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Vaping: Headed for High-Tech

vape industrySmoke and mirrors? No illusions here; vapor and mirrors is the real deal. Smoking continues to decrease in popularity, while vaping is soaring. Users have gone way beyond the days of processed tobacco burnt and smoked in little chemical-filled paper tubes. Today’s “smokers” are “vapers,” and they’re of a different breed. Tech-savvy, in the know about everything, and impossible to push half-truths past, the days of Big Tobacco are numbered now that vaping has hit the scene.

As the industry continues to progress, despite the continuous talk of regulations, bans, and restrictions, clearly this market is headed for further advancements, greater technology, and more innovative products available to customers at a moment’s whim. What originally started as an alternative smoking movement, as an effort to offer smokers more options beyond just tobacco cigarettes in the conventional method, has become an industry all on its own. More than a decade into the existence of electronic cigarettes, vaping, as it’s known, is its own phenomena, and continues to push the boundaries of what smoking can offer.

This dynamic industry is fueled by users who are equally innovatively-minded. Their ever pressing desire for better products, more advanced mechanics, greater performing devices, products that are continuously pushing limits and doing more of what they want is carving the niche even further. What was once an industry filled with electronically simulated cigarettes, where the point was to emulate a tobacco cig to the T, is now going in so many varied paths, the cig-a-like has become an almost vintage-like pastime!

That isn’t to say no one is using e-cigs anymore, that is far from reality, but the industry is certainly pushing ahead in different directions. Vape pens, mods, DIY vaping, dry herb vaping have all truly come into the scene, and more and more smokers are finding product options that resonate with their tastes. Modern smokers are looking for convenience. They are also very concerned with their health and prefer the clear conscience being smoke-free avails. Thought electronic cigarettes were just a fad? Think again; they’re here to stay!

Forbes Shines Spotlight on the Case for E-Cigarette Acceptance

E-CigAdvancedVaping-NOT-SmokingAn article that was just published in Forbes makes an excellent case on why the anti-smoking coalition should embrace, and endorse electronic cigarettes. Groups such as the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society currently do not advocate for the use of the alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, and much of their information, unfortunately, can be traced to unreliable sources of distorted facts.

Recent statistics place current tobacco usage among American smokers at just 18% for adults, which is an all-time low. However, at the current rate of decline, it will take a whole 40 years to cut that figure in half, during which time, millions more will die of tobacco-related illnesses, per the predictions of Epidemiologists. Considering all the benefits of e-cigarettes, the fact that they contain no tobacco, and that there is no proof to any negative effects, their potential as an alternative for smokers has barely been tapped into so far.

One of the more common sense solutions that can be offered would be to make nicotine readily available. While electronic cigarettes are not legally able to be considered ‘cessation devices,’ or methods which users can quit smoking with, they certainly offer an option that gives users the ability to have the sensation they want without tobacco smoke and carcinogenic tar. In the “black and white” world of smoking and not smoking, e-cigs build bridges and accommodate, offering convenience and solutions.

As a company in the industry of electronic cigarettes, we at IVG are passionate about the potential of these products to benefit lives by offering convenience and making tobacco usage a thing of the past. With so many options that are available to have the same sensation, experience, and the enjoyment of nicotine without carcinogenic tar and smoke, it’s only a matter of time before more smokers quit traditional tobacco methods in favor of clean, smoke-free nicotine-infused vapor.

In our view, e-cigarettes are the way smoking will be done in the future. As the market shows, more  smokers are quitting or switching to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette use is rising in popularity and expanding as an industry at a highly rapid rate; on pace to be a $2 billion industry this year. Quite evidently, the millions of smokers who’ve switched are on to something.

E-Cigarettes: More Popular than Traditional Cigs

Big-TobaccoThe e-cigarette industry is getting so big and so hot that tobacco bigwigs are shaking in their boots! Or should we say filters? After carrying on selling dangerous, deadly products for decades and spending billions to have their way in the market, they are getting outdone by technology, and a more health-conscious population.

E-cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs and electronic cigarettes, are on the verge of becoming a $2 billion industry, and they are pushing ahead at full steam; with no indication of slowing down.

Users adore the products as they offer a slew of benefits, and a massive amount of control for the user. Many smokers have found them to be very easy to transition to from smoking cigarettes, and they are able to do so easily. E-cigarettes cost less, and are actually quite enjoyable to use, some users get so into the products, e-cigs actually become a hobby for them! While traditional cigarettes have became rather old fashioned and filthy in appearance and stigma, the opposite is true of e-cigs, which offer all the futuristic benefits of the digital age: a streamlined approach, high design that offers both attractive looks and great functioning, the fact that they are digital products, and they provide all the many different options in flavor and usability a bored smoker could want!

