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Why IVG Brands Have Stood the Test of Time

IVG Brands International Vapor Group has long been committed to excellence in our products. We have been a part of this market since its inception, and will continue to change, grow, and evolve with it as time progresses. So, what has enabled IVG vapor product brands to exist through the continuous changes in this market? Here’s a look.

Dedication to Innovation

We are interested in technology, and what is possible for the continuous evolution of vapor products, including e-cigarettes, mods, vaporizers, e-liquids, and all accompanying accessories. While creating things that are currently enjoyable, useful, and fulfilling, we want to go further. We have been dedicated to creating cutting edge products since the beginning, and it’s what we aim to do for the long term.

Understanding Our Clients

Understanding what our customers’ needs are has enabled us to create products that stand the test of time, while satisfying their needs. Quality, variety, and products they can trust are the tenets we never compromise because they are what our customers rely on IVG brands for.

Predicting the Future

No, we aren’t into metaphysics or anything like that; we study market trends, and what our customers are doing now, to understand what they’re going to want in the future. While we want satisfaction for our users in the present-day, we think several steps ahead, and are fully concerned with what they’re going to want down the road.

Quality Above All

Quality, as mentioned before, is not a factor we take lightly or sacrifice under any circumstances. Vapor products make life better, and we understand this. Creating items that perform as needed and do not falter when you need them most is what customers want, above all. This has allowed us to sell million of products over the years, and continuously create items that fit our customers’ needs. People want quality, especially when vaping since so much of the industry is loaded with bad quality. Knowing IVG brands such as VaporFi and DIRECTVAPOR put this aspect above any others, customers are more inclined to repeat their business.

So, why has IVG managed to last in an industry where the competition has been cut-throat? Because we understand the market, our customers, and have a passion for creating products that make life more enjoyable.

Common Myths About E-Cig Regulation

E-Cigarette Regulations and MythsRegulation continues to be a hot subject in the e-cigarette community due to the lack of definitive action and acute direction. The media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, focusing on issues of little importance, and not paying attention to definitive facts, leaving the actual, factual reality from reaching the public. Ah, the media. Where would we be without their dramatically entertaining spin on real life? Sure, we’d be bored, but we’d probably be better informed. So, if you find yourself part of the vast majority who are interested in hearing the facts, and want to know the real facts behind e-cigarette regulation, here is a look at common e-cig myths, and the truth that backs them up.

  1. The FDA is trying to ban e-cigarettes.

False. The FDA is not willing to endorse or approve products until there has been a sufficient amount of research behind them. At this time, the FDA has no interest in banning electronic cigarettes, and has begun working with the e-cigarette industry. The ultimate goal is to provide a standard of safety, quality, and assurance that manufacturers can abide by to sell the safest products.

  1. The Gateway Effect.

Yes, a gateway to vapor, freedom, choices, and the ability to have nicotine without the smoke and tar. Not a gateway to tobacco! The myth that e-cigs propel users into a lifetime of traditional smoking, by re-normalizing smoking, is simply wrong. All scientific data on this one point in the opposite direction, with no evidence whatsoever that users start smoking as a result of vaping.

  1. All E-Liquids are Dangerous.

This could not be further from the truth because with so many brands on the market, all products do not fit into the same level of standards. You pay for what you get, and if you purchase liquids off some random guy on the street, who’s wearing a trenchcoat that opens up into a mini-street-corner shop, you can’t expect top quality, as you would with brand-assured products. All IVG brands are committed to quality, and standards of the highest level. We disclose what goes into our liquids, and quality is part of what we do on every level.

When it comes to regulations on e-cigarettes, they’re on the horizon. Fortunately, the FDA is going cautiously, and hopefully everything that regulations cover will be for the best in terms of safety, standards, quality, and benefitting for all parties involved.

Fast Times and Fast Evolution in the E-Cigarette Market

Modern VapingThe electronic cigarette industry has been around for just over a decade, internationally. The technology is ever-changing and the products as a whole have undergone various evolutions in such a short time. They are indicative of the era we now live in where technology is always progressing and constantly improving. Here’s a look at how a simple technological concept has challenged the tobacco industry like nothing before in just a few short years.

Before electronic cigarettes emerged and became a global phenomenon, nothing truly was able to compete with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who wanted an alternative had the option of nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and prescription drugs that came with their own possible side effects. The options were slim and not with a great success rate, often leaving smokers to their own devices, either going cold turkey or finding some other distraction in order to leave the smoke behind.

When e-cigarettes hit the market in China in 2003, they took off immediately. They were the first product of their kind to give smokers exactly what they wanted without the negatives. It was not long before the products started expanding overseas, throughout Asia and eventually into Europe and then the United States.

Since around 2009, e-cigarettes have been a commonplace item in the American market. Many brands have come and gone and those that have remained have been able to harness the technology to develop and craft products that resonate with users. In such a competitive market, offering quality and innovation goes very far.

