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Why MODS Are the Latest Bang in the Vape Industry

VaporFIModsMods, vape mods, vaping mods, vapor mods, vaporizer mods, high-tech mods, e-cig mods; whatever you call them, they’re really big right now. They have overtaken the market of the vapor products industry, becoming even more popular than the original model e-cigs, the immensely sought-after personal vaporizers, and have converted millions of vapers into hardcore vapor-chasing, flavor-craving power-fiends.

So, why are mods so coveted, and why has the market turned so sharply towards these box-shaped performance magnets? Here is a look why, and where this trend is headed!

Power: This is the kicker. As more people vape for longer periods, the desire for greater power increases. Mods take care of this in a way that is not possible with vaporizers and e-cigs.

Versatility: Along with that intense load of power come a slew of different operating features that work with it to deliver a range of features. Temperature control, variable wattage in excess of 200W, intricate electrical controls that enable users to tweak their devices to get exactly the type of performance they’re aiming for, having the ability to choose between devices that work with one or two batteries… there are a lot of options here, and vapers are totally into it!

Modern Styling: Vape is a tech industry, above all. It is an industry built on the meeting point of technology and modernizing the experience of smoking. It fulfills a need, removes an obstacle (tobacco), and does it all with fun to use, interesting technology that translates perfectly in today’s gear-happy culture.

Fun Factor: Mods also happen to be fun. Those who use them are often really into the science behind them, and configuring their aspects with the right accompanying products, such as tanks, accessories, and e-liquids can create amazing results! Massive clouds, powerful flavors, and getting your device to do your bidding… it’s just fun!

When you stack up the many benefits of mods, and what they bring to the table, there is no comparison! While e-cigs and vaporizers are not going anywhere, they’ve definitely had to share the spotlight in the past year or so. If you’re interested in learning about the latest mods around, check out VaporFi’s amazing selection here!

Vaping: Tech Meets Smoke

Smoke Goes Tech with VaporElectronic cigarettes have capture the attention of today’s smokers because they are the perfect option for modern-day smokers.

Everything analog has seemingly transitioned to a digital version, and smoking is no exception. Sure some people may eschew The concept of digital items taking over however, there is a reason for this and it is because people are constantly craving more efficient better running more versatile devices and items that fit into their daily lives. Digital e-cigarettes fit this bill.

While the broad spectrum is run on the smokers ranging from the elderly to millennial’s, these devices simplified everything about smoking, they’ve upped the ability for smokers to have more choices, more freedom, and more control over their smoking.

As e-cigarettes have continuously and quickly evolved in just a few short years, no one expects her popularity to dwindle in the future. In fact they are projected to become even more popular and more diverse in their options.

For smokers who once felt enslaved by their usage of tobacco,  The possibilities and options are now limitless with vaping. Charging a reusable e-cigarette battery is so much more in line with today’s lifestyle then lighters and constantly creating polluting trash with cigarette butts. As more people have gotten very conscious about their help and let’s tile choices, more people want the simplicity of using devices such as these that do not contain thousands of chemicals (many of which are carcinogenic) like traditional cigarettes. And along the same lines, e-cigarettes use no tobacco, which is the biggest problem with traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes of the perfect melding of technology and pleasure. They’re one of the few items to truly come along and enable users to have the total satisfaction they want, while having their need for convenience met, while having full control over there nicotine usage. they simply take care of everything smokers could want, without the hangups of the traditional method. The future of smoking is here, and here at IVG proud to be a part of it!

How Have E-Cigarettes Changed the Smoking Landscape?

e-cigarettesIn a relatively short time, electronic cigarettes have done a feat that many consider to be revolutionary. They were introduced at a pivotal moment, when globally, smokers as well as the general public, began looking for alternatives to unhealthy habits. E-cigarettes came at a time when people were hungry for options, and becoming fearful of the future if they continued to maintain their destructive ways. Here are the factors that have set the tone for the e-cigarette industry to prosper.

Changing Mindset

Less youth start smoking every year, and trends have shown more teens making an effort to stop smoking. Along these same lines, more adults are also looking to quit the habit, instead of stubbornly assuming they have no choice but to remain tobacco smokers their whole lives. More and more people, regardless of age are concerned with their health and making intelligent decisions to benefit their long term health, and electronic cigarettes have enabled many to change their ways from tobacco to electronic smoking.

