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Benefits to Diverse Products

southbeachsmokeOne of the reasons we are proud to offer such a wide variety of different brands with different offerings is that having a large selection allows us to reach a very broad customer base. Our four different brands cater to a wide range of customers, everyone from smokers who are looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time to digital cigarette hobbyists and everyone in between; we cater to all who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Understanding that smokers are all unique and seeking a different type of experience, we are pleased to take advantage of the innovation and offer so many various choices for enjoying alternative smoking. Electronic cigarettes are available in so many variables, in so many different styles, with varying options, flavors, nicotine levels, performance choices, and the list goes on!

The one thing most smokers want though, regardless of the type of product is quality. It is a mainstay when it comes to everything we offer, as we know when it comes to satisfaction, lacking quality will not do much for anyone.

Here is a brief look at our 4 different electronic cigarette brands and how they appeal to different customers.

VaporFi: VaporFi is the brand for those who are looking for supreme quality and innovation. Their products for are designed for every type of smoker, from experts to novices. They offer a large selection of everything, including basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers available. Standout features include the largest selection of e-liquids as well as top of the line, affordable mods.

South Beach Smoke: Great for beginners and experienced e-cigarette users who like advanced performance from a 2-piece e-cigarette with cartridge. This brand offers e-cigs and vaporizers, plenty of innovative accessories such as the PowerCig and the Personal Charging Case, plus the same extensive line of custom blended e-liquids as VaporFi.

EverSmoke: Based on the same technology as South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke offers similar e-cigarette products that appeal to smokers who want quality, options, and a great looking product.

NutriCigs: NutriCigs goes further into the realm of innovation, offering the first and only fortified, disposable e-cigarettes.

Diversity matters when it comes to selling electronic cigarettes. Being able to appeal to a small group will get some sales; offering products that are made for everyone cover all ground; and that is exactly what we aim to do!

Where Innovation Has Taken Us

hero_3brands2dWhen it comes to innovation, it’s at the core of our business. It’s the premise on which we build our products, and how we plan for the future. Each of IVG’s brands are unique in their approach to maintaining an innovative edge, and while we know the importance of staying competitive in this industry, we also know the importance of being ahead. Here is a look at each of our brands, and what they bring to the table and the market. If you’re looking for the most innovative electronic cigarette lines available, look no further!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke launched during the beginning stages of the e-cigarette boom. They were certainly not the first e-cig company in the USA to hit the scene, however they offered comparable technology to what was out there, only with more advanced batteries, accessories, and performance. This lead to further advancements in all of their products, and set the tone for continuous innovation, as well as product developments. 4 years in, South Beach Smoke continues to be the first choice among thousands of users, as well as the first brand many turn to when they begin vaping.


EverSmoke was developed on the same technology and concept as South Beach Smoke, however aimed towards a more mature demographic, as South Beach Smoke tends to be a brand more associated with younger, trendier users. EverSmoke differs in product styling, accessories, and flavors, however the quality and innovation remains the same as their forerunner.


Still in their burgeoning stages, NutriCigs are the world’s first and only fortified electronic cigarettes. Disposable design, with fortified e-liquid, these e-cigarettes offer more than just nicotine; there is a blend designed to promote restfulness, a blend for curbing the appetite, and a blend made to promote boosting one’s energy.


VaporZone has taken the world by storm, receiving rave reviews and countless converts in the less than a year they have been on the market. Offering some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers and mods available, this brand is hotter than hot at the moment. As a unique concept, VaporZone does many things that other brands are nowhere near doing. With their top of the line electronic cigarettes, custom-blended e-liquids, and exceptional retail locations, they have become the top choice among vapers everywhere.

When it comes to innovation, look no further than IVG. We know what we’re doing, and we invite you to come along for the ride; the future is looking very promising!

The Beauty of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Perfect for Retail

NutricigsEnergyDisposable electronic cigarettes are immensely useful, and for both retailers and consumers, they offer an excellent alternative to standard reusable e-cigarettes.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are similar to standard reusable e-cigarettes in that they work very similarly, however they are able to used right out of the package. They need no charging, filling, or attaching of cartridges, so they are really great impulse purchases.

Many people who are new to e-cigarettes find them to be very convenient, as they enable them to experience electronic smoking without the expense or commitment of purchasing a starter kit. They are the ideal introduction, and at fair prices, customers are typically comfortable giving them a go, regardless of outcome.

While perfect for beginners, disposable electronic cigarettes are also great for experienced users because they offer the same simplicity and convenience to those who are accustomed to reusable e-cigarettes.

