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Wholesale Opportunities With IVG

IVG WholesaleInternational Vapor Group brands are available for wholesale, so if you are in the market for quality brands of tobacco alternatives, you’re in the right place. IVG brands cover a broad scope of items that serve the needs of those in the vapor products industry, covering all ground: from e-cigarettes to vaporizers and mods, as well as a myriad of different accessories to accompany these products, and an enormous range of e-liquids from several different lines.

These products have emerged into highly successful roles over the years, filling many gaps in the market, enabling IVG to spread its reach to all corners of the market. Whether your clientele is after the most advanced products, or more likely to purchase entry-level e-cigs, our wide selection of products can fulfill all of your needs.

One of the most attractive aspects of IVG wholesale is that we have created a system of high profitability that makes our different product lines exceptionally appealing to retailers and distributors. Orders start as low as $1000, with markups soaring as high as 400%, few companies in this market are able to offer what we can. Our reach extends to just about every customer, having zeroed in to a variety of different customers. Building a customer base is not just about one-time sales, but offering the security of residual, long-term income.

Our wholesale program is structured and designed to make attracting customers, and keeping them, easy. With excellent products that take care of a need, are affordably priced, and have been made with absolute quality, customers are happy to return and purchase more items as well as refill e-liquids. Additionally, our marketing department is fully versed in driving sales and creating longstanding customer relationships to enhance business prospects.

If your retail location can benefit by offering a wide array of excellent, highly-regarded, top-quality electronic cigarette products with a proven track record, IVG brands may be in your best interest. Please contact us today if you’d like to discuss the possibilities for qualifying with IVG Wholesale.

Why IVG? Quality is Our Foundation

Wholesale Quality E-CigarettesOne of the more astounding generalizations of the e-cigarette industry is the concept of quality. For those on the outside looking in, as well as for beginners, choosing a random brand, found at a gas station or convenience store, at the lowest price is typically not the best point of entry into the world of vaping. Now, I’m not attempting to say that users should jump in and grab the most expensive mod they can get their hands on right from the start, all in the name of quality, however there are some things to keep in mind.

Quality: It’s not just a selling point; it’s the selling point. It can make or break the experience, and can leave a user satisfied enough that they feel confident switching to vapor. A bad vape can do the opposite, and make them turn away in disgust. It is our aim to satisfy the user, delight them with our options, and inspire them with the possibilities.

When customers purchase from any of our companies, they are getting the best of the best liquids, all created in the USA, and under the strictest standards available. We wouldn’t have our liquids for VaporFi and South Beach Smoke on file with the FDA otherwise. Our products include the highest-performing, top of the line vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Our customer service is continuously revered for its genuineness as well as thoroughness. When you work with our brand for electronic cigarette wholesaling, you are getting a full-on, dedicated brand.

So, think about it. You pay for what you get. Yes, there are certainly products on the lower tier that will cost less than those made by International Vapor Group. However, consider that you are getting solid quality, top shelf variety, and expertise from a reputable name that has stood the test of time in this ever-changing industry. Seriously, you wouldn’t expect farm-to-table, grass-fed organic beef burgers at your local $1 order menu fast food joint, would you? Different options, from different companies; wholesale e-cigs and e-liquids are no different from any other industry in this matter. There are tons of choices out there, and not all are equal. The IVG difference is what sets us apart.

South Beach Smoke Wholesale

South Beach Smoke ProductsIf you are in the market for a solid electronic cigarette brand to carry in your store, be it a gas station, a convenience store, a drug store, an electronic cigarette shop, or any type of retail setup that offers such products, South Beach Smoke is the brand for all of your needs. This brand has gained much acclaim, fame, and loyalty over the past 5 years, and only continues to grow with the ever-changing market. Here are some of the reasons this is the only e-cigarette brand to carry.


This is a brand known for it’s image, style, quality, and offerings that appeal to those who want variety. It’s exciting all around. Selling a brand that is known and customers can identify with offers greater ability to sell.


The foundation principle, quality is a given in all South Beach Smoke products, and customers have come to know them for it. Carrying brands that are high-quality is one of the best things you can do for your retail selection; customers are more likely to return for additional and repeat purchases if they know they are getting the same great standards.


There is so much variety with this brand it’s hard to know where to begin. They encompass the whole spectrum of the e-cigarettes, with offerings that range from basic to superiorly advanced, and just about everything in between. They carry cartridges for e-cigarettes and a vast multitude of e-liquids. Accessories range from necessities to novelties, and cover all ground.


