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South Beach Smoke: Stepping Up Their Game

South-Beach-Smoke-WaveThings have been going really great with our South Beach Smoke brand. In the past year, this iconic electronic cigarette label has undergone a makeover with a fantastic new look, unveiling an array of new flavors, and continuously seen rapid growth. This is one brand that has stood the test of time, and continues to blaze new trails in the market. For retailers, they have made a great impact and are an excellent addition to any product selection in retail venues.

2014 is going to be huge for this company, as South Beach Smoke continues to expand in new directions. As a brand that has always been ahead of trends and understanding what customers want, this year South Beach Smoke will tackle even more new ground: electronic cigarette vaporizers and e-liquids. The South Beach Smoke Wave will be released at some point in the near future, and it is already making waves for it’s innovation.

With the popularity of these products being on the rise, and with South Beach Smoke’s inherent commitment to quality and innovation, this is a very good move. They have seen an increase in sales and trendiness, and there is good reason why. While electronic cigarette vaporizers do not look like traditional cigarettes, and they do require more time and effort from the user, the result is very much worth it. They provide exceptional power, voracious vapor production, and very strong throat hits; all intrinsic parts of e-smoking, and the overall experience for the user.

Putting the South Beach Smoke name on a product means quality, innovation, and dedication to providing only the best. Customers can expect this new direction to be just as excellent as everything else made by this brand, and retailers can expect the same great sales that come with a brand that has such an established reputation. Yes, we concur, 2014 is going to be a great year for everyone involved in this company’s expanding prospects!

Introducing the Redesigned South Beach Smoke Website!

main_banner_made_in_the_usaSouth Beach Smoke, one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes, has just unveiled their recently redesigned website! The new look was done to refresh the visual appeal, and to make a historical reference to the “golden era” of smoking, only updated and tailored to fit the more modern version of smoking; electronic smoking.

The look is clearly influenced by the brand’s South Beach namesake, taking a cue from the locale’s signature art deco past. It is a fresh new take for this brand that has been in existence since the earliest days of e-cigarettes, and the look clearly shows where the brand is headed. The South Beach Smoke customer tends to be wary of trends, and up for trying new things, so adding some fun and style is right up their alley. Feeling good about being able to smoke freely is not something smokers are typically used to anymore, but because of e-cigarettes, this can once again be experienced.

The design of the site is meant to evoke the glamour, the social acceptability, and the appeal smoking once had, only in a more modern, people-friendly, non-invasive way, because e-smoking is all of these things. The redesign is meant to show users that vaping can be as enjoyable, if not more so, than traditional smoking. It can be every bit as stylish and attractive as smoking once was, only without the excessive negative attributes. We want South Beach Smoke users to feel great about their products, knowing they are getting so much more out them than was ever possible with traditional cigarettes.

The redesigned look of South Beach Smoke can be seen throughout all products, the website, and just about all branding. It was done precisely with the customer in mind, and so far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. With our new design, we are definitely looking to the prospects ahead of us!

In the very near future, at the request of our loyal fans, we will be unveiling a new lineup of flavors to add to our already diverse collection. And to celebrate, we will be hosting a very exciting sweepstakes contest we’re sure customers will be thrilled to enter. So stay tuned!