Suffice it to say, e-cigs are really hot, and big tobacco knows they have to make drastic moves to keep up. Which is precisely why Lorillard and Reynolds American are gearing up to merge into one e-cigarette superpower in efforts of doing so. Lorillard, which owns Blu eCigs, sees the need to expand and evolve if they are to remain in the game, as the future for tobacco is increasingly on the decline. Mergers happen all the time in big business, and it only goes to show how big the industry is getting if the top names in tobacco are desperate enough to have to work this hard to keep up.

Innovation usually surpasses older modes that have become outdated and right now we are watching e-cigarettes do just that. As the landscape for nicotine and smoking changes, you know you can count on International Vapor Group to be at the heart of it!

Who Smokes Electronic Cigarettes?

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTESWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, there is a large demographic. Millennials seem to be choosing e-smoking over traditional tobacco cigarettes, however the age range for electronic smokers covers all ground. Suffice it to say, if you want to know who is using alternative cigarettes, it’s everyone! Here is a look at the different groups of people who have found them to be even better than the real thing, and have made the switch.

Former Smokers

Nearly all electronic cigarette smokers are former cigarette smokers. Their reasons for switching run the gamut- some wanted to be done with tobacco altogether, some wanted a more affordable option, some prefer the ability to enjoy the sensation without smoke or nicotine, others list all of the reasons above for switching. And whatever their reasoning, e-cigarettes have given millions of people more of what they want out of life and their smoking habit.

Older Folks

The older people get, the more imperative it becomes to drop the cigarettes. It’s no secret that we are more susceptible to life threatening ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer when smoking cigarettes. Seeing this, and wanting to go an alternative direction, aging people understand the importance of finding other options to smoking, and many are happy to trade their tobacco cigarettes for electronic.

Younger Folks

While health reasons become more of a threat to the aging population, cigarettes can cause illness no matter what your age. As you know, people have many reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes, and regardless of age, most adults are interested in living a better quality of life and investing in their health.

College Students

College students often smoke cigarettes. They are also notoriously short on cash. Many campuses are not fond of cigarettes, even instituting bans on smoking altogether. This has lead many students to invest in e-cigarettes, in an effort to enjoy their nicotine in a more cost effective, tolerable, modern and enjoyable way.


Getting noticed, and being proud to flaunt their e-cigarettes, celebs have been a part of the vapor cigarette movement since the start. Hollywood’s trend setters can always be counted on to inspire others, and they sure have done their part to promote electronic cigarettes since the earliest days; especially since tobacco cigarettes make them look so passé.

So who is smoking e-cigs? Just about everybody! Millions of people all over the world have switched, so if you are wondering who your target demographic is for e-cigarette sales, it’s as varied as those who smoke cigarettes! If you want the best possible way to reach them, our advice is to carry a well-rounded selection of electronic cigarette products that cover all ground.

Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes at the Golden Globes

Globes-Leonardo-DiCaprio-lit-up-electronic-cigarette-his-table-where-he-sat-rest-his-Wolf-Wall-Street-castE-cigarettes have reached a pinnacle of status, and one factor has been very influential to this: Hollywood and celebrities. Want to get your product sold? Make sure it’s being seen in the hands of Hollywood’s favored few. Take a cue from e-cigarettes; they’ve been embraced by the stars from the start.

Nothing solidifies a trend like celebrities. When a star starts doing something that is on the verge of popularity, and it gets photographed, whatever the item may be, it automatically gains attention instantaneously. Such is the case with e-cigarettes. When they first emerged, celebs were among their first users and advocates, and just a few short years later, they are a very hot commodity. This isn’t to say that celebrities are the sole reason why e-cigs are so popular, but it sure doesn’t hurt that so many of them are proud to use them in the public eye, especially in lieu of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Back on January 12, when the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony happened, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were seen indulging in their electronic cigarettes. DiCaprio is one of the e-cigarette movement’s most famous users. He is not only one of the most famous actors in the world, he stands as a generational trendsetter. He has been using electronic cigarettes for quite some time now, having even appeared in a movie using one. During the Golden Globes ceremony, he enjoyed his e-cig, and had no problem displaying it while being photographed.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld and Veep fame didn’t just use her e-cig as a stress relief tool during the awards program; she used it as an impromptu prop, exemplifying her cooler-than-thou status. When cameras focused on her in the audience, she was playfully teased by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for not associating with other big name stars, and Louis-Dreyfus made sure to have her dark shades on while she smoked her e-cig! The move elicited quite the reaction from the audience! Talk about a comedienne who knows her craft!