Affordable is what most people are after, and they are all about keeping it fair. South Beach Smoke is loved by many for their awesome options, great quality, all at a great price. Too many times, consumers and retailers are dissuaded from a number of brands due to their high prices. South Beach Smoke offers an economical track into the world of e-cigarettes, with endless options to satisfy any retail selection you’re aiming to curate.

Interested in working with this exciting brand? Feel free to contact us to establish a dialogue!

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an E-Cigarette Wholesaler

E-Cigarette Manufacturing and distributionIf you are looking to become an e-cigarette distributor, are looking for better brands if you are already an established distributor, or want to add new products and brands to your current selection, here are some things to keep in mind. As it is well known, the e-cigarette industry has exploded in recent years, and the amount of electronic cigarette companies in existence is abundant, so here are some pointers when it comes to choosing which companies you work with.

  1. Research e-cigarette wholesale brands thoroughly. Scanning the internet to see what brands are popular is just the beginning; you need to know all the background info on brands you decide to build business relationships with. Find out what their customers have to say about them, find out if the Better Business Bureau has anything on them, find out how long they’ve been in business, browse their social media pages.

  2. Consider quality factors such as their products, selection, and how well-made things seem. Electronic cigarette manufacturing is of huge concern, and a company that manufactures their own products has total control and information on all of the parts and details. Also to consider is their e-liquid. Is it made in the USA? This is a big factor as it can determine how solid their quality truly is, as USA-made e-liquid is generally fresher/ more pure than imported varieties.

  3. Begin a relationship with them by reaching out. Call and email them to discuss matters. See how they respond, examine their communication skills, really get a personal feel for them. Are you greeted by a representative so that you have a directly contact for info, orders, and issues?

  4. How experienced are they? Is this a brand you feel is capable of handling your wholesale needs?

  5. Consider their minimum: Is it in accordance with your budget? Does it seem within reason?

  6. Shop around; how else will you know how a particular brand stacks up to competitors without comparison?

While we strive to be the best in this industry, we are also quite selective in those we choose to partner with. Our products stand for quality, and we aim to work with those who maintain a similar edge. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips helpful, and if you feel you’d be a good fit for carrying our products in your location, feel free to contact us!

Benefits of Franchising

VaporFi FranchseAre you considering getting into the electronic cigarette industry? Have you considered the possibilities that lie ahead in working with VaporFi to franchise your own location? Here is a look at the many pros of jumping in with the safety net of an experienced, successful brand.

Franchising in the e-cigarette industry offers many benefits, giving franchisees and franchisors exceptional profitability without a great deal of risk. The franchisor benefits from being able to expand without the high expense of overhead that comes with distribution, marketing, and being liable. While the franchisee benefits from being able to embark on a business with an established name and reputation. Here are some of the benefits of franchising, and why it makes perfect sense to use this method of starting a business.

Risk Reduction: Profitability from a franchise can typically be expected much faster than starting a business from scratch because a lot of the steps and work have been done already. Getting this type of business started is usually faster, and therefore it can start yielding money quicker.

Improved Management: One of the biggest downfalls to small businesses is a lack of solid management, however with franchising, especially with IVG, you get an excellent management team at your side.

Less Overhead Costs: Being part of a huge company includes great savings and lower costs because you are able to capitalize on bulk goods from suppliers, and do not have to be concerned over trying to get the lowest prices for what you need.

Automatic Clientele: Customers will recognize the brand instantly, trusting and knowing what they’ll be getting right off the bat.

VaporFi is one of the quickest growing e-cigarette brands in the industry, and their success did not come by chance. The brand is backed by a team of experienced professionals, who have watched this industry prosper while playing a major role in its innovative evolution. In a relatively short time, this brand has emerged as one of the most popular brands in the industry, known for their quality, selection, and wide range of exciting products. If you are considering starting a venture in this industry, VaporFi is one of the fastest tracks to success. Want to know more about how to get this started? Give us a call, we’d love to discuss the many possibilities that can benefit us both!

International Vapor Group Covers All Ground in the Market

ivg logoWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, the market is flooded with variety. One area that is lacking however, is quality. If you are looking for a brand to represent, and carry in your location, look no further than the offerings of International Vapor Group. Having a wide variety of products, brands, and offerings, and with a great image, we make products that stand out and stand the test of time. Here is a look at what we offer, and why our brands make the best electronic cigarette items to carry in your location.

-Quality: Our premise is to always have unsurpassed quality. This is something we don’t compromise on, and we know it shows in our customers’ satisfaction. It is one of the best ways to get ahead, and build a solid reputation. Customers trust us for it, and retailers expect it of us.