This type of groundbreaking success is indicative of the magnitude of e-cigarettes. While in the beginning people might’ve assumed they were just a trend, time has shown that they are anything but. Because e-cigarettes are able to be marketed under strict terminology, they’re used by smokers effectively as an alternative, and give the absolute for users to have the type of experience they want, plus added benefits like freedom, cost savings, and versatility. This makes them the ultimate modern way to smoke.

International Vapor Group has been a part of this industry since the beginning, and our products are examples of how innovation and high-quality have gone a really long way in this market. All of our brands surpass user expectations, while maintaining a strict devotion to innovation.

Benefits of Franchising

VaporFi FranchseAre you considering getting into the electronic cigarette industry? Have you considered the possibilities that lie ahead in working with VaporFi to franchise your own location? Here is a look at the many pros of jumping in with the safety net of an experienced, successful brand.

Franchising in the e-cigarette industry offers many benefits, giving franchisees and franchisors exceptional profitability without a great deal of risk. The franchisor benefits from being able to expand without the high expense of overhead that comes with distribution, marketing, and being liable. While the franchisee benefits from being able to embark on a business with an established name and reputation. Here are some of the benefits of franchising, and why it makes perfect sense to use this method of starting a business.

Risk Reduction: Profitability from a franchise can typically be expected much faster than starting a business from scratch because a lot of the steps and work have been done already. Getting this type of business started is usually faster, and therefore it can start yielding money quicker.

Improved Management: One of the biggest downfalls to small businesses is a lack of solid management, however with franchising, especially with IVG, you get an excellent management team at your side.

Less Overhead Costs: Being part of a huge company includes great savings and lower costs because you are able to capitalize on bulk goods from suppliers, and do not have to be concerned over trying to get the lowest prices for what you need.

Automatic Clientele: Customers will recognize the brand instantly, trusting and knowing what they’ll be getting right off the bat.

VaporFi is one of the quickest growing e-cigarette brands in the industry, and their success did not come by chance. The brand is backed by a team of experienced professionals, who have watched this industry prosper while playing a major role in its innovative evolution. In a relatively short time, this brand has emerged as one of the most popular brands in the industry, known for their quality, selection, and wide range of exciting products. If you are considering starting a venture in this industry, VaporFi is one of the fastest tracks to success. Want to know more about how to get this started? Give us a call, we’d love to discuss the many possibilities that can benefit us both!

International Vapor Group Covers All Ground in the Market

ivg logoWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, the market is flooded with variety. One area that is lacking however, is quality. If you are looking for a brand to represent, and carry in your location, look no further than the offerings of International Vapor Group. Having a wide variety of products, brands, and offerings, and with a great image, we make products that stand out and stand the test of time. Here is a look at what we offer, and why our brands make the best electronic cigarette items to carry in your location.

-Quality: Our premise is to always have unsurpassed quality. This is something we don’t compromise on, and we know it shows in our customers’ satisfaction. It is one of the best ways to get ahead, and build a solid reputation. Customers trust us for it, and retailers expect it of us.

-Diversity: Millions of smokers mean millions of individual tastes, so we aim to offer a lot of different products in hopes of pleasing everyone. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re determined to do it.

-Experience in the Electronic Cigarette Industry: We’ve been around a while, and we’ve seen a lot of others come and go in this market. We owe our success to a variety of factors such as quality, customer service, options, and just all around great products.

-User-Friendly: Things should not be so complex our users have to stress out over them. With the exception of the most advanced products designed to please the most advanced vape geeks who build, the majority of our products offer simplicity and ease of use. There is great satisfaction in instant gratification.

-Designed for Every User: expert to beginner. We aim to please… everyone! We offer so many different products across our different e-cigarette brands. South Beach Smoke is for the beginner to moderately experienced user, who aims for more trendy products. EverSmoke was created for the mature beginner who doesn’t have the time for lesser quality items. VaporFi for the beginner to expert user, looking for the most versatility, advanced items, and endless options.

-Price: People work hard for their money, and we know that in order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to keep your prices fair. So with that, we are pleased to offer some of the best prices around, on the best devices.

-Innovative: This is another aspect of the core of our business. It’s gotta be innovative; users expect technology, and we rely on it to create the most edgy, up to the minute products.

So, that is the IVG difference. We offer the best, and we only aim to get better. Whether it’s for our customers or retail partners, offering quality and innovation is what we do!

Our CEO’s Business Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs-01IVG’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed for a feature in BusinessNewsDaily, and was asked a variety of questions about success in entrepreneurship. As someone who seen great achievements in his own startups (in regards to e-cigarettes and others), he obviously has a great deal of wisdom to pass on, especially where emerging technology is concerned.

