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Enliven Your Selection with Top-Rated IVG Brands

img_vz_sunriseAre you a retailer looking to diversify your product offerings? Looking to add the highly popular, highly sought after electronic cigarette products to your inventory? Want to stay abreast of current market trends by capitalizing on a running trend? Consider the vapor cigarette brands from International Vapor Group.

Our four brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporFi are nationally recognized, consumer approved, high quality products that run the gamut of all varieties available in this market. Made to appeal in every aspect, from excellent visual branding to exceptionally high performing, they have been tailored to today’s vaping connoisseur.

We have a staunch commitment to innovation, and those familiar with our brands know they can always count on us for continuously new developments and top quality products.

International Vapor Group also specializes in variety; we don’t carry just one type or style, we carry them all. Basic e-cigarettes, cartridges, a wide range of flavor cartridges, accessories, disposable e-cigs; we do our best to cover all areas we know our customer base is looking to experience. For example, South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke run on the same technology, however they are aimed towards two different customer groups, allowing us to expand in multiple areas, spreading the passion we have for electronic alternatives to tobacco.

We also extend this same commitment to diversity in the area of retail. Our products are carried in all varieties of retail venues. In addition, we have expanded into the retail market ourselves with the opening of our highly popular VaporFi locations, which have begun expansion throughout the United States and internationally. For those who want the VaporFi name and line of products in their location, but want an option besides the franchise model, we also offer VaporFi Express locations, which avail the retailer the option of a VaporFi “store within a store” with a fully stocked console of all of the most popular VaporFi products.

International Vapor Group products are made to perform and made to satisfy, so if you are looking to broaden your selection and embark into the best there is in the electronic cigarette market, contact us about possible business ventures!

How IVG’s Quality Standards Lead to Better Products

vf_pro_vaporfi_1International Vapor Group is solidly committed to having exceptional quality in all of our products, as we know this is truly how you please your customers (in addition to having great, dynamic products that are affordable, work well and do what they need to without trouble). In short, quality is part of our foundation and not something we take lightly. Read on to learn more about our quality standards and how our products benefit from them!

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

You can expect the tops products when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers when purchasing from any IVG brands. We manufacture at very high standards, and spend a great amount of time developing products we know will please our customers by performing at optimal levels and fulfilling their needs. We are also committed to producing new and innovative alternative cigarette products that surpass others in the industry.


There are endless e-liquid companies out there and we know that in order to be above the rest, we have to offer better options, more options, and give people what they want. Flavor is a very subjective thing, and that is one of our driving forces in offering such a wide assortment of flavors both individually and with the option of custom e-liquid blending with South Beach Smoke and VaporFi

Customer Service

We know that quality extends even beyond our products, and that quality includes how we treat our customers. They are more likely to return to our products and services if they are indeed supported and heard when there are issues and concerns.

With so many electronic cigarette and vaporizer brands out there, why IVG? Because quality means more than just claiming to have it. We walk the walk.

VaporZone News!

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nVaporZone is heating up! The brand continues to make a loud presence in the South Florida/ Miami area, having made appearances at quite a few major local events as new stores open. This brand has gained immense popularity, and VaporZone fans have nothing but great experiences to report. The brand continues to represent the positive side of electronic cigarette use, maintaining a very solid presence within the community, and we are very proud of their efforts to spread the positivity across South Florida.

Recently VaporZone was featured all over the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Considered one of the biggest events for the Miami club scene and the definitive place to be for international DJ’s, the WMC lit up Miami with parties and music events. VaporZone was particularly popular at Ice Palace, where a full vapor display was set up inside, and there was an exquisite vapor bar happening outside. It was a really exciting scene, and VaporZone was more than happy to have such a grand presence at one of Miami’s landmark events.

This weekend, April 11-13, is all about pride in Miami Beach as the Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival takes over the town. Again, expect to see VaporZone making a grand presence, as they will be one of the event sponsors. Spreading the word and the vaping love, we hope to have everyone enjoying these awesome e-cigarettes in the spirit of pride and unity.