-Diversity: Millions of smokers mean millions of individual tastes, so we aim to offer a lot of different products in hopes of pleasing everyone. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re determined to do it.

-Experience in the Electronic Cigarette Industry: We’ve been around a while, and we’ve seen a lot of others come and go in this market. We owe our success to a variety of factors such as quality, customer service, options, and just all around great products.

-User-Friendly: Things should not be so complex our users have to stress out over them. With the exception of the most advanced products designed to please the most advanced vape geeks who build, the majority of our products offer simplicity and ease of use. There is great satisfaction in instant gratification.

-Designed for Every User: expert to beginner. We aim to please… everyone! We offer so many different products across our different e-cigarette brands. South Beach Smoke is for the beginner to moderately experienced user, who aims for more trendy products. EverSmoke was created for the mature beginner who doesn’t have the time for lesser quality items. VaporFi for the beginner to expert user, looking for the most versatility, advanced items, and endless options.

-Price: People work hard for their money, and we know that in order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to keep your prices fair. So with that, we are pleased to offer some of the best prices around, on the best devices.

-Innovative: This is another aspect of the core of our business. It’s gotta be innovative; users expect technology, and we rely on it to create the most edgy, up to the minute products.

So, that is the IVG difference. We offer the best, and we only aim to get better. Whether it’s for our customers or retail partners, offering quality and innovation is what we do!

IVG: The Top Choice in the E-Cigarette Market

IVG 4 BrandsThe vast multitude of electronic cigarette and vaporizer options on the market is more than plentiful. With new vapor shops opening in every town and major city across the country, and new brands emerging all the time, as well as new technology being developed at an excessively rapid rate, it is clear that the e-cigarette industry is booming.

For those looking to embark on a venture in this industry, whether it’s carrying e-cigs in your retail store, or opening a vapor shop of your own, the options are quite inclusive, and we have everything you could possibly wish to work with.

Working with International Vapor Group in either scenario gives you the ability to tap into the industry’s best products, with a solid company backing you up. Our expertise ranges from every level; from Manufacturing and production, to branding, distribution, marketing and franchising. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, we basically have every corner covered.

As for retailers of the South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke brands, our top choices among consumers, offer easy-to-use design as well as eye-catching imagery. The products are specifically geared towards entry-level e smokers, yet have been developed with the best quality and performance capabilities to fulfill users’ expectations of e-cigarettes, as well as deliver the most desirable price point. For retailers they’re an exceptional addition to any inventory, especially were cigarettes are concerned because they offer users the option of impulse purchases as well as a need for repeat purchases due to e-cigarette nicotine cartridges being disposable. With deeper and further usage of e-cigarette products, consumers are continuously searching for new ways to enjoy the experience as well as personalized and customize it to suit their needs.

When it comes to franchising, our brand VaporFi is unsurpassed. As the popularity of vapor shop grows, the need for brands such a VaporFi  grows as well. This company features standalone shops that can be tailored to a number of different settings – from freestanding shop locations to mall locations, kiosks, and even the VaporFi express which features a store with in a store concept carrying only VaporFi products. The popularity of these vapor shops is immense! The atmosphere, products, and experience these stores offers is unlike any others. VaporFi offers the most luxurious concept in the industry, and there is great substance behind the success.

If the electronic cigarette business is in your future, contact us about exciting opportunities at every level! We are growing tremendously and always on the lookout for others who share the entrepreneurial spirit!

Better Standards, Better E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-E-LiquidWe don’t mess around when it comes to standards. We understand the importance of having quality our customers can depend on, and we know that taking shortcuts will typically create less than stellar results, so it’s not something we’re willing to sacrifice. Simply put, we know there is no compromise when it comes to producing top-quality electronic cigarette products and e-liquids, and that is exactly what we put our name to. As the market gets increasingly competitive, with more and more brands emerging constantly, we are proud to offer nicotine e-liquids of the highest caliber, performing, tasting, and vaporizing better than any others out there. Read on to learn why there is no comparison.

Nicotine e-liquids have become increasingly popular over the years. While they been around for a while, they are in extremely high demand now. Many electronic cigarette smokers have gotten over the concept of filling liquids themselves, and truly embrace the control they have over their products in doing so. While many people considered it to be an extra, troublesome step in smoking electronically, the many positives outweigh the small amount of extra effort. E-liquids offer a greater level of performance, allow the user so many more flavors, and are far more cost effective than using pre-filled cartridges.

