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Commitment to Quality of Life

International Vapor Group Mission StatementAt International Vapor Group, we are sincerely committed to improving the quality of life for our customers. We are absolutely staunch about maintaining a high level of passion that we see as having a direct benefit for our customers. Yes, making innovative products that push limits and change the world is definitely part of our grand scheme, however the purpose behind this is to truly make an impact for the better on the lives of those who use the products. Simply, it’s not just about the awesome products; it’s about the people who use them, who drive the underlying purpose of the company, who derive pleasure and function from vaping, whose lives have become better in the long and short terms from switching.

Our customers are our reason for everything. This industry has gotten massive, but that hasn’t changed our commitment to making products that put our people first, nor has it changed our commitment to ensuring the happiness of our customers in our products.

Quality of life is about upping the daily positivity, and we are certain our products do that, above all. Vaping allows smokers to replace a nasty habit with a cleaner, more versatile product that they can rely on, with minimal hassle.

Vaping offers them the ability to have what makes them happy, in a convenient format, while saving money and adding options. Our many customers have raved over the years that our products have changed their lives for the better, while enabling them to fully grasp control over their smoking.

With all of IVG’s different brands: South Beach Smoke, VaporFi, Motley Brew, and DIRECTVAPOR, the aim has always been to bring useful, enjoyable, quality products to the market to serve those who are searching for the best vaping devices. With a full commitment to quality design in an effort to maximize both form and function, we have managed to please our customers and up their quality of life since our inception. And for this reason alone, our purpose in continuing to drive innovation will continue. Our customers are our reason, our mission.

Our Thoughts on PG & VG

Pg and VG CloudsWhen it comes to e-liquid companies, there’s so much discussion out there about what is safe, what isn’t, what is and is not regulated, what users should steer clear of, and what should absolutely not be on the market. As industry insiders, here is our take on the matter. We do not take the safety of our users lightly, and while regulation is not in place as of now to keep the e-liquids market in order, we are 100% committed to offering only the highest quality liquids available.

Safety Standards

Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi carry some of the most extensive offerings of liquids in the industry. Our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the level of quality that goes into these formulas, and the result shows in the performance; there are none that surpass. We manufacture liquids only in the USA, in a lab registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer, and list all of our formulas on file with them for transparency.

PG: General Use is Common

PG, or propylene glycol is a controversial topic because some feel it should be avoided, while others feel it is safe for inhalation due to its being used in many products, both for body care and for ingestion. Some people do have allergies to it, which can pose a small level of risk, however these individuals have the option of using VG-based liquids. As for the rest of us, PG liquids are considered fine for general usage.

VG: Not all the Same

Vegetable glycerin can also bring up a discussion about standards. Where this is sourced from can be an issue, as sometimes it comes from peanuts, which can cause issues for individuals allergic to peanuts/ tree nuts. Ours is sourced from select producers of Malaysian palm for purity and safety.

Don’t Know What’s in E-Liquids?

Not with IVG brands. We disclose ingredients, and don’t use very many of them to produce our top-rated liquids, and we invite you to  think critically here: if e-liquids were so excessively dangerous, do you think they would be legally sold?

As far as e-liquids, PG, and VG go, their safety, and where standards are concerned, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry.

Spotlight on SBS

South Beach SmokeAs one of the most exciting brands in the e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke is always on the move. This brand has earned its success due to an ever expanding drive to meet the needs of the market, while focusing on the aspects of innovation and being ahead of the trends. One of the founding principles is constantly being aware of what users want, and what they’re going to want in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As one of the first companies to specialize in high quality electronic cigarettes, with a signature look, feel and attitude designed specifically for those who want style as much as performance, South Beach Smoke is always up to something good. If you are looking to wholesale with a solid brand that has great reach with electronic cigarette users while appealing to all levels of the market, here is a look at what this hot brand is up to at the moment!

High Tech Vaporizers

The past year saw the expansion into the market of vaporizers, and it added an additional aspect of growth. Recently, South Beach Smoke launched their Custom Vaporizer Builder on their site which offers their full line of advanced personal vaporizers, in a clean, easy-to-use setup that allows users to custom build their dream devices with all available accessories and colors in a few convenient steps.