International Vapor Group brands offer a selection of disposable e-cigarettes that cover an excellent range of options, making them ideal to carry in stores. Because they are affordable, and offer no-strings-attached kind of commitment, users can feel confident purchasing them to experience electronic smoking.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer disposables in two flavors: menthol and tobacco. They promise the same satisfaction both brands are known for, only in the convenient one-piece unit.

All NutriCigs products are disposable e-cigarettes, and they not only come in a variety of flavors plus nicotine, but each type is geared towards a specific goal, be it having a little more energy, curbing your appetite, or having a little easier time relaxing before bed. They are essentially disposables that do a whole lot more!

If you’re looking to ramp up your tobacco selection, increase your electronic cigarette sales, or just expand your selection to cater to those who want electronic alternatives to tobacco, think about the possibilities of adding disposable e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Be an Affiliate with IVG Brands

slide2International Vapor Group brands are growing at a rapid rate, and all four brands have solidified a place among consumers in the market for top quality, high performing electronic cigarettes. Join the affiliate programs for South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs and VaporZone and you could be earning money for all the customers you send our way. Currently, top affiliates are earning thousands each month. If you’re in the business of promoting e-cigarette brands, why not be a part of this exciting company? IVG brands cover a lot of ground, and we are doing many things other companies in this industry aren’t.

The Affiliate Programs for each of our brands work very similarly. We provide all the necessary tools to get you started, such as banners and text links that will go on your website and route back to ours. Your customers will be tracked using sophisticated affiliate tracking software, and we even have in place measures to cover your customers who choose to order by phone. When your customers purchase our products because of your links, you will receive generous percentages of the e-cigarette sales, as well as lifetime residuals from Home Delivery Membership purchases, which typically entail monthly payouts. We even cover the circumstances should a customer get to our site via yours, and come back at a later date to make the purchase. We are firm believers in your commission being yours!

We also feature a 2-tier program, for all of our brands that offer even more opportunities to rake in the earnings. Should you refer others to our Affiliate Programs, and they join, you will earn 5% of the sales they bring in. So the more you promote, and the more people you send our way, the more money you will make whether they are buying or selling!

At International Vapor Group, we are staunchly proud of our products, and we know that connecting with likeminded, goal oriented folks is one of the keys to our success. Visit any of our brands’ websites to learn more about these lucrative programs. Our Affiliate Programs offer valuable commissions, and a true opportunity to be a part of our growth: join us!


Targeting the Customer

hero_3brands2dHaving the right products for the right customers is ideal when you are thinking in terms of sales. While there is a great element of guessing involved, knowing who your customers are, and what they are going to be looking for can really impact your sales. International Vapor Group makes four different brands with four different profiles in mind. Also, we aim to target a multitude of customers with them. Here is a look at our four brands and the customers they aim to reach.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke conveys the glamorous, exciting side of electronic smoking. They especially appeal to users in their 20s and 30s, who want stylish looks and great performance. These are excellent for beginners, and perfect for those who’ve used similar products but want better performance. South Beach Smoke offers many e-cigarette options, with a wide variety of starter kits, disposable e-cigarettes, accessories, and flavors to appeal to the smoking masses.


EverSmoke was designed to mimic South Beach Smoke in quality and selection, however the target audience is somewhat older. In an effort to take care of everyone, we saw the need to cater to those who are not necessarily attracted to the looks of South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke offers similar products with additional options, and flavor choices, as well as standard products like starter kits, disposables, and accessories.


NutriCigs was created for goal-oriented smokers who want more out of their electronic cigarettes, and those who want specific results. For adults who smoke, and want to have greater benefits from vaping, in addition to the nicotine, NutriCigs are available in three all-natural blends that can improve your daily life. Designed to help boost energy, curb cravings, and to get a better night’s rest, NutriCigs give e-smokers additional freedom and enjoyment of life.


VaporZone was made for vapers who are looking for more than a basic experience when vaping. As the industry advances, so do the customers, and while most don’t take up vaping as a hobby, there are many who do. For those looking for the highest performing, top of the line vaping machines, VaporZone offers a comprehensive selection of vaporizers targeted towards the “experts” of this market. Also unique, the VaporZone concept includes the addition of vapor shops, signature retail locations.

Our products were made with the customer in mind. One brand can stretch far, however four enables us to cover this market exceptionally well! 4 brands, 4 customers, 1 company!