In other big news, VaporZone is also celebrating their expansion with the opening of several new stores. The South Beach location is set to open its doors on April 15, however the Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon stores have recently opened, and are now in full swing. These newest additions bring it to a total of 8 locations currently open, with an additional 4 VaporZone Express satellite locations.

VaporZone’s impressive expansion, growth, and popularity are a sign of how excellent this brand is. Continuing to spread through the South Florida area, and beyond, keep an eye on this brand as they keep blazing the trail!


Add Vaporizers to Your Retail Selection of E-Cigarettes

VaporZone-eCig-reviewElectronic cigarettes have certainly advanced since their earliest days, when the majority of products being sold generally all looked and worked the same. These were the days of e-cigarettes mimicking traditional cigarettes, attempting to recreate the look, feel, and taste of the original. As time progressed, different versions emerged, and more users began to take to using models that look entirely different, perform with exceptional power, and happen to give off throat hits that any smoker can appreciate. We are now in the age of electronic cigarette vaporizers, and these products are hotter than ever.

While there are many e-smokers and first time e-cigarette users who are still gravitating to the two-piece e-cigs, and many who prefer the simplicity and experience of them, countless others are going after the advanced models that are known for their power and ability.

If you are a retailer of electronic cigarette products, and/or traditional cigarette products, you need to be in the know about vaporizers. These new vaping machines are becoming massively popular, and users are thrilled with the performance. Adding VaporZone vaporizers, starter kits, and e-liquids to your product selection would be a very wise move, as this brand has quickly become the go-to brand of vaporizers for e-cigarette users.

For retailers, VaporZone offers a unique take on e-cigarette retail sales with their store-within-a-store concept: a well-designed satellite location available to set up within your retail space. Known as the VaporZone Express store, they are set up to be both exceptionally visually appealing, as well as fully stocked with all of VaporZone’s most popular products.

Vaporizers are the next wave of e-cigarette technology, and VaporZone has received only positive feedback for quality, craftsmanship, and total performance. If you’re interested in being a part of the growth, and are looking to expand your business in this highly profitable direction, let’s talk!

South Beach Smoke: Stepping Up Their Game

South-Beach-Smoke-WaveThings have been going really great with our South Beach Smoke brand. In the past year, this iconic electronic cigarette label has undergone a makeover with a fantastic new look, unveiling an array of new flavors, and continuously seen rapid growth. This is one brand that has stood the test of time, and continues to blaze new trails in the market. For retailers, they have made a great impact and are an excellent addition to any product selection in retail venues.

2014 is going to be huge for this company, as South Beach Smoke continues to expand in new directions. As a brand that has always been ahead of trends and understanding what customers want, this year South Beach Smoke will tackle even more new ground: electronic cigarette vaporizers and e-liquids. The South Beach Smoke Wave will be released at some point in the near future, and it is already making waves for it’s innovation.

With the popularity of these products being on the rise, and with South Beach Smoke’s inherent commitment to quality and innovation, this is a very good move. They have seen an increase in sales and trendiness, and there is good reason why. While electronic cigarette vaporizers do not look like traditional cigarettes, and they do require more time and effort from the user, the result is very much worth it. They provide exceptional power, voracious vapor production, and very strong throat hits; all intrinsic parts of e-smoking, and the overall experience for the user.

Putting the South Beach Smoke name on a product means quality, innovation, and dedication to providing only the best. Customers can expect this new direction to be just as excellent as everything else made by this brand, and retailers can expect the same great sales that come with a brand that has such an established reputation. Yes, we concur, 2014 is going to be a great year for everyone involved in this company’s expanding prospects!

Eat, Drink, Vape: Why restaurants are allowing e-cigs into the dining scene.

e-cig-restaurantAmong the many reasons to sell electronic cigarettes is that they are becoming increasingly accepted in many public places. As awareness of them grows, so does the amount of public complacency with them. This is a sign that their growth is serious, and the public, whether they smoke or not, are understanding that e-cigarettes are entirely different than traditional cigarettes. In restaurants, diners are finding that e-cigarettes are becoming very acceptable to use, and owners are finding that they are benefitting business in a positive manner.

