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E-Cigarettes and Evidence-Based Research

Evidence Based E-Cigarette ResearchOne of the things we are happy this industry is seeing a lot of these days is evidence-based research. It can be confounding that studies such as the unfairly biased, seriously erroneous item published in the New England Journal of Medicine could have been released so inconclusively by a major and reputable publication, however to the benefit of the industry, and everyone involved, there is plenty of other research emerging, from trusted sources, with all the facts included.

It can be very frustrating to a movement such as the e-cigarette industry, when misconstrued reports, half-truths, and twisted facts are published as truth. We want the truth, as do the millions of people who use these products, as well as the millions of other smokers who are interested yet waiting for more research and evidence.

Luckily, there have been several excellent recent studies that dispel many of the common myths of electronic cigarettes, while debunking some of the fraudulent truth-bending, and helping to promote the need for more evidence-based research.

One of the best examples of such is a 2014 study that included 1300 college students in America. Its purpose was to examine the myth of electronic cigarettes being touted as a gateway to smoking. It’s findings? That e-cigarettes do not lead to traditional cigarette usage.

Another great example is a study published by Oxford Journal, that examined exactly what could be found in secondhand vapor. The study was conducted by 6 doctors performing a variety of different tests to obtain their data. The results concluded that some nicotine was present (in trace amounts, precisely), however there were no combustible toxins.

In addition, there have been many other studies published, as well as those in the works, aiming to make clear how electronic cigarettes affect the body, especially in regard to the heart and lungs. One recent study done by The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that vaping does not affect the heart. Another study done by researchers in Greece found that e-cigarettes did not negatively affect the lungs either.

So what this means for the e-cigarette industry, is that while these studies may be coming slowly, and research may be in its infancy, evidence is emerging in favor of e-cigarettes and proving the negative speculation wrong.

How Have E-Cigarettes Changed the Smoking Landscape?

e-cigarettesIn a relatively short time, electronic cigarettes have done a feat that many consider to be revolutionary. They were introduced at a pivotal moment, when globally, smokers as well as the general public, began looking for alternatives to unhealthy habits. E-cigarettes came at a time when people were hungry for options, and becoming fearful of the future if they continued to maintain their destructive ways. Here are the factors that have set the tone for the e-cigarette industry to prosper.

Changing Mindset

Less youth start smoking every year, and trends have shown more teens making an effort to stop smoking. Along these same lines, more adults are also looking to quit the habit, instead of stubbornly assuming they have no choice but to remain tobacco smokers their whole lives. More and more people, regardless of age are concerned with their health and making intelligent decisions to benefit their long term health, and electronic cigarettes have enabled many to change their ways from tobacco to electronic smoking.

More in Line with the Digital Age

The digital age has made digitizing every aspect of life in sync; why store files on discs, CD’s, or hard copies anymore when you’ve got the cloud and the option of remote storage? Streamlining everything has become the norm, and electronic cigarettes fit this lifestyle way better than old school cigarettes. In fact, cigarettes seem rather synonymous with the old Marlboro icons of cowboys on horses in the Wild West, pre-industrial revolution. Why smoke when you can have so much more with vaping? There’s a reason those images are more fitting of a bygone era.

Options, Endless Options

Today’s customer is hard to please and wants options. The digital age and the advent of internet shopping has enabled everyone to get exactly what they want, when they want it; without compromise. E-cigarettes are part of this equation, offering the features smokers want, in whatever format they want, at better prices.

Every so often, something comes along and changes the way things have always been done. No, it cannot be predicted, but that lightbulb moment of change and progression is what propels all major movements. It’s amazing to see what the electronic cigarette has done for smokers.

Big Pharma Can’t Handle the E-Cig

electronic cigaretteWith the popularity of electronic cigarettes ever so steadily growing and outpacing traditional cigarette usage, it goes as no surprise that Big Pharma doesn’t know how to deal with the changing climate. Electronic cigarettes, and all products of this niche market are not cessation devices, they are considered to be alternative, smoke-free, tar-free, odorless options, however they are filling the void smokers have when faced with the conventional options. So is this really about the health of the general public and smokers, or is about the money?

Recently, a report came out, stating that Big Pharma was having a rather difficult time adjusting to the changes that have been occurring as a result of cigarette smokers taking it into their own hands on how to deal with their tobacco habits. Instead of going the route advocated by Big Pharma (aka the drug companies), and using their endorsed cessation aids by the likes of gums and nicotine patches, users have opted for the alternative in alternative cigarettes, and totally bypassing the actual cessation products. This breaking away from conventional wisdom and following the herd, doing as the drug companies tell you to do, is showing where the general public is at presently. People, smokers and otherwise, are not willing to blindly take advice any longer without their own investigating behind it. They are not so willing to just follow orders and do as they’re told without any knowledge on the subject.