Diversity Does a Business Well

7548773We understand diversity. We get that there are an enormous amount of smokers in the world, from different backgrounds, age groups, with different personal preferences, and the need for products that appeal to their unique needs. We know that diversity is so important to pleasing our customers and realistically being able to make vaping work for a large number of people.

That’s why we’ve taken the care and innovation to new levels, looking to truly offer something for everyone. Diversity is an incredibly important concept in today’s world of instant gratification and individualism, and making our products well rounded enough to appeal to many thousands of electronic smokers has been one of the keys to our success. Working with us, you will have the ability to extend your electronic cigarette selection even further, to an even larger customer demographic.

Our different e-cigarette brands cover a lot of ground. We offer products that appeal to beginners (with our different Express Kits from both South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke), advanced users (the soon to be unveiled VaporZone line), and those who want something exciting and out of the ordinary (NutriCigs). The offerings each brand covers are both unique as well as practical. We have reusable electronic cigarettes, a variety of different disposable e-cigarettes, and a multitude of accessories to go with each line that add convenience and practicality. We go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, from the very beginning in developing our products to the end point of sale, when they are being used and hopefully delighting the customer.

Diversity is one of those advantages that gives us exceptional clout in the marketplace. Customers want options; they want quality, innovation, and true to form service just in case things don’t go exactly as planned. International Vapor Group knows the importance of striking the balance between getting it right, and missing the mark; diversity lets us branch out in as many directions as we can, appealing to as many e-smokers as we can!

Fortify Your E-Cig Selection with NutriCigs

1011688_181235725376974_534423684_nLooking to make your current e-cigarette selection a little more interesting? Add our NutriCigs disposable e-cigarette products to your lineup!

NutriCigs are the most innovative thing to come out of the e-cigarette world as of late, and we are the only ones bringing them to you. They are the meeting point of all natural supplements and e-cigarettes, giving you the benefit of having more than just nicotine in your e-cigarette. Available in three varieties, they cover a lot of ground when it comes to being useful. The three NutriCigs blends are: NutriCigs Energy Booster, NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep.

NutriCigs Energy Booster is designed to support the user’s need for increased energy. Kind of like the feeling of an energy drink, without the disgusting taste, insane amount of sugar, and the unavoidable, completely awful crash you get afterwards.

NutriCigs Slim supports appetite suppression and helps to curb the appetite. Food tastes amazing, and giving in to overeating causes more harm than good, and sadly many of us could use a little assistance here. They offer the benefit of convenience and practicality, being overtly useful in the end. Users have reported amazing things about them!

NutriCigs Sleep supports the goal of getting restful sleep. This blend offers users the ability to relax a little deeper with their e-cigs before bed, without hitting the hard stuff. Most smokers have a bedtime smoke, and these play right into that ritual, only with all-natural ingredients to make it count a little more.

NutriCigs e-cigarettes were created with the highest industry standards in place. They contain exclusively formulated e-liquids, manufactured strictly in the USA. All ingredients are USP Grade Kosher, and 100% natural.

Furthermore, one of the benefits to allowing your e-cig to support your quality of life is that vapor is considered to be an excellent carrier of supplements and nutrients, allowing for even greater absorption than consuming by way of digestion. This also means that only the smallest amount of active ingredients are needed to give the desired effect!

NutriCigs offer innovation, purpose, and a very exciting new prospect that no other e-cigarette can provide. The first of their kind, and getting more popular by the day, let NutriCigs take your electronic cigarette retail selection to the next level of innovation!

International Vapor Group’s Customers 3 brands; 3 customers

hero_3brands2dOur three brands were designed to appeal to three different customer demographics. We understand the importance of appealing to a wide range of customers, and having products that meet the needs of many people is essential to a brand’s success. Our three brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs were designed to meet the needs of three different types of smokers. It’s this conscious planning that has lead to their great success, and being able to satisfy customers in what they want.

South Beach Smoke was designed to be a high quality introduction to e-smoking. They have become the top choice of tens of thousands of smokers, and have earned a great reputation for affordable performance. Those who use South Beach Smoke are often attracted to the trendy looks and popularity, with a large customer base in their 20’s and 30’s. With a presence in popular culture, having been included in MTV Movie Award gift bags, and frequent media mentions has given them easy recognition among many people.

EverSmoke was launched to take the technology implemented in South Beach Smoke even further. This brand became popular with more sophisticated customers, often in their 40’s and 50’s, who were looking for an even higher level of quality, great flavors, more accessory options, with similar functioning to South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke appeals to those who are somewhat older than the South Beach Smoke crowd, yet till want similar sleek looks and higher performance.