Not all restaurants have a tolerant policy towards the devices, but many do. As the general acceptance grows, many restaurant managers and owners have seen a trend that allows customers on both sides of the smoking barrier to have a comfortable compromise. As e-cigarettes produce none of the negative qualities associated with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to producing no smoke, no tar, and no smell, nonsmokers cannot detect them at all. Happier customers creates a more comfortable environment, and likely creates return business.

Restaurants that do allow the devices to be used withinin their premises have also experienced increased sales overall, because enabling their clientele to use the devices enables them to stay longer, and therefore spend more. On the contrary to cigarette use, which generally made it more difficult for smokers to smoke in public, having to leave the restaurant to smoke, e-cigarettes allow business to be more accommodating.

And restaurants are not the only venues benefitting from e-cigarettes. The more time passes, the more obvious it becomes that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. More and more smokers are turning to them, and likewise, more businesses are finding an excellent source of revenue in them, even from just making them accessible. Whether you sell e-cigs or not, they are definitely gaining ground exponentially fast and smokers are happy.

Fortify Your E-Cig Selection with NutriCigs

1011688_181235725376974_534423684_nLooking to make your current e-cigarette selection a little more interesting? Add our NutriCigs disposable e-cigarette products to your lineup!

NutriCigs are the most innovative thing to come out of the e-cigarette world as of late, and we are the only ones bringing them to you. They are the meeting point of all natural supplements and e-cigarettes, giving you the benefit of having more than just nicotine in your e-cigarette. Available in three varieties, they cover a lot of ground when it comes to being useful. The three NutriCigs blends are: NutriCigs Energy Booster, NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep.

NutriCigs Energy Booster is designed to support the user’s need for increased energy. Kind of like the feeling of an energy drink, without the disgusting taste, insane amount of sugar, and the unavoidable, completely awful crash you get afterwards.

NutriCigs Slim supports appetite suppression and helps to curb the appetite. Food tastes amazing, and giving in to overeating causes more harm than good, and sadly many of us could use a little assistance here. They offer the benefit of convenience and practicality, being overtly useful in the end. Users have reported amazing things about them!

NutriCigs Sleep supports the goal of getting restful sleep. This blend offers users the ability to relax a little deeper with their e-cigs before bed, without hitting the hard stuff. Most smokers have a bedtime smoke, and these play right into that ritual, only with all-natural ingredients to make it count a little more.

NutriCigs e-cigarettes were created with the highest industry standards in place. They contain exclusively formulated e-liquids, manufactured strictly in the USA. All ingredients are USP Grade Kosher, and 100% natural.

Furthermore, one of the benefits to allowing your e-cig to support your quality of life is that vapor is considered to be an excellent carrier of supplements and nutrients, allowing for even greater absorption than consuming by way of digestion. This also means that only the smallest amount of active ingredients are needed to give the desired effect!

NutriCigs offer innovation, purpose, and a very exciting new prospect that no other e-cigarette can provide. The first of their kind, and getting more popular by the day, let NutriCigs take your electronic cigarette retail selection to the next level of innovation!

E-Cigarettes Are the Wave of the Future

Digital-AgeElectronic cigarettes are more than just a passing trend. They are more than just a cool item of the moment. They are truly changing lives and empowering smokers in ways never before imagined. There is great reason why these products are exploding in sales, and it is because they are one of those few products that comes along and truly ignites change in a positive light.

Not everyone may know of electronic cigarettes yet, but in time they will. If you may have noticed, everything “analog” is slowly being displaced, and replaced by an electronic, or digital alternative. Consumers live their lives with a bevy of devices, most notably their omnipresent cell phones, which due to technology have single-handedly replaced numerous other devices that once were mainstays. Who uses alarm clocks, calendars, notepads, flashlights, CD’s, (among so many other things!) anymore, when all of these things are available straight from your phone? Not to mention the devices’ initial purpose: to communicate with others, in so many platforms, straight from your mobile device.

It is in this light that cigarettes too are moving in the digital direction. Everything cumbersome is being replaced with something sleek, less burdensome, more ability to multitask, and give you an enormous amount of control right at your fingertips. Cigarettes themselves hold so many issues, ranging from the negative effect on the environment to their annoying nuisance of dropping ash. They require a designated place to be used, they require some degree of public tolerance, they require a trash can after every smoke, and they require you to be observant of their flame, and the continuous mess from the ash. Aside from these issues, there are those that involve what’s actually in traditional cigarettes; as we all know that the ingredients beyond tobacco are largely questionable and many are known to be toxic, dangerous, and deadly.