The first startup Molina created was Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless, a provider of wireless products and services; the year was 1989. In the past 3 decades, much has changed and by 2009, when he started International Vapor Group, entrepreneurship had become a totally different playing field. One of the biggest challenges has been in competing with the younger generation, and it has taught him a lot about business today.

Here is his advice to Generation X entrepreneurs on how to handle the influx of ambitious Millennials, and what he believes it takes to be successful in today’s competitive business environment.

-Millennials are really, really good with technology. They have grown up with it invading every aspect of their lives, so as they’ve grown, they’ve learned to use it effectively in every way. You can stay on par with them by staying in tune with technology as they have done. Knowledge is key here.

-Millennials are not afraid of taking risks; one of the best advantages of youth is having nothing to lose and the ability to get ahead by taking big risks; something Molina learned very young. In keeping up with Millennials in this position, the key is to take educated risks and be prepared to spar with those who are fearless when it comes to risk taking.

-Hire your competition. Millennials can really help your business with their edgy ideas, tech savvy ways and ability to adapt to today’s ever-changing technology and business environment. In Molina’s words of advice: “Hire the young guns. They’re the ones who will keep you sharp and on edge. You have to try to mitigate your risks, but you also need to be willing to take chances, because if you don’t, the competition will.”

Vapor Shops: Carry IVG

9848135-largeVapor shops are an obvious carrier for IVG brands of e-cigarettes, after all their specialty lies in all varieties of alternative cigarette products! What many vapor shops are missing, however, are brands of our caliber in performance and quality.

If you own a vapor shop, or handle the ordering for one, consider adding International Vapor Group brands to your current selection. We lead the industry in innovation and quality, and our brands are very well known.

We all know there are thousands of brands in this market, and there is an enormous varietey in quality among them. Where IVG stands out is that this is the foundation of our brand.

South Beach Smoke, our first brand made a name almost as soon as it hit the market. Having received promotion from sources such as MTV and OK! Magazine, South Beach Smoke has been in the public eye since the beginning. It’s also a brand recognized among users for their trendy looks as well as their excellent quality.

EverSmoke was the second brand we released, and it offers the same top quality as South Beach Smoke, with different options to appeal to additional users who were not exactly relating to the trendy approach of South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke offers excellent flavors, great batteries, and very versatile accessories.

NutriCigs was the next brand we launched, and what this brand offers is all natural, supplement-fortified e-cigarettes that enable the user to have more with each e-cigarette than just a nicotine rush. Need energy, appetite curbing, or more restful sleep? NutriCigs will do the trick!

VaporZone is the latest brand we have released, and this brand branches further into the e-cigarette market, targeting advanced users and those who want the most technological products available. This brand features top of the line, highly innovative products as well as giving the user the ability to custom blend e-liquids for unique flavors.

So if your vapor shop or tobacco shop is need of better products, higher quality, adding additional diversity to your selection, or just need some better known products: talk to us! We have excellent wholesale opportunities available!


IVG CEO Discussion E-Cigarette Industry Growth on Bloomberg television

1238067_631306423556331_1795533052_nSeveral weeks back, International Vapor Group’s CEO, Nick Molina appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss the growth of the electronic cigarette industry.

As a company that has been emerged in the business of e-cigarettes since its earliest days, we understand the nature of the market. We understand where it’s been, and where it’s going. We have an appetite for innovation, and strive to take electronic cigarettes further into the future. E-cigarette sales continue to soar, and it’s because companies such as our own are offering legitimate products that really do replace the experience of smoking. While the market is getting flooded with new companies constantly, having a solid foundation and a long-standing commitment to innovation, we are confident in our position, regardless of our competitors.

Some of the points our CEO makes clear are that these are not just novelty products. Smokers have greatly taken to them, and have embraced the technology. They are not marketed as cessation devices; they are truly alternatives to the traditional smoking experience.

What makes our products really stand out are the extremely high standards by which everything is made, combined with highly innovative technology. We don’t skimp on quality, and it shows in the longevity of our products, brands, and technology.

Another area discussed during the interview covered the subject of regulations. While they are difficult and at times require necessary changes to happen as a result, International Vapor Group embraces them. They added further high standards to adhere to, and ultimately create products of an even higher caliber. As IVG continues to expand in the direction of retail sales, working with distributors and authorized dealers, as well as the development of our own brick and mortar retail locations, these regulations provide boundaries to work within.

We don’t see this emerging market lessening its presence at any point, and we are certain we will continue to blaze new trails through it, regardless of what the future entails. It is a remarkable moment for the e-cigarette industry!

Our press release can be seen here: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/international-vapor-group-ceo-nick-molina-interviewed-about-e-cigarette-industry-on-1825236.htm

The full interview can be viewed here: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/e-cigarettes-growth-lights-up-ZaCs_CM~Rs6fYqxA2OLWkg.html