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Why MODS Are the Latest Bang in the Vape Industry

VaporFIModsMods, vape mods, vaping mods, vapor mods, vaporizer mods, high-tech mods, e-cig mods; whatever you call them, they’re really big right now. They have overtaken the market of the vapor products industry, becoming even more popular than the original model e-cigs, the immensely sought-after personal vaporizers, and have converted millions of vapers into hardcore vapor-chasing, flavor-craving power-fiends.

So, why are mods so coveted, and why has the market turned so sharply towards these box-shaped performance magnets? Here is a look why, and where this trend is headed!

Power: This is the kicker. As more people vape for longer periods, the desire for greater power increases. Mods take care of this in a way that is not possible with vaporizers and e-cigs.

Versatility: Along with that intense load of power come a slew of different operating features that work with it to deliver a range of features. Temperature control, variable wattage in excess of 200W, intricate electrical controls that enable users to tweak their devices to get exactly the type of performance they’re aiming for, having the ability to choose between devices that work with one or two batteries… there are a lot of options here, and vapers are totally into it!

Modern Styling: Vape is a tech industry, above all. It is an industry built on the meeting point of technology and modernizing the experience of smoking. It fulfills a need, removes an obstacle (tobacco), and does it all with fun to use, interesting technology that translates perfectly in today’s gear-happy culture.

Fun Factor: Mods also happen to be fun. Those who use them are often really into the science behind them, and configuring their aspects with the right accompanying products, such as tanks, accessories, and e-liquids can create amazing results! Massive clouds, powerful flavors, and getting your device to do your bidding… it’s just fun!

When you stack up the many benefits of mods, and what they bring to the table, there is no comparison! While e-cigs and vaporizers are not going anywhere, they’ve definitely had to share the spotlight in the past year or so. If you’re interested in learning about the latest mods around, check out VaporFi’s amazing selection here!

The Word of the Year: Vape

Vapor_Fi_RocketThe worldwide electronic cigarette community has been celebrating the latest news that Oxford Dictionaries has announced their chosen word of the year for 2014: Vape.

That’s right, the industry has gained official recognition form the English lannguage, more than just by way of acknowledgement.

Oxford Dictionary editors noted that it is thirty times more common to encounter the term “vape” now, than it was  2 years ago, with usage having doubled alone in the past year. Vaping is clearly a hot lifestyle, and it has certainly achieved mainstream status.

We see this move as a significant marker of electronic cigarette smoking being completely recognized as a mainstream activity, and as beyond simply a trend in passing. As members of this emerging market, and having been a part of it since the beginning, we are immensely pleased that it has come this far.

Such an acknowledgement is also evident that no one expects electronic smoking to tail off. Rather the opposite is anticipated, as industry predictions set vaping to be the preferred method of smoking, outnumbering the number of tobacco smokers within the next 10 years.

The staff at Oxford Dictionaries wanted to choose a term that was very much current of the day. They were aiming for a word that is in constant usage, and has significant position in popular culture. Vape was picked among a handful of other slang terms, including “bae”, which is used to denote one’s significant other, and “bud tender” used to reference one who serves cannabis, however for 2014, vape is the term more evident of the times.

“Vape,” which has been derived of the term “vaping,” which originated as a slang term used to say “using an electronic cigarette/ vapor smoking device.” “Vape,” a verb, is the act of vaping. Slang it may be, but it’s officially here to stay!