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Vapor Zone gets Top Honors From Top Review Site!

hero_home_vzVapor Zone has truly become quite the “it” brand for e-cigarettes. Recently, www.E-Cigarette-Review.net announced that Vapor Zone’s Pro vaporizer had executed the ideal makings in EVOD design, labeling it as “simply excellent.” E-Cigarette-Review.net is one of the leading authorities in electronic cigarette reviews, known for giving unbiased perspectives, based on actual experience with a variety of different e-cigarette makes, models, and brands.

After sampling the Pro starter kit from VaporZone, the staff at E-Cigarette-Review.net were ultimately pleased with every aspect of the device, coming away with a very profound sense of astonishment at how well this personal vaporizer was designed and created. Alexa Van Klemp, of E-Cigarette-Review.net remarked “I have been trying to find a single fault with this electronic cigarette but so far I have not been able to.”

Part of the appeal of VaporZone products are the acute attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and excellent durability. Users have been very pleased with the high levels of performance, with great vapor production, high power, and very delicious flavors. One of the standout features of all VaporZone products is the effort placed on the esthetic qualities, as every model they make happens to be very attractive in addition to working quite well.

Other aspects of the VaporZone Pro EVOD that impressed the reviewers of E-Cigarette-Review.net are the high-power capacity of the battery which can last more than a day on a single full charge with regular use, the option of three atomizer resistance choices, and the general ease of use this model was made with.

As stated by a representative from E-Cigarette-Review.net, “VaporZone truly knows how to cater to vapers through choice and quality, and for that reason I am sure this brand will flourish.”

We are pleased that Vapor Zone is making such an impact on the e-cigarette industry, market, customers, and even industry experts. Everything this brand stands for, every product and service was created and designed to fill a void where quality and options were missing, and it is wonderful to see this come to light.

Vapor Zone Franchising

IMG_01801As Vapor Zone grows, in popularity, as well as through the many stores that are now open, we are pleased to now have franchise opportunities available. This unique concept that is Vapor Zone offers the industry’s best retail locations, as well as electronic cigarette vaporizers, nicotine e-liquids, and additional products. As this industry is growing rapidly, moving from a niche market into mainstream distribution, franchising is expected to be one of the most significant areas of expansion. In 2014, it is expected that the e-cigarette industry will exceed $2 billion in sales; do you see yourself as a part of this growth?

The industry is obviously growing at a rapid rate, and many are looking for a way to take advantage of the many lucrative opportunities. If you are among them, why not consider a Vapor Zone franchise? Backed by a management team boasting over 100 years of combined business expertise, and some of the highest quality, top selling, most reputable products available, Vapor Zone is poised to take the industry by storm. With a combination of unique and very well made products, customized e-liquid blending, and an advanced management team behind every aspect of our business, we have developed a no-fail business success strategy.

As one of the only electronic cigarette companies that manufactures all of their products, we are committed to excellence on every level. We stand by all of our products, and maintain the highest standards.

Franchising is the next wave of the e-cigarette industry because users are looking for more advanced products, and more people than ever are using electronic cigarettes. One of the many reasons to work with Vapor Zone and International Vapor Group is that because we control all aspects of the production and manufacturing, we are able to provide a low overhead business model, which equates to greater savings and higher profits for those who work with us. This is an industry that drives customers back to locations to purchase additional products and liquid refills; customers are always coming back for more.

When working with us, we provide you all the tools necessary to manage your business, in addition to providing continuous support from our management team. We offer more than one franchise format; from free standing shops, to shopping center inline stores, mall inline, and mall kiosks, there are a variety of options available to fit your needs.

Vapor Zone is expanding, and if you want to be a part of this lucrative, innovative industry, apply now to get the ball rolling! Sales are waiting to be made, join us as we forge ahead!

Vapor Zone Retail Expansion

1467352_430499127052173_1284768353_nAs Vapor Zone continues to grow, and expand, their locations are becoming hot spots for the South Florida vaping community. Having two successful stores currently open, one in South Miami and the other in Doral, they are also in the process of opening an additional six locations. With their current expansion underway, the new store locations will be located in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon; all of which are in the hiring process currently.

While doing great online, Vapor Zone understands and emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers and holding a brick and mortar presence that serves the community. Having a brilliant concept that goes beyond just the retail of e-cigarette products, consumers have taken to their stores with great acceptance.Vapor Zone is making great headway and giving their customers an excellent resource for all things electronic cigarette related. In store, all VaporZone locations carry the full line of products and feature an e-liquid bar, equipped with experienced and skilled “Vapetenders” who expertly mix the e-liquids into the custom blends.

Another retail concept Vapor Zone has created are their Vapor Zone Express Locations, which are basically a “store within a store.” They are satellite locations, situated inside of other retail stores, and they carry a select number of VaporZone products. Their focus is on only the most popular items, as well as the most popular custom blends. It should be noted that these locations do not have e-liquid bars, and custom blending is not done on site.

Currently, there are three Vapor Zone Express locations in the South Florida area; one in Downtown Miami at the Village Humidor, the next in Coconut Grove, Fl at Coco Cigar, and the third in Pompano Beach, Fl at Let’s Vape. If you are interested in adding a Vapor Zone Express location to your retail store, feel free to contact us! Don’t waste any time in becoming a part of this exciting brand!