality, the latest technology, and exceptional levels of vapor. Another brand to achieve success quickly, there many- both industry professionals and e-smokers alike who will say they are the best e-cigarettes around.

Our newest line, NutriCigs offers users a brilliant new concept: fortified electronic cigarettes. They are beyond all other types of alternative cigarettes, providing users with benefits like a sleep aid, an appetite suppressant, and an energy boost all in the convenient and highly absorbable form of the e-cigarette. The proprietary blends consist of all natural ingredients, proven to be effective. How does this work? Using just nanograms of the active ingredients, when carried by vapor the user is able to get the full benefits of the ingredients.

As you can see, we’ve got it all covered when it comes to selection, quality and diversity! It is our highest reaching goal to reach every customer who could benefit from having the highest level of quality in their electronic cigarettes! International Vapor Group wholesale opportunities are here!

Greetings, From International Vapor Group!

hero_what_we_doWelcome to our blog! International Vapor Group is one of the world’s leading authorities on all things regarding electronic cigarettes. With a strong foothold in the industry, and at the helm of three landmark brands, we offer more to the e-smoking customer than anyone else can.

Our brands: South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs cover all aspects of what today’s smoker is looking for, and do so in very direct ways. Our products offer exceptional quality, and products meant to delight the customer. We have been in this industry since the earliest days of electronic cigarette technology, and we are more than pleased to have played an integral role in helping to advance it to the current high standards. Always looking to go farther, innovation is at the base of what we do. The popularity of e-cigarettes has multiplied vastly in recent years, and in the near future it is projected to explode; we are more than ready for this expansion and have positioned all of our brands to make a lasting impact in the industry.

Another aspect of what sets us apart from most others in this industry is our commitment and dedication to customer service. We want our products to ultimately improve the quality of life for our customers, and by working with them we can develop the kinds of products they desire. The people behind our company are deeply devoted to the many amazing advancements that e-cigarettes offer, and can see that e-cigs will ultimately benefit the world in the future by replacing tobacco cigarettes entirely.

Our state of the art manufacturing centers are located in both the United States and China, while all of the E-liquids in our cartridges have been manufactured exclusively here in the USA. This is one of the many standards that gives us an edge on other brands, offering unparalleled levels of quality and freshness, as well as vapor across all of our products. It also adds to the beauty of being an American company with American-made quality.

Now that you know a little more about us, we are really looking forward to what the future holds! Here’s to changing the world, one e-cigarette at a time!