NutriCigs were aimed at an even broader scope of customers. Having three distinct types of products, aimed at supporting different needs, they have allowed us to bring our products to even more people, offering great benefits. NutriCigs customers run the gamut in age, and what appeals to these users is having the ability to have  increased energy, an appetite suppressant, or a sleep aid just by using their electronic cigarette. Another benefit is the disposable design, adding convenience to their many benefits.

While our motto says “3 Customers, 3 Brands” it’s really way more than that when it comes to our customer base! We reach out to all smokers, and aim to provide an exceptionally pleasing smoking experience, hoping to satisfy and meet the needs of many.

Best Venus for E-Cigarette Sales

NutricigsEnergyIf you are a retail carrier of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are probably right up your alley. With the continuous expansion of these innovative products, more and more places are beginning to carry them. If you own, or are involved in choosing the merchandise for your establishment, you may want to consider adding high quality e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Gas Stations: These are pretty obvious, and gas stations were among the first retailers to start selling e-cigarettes. The problem with them for the most part has been however, that the vast majority of brands being sold have been lackluster in quality. Consider IVG brands for the great quality, especially in regards to our advanced disposable e-cigs, including the NutriCigs line.

Convenience Stores: Just like gas stations, convenience stores have sold e-cigarettes for a while. Any venue that carries traditional cigarettes is a good match for carrying e-cigs with success. Customers are looking for them, and having the option to purchase (especially when it comes to impulse purchases) quickly makes them ideal in this setting. In addition to our different lines of disposables, our starter kits are great for those customers looking for reusbales. Because these work with cartridges, they create long term, recurrent business as it drives the customer back to your store for future refills and additional accessories. Quality at a great price goes very far in the long run!

Hotels: Hotels have recently started carrying electronic cigarettes because they are a prime alternative that solves the staunch “no smoking” predicament! Cigarettes in hotel rooms are generally not tolerated, and using them against the rules can often result in hefty fines. Even in public spaces like near pools and other outdoor areas, cigarette smoke is an annoyance. Along this same line, hotels would prefer not having to issue these fines, nor be under the stress of fire hazards and creating discomfort for other guests who do not want to smell the smoke. Electronic cigarettes solve all of these issues, as they do not create second hand smoke, they do not create a fire hazard, they keep guests happy with their nicotine and they keep hotel management free from stressing over something like cigarettes. They can be sold in hotel gift shops, in the same way cigarettes have always been, in reusable or disposable form.

Electronic cigarettes can fit into the retail selections of a variety of different retailers, and with the constant growth, if you are carrying traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is in your best interest to carry e-cigarettes as well! Don’t inhibit your ability to generate sales, expand with the times!

A Look at Our Brands: NutriCigs

hero_nutri_cigsNutriCigs is our newest brand. They were designed to do more than the average electronic cigarette, and provide alternatives to more than just tobacco. Being the first and only fortified electronic cigarettes, they were a hit with consumers immediately. Here is a look at the offerings from this innovative line, and why they would be an excellent addition to their current retail offerings.

NutriCigs currently are available in three blends: NutriCigs Energy NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep. Each comes in three specified flavors, and all contain 1.8% nicotine by volume. They are designed as 1-piece disposable e-cigarettes, and equal to about the same length as 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. They are ideal for both those who are just switching to e-cigs from tobacco, or seasoned e-cigarette users. Easy, convenient, and very useful, no e-smoker should be without this brand!

NutriCigs Energy: Energy is a really big thing nowadays, and many people are constantly looking for the next best thing to help them feel energized*. Well, NutriCigs Energy is the next big thing because it supports increased energy*, without a crash, in a very easy to use, and convenient method. They are available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Cherry flavors.

NutriCigs Sleep: This formula supports restful sleep*, and was made for users who want the benefits of all natural sleep aid supplements. These supplements may assist with sleep*, as these ingredients are also naturally produced within the body. They are offered in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors.

NutriCigs Slim: Most people are concerned with their appearance, how they look, and maintaining a physique they are pleased with. Most people also eat for pleasure and comfort, which can be a disservice to their goals. NutriCigs Slim was designed to support appetite suppression*, as it contains ingredients known to support curbing the appetite and cravings*. They come in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors.

NutriCigs are highly useful and user-friendly. They are the most innovative electronic cigarettes, and as you can see, do more than just offer vapor and nicotine. Your customers want more, give it to them with the whole NutriCigs line!