Also knowing how popular using nicotine e-liquids has become, South Beach Smoke released an exceptional line of liquids that took off instantly. Comprised of thousands of singular flavors, with the option of custom blending all of them into thousands of new flavors, users have unlimited options of flavors to choose from. The standout feature is the quality; make no mistake, there are no liquids like South Beach’s; they are made under the strictest industry standards, in the USA, of the finest ingredients.

Understanding the need for continuous advancement, the brand is always debuting something new to keep up with their customer base! If you are looking to work with a brand with a serious reputation and a never ending commitment to quality, South Beach Smoke is at the top of their game!


South Beach Smoke Wholesale

South Beach Smoke ProductsIf you are in the market for a solid electronic cigarette brand to carry in your store, be it a gas station, a convenience store, a drug store, an electronic cigarette shop, or any type of retail setup that offers such products, South Beach Smoke is the brand for all of your needs. This brand has gained much acclaim, fame, and loyalty over the past 5 years, and only continues to grow with the ever-changing market. Here are some of the reasons this is the only e-cigarette brand to carry.


This is a brand known for it’s image, style, quality, and offerings that appeal to those who want variety. It’s exciting all around. Selling a brand that is known and customers can identify with offers greater ability to sell.


The foundation principle, quality is a given in all South Beach Smoke products, and customers have come to know them for it. Carrying brands that are high-quality is one of the best things you can do for your retail selection; customers are more likely to return for additional and repeat purchases if they know they are getting the same great standards.


There is so much variety with this brand it’s hard to know where to begin. They encompass the whole spectrum of the e-cigarettes, with offerings that range from basic to superiorly advanced, and just about everything in between. They carry cartridges for e-cigarettes and a vast multitude of e-liquids. Accessories range from necessities to novelties, and cover all ground.


Affordable is what most people are after, and they are all about keeping it fair. South Beach Smoke is loved by many for their awesome options, great quality, all at a great price. Too many times, consumers and retailers are dissuaded from a number of brands due to their high prices. South Beach Smoke offers an economical track into the world of e-cigarettes, with endless options to satisfy any retail selection you’re aiming to curate.

Interested in working with this exciting brand? Feel free to contact us to establish a dialogue!

A Look at E-Cig Innovations

VaporFi Vox One of the most interesting aspects of the electronic cigarette is how many variations exist. For connoisseurs, it’s easy to get heavily involved in devices because they really are just that intriguing. Here is a look at the most common varieties, and how things have changed since the early days of electronic cigarettes when it was all about mimicking traditional cigarettes.

Basic E-Cigs: They are cornerstone of brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. These devices still are a common point of entry into vaping for beginners. They were made to resemble every nuance of a traditional cigarette, and basically recreate the concept of smoking for tobacco smokers who wanted an alternative.

Basic Vaporizers: Because serious vapers were getting more and more into vaping as an art and hobby, the need for evolving products was growing. Basic vaporizers enabled users to have larger batteries, more power, more choices, and allowed users to use and fill their own e-liquids.

Hi-Tech: More innovation lead to even more advanced personal vaporizers. These began to include variable voltage, more control options, customizable options for very personal use, and batteries that could withstand immense usage. VaporFi is loaded with great vaporizer options for every level of vaper.

Rebuildable & Mods: With the vaping population getting further involved in their devices, and knowing every aspect and ability of each spec, users began to build their own devices based on the availability of technology. This lead to solidified vape geeks needing greater technology to match their increasing drive for more powerful, advanced devices. Now, if your concept of vaping includes only e-cigs that simulate traditional cigarettes by looking and feeling the same, these RBA’s and mods will blow your mind! Again, VaporFi is leading the industry in this category, offering streamlined advanced devices, executed with the most up to the minute technology.

As the population has evolved, so have the devices. Being a tech-based industry, the growth has been immense and extremely fast, and we could not be more intrigued with the way things continue to progress forward. Where will the industry be in a year? We don’t know yet, but can’t wait to see!