More in Line with the Digital Age

The digital age has made digitizing every aspect of life in sync; why store files on discs, CD’s, or hard copies anymore when you’ve got the cloud and the option of remote storage? Streamlining everything has become the norm, and electronic cigarettes fit this lifestyle way better than old school cigarettes. In fact, cigarettes seem rather synonymous with the old Marlboro icons of cowboys on horses in the Wild West, pre-industrial revolution. Why smoke when you can have so much more with vaping? There’s a reason those images are more fitting of a bygone era.

Options, Endless Options

Today’s customer is hard to please and wants options. The digital age and the advent of internet shopping has enabled everyone to get exactly what they want, when they want it; without compromise. E-cigarettes are part of this equation, offering the features smokers want, in whatever format they want, at better prices.

Every so often, something comes along and changes the way things have always been done. No, it cannot be predicted, but that lightbulb moment of change and progression is what propels all major movements. It’s amazing to see what the electronic cigarette has done for smokers.

Vaping & College Campuses

Hampshire_collegeSmoking and college campuses is like an occurrence from a time long gone. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, college classrooms were fair game for chain smoking students and instructors. In fact, it was a well accepted method of dealing with the stress of tests and cramming. Nowadays, reality could not be further from this memory, as cigarettes are not only considered completely irrelevant in the classroom but many college campuses have adopted “Smoke-Free Campus” policies that prohibit students and faculty from using tobacco products on their property.

Banning tobacco has been a big move throughout our society in an effort to help curb the smoking rate. Year after year, the numbers of smokers continue to decrease, with special focus being paid to those in the younger generation, who are typically the most susceptible to picking up this detrimental habit.

As responsible of a move as this is, college students who want nicotine have found themselves in a bind. Many have turned to electronic cigarettes as an alternative, and have found a great amount of relief and convenience in doing so. The benefits have been plentiful, and being able to abide by campus policies while having the satisfaction they crave is a tremendous benefit. College life is stressful; nicotine is revered for it’s calming effects, the correlation is obvious.

Vaping enables students to walk the fine line between smoking and having nicotine. As smoking bans are enacted as a measure to protect nonsmokers from unwanted second hand smoke, electronic cigarettes offer a middle ground that satisfies those who crave the sensation they get from nicotine without producing smoke or an offensive odor.

While all college campuses throughout the nation may hold different policies on their stance on electronic cigarettes, many have been accepting of the alternative products due to their many benefits, and because they are not producing offensive smoke. As less young people start smoking, and those who are smokers seek alternatives, expect to see more e-cigarettes on college campuses in the near future!

Vaping in the UK

Vaping is hoter than ever in the UK!

Vaping is hoter than ever in the UK!

Vaping is hot in the United Kingdom, and in case anyone thought this growth was happening exclusively in the States, let this serve as a reminder that electronic alternative smoking devices are extremely sought-after in the UK!

With last week’s news about electronic cigarettes finally being able to be shown in use during television advertisements in the UK, and Oxford Dictionaries’ choosing “vape” as the word of the year, a light has been shined on tobacco alternative use in the United Kingdom. Here is a look at how vaping is perceived, accepted, and being done across the pond.

All major news organizations in the United Kingdom have run stories and discussions on e-cigarettes in recent months, ranging from critical, to welcoming. Like everywhere else, it’s quite clear the positive impact electronic cigarettes are having on the smoking population. It has made current news and remained a topic of interest for years now.

Earlier this year, in the trendy Shoreditch neighborhood of London, the first “vape cafe” opened to great fanfare and of course, some controversy. The Vape Lab, as it is known, enables vapers a stylish lounge where they can grab a delicious cup of coffee while they vape, meet others who are also immersed in the vaping culture, and enjoy an environment where their nicotine preference is accepted and embraced. The indoor smoking ban hit London 7 years before, and until the Vape Lap opened,  those who wanted to enjoy nicotine in public had no choice other than to take it outdoors. The atmosphere of this unique concept is reminiscent of early 20th century European cafe culture, combining luxury, technology, and an inspiring ambiance where vapers can gather.

Just like in the United States, electronic cigarette sales have only skyrocketed as the devices have gained such profound popularity. Between 2012 and 2013, vapor cig sales in the UK rose an unprecedented 340 percent, bringing in 193 billion last year!