So as you can see, Hollywood and e-cigarettes are quite intertwined, and it’s more than just a trend. Celebs have long been known for having the bad habit of cigarette smoking, and it’s great to see that pop culture arbiters are choosing the more intelligent way to smoke!

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes the Better Alternative to Tobacco?

e-cigarettes-vs-tobacco-cigarettesFor both users and retailers, electronic cigarettes are becoming the more sensible alternative. They offer a lucrative endeavor for retailers who carry traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, and smokers continue to choose them over cigarettes. Here is a look at why e-cigarettes are the better alternative, whether you are using them or selling them.

For users: Everyone has become overwhelmingly aware over the past century how dangerous cigarettes are. Not only bad for the health and inconvenient to use, they are also exceedingly expensive. For consumers, it was only a matter of time before a legitimate alternative was developed. E-cigarettes have proven to do just that, and smokers have taken to them by the millions. They offer a nearly identical experience as smoking a cigarette, without the vast number of problems associated with cigarettes. There is no tobacco, no tar, no ash, and no smell. They come with or without nicotine, in varying amounts, as well as numerous flavors. Smokers are finding tobacco cigarettes to be immensely old fashioned and wasteful by comparison; saving money, having modern devices, and much more ability to use them simply make e-cigarettes the better choice for smokers.

For retailers: Electronic cigarettes represent the future of smoking enjoyment. Cigarette sales and use have been on the downfall for decades and with e-cigarettes more than picking up the slack, retailers who are on this bandwagon are wise to do so. This is not just merely an emerging market, it’s a quickly expanding market proven to have high growth, as sales reach more than $1 billion. As it has become evident that consumers are happy to switch to these products, and stay with them, it only makes sense that tobacco retailers cater to their needs and expand their businesses further with electronic cigarettes. Consumers want choices; e-cigarettes offer them in mass variety. Why lose sales when they are there to be made?

Expand Your Business, Recover Sales Lost From Tobacco

cigaretteIf you are a business owner who has seen sales fall due to cigarettes becoming less of a commodity, you are not alone. Many businesses (especially smaller, mom and pop shops) have been through the same situation, and have been able to recover due to the rise in popularity and success of e-cigarettes.

The rate of smokers who begin smoking decreases each year, and along the same lines, the number of smokers who are quitting are also on the rise. What this means for businesses whose sales have included that of cigarettes in the past are most likely looking at decreased sales in tobacco. The rising taxes, rising prices, and the many health disadvantages have caused smokers to either quit or seek alternatives. If this is something your business has faced, have you thought about the possibilities of selling electronic cigarettes to help pick up the slack?

Smaller shops are beginning to implement e-cigarettes in their inventories because even in today’s economy, they are selling right along their analog counterparts. In many instances, they have even helped salvage tobacco businesses on the brink of failure. And what is even more promising, is that there are still many smokers who are not yet aware of e-cigarettes, and that switching to the electronic alternatives can offer many conveniences and benefits.

There are many reasons consumers are happy to be switching to electronic cigarettes, and our variety of brands are perfect for filling your shelves if you are looking to add e-cigarettes to your selection of tobacco products. International Vapor Group brands are being sold all over the country, in all types of retail shops.

If you are thinking about getting into electronic cigarette retail, have a look at our different wholesale opportunities. Our products are top rated and top selling, and cover many different options customers are looking for.

Don’t let the end of the era of tobacco hurt your sales! Everyone is going electronic, follow suit!

Vapor Facts: Why Consumers Are Choosing the Alternative

art.e.cigarette.cnnInternational Vapor Group’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed by ehow.com for a feature on electronic cigarettes and the vaping movement. Here are his reasons as to why this industry is seeing such tremendous growth, and why these products are such a hit with consumers. It’s really more than just a craze now!

-With cigarette prices souring to as much as $12-$13 because of taxes, and the cost of is significantly less when vaping. Even when it means putting out between $50-$100 for a starter kit in the beginning, the expenses of vaping are dramatically less than those of smoking traditional cigarettes. “Our cartridges are $2 to $3 each, which is equivalent to a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes,” said Molina.

-Same experience, little hassle. “It gives the same type of sensations as a traditional cigarette and provides the oral fix,” Molina said. Electronic cigarettes have enabled users to have all of the things they love about smoking without the most troublesome: the actual smoke and tobacco. E-cigarettes are made to give the same pleasure, including the overly important need to take care of the hand-to-mouth and oral habits, in addition to the desire for nicotine.