They are willing however, to use common sense to make decisions for themselves. They are able to put 2-and-2 together, make conclusions, and experiment to find out what works for them. While they may be told a whole lot of rhetoric on electronic cigarettes not being regulated, not knowing what’s in them, and all sorts of other propaganda, the modern smoker knows how to read between the lines. They are willing to learn, and are not going to take every statement at face value.

So with this current speculation that the real antagonist isn’t actually Big Tobacco, and in reality, it’s Big Pharma, who spends more on lobbying than any other source, it’s wise for consumers and everyone in this industry to take a close look at how strings are getting pulled.

IVG brands of electronic cigarettes are not endorsed, nor promoted as cessation devices, and we are more than happy to consider them as alternatives to the traditional, both in regards to cigarettes and cessation products. It’s great to see that the modern smoker is embracing alternatives, understanding their health and their options are not one-way streets, and we are happy, more than ever to be a part of such an innovative, game-changing industry!

US Appoints New Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

Vivek Murthy E-CigarettesThis past December, the US appointed Dr. Vivek Murthy as the 19th Surgeon General. As his advice to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on the subject of public health and scientific issues impacts all Americans, here is a look at his background and what his advisement may mean for the electronic cigarette industry and those who are involved in it.

Dr. Vivek Murthy was born in England in 1977 to Indian immigrants, relocated to Miami, Fl when he was three. He graduated as valedictorian from Miami Palmetto Senior High in 1994, and then attended Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude, with a bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences. In 2003, he received an MD from Yale School of Medicine and an MBA in Healthcare Management.

Upon graduation, Dr. Murthy worked both as an internal medicine physician, as well as led and managed various medical care teams at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for more than a decade. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated excellence in leadership, having started a variety of nonprofit management organizations, including Doctors for America, which includes 15,000 physicians and medical students advocating for health care reform.

In 2011, Dr. Murthy was appointed by President Obama to serve the nation as an advisor on public health within the US Department of Health and Human Services, in the sector of the US Presidential Advisory Council on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health.

In 2013, he was nominated by President Obama for the position of Surgeon General, with approval and backing from two former surgeons general, and over 100 medical and public health groups in the US, including the likes of the American College of Physicians, the American Public Health Association, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer  Society, and the American Diabetes Association. On December 15, 2014 his appointment was officially approved, in a 51-43 vote, and is the youngest surgeon general in history.

While Dr. Murthy has been criticized for his progressive views, including opposition from the National Rifle Association (NRA) because of his stance on gun control, he has stated that this will not be a focus of his position as Surgeon General.

As far as the e-cigarette industry is concerned, it is refreshing to have a voice of reason within the public health community who has been willing to take an unbiased stand. He has stated that electronic cigarettes hold the potential for many positives, especially in regards to public health, and that lawmakers are “in desperate need of clarity” on e-cigarettes to further guide public health policies. He is also known for his open perspective in regards to medical marijuana.

As the issue of electronic cigarettes continues to weigh on the public, and the need for reasonable regulating grows, it is great to see our new surgeon general understanding this. What this means for the e-cigarette industry is hopefully a continued unbiased outlook towards the great potential that lies in electronic cigarettes.

VaporFi Expands into DC!

VaporFi DCVaporFi does it again! A new city and a new location, ready to take the DC vaping scene by storm! We are so pleased to be bringing the goods to yet another new store, in a totally new place.

Having become a household name in the state of Florida, with locations all over the South Florida area, and beyond, it really was only a matter of time before VaporFi expanded throughout the country. Last year saw the opening of VaporFi’s first locations outside of the state, both throughout the US; setting up shop in Virginia  and Ohio, and internationally with our first store in Panama. The rise of VaporFi Express locations also began to grow, making it clear, this is one brand that is getting hotter than ever.

Our newest expansions are certainly noteworthy, and have us most obviously excited! We could not be more enthralled to bring the VaporFi name, products, and atmosphere to our nation’s capitol, Washington DC with the opening of our Georgetown store! As a very hip, hot, historic and happening neighborhood, it’s a huge deal to put our name to these streets. For both locals and the large influx of tourists, representing American vaping culture is quite an honor.

Other recent openings have included the opening of numerous VaporFi Express store-within-a-store concepts in North Carolina, Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, South Carolina, as well as new international locations in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago!

VaporFi is taking over the world when it comes to vaping, one location at a time! VaporFi has become the premier electronic cigarette and advanced vaporizer brand. Specializing in top of the line, top quality innovations, this brand is always at the cutting edge of the market, unveiling new technology and debuting new models. And as one of the only brands that features leading products and their own retail locations, to say this brand is always doing something exciting would be an understatement.