International Vapor Group understands the many possibilities for creating the industry’s best nicotine liquids. Our liquids are made with top ingredients, in state of the art manufacturing plants, that are registered with the FDA. While the FDA does not impose strict regulations over the cigarette industry at this time, we appreciate the transparency of allowing them into our settings so that they can be sure of our safety as well as other standards. We want to represent the industry as a whole, and we want to be evident that our standards cannot, and will not, be mistaken for others in the market who choose not to disclose what they are up to.

Some of the examples of why our liquids are tops include being made in the USA, being made of the very best ingredients such as glycerin that is sourced from Malaysian palm, being diacetyl free, and having 30,000 different flavor combinations available to our users.

We are in the business of offering the alternative smoking community top products and the best e-liquids, which we feel are the result of having unwavering standards. If you are interested in carrying the best e-liquids out there, contact us about e-cigarette wholesale and franchising opportunities!

Why E-Cig Retail is so Hot Right Now

img_vz_south_miamiIt seems that new electronic cigarette and vaping shops are opening all the time, and they seem to be getting more and more popular, both in major metropolitan areas of the country as well as in smaller towns and suburbs. The vapor movement is gaining tremendous steam, and more than ever, smoking culture is shifting to the smoke-free variety.

E-cigarette retail is hotter than ever now, and there seems to be no inclination of it slowing down anytime soon. Rather, it is just the opposite that is predicted. As the industry burgeons to the $2 billion sales mark, and more smokers are switching to these alternative products, the market for electronic cigarette retail is growing as well. What used to be a strictly online market, has now become readily available nearly everywhere in brick-and-mortar.

The reason is simple: more and more smokers are looking to switch to alternative cigarettes, and many of those that have are really into the experience. So much so that it becomes something of a hobby; trying new products, experiencing new flavors, customizing their devices. Vapor shops also hold the unique benefit of providing a social environment, giving vapers the ability to converse with others who share the same passion. Unlike strictly internet social settings, such as discussion boards and forums, being in a shop, in person, is a totally different scene. Being able to see the products firsthand, talk to industry experts who can demonstrate products and accessories, and give users one-on-one attention can make all the difference in their success with vaping. While the internet is amazing for its broad reach, nothing replaces real-life interaction, even when it comes to electronic smoking.

IVG’s newest concept, VaporZone takes e-cigarette retail to new levels, as it offers both an online world of products as well as brick-and-mortar locations that have become hubs in their communities. The VpaorZone name is synonymous with quality, high-tech innovations, and having experts who know their products inside and out in every location. The brand has taken vaporizers to new levels, offering state of the art technology that is exceptionally user-friendly, and customers have become smitten. The success has come out of a need, and the brand is thriving due to their unique offerings and customer satisfaction.

E-cigarette retail is really hot right now because e-cigarettes keep getting hotter. More smokers are using them, and switching to them has upped the demand and success for vapor shop retail locations. If you are looking for the very best, we recommend VaporZone; not just because they are our brand, but because you will not find a better product or retailer! If you are considering adding top of the line products to your brick-and-mortar retail selection, do contact us about wholesale and franchising opportunities!


What’s New with Our Brands

hero_newsIf you are wondering what’s going on with our brands, here is a little update on cool new happenings, products, and current news. We love keeping things exciting with each of them, and should you be interested in carrying any of them in your retail selection, keep in mind that we aim to always try new things and stay at the forefront of this industry!

South Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke has been seeing tremendous growth and positive feedback from the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air and the additional line of e-liquids. Customers have been greatly enjoying the many options for different flavor options, and having an advanced vaping device such as the Air, made with the same South Beach Smoke technology and craftsmanship they are accustomed to.

EverSmoke: EverSmoke continues to be one of the top names in the e-cigarette industry, as well as one of the top points of entry for smokers looking to experience electronic smoking in a classy, comfortable, and affordable way. The brand also continues to provide users with an extensive library of information regarding electronic cigarette usage, legislation, and education through it’s innovative learning center.

VaporZone: Vapor Zone continues to blaze trails throughout the e-cigarette industry, gaining widespread praise and new users continuously with their impeccably designed advanced personal vaporizers. By offering exceptionally high-quality machines that appeal to every budget, and constantly coming out with new products that appeal to their ever-growing fan-base, this brand is always on the up-and-up. They recently unveiled a new Pro Starter Kit, featuring a stainless steel vaporizer body and a Platinum clearomizer tank, it’s a step up from the more basic Pro kit. The brand also launched a 3-Pack Sampler for their e-liquids, enabling users to purchase three flavors at once, in 10ml quantities which allow for them to sample more flavors and save some money at the same time.

Always innovating and expanding in new directions, we are all about keeping our brands ahead of the game. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with International Vapor Group, do not hesitate to contact us regarding such.