-Peace of mind. Those 4,000 chemicals that get laced into cigarettes and their filters are nowhere to be found within e-cigarettes. They produce no second hand smoke, so they can be used around others, including the elderly and children, without concern over fumes. “In addition, there’s no fire, no tar, no smell and less occurrence of yellowing teeth,” said Molina.

-Greater sense of control. E-cigarettes offer users the ability to choose many options with their products. This often enables them to gradually lessen their nicotine intake, consciously. The choice of flavors and features on products are also there for the choosing, allowing users to get even more comfortable with their e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional cigarettes which offer not even a fraction of the conveniences and options.

There is a lot of discussion happening these days in regards to e-cigarettes, and simply, these products are seeing this ever expanding popularity because they are truly working for smokers who want another option. “A lot of consumers do look to e-cigs as an alternative to quitting smoking with a high level of success,” Molina said. “They are no longer smoking traditional cigarettes. Our motto is: ‘If you can’t quit, switch.’ ”

E-Cigarettes in Bars: Why they should be sold there

imagesLooking to up the offerings available at your bar? E-cigarettes are the answer. While they may not contain any alcohol, the correlation is simple. Smokers cannot smoke in bars, yet consuming a couple drinks or beers makes nicotine that much more appealing. Being in a fun, exciting social scene typically inspires the urge to have a few puffs of a cigarette, yet smokers have to exit to do so. Selling e-cigarettes cut out the inconveniences for smokers, allowing them to stay in the establishment, all without creating an uncomfortable environment for nonsmokers.

Electronic cigarettes in social settings are very practical, and many business owners understand this. Hotels, bars, and other venues that attract socializing people are starting carry a selection of electronic cigarettes for purchase, and smokers are really taking to this concept. They cut out the “no smoking” rules, but also appease guests on both sides of the barrier. Also beneficial, e-cigarette sales add additional income, which is never a negative.

One aspect to selling e-cigarettes in bars is that those venues which have sold them, have found that it increases business in additional ways beyond just their sales. E-cigs have a way of keeping customers who smoke in the establishment longer, and therefore spending more as they do so. Smoking bans can be greatly annoying to customers who smoke because they create limitations (obviously not so much to nonsmokers who want nothing to do with tobacco). However, nonsmokers are also inclined to support electronic cigarettes because it allows them to stay as well, instead of leaving due to the annoyance of the smoke. E-cigarettes have increased the ability for nonsmokers as well as smokers to have a good time, and enjoy themselves, as well as each other’s company, even more.


These days, it’s pretty common to find electronic cigarettes in any nightlife scene. If you own a bar, or handle the ordering and merchandising of one, contact us about supplying your shelves with IVG brands of electronic cigarettes; make your customers happier!


Hotels Are Now Offering Electronic Cigarettes to Guests

2361376_f520Smoking in your hotel room has long been one of those taboo instances, and most of them are not too fond of guests lighting up indoors. In fact, these days, they aren’t really fond of smokers lighting up anywhere! So it makes perfect sense that they would be thrilled to have smokers using electronic cigs instead, and some cutting edge hotels are even starting to offer them to their guests, instead of selling traditional cigarettes. The Clarendon Hotel, of Phoenix, Arizona was one of the first to sell e-cigs, and their response has been excellent. A happier environment and happier guests is the ultimate aim in the hospitality industry! And accommodating your guests in creative new ways is never a bad thing for your reputation, either!

Hotels are taking this new approach to keep smokers from smoking where they shouldn’t yet still make them happy, to protect their property, and to keep the peace with their nonsmoking clientele. Some hotels even fine people for breaking rules applying to smoking, and this is even a burden. Hotels just don’t want to deal with smoke!

E-cigarettes and hotels go together pretty darn well. Think about it; cigarettes have long been sold in hotels, but since they are increasingly more burdensome, this is just another scenario electronic cigarettes will work better in. Because of the high profit margins, it’s also a lucrative opportunity for hotels because they will offer another avenue of income, all the while giving their guests a healthier option to use instead of cigarettes.

The options of different e-cig products hotels can sell is excellent. E-cigarette starter kits, fortified e-cigarettes, express kits, refill cartridges, and e-cig disposables would all make convenient additions to their products, and having them would give their guests choices instead of straight up restrictions. If you own or manage a hotel, have you considered adding electronic cigarettes to your offerings? Do contact us if you’re up for pleasing all of your guests, smokers included! This is just one of the many situations showing that e-smokes are the perfect medium, giving smokers what they want, nonsmokers what they want, and business owners what they want!