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South Beach Smoke Launches New Vaporizers!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.38.48 PMSouth Beach Smoke, our award-winning brand that specializes in the latest and trendiest electronic cigarette products, with an intense focus on quality, has just launched a brand new line of electronic cigarette vaporizers. This exciting collection consists of three revolutionary models: The Storm, the Thunder, and the Curve.

As the electronic cigarette market has increasingly moved towards more advanced, more customizable products, the need was imminent for South Beach Smoke to expand in this innovative direction. The new products give customers a plethora of options for using high-tech advanced devices with exceptional quality and vivacious South Beach Smoke style.

Earlier this year, South Beach Smoke launched their first revolutionary advanced vaporizer, the South Beach Smoke Air to excellent reviews. The new line of vaporizers is an exciting follow-up, expanding their line of advanced mods.

Over the past year the e-cigarette market has seen a definitive shift towards more complex products reflecting that the e-cigarette customer has obviously evolved. While there is still a market for basic electronic cigarette products, many users who have used cigarette alternatives have taken to them as a hobby. Advanced vape pens now give them the option to customize their units in every possible way from controlling how they work, to enjoying greater vapor production, to having a much greater battery life and having wider access to different styles; it is apparent that users want more options, all around.

An additional aspect of South Beach Smoke vaporizers is their newly launched Custom Vaporizer Builder, which enables users to customize their vape pans digitally on the South Beach Smoke website. Users can choose their battery, tank, and color all at a click, coming up with an endless variety of different unique vaporizer pens and view their creations before purchasing. One of the best aspects of using advanced vaporizers is being able to customize your device and South Beach Smoke is now offering their users the ability to do this simply and easily in an exciting way directly on their site.

As South Beach Smoke has always been known for their great prices across all of their products, customers can expect the same level of affordability on all of the new vaporizers. Customers are always happy to have fair prices on quality products!

We are always excited when new products launch, and we are absolutely thrilled for South Beach Smoke to be expanding further in this direction. We look forward to evolving with this market, innovating as we have always have done, bringing customers the very best electronic cigarette technology.