If you happen to be in the DC/ Georgetown area, pay us a visit! We’d love to meet ya!

California’s Current Take on E-Cigs

State of California Anti-VapingElectronic cigarettes are making the news quite often these days. As the whole industry gains more and more notice, both for the positive attributes and negative speculation, the attention really shines a light on how popular these products have become. With millions of people using them, billions of dollars being raked in, and the tobacco industry keeping a close eye on the progress, it is a given that news is going to circulate due to the hype. Along these same lines, there is a great amount of misinformation abound, and it is rather unfortunate that such speculation, and not hard facts, can lead to a major health agency urging the community not to use products as a result.

So, with this in mind, the big news of the industry at the moment is the state of California. In specific, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has announced that residents of California should not use electronic cigarette products, citing that their many “toxins,” “chemicals,” and nicotine make them a health hazard. Dr. Ron Chapman, the head of the CDPH and who is responsible for this campaign, makes these statements on the behalf of the public, yet at the same time, makes declarations based on speculation (claiming that nicotine from e-cigarettes is as addictive as the nicotine from traditional cigarettes, for instance).

The problem with this is that it unfairly targets e-cigarettes as dangerous, when there is no definitive evidence to prove this. Yes, we understand the necessity for moderate and reasonable regulations, however to make a declaration that all residents avoid usage of these products that contain no tobacco, produce no smoke, tar or combustion, and very few ingredients is boldly biased.

Electronic cigarette devices are not undoing the progress the anti-smoking coalition has achieved in the past several decades, and it is a shame that the concept of tobacco-free devices continue to draw comparisons. E-cigarettes do not serve as a gateway, and nor are they really able to be compared to traditional cigarettes on the basis of what they consist of.

It is a given that anytime something becomes very popular and the trend transitions into a solidified movement that there will be negative press, however the state of California should embrace a more open view, and understand exactly how electronic cigarettes are being used.


E-Cigarettes: Gateway to Smoke or Being Smoke Free?

IVG Industry TrendsRecent surveys are showing that electronic cigarettes are continuing to displace traditional cigarette usage. While there were many occasions over the past few years where anti-smoking groups aimed to claim electronic cigarette and vaping products were not only unsafe, but going to lead to greater smoking numbers.

Not too long ago, one of the anti-smoking coalition’s loudest voices, Stanton Glantz, was reported in USA Today stating that “there’s no question that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.” However, reality has proven otherwise.

If e-cigarettes were truly this gateway to a tobacco smoking frenzy, smoking numbers would be on the rise, not on the decline as they currently are. Yes, electronic cigarette numbers are up as expected, but there is no data or evidence to indicate that new smokers are starting with the digital variety and then moving towards tobacco. The reality is quite the contrary, and nonsmokers are really not getting on the e-cig trend at all. E-cigarettes appeal to current smokers who want alternatives to the traditional version.

Another factor proving e-cigarettes are trumping traditional tobacco cigarettes is that if e-cigs were really serving as a gateway, increasing tobacco usage figures would be on the rise, paralleling electronic cigarettes. Yet that is also not occurring, and adds to the argument that electronic cigarettes are not opening the doors to tobacco usage. There is no data on electronic cigarette users who have never used tobacco first, because these instances are few and far between. Less people are starting to smoke, and those who are current smokers are looking for other ways to enjoy nicotine.

Despite what the anti-electronic cigarette folks have to say, vaping is here to stay. They have not been able to convince the population or the regulators thus far as to their claims (which lack any scientific evidence), and sales figures do not lie: tobacco is on the decline, and vaping products are on the rise big time. In the US, teenage smoking numbers are the lowest they have been in decades, hitting record lows. This makes one fact clear: electronic cigarettes are not convincing American teens to start smoking, and tobacco is getting majorly upstaged.


The Future of E-Cigs: The Greatest Influencing Factors

the future of electronic cigarettesAs it is quite obvious the electronic cigarette industry has seen such growth so quickly over the past five years that projections place this sector to be a $10 billion industry by the year 2017. Many experts predict e-cigarettes to be the future of smoking and with the surging popularity, we are certain of it. Here is a list of the five factors that will be affecting the industry the strongest.

1. FDA Input
The FDA holds a tremendous amount of control over products on the market designed for human consumption, and having government input over legislative decisions add further credibility to the industry. While the first regulations the FDA instituted classified the devices as tobacco cigarettes and following regulations were set to control who purchases the products, the next round will include regulating production standards.

2. Industry Red Tape
There’s much concern throughout the e-cigarette community regarding unnecessary and unfair regulations. For instance, there has been talk that the FDA is looking into restricting the sale of e-liquid, which could entail limiting flavor availability. Fortunately this will most likely not come to fruition, however it has been discussed numerous times.