In this age of convenience, smokers are looking for options, and now with e-cigs they finally have true options that allow them to enjoy nicotine and the pleasurable sensations of smoking without the smoke.

If you are considering the benefits of our products for your retail selection, feel free to contact us about e-cigarette wholesale opportunities. We are moving ahead with innovation, join us!

A Look at Our Brands: South Beach Smoke

Screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-9_42_10-AM1Offering three of the top electronic cigarette brands around, here is a look at our first brand: South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offers excellent products, a trendy design scheme, and will appeal to any budget. This line of e-cigs launched to nearly instantaneous success. Soon after launching, starter kits from South Beach were given in the gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, solidifying their presence among Hollywood, and it was pretty much all a go from there.

Customers adore this brand for the options, exquisite, fun flavors, and the powerful throat hit. They love the high-performance SuperMaxTM batteries, and the convenience of the Home Delivery Program. One of the highlights for many is the open communication made available through social media, and the very high level of customer service keeps the customer base both satisfied and excited.

South Beach Smoke was designed with a stylish, yet realistically cigarette-like look. They feature a crystal end piece, which glows with an orange LED light, for an amber effect, similar to a truly lit cigarette. They are available in two battery colors, as well as two battery styles, with two different switch modes.

Starter kits come with a wide range of options, starting with Reusable Express Kits, which are the very basic, necessities-only kits, and the others they go up in price based on accessories, cartridges, and amount of products contained within. They are very well put together, making vaping easily accessible to anyone who is interested.

E-Cigarette accessories are another area South Beach Smoke excels in. They have a wide variety of them, yet not too many products making it hard to decide. On the contrary, this line focuses on convenience and improving the e-smoking experience, and the accessories only add to this. The Personal Charging Case is on the top of many smoker’s list of must-haves, and it allows for outlet-free charging of batteries. The Lanyard, and the PowerCig have also been met with acclaim, and serve the customer to their maximum pleasure!

This brand should be a staple on the shelves of any retailer who wants to carry a high quality product, with great options, and still remains reasonably priced. Check out all that they have to offer today, it may just what your selection needs!

A Look at Our Brands: EverSmoke

eversmokeEverSmoke was the second brand we unveiled. Using the same technology we developed with our South Beach Smoke line, we took it further in quality and options. Seeking to acquire another sector of customers, this brand was aimed at more mature professionals, as opposed to the trendy young crowd South Beach Smoke appealed to.

EverSmoke is considered the pinnacle of quality in the electronic cigarette industry. These SuperMaxTM batteries have exquisite performance and undeniably hot looks. Battery life is long, and charging times short, so those who have little time to wait really enjoy the appeal of convenience. Three battery colors are offered, including black, white, and stainless steel. There are two battery sizes, as well as two different options for operating the battery: automatic and manual, giving users further choices in how they want their e-cigarettes to work.

EverSmoke offers 5 starter kits, including Reusable Express Kits, which were designed as introductory, low-priced options that were made for beginners and those interested in experiencing EverSmoke’s quality products. They can choose from simple, with just basics, to the most inclusive “Ultimate Plus” kits that contain all the accessories they could possibly want to use.

Cartridges come in ten different flavors, and easily screw on and off the batteries. They contain a silicon mouthpiece that was made to closely mimic the filter of a traditional cigarette, with a nicely resistant draw, and the soft feeling in the mouth.

The level of accessories EverSmoke offers rivals any brand in the market, and they are highly beneficial to users who want additional convenience and versatility. Chargers include the wall charger, USB charger, car adapter, the Personal Charging Case, and the newly added PowerCig, which is a battery that connects to the USB or wall charger, for continuous vaping without charging.

EverSmoke has widened the options in the e-cigarette market since their launching, and having given users a top quality, affordable, and very versatile electric cigarette. For the quality and the performance, consider adding this brand to your retail selection today!