How E-Liquids and Cartridges Create Repeat Customers

sbs flavorsFor retailers who are used to the sales of tobacco cigarettes which easily created generations of repeated customers and the need for customers to continuously return to purchase the product, the fact of electronic cigarettes being reusable may seem like a business failure by comparison. However they are anything but. While they happen to be a reusable product, with a very reusable format, these traits only make them more socially responsible. Alternative cigarettes work with cartridges and e-liquids, which are the portion the product that the consumer actually consumes, and this usage creates a need for the customer to return to purchase refills.

E-cigarette cartridges last anywhere between 1 to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. They’re more cost-effective for the user because of this, and they go a lot longer than single-use packs of cigarettes. They create less waste and as an added benefit they are available in a multitude of different flavors to please the customer. They offer a great amount more control than traditional cigarettes being available in a great variety of nicotine levels, including 0mg (nicotine free) to 24 mg. Consumers have endless options of different choices to fulfill their needs by using them.

E-liquids typically work with vaporizer tank systems as well as with refillable cartridges the user can use, depending on their device. They are available in even more flavors and the many customizable preferences give the user even more ability to have their exact specifications met. Brands such as VaporFi and South Beach Smoke make this readily available with their Custom Blending option, and users have been overwhelmingly satisfied as a result.

As a retailer, you have options beyond tobacco that offer lucrative possibilities. Both cartridges and nicotine e-liquids have become quite popular as of late and can help make up for the loss of profits you’ve seen due to dwindling cigarette sales. With more and more people using alternative products such as these, coupled with the fact of customers needing to find top-quality options, the range of products available from IVG can benefit your retail selection immensely.

The Path to Success: VaporFi

IMG_1327The electronic cigarette industry started out almost entirely online with some products being sold in mall kiosks, gas stations, and convenience stores. Now, the products have become so immensely popular, it is easy to find electronic cigarettes in so many different retail settings. As this growth has occurred, it has  become clear that as much of a niche market that the cigarette industry is, it is also growing to the point where the need for high-quality vapor shops has become a necessity. Enter VaporFi.

Well many companies rushed to the retail market from the start, International Vapor Group saw the need to build our business online. As the industry grew and our expansion continued, we eventually moved into the retail market with our brands South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. When VaporFi launched, it was evident that having an online selection that surpassed all others was a necessity, but also having the most exceptional retail experience as well.

Over the past few years, vapor shops have popped up seemingly everywhere, but what was lacking most of all among them was quality, selection, and optimally desirable products. VaporFi satisfies all of these needs, giving customers a very trendy, comfortable and luxurious experience, with premium advanced vaporizer products, the best e-liquid’s available, and a sincerely unique experience within every one of our locations.

Suffice it to say, VaporFi launched to immediate success, both online and within the retail setting. It wasn’t long before VaporFi stores started opening all over the surrounding South Florida area. Not just a year in, they have begun national, as well as international expansion. It’s safe to say that the rise of the high-end vapor shop is on the move and customers are actively seeking out this one of a kind experience.

The success of VaporFi has been no chance of occurrence, however. This is a brand that was tailored by some of the pioneers of the electronic cigarette industry, with the full understanding of the need for superior quality, appealing design and seriously advanced innovations in the area of vaporizers. This brand was made to please the vaping public, and inevitably made to succeed.

If you’re looking for an entrance into this exciting, growing industry, consider working with VaporFi, through one of their exciting franchise opportunities. With this growing brand slated for very big happenings, their calculated success is expected to only continue on.

All in Variety

south-beach-smoke-vaporizersWe’re all about variety. Here at IVG, we don’t feel it’s necessary to cater exclusively to one particular market when we can cater to all markets in the e-cig industry. The electronic cigarette genre has grown to such a degree that we feel it’s necessary to include everyone. And in that vein, we really aim to mindfully design and manufacture products for all levels of this market.

We offer a great selection of different e-cigarettes that are geared towards everyone, from trendy, youthful college-age people to older folks looking for an alternative cigarette that resonates with them, while maintaining quality and style.

When it comes to more advanced products such as our vaporizers, we also understand the need to cover all ground. Between South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, we have a huge selection of different vaporizers, which include the most basic of models, eye-catching trendy vape pens, super advanced mods, and the most highly designed, rebuildable mods for the hardcore vapers; it’s quite obvious that variety is our thing.