3. Public Vaping Bans
One of the biggest debates regarding e-cigarettes is public usage. Because of the lack of  education  on the products, many people are concerned about exposure to secondhand vapor. This has led to bans in certain places restricting usage of electronic cigarette devices. The antidote to this is education, and hopefully as time passes, more people will be understanding and knowledgeable about vaping, and they will no longer associate these products with traditional tobacco.

4. Public Opinion
Educating the public on electronic cigarettes is paramount. Stigma around tobacco cigarettes is well-deserved, however vapor cigarettes need to be distinguished as different.

5. Marketing
Marketing will be one of the most influential factors on electronic cigarette sales in the coming years. How a product is marketed can make or break it success and manufacturers have to abide by strict rules on terminology when marketing, particularly in regards to content on the Internet.

IVG: The Top Choice in the E-Cigarette Market

IVG 4 BrandsThe vast multitude of electronic cigarette and vaporizer options on the market is more than plentiful. With new vapor shops opening in every town and major city across the country, and new brands emerging all the time, as well as new technology being developed at an excessively rapid rate, it is clear that the e-cigarette industry is booming.

For those looking to embark on a venture in this industry, whether it’s carrying e-cigs in your retail store, or opening a vapor shop of your own, the options are quite inclusive, and we have everything you could possibly wish to work with.

Working with International Vapor Group in either scenario gives you the ability to tap into the industry’s best products, with a solid company backing you up. Our expertise ranges from every level; from Manufacturing and production, to branding, distribution, marketing and franchising. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, we basically have every corner covered.

As for retailers of the South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke brands, our top choices among consumers, offer easy-to-use design as well as eye-catching imagery. The products are specifically geared towards entry-level e smokers, yet have been developed with the best quality and performance capabilities to fulfill users’ expectations of e-cigarettes, as well as deliver the most desirable price point. For retailers they’re an exceptional addition to any inventory, especially were cigarettes are concerned because they offer users the option of impulse purchases as well as a need for repeat purchases due to e-cigarette nicotine cartridges being disposable. With deeper and further usage of e-cigarette products, consumers are continuously searching for new ways to enjoy the experience as well as personalized and customize it to suit their needs.

When it comes to franchising, our brand VaporFi is unsurpassed. As the popularity of vapor shop grows, the need for brands such a VaporFi  grows as well. This company features standalone shops that can be tailored to a number of different settings – from freestanding shop locations to mall locations, kiosks, and even the VaporFi express which features a store with in a store concept carrying only VaporFi products. The popularity of these vapor shops is immense! The atmosphere, products, and experience these stores offers is unlike any others. VaporFi offers the most luxurious concept in the industry, and there is great substance behind the success.

If the electronic cigarette business is in your future, contact us about exciting opportunities at every level! We are growing tremendously and always on the lookout for others who share the entrepreneurial spirit!

Forbes Shines Spotlight on the Case for E-Cigarette Acceptance

E-CigAdvancedVaping-NOT-SmokingAn article that was just published in Forbes makes an excellent case on why the anti-smoking coalition should embrace, and endorse electronic cigarettes. Groups such as the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society currently do not advocate for the use of the alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, and much of their information, unfortunately, can be traced to unreliable sources of distorted facts.

Recent statistics place current tobacco usage among American smokers at just 18% for adults, which is an all-time low. However, at the current rate of decline, it will take a whole 40 years to cut that figure in half, during which time, millions more will die of tobacco-related illnesses, per the predictions of Epidemiologists. Considering all the benefits of e-cigarettes, the fact that they contain no tobacco, and that there is no proof to any negative effects, their potential as an alternative for smokers has barely been tapped into so far.

One of the more common sense solutions that can be offered would be to make nicotine readily available. While electronic cigarettes are not legally able to be considered ‘cessation devices,’ or methods which users can quit smoking with, they certainly offer an option that gives users the ability to have the sensation they want without tobacco smoke and carcinogenic tar. In the “black and white” world of smoking and not smoking, e-cigs build bridges and accommodate, offering convenience and solutions.

As a company in the industry of electronic cigarettes, we at IVG are passionate about the potential of these products to benefit lives by offering convenience and making tobacco usage a thing of the past. With so many options that are available to have the same sensation, experience, and the enjoyment of nicotine without carcinogenic tar and smoke, it’s only a matter of time before more smokers quit traditional tobacco methods in favor of clean, smoke-free nicotine-infused vapor.

In our view, e-cigarettes are the way smoking will be done in the future. As the market shows, more  smokers are quitting or switching to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette use is rising in popularity and expanding as an industry at a highly rapid rate; on pace to be a $2 billion industry this year. Quite evidently, the millions of smokers who’ve switched are on to something.