It’s safe to say, that the USA is clearly not the only e-cig market around, or the only that is thriving. E-cigarette usage is a worldwide phenomenon; they are changing the global landscape, one vapor cloud at a time.


The Word of the Year: Vape

Vapor_Fi_RocketThe worldwide electronic cigarette community has been celebrating the latest news that Oxford Dictionaries has announced their chosen word of the year for 2014: Vape.

That’s right, the industry has gained official recognition form the English lannguage, more than just by way of acknowledgement.

Oxford Dictionary editors noted that it is thirty times more common to encounter the term “vape” now, than it was  2 years ago, with usage having doubled alone in the past year. Vaping is clearly a hot lifestyle, and it has certainly achieved mainstream status.

We see this move as a significant marker of electronic cigarette smoking being completely recognized as a mainstream activity, and as beyond simply a trend in passing. As members of this emerging market, and having been a part of it since the beginning, we are immensely pleased that it has come this far.

Such an acknowledgement is also evident that no one expects electronic smoking to tail off. Rather the opposite is anticipated, as industry predictions set vaping to be the preferred method of smoking, outnumbering the number of tobacco smokers within the next 10 years.

The staff at Oxford Dictionaries wanted to choose a term that was very much current of the day. They were aiming for a word that is in constant usage, and has significant position in popular culture. Vape was picked among a handful of other slang terms, including “bae”, which is used to denote one’s significant other, and “bud tender” used to reference one who serves cannabis, however for 2014, vape is the term more evident of the times.

“Vape,” which has been derived of the term “vaping,” which originated as a slang term used to say “using an electronic cigarette/ vapor smoking device.” “Vape,” a verb, is the act of vaping. Slang it may be, but it’s officially here to stay!

E-Cigarettes & Taxes

uncle-sam-taxesThere has been so much talk and rumors abound for a while regarding e-cigarettes, ranging from what sort of regulations we will be seeing from the FDA, and what the government plans on doing about taxation. We all know this has been a hot button issue for so many reasons, as electronic cigarettes and other alternative smoking products have completely changed the landscape of smoking. Here’s what is presently occurring in the US regarding taxes on e-cigarettes, and what we can expect in the future.

Many e-cigarette users fear that their popularity will encourage lawmakers to seek higher taxing of the products due to their displacing of traditional cigarettes, which have always brought in millions upon millions of dollars. This would drive the price of the products up in a drastic way, making them unaffordable to many. To this point, cities and states have been on their own to decide how electronic cigarettes should be taxed. Some have instituted excise taxes, however there is still pressure from lobbyists, anti e-cigarette groups, city and state policymakers, among other special interests groups who are seeking to tap into the ability of taxing electronic cigarettes in the same manner as traditional cigarettes.

The problem with that, however, lies in the fact that alternative cigarettes are not tobacco products, and they contain no tobacco. Many sates, such as Hawaii, Utah, and Oklahoma, have attempted implementing taxes, but they have been met with failure. Other states are still contemplating such moves, seeing the immense potential of bringing in billions of dollars.

While the future remains to be seen, it seems as though taxation is going to be inevitable in some way or another. Like all forms of profit, taxes are just part of the big picture, however we can only hope that things are done in all fairness.

Announcing VaporFi!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.25.53 PMWe are proud to announce that VaporZone, our hugely successful, all encompassing line of advanced personal vaporizers has now become VaporFi.

While all of the products will remain the same, and the level of quality will continue to be exceptional, recently we felt that we needed a name that better suited the brand’s uniqueness was necessary. This move was done to reflect the evolution of our brand, to represent our adherence to innovation as well as our commitment to the customer experience. This is a brand unlike any other on the market, and we felt that our name needed to convey that exclusivity.

VaporFi is a more distinctive and fitting name, and it was chosen based on the double definition of the word “fidelity,” which technically means (1) adherence to detail, accuracy, and exactness, and (2) the degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces its effect; both of which underly our core mission.

In other words, VaporFi products perform with fidelity. For the vaper, they provide an experience with vapor smoking like no other, as these products were designed to surpass all others in accuracy and detail. They were designed for those who demand the very best, and want the ability to customize every aspect of the experience to their personal needs.

