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Why Are Smokers Switching to Vapor?

12VAPORIUM-master675Electronic cigarettes remain an excellent alternative to tobacco, both for consumers as well as retailers. So why are customers so happy to switch to electronic, and not revert back to tobacco? Here are some of the reasons e-cigarettes are the better way to go, whether you are selling them or using them!


E-cigarettes give their users added freedom that was never possible with traditional cigarettes. No one likes being told “no.” Smokers are tired of dealing with smoking bans, tired of having to adjust their smoking to accommodate others, and tired of their habit being an inconvenience. E-cigarettes give smokers the freedom to smoke in many public places, and around people who have aversions to smoke. As a retailer, you avail them the ability to have more freedom, which is priceless.

More Affordable

Everyone knows how expensive traditional cigarettes are, and having an alternative that feels as good and costs less alleviate many problems. Carrying a product that customers are seeking, and is a cost effective alternative gives you additional opportunities to tap into additional markets, and make up losses from dwindling cigarette sales.

More Choices

Pleasing a large array of customers is not the easiest thing to do, especially in today’s era of convenience and getting what you want, as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait, and people expect their needs to be met at light speed; what this means is that products need to be adaptable and available. E-cigarettes give smokers many more choices, many more options, the ability to have what they want when they want it, and being able to customize the smoking experience to suit their needs easily.

Smokers continue to switch to electronic cigarettes at a very rapid rate, and the industry is expanding every year. Having a more modern, more convenient way to smoke allows users to have their way, without sacrificing any enjoyment, all the while avoiding tobacco. As a retailer, selling electronic cigarettes is in your best interest because it enables you to offer a product that is in demand, opening more channels to business!

Liquor Stores: Perfect for Electronic Cigarette Sales.

sbs_express_kits_combinedLiquor stores sell more than just alcohol; they also sell traditional cigarettes, and this alone makes them a perfect candidate for selling electronic cigarettes. If you own a liquor store, or handling the purchasing for one, have you considered the profitability of including electronic cigarettes in your inventory? Not all smokers these days are looking for tobacco, and expanding your selection to cater to the needs of all is always a smart idea.

Liquor stores carry a wide selection of products aimed at the adult clientele, which is precisely the target market for e-cigarettes. As this industry has exploded in popularity and sales, why not make your store available to the movement? Less people start smoking every year, and more smokers are quitting than ever before. Millions have switched to vaping, and offering these products gives your customers an additional benefit to buy from you.

While bigger ticket items such as starter kits may not be the biggest sellers in a liquor store, where patrons are typically going to be spending on liquor, having a selection of disposable e-cigarettes, as well as smaller Express Kits make excellent items for those who tend to buy on impulse.

International Vapor Group brands are ideal in this instance because they cover a lot of ground where selection is concerned. Disposables and Express Kits are solid, economical choices, and avail the products to consumers who are initially looking to try the products. Express Kits from South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer the same great e-cigarettes from these brands, in basic packages that include one battery, one charger, and one cartridge.

The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines have different disposable e-cigarettes, which are highly convenient and available in different flavors. Made as a single unit, each lasts about the length of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and when it’s used through, it gets tossed. They are ready for use straight from the package, and need no set up or charging. The NutriCigs e-cigarettes are similar as they are disposables as well, however they are very much beyond traditional electronic cigarettes. They are infused with all-natural supplements for additional benefits, not just nicotine, and they would be excellent additions to a cigarette inventory.

If your liquor store needs some updating done to the selection of tobacco alternatives, consider adding International Vapor Group products to your selection. Tobacco only goes so far these days, the future of smoking is electronic; our products give you the best the market has to offer!