EverSmoke specializes in simple e-cigs that provide great quality, elegant style, a very simple to use design, and are close to a traditional cigarette as it gets. This brand especially caters to the mature crowd.

South Beach Smoke is all about diversity. Having built a reputation among 20- somethings who want the hottest, trendiest electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, this brand carries it all for all levels of vapers. High style, bold visuals, and great performance are the foundations with SBS.

VaporFi has taken the industry and done a number on it. Top of the line everything, exceptional engineering, fierce style, and the most innovative vaping products out there round out this brand.

When you work with International Vapor Group, you get not just one area of the electronic cigarette industry; you get it all. We seek to offer a myriad of products that appeal to the vast range of e-cigarette users, all the while focusing our attention on quality, engineering, and doing what others are not. It comes down to variety and blazing our own trail of vapor!

What’s Hot Now: Vaporizers

sbs-storm-vaporizersElectronic cigarette vaporizers are getting hotter than ever, as customers are beginning to move away from traditional, more basic models of e-cigarettes to try more advanced options available with vaporizers.

With two of our brands, South Beach smoke and VaporFi, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different products for customers looking for advanced personal vaporizers. Each brand offers distinct products that appeal to a wide range of customers, with much attention paid to performance and style.

The market has changed as electronic cigarette use has evolved over the past few years. Many users are using these products out of pure enjoyment now, showing that while many people started using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they have found the experience to be more than just an alternative to eventually discontinue usage. This has led to further growth of the market as people try new products, experiment with customizable products, and have gotten into the many available customized options there are with mods.

International Vapor Group is proud to be part of the electronic cigarette industry’s growth. Our different brands give customers a very large selection of products to choose from, and have become known as leaders in innovation and quality. For retailers, our products offer innovative options that customers are looking for among the trendiest and most popular types of alternative smoking devices. What stands out about our offerings is that our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and design details, unlike many cheaper versions available.

If you are retailer who’s looking to start carrying electronic cigarette products, especially those along lines of advanced personal vaporizers to tap into this area of high growth, contact us about our opportunities available for retail settings. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are excellent choices for carrying, and both resonate with customers through their visual branding and high-performance products.

South Beach Smoke Launches New Vaporizers!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.38.48 PMSouth Beach Smoke, our award-winning brand that specializes in the latest and trendiest electronic cigarette products, with an intense focus on quality, has just launched a brand new line of electronic cigarette vaporizers. This exciting collection consists of three revolutionary models: The Storm, the Thunder, and the Curve.

As the electronic cigarette market has increasingly moved towards more advanced, more customizable products, the need was imminent for South Beach Smoke to expand in this innovative direction. The new products give customers a plethora of options for using high-tech advanced devices with exceptional quality and vivacious South Beach Smoke style.

Earlier this year, South Beach Smoke launched their first revolutionary advanced vaporizer, the South Beach Smoke Air to excellent reviews. The new line of vaporizers is an exciting follow-up, expanding their line of advanced mods.

Over the past year the e-cigarette market has seen a definitive shift towards more complex products reflecting that the e-cigarette customer has obviously evolved. While there is still a market for basic electronic cigarette products, many users who have used cigarette alternatives have taken to them as a hobby. Advanced vape pens now give them the option to customize their units in every possible way from controlling how they work, to enjoying greater vapor production, to having a much greater battery life and having wider access to different styles; it is apparent that users want more options, all around.

An additional aspect of South Beach Smoke vaporizers is their newly launched Custom Vaporizer Builder, which enables users to customize their vape pans digitally on the South Beach Smoke website. Users can choose their battery, tank, and color all at a click, coming up with an endless variety of different unique vaporizer pens and view their creations before purchasing. One of the best aspects of using advanced vaporizers is being able to customize your device and South Beach Smoke is now offering their users the ability to do this simply and easily in an exciting way directly on their site.

As South Beach Smoke has always been known for their great prices across all of their products, customers can expect the same level of affordability on all of the new vaporizers. Customers are always happy to have fair prices on quality products!

We are always excited when new products launch, and we are absolutely thrilled for South Beach Smoke to be expanding further in this direction. We look forward to evolving with this market, innovating as we have always have done, bringing customers the very best electronic cigarette technology.