Having a very different perspective on vaping and exceeding ordinary standards with our vaping products, we are pleased to offer hi-fidelity vaping. Our products and customer experience are a step outside of the typical electronic cigarette box, and that is a testament to our success. Our new name is a testament to these principles and we are very excited about our transition from VaporZone to VaporFi. Over the next few weeks we will be updating all of our company branding, including all products and retail store branding.

To all of our customers and business associates: we want to graciously thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to many exciting prospects in the near future, and we are excited to be influencing this industry with hi-fidelity!

E-Cigarettes and Travel: Best Places to Carry them for Travelers

ecigs_912_2Smokers travel just like nonsmokers, however it can be difficult for those who want to enjoy nicotine while they are on the move. So, among the many places that should be selling e-cigarettes, count in airport gift shops, hotels, newsstands, and any places where an influx of travelers are passing through. With more people smoking alternative cigarettes, and the limitations being imposed on travelers as to where they can smoke, e-cigs offer the perfect opportunity for smokers to smoke without smoke, and offer retailers the ability to add more items for sale.

Airport Gift Shops

Yes, it is common knowledge that electronic cigarettes cannot be used on airplanes, however many airports allow their use, and once out of the constrains of the airport altogether they are able to be used in areas where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. Because travelers understand that tobacco has many limitations, airport gift shops make the ideal location to carry e-cigarettes for travelers who are looking for alternative options.

Hotel Gift Shops

Hotels are another location specific to travelers where restrictions on tobacco cigarettes may get in the way of guests’ enjoyment. Many hotels do not allow cigarettes to be used anywhere on the premises, and others have designated areas where they can be used. In most cases, smoking in hotel rooms is strictly prohibited, both in terms of cleanliness as well as fire safety, while e-cigarettes pose neither of the same circumstances. Electronic cigarettes are the ideal compromise for hotels to please all of their guests, while avoiding tobacco. Carrying electronic cigarettes in their gift shops would enable hotel staff to offer an alternative to guests who want to smoke, without compromising those who have an aversion to tobacco, all the while adding sales.

Electronic cigarettes make the ideal nicotine option for travelers, as well as those in the industry. As an alternative to tobacco, they offer an additional method of revenue to businesses operating in the travel sector, and they give smokers an option outside of tobacco when they wish to smoke (traveling is stressful!). If you are interested in adding high quality electronic cigarette brands to your business, do not hesitate to contact us in regards to wholesale opportunities.

Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes at the Golden Globes

Globes-Leonardo-DiCaprio-lit-up-electronic-cigarette-his-table-where-he-sat-rest-his-Wolf-Wall-Street-castE-cigarettes have reached a pinnacle of status, and one factor has been very influential to this: Hollywood and celebrities. Want to get your product sold? Make sure it’s being seen in the hands of Hollywood’s favored few. Take a cue from e-cigarettes; they’ve been embraced by the stars from the start.

Nothing solidifies a trend like celebrities. When a star starts doing something that is on the verge of popularity, and it gets photographed, whatever the item may be, it automatically gains attention instantaneously. Such is the case with e-cigarettes. When they first emerged, celebs were among their first users and advocates, and just a few short years later, they are a very hot commodity. This isn’t to say that celebrities are the sole reason why e-cigs are so popular, but it sure doesn’t hurt that so many of them are proud to use them in the public eye, especially in lieu of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Back on January 12, when the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony happened, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were seen indulging in their electronic cigarettes. DiCaprio is one of the e-cigarette movement’s most famous users. He is not only one of the most famous actors in the world, he stands as a generational trendsetter. He has been using electronic cigarettes for quite some time now, having even appeared in a movie using one. During the Golden Globes ceremony, he enjoyed his e-cig, and had no problem displaying it while being photographed.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld and Veep fame didn’t just use her e-cig as a stress relief tool during the awards program; she used it as an impromptu prop, exemplifying her cooler-than-thou status. When cameras focused on her in the audience, she was playfully teased by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for not associating with other big name stars, and Louis-Dreyfus made sure to have her dark shades on while she smoked her e-cig! The move elicited quite the reaction from the audience! Talk about a comedienne who knows her craft!

So as you can see, Hollywood and e-cigarettes are quite intertwined, and it’s more than just a trend. Celebs have long been known for having the bad habit of cigarette smoking, and it’s great to see that pop culture arbiters are choosing the more intelligent way to smoke!