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Wells Fargo E-Cig Forum

International Vapor GroupLast week, Wells Fargo held their second annual E-Cig Forum, hosted by their senior tobacco analyst, Bonnie Herzog. The goal of the meeting was to gather the industry’s top minds to discuss the current environment as well as the future. While discussions went in every possible direction, the biggest area of concentration among all involved was centered on the innovation of products. International Vapor Group’s Nick Molina was in attendance at this meeting, and brought much insight to the discussions on the present state, and future of the market.

The conference had a greatly positive affect, enabling the industry as a whole to meet, discuss, exchange ideas and focus on the future. Because as much as there is competition in the market, there is still the common ground of innovating for the betterment of the products, which all who are truly passionate about the potential of these products is committed to.

The topic of innovation was very much a focus, as most people in this industry consider electronic cigarettes more along the lines of tech products as opposed to tobacco products. Our CEO made the excellent point that consumers are extremely pleased with using electronic cigarette products, especially for the endless options of flavors, and this is one sector of the market that is not being given enough attention. Tobacco and menthol flavors are obviously popular choices, especially for smokers who first start using e-cigarettes, however more and more users want greater variety. Vape shop owners were in total agreement that long term users’ purchases account for 60-90% of non tobacco and/or menthol e-liquid flavors. “Tank consumers want choice,” Molina said. “They haven’t had that in cigarettes.”

All members across the conference, regardless of which sector of the industry they belong to, agreed that the industry is still in its earliest stages, and there is still a long way to go, especially in the direction of developing products that truly appeal to the widest reach of smokers. The world’s smokers are seeking products that come even closer to the real thing, and they still have not been invented yet despite the immense growth and usage. It is the goal of all in the e-cigarette industry to create the product that will inherently appeal to all smokers in such a way that makes them want to switch. Every manufacturer present at the conference, however, shared optimism that these innovations will come with time.

The Latest Generation of E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-e-liquid-packagingIn the past few years, with the accelerated growth of the e-cigarette industry, the level of advancements and innovations that have occurred has been tremendous. It seems, as soon as one new development emerges, a slew of others are in the works and will be hitting the market in no time, rendering last week’s hot new product a thing of the past.

Like all technology niches, e-cigarettes appeal to this current generation of tech-savvy individuals who want bigger, better, more convenient, higher performing, cleaner, sleeker, more versatile devices. So, it’s pretty obvious why e-cigs are a perfect fit for those looking for nicotine without the mess and inconveniences of smoke.

One area that has seriously blossomed in the industry over the last few years (along with the products themselves) has been e-liquids.

In the past, liquids were considered troublesome, inconvenient, difficult to handle, hard to find in good quality, and even somewhat intimidating. Yet, with proper usage, most users have realized the world of possibilities that lie ahead with them.

VaporFi, for example, has become an industry leader in the area of top quality e-liquids. With every effort in place to provide exceptional quality at a very desirable price. Customers are able to rest assured, that when they use VaporFi liquids, they are getting the highest grade, (diacetyl-free, Kosher-Grade, inhalation-grade, Malaysian-Palm derived glycerin) ingredients, made exclusively in the USA for safety, security, standards, and peace of mind.

And to boost the quality factor, VaporFi offers the benefit of custom blending, which enables consumers to have 30,000 different flavor choices. They can choose from vaper-tested  “Top Blends” or they can dream up their own preferred varieties. It takes personalized flavor enjoyment to new levels, and backed with the high performing, top of the line e-liquid base behind them, it’s a no-fail recipe for vaping perfection. Resulting in very satisfied customers.

Not all e-liquids are developed with the same standards, therefore the market holds a tremendous disparity. It’s all part of the IVG difference; we don’t play around!

Enliven Your Selection with Top-Rated IVG Brands

img_vz_sunriseAre you a retailer looking to diversify your product offerings? Looking to add the highly popular, highly sought after electronic cigarette products to your inventory? Want to stay abreast of current market trends by capitalizing on a running trend? Consider the vapor cigarette brands from International Vapor Group.

Our four brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporFi are nationally recognized, consumer approved, high quality products that run the gamut of all varieties available in this market. Made to appeal in every aspect, from excellent visual branding to exceptionally high performing, they have been tailored to today’s vaping connoisseur.

We have a staunch commitment to innovation, and those familiar with our brands know they can always count on us for continuously new developments and top quality products.

International Vapor Group also specializes in variety; we don’t carry just one type or style, we carry them all. Basic e-cigarettes, cartridges, a wide range of flavor cartridges, accessories, disposable e-cigs; we do our best to cover all areas we know our customer base is looking to experience. For example, South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke run on the same technology, however they are aimed towards two different customer groups, allowing us to expand in multiple areas, spreading the passion we have for electronic alternatives to tobacco.

We also extend this same commitment to diversity in the area of retail. Our products are carried in all varieties of retail venues. In addition, we have expanded into the retail market ourselves with the opening of our highly popular VaporFi locations, which have begun expansion throughout the United States and internationally. For those who want the VaporFi name and line of products in their location, but want an option besides the franchise model, we also offer VaporFi Express locations, which avail the retailer the option of a VaporFi “store within a store” with a fully stocked console of all of the most popular VaporFi products.

International Vapor Group products are made to perform and made to satisfy, so if you are looking to broaden your selection and embark into the best there is in the electronic cigarette market, contact us about possible business ventures!

Puff Counters: Why Users Love Them and Why They’re a Necessity

The VaporFi Pulse mod featuring an LED screen wtih puff count to 999.

The VaporFi Pulse Digital Screen w/ Puff Counter 

One of the most popular features on advanced vaporizers are “puff counters.” And while such a thing may seem to be an unnecessary luxury, in actuality they are not. Many users are actively seeking them out when choosing a device, and here is a look at why.

South Beach Smoke and VaporFi make an extensive variety of different digital vaporizers, and many of them include the “puff count” feature. What this does, basically, is count the puffs the user takes. It can be used in different ways, depending on how the user chooses to, and it can be very useful for those interested in tracking their e-cigarette usage.

How it works:

Most advanced personal vaporizers have a certain limit the puffs cannot exceed, typically 999, and after that it will automatically reset to 0. Continuously pressing the power button will allow you to reset the counter, so this can be done as often as the user wants for the desired level of control.

Why users love it:

Why do you really need to count your puffs? Well, different users have different reasons, and some of them really appreciate the benefits of having the option. Some want to count puffs because they want to control the amount they vape because when an activity is that enjoyable, they can be prone to excessiveness. It gives a certain number to hold a standard to; for instance, 5 puffs may be the limit per vaping session, and being able to see that number allows them to stop while they’re ahead. Others want a puff counter because it allows them to save money by limiting their puffing. Like those who want to control how much they’re vaping out of pleasure, being able to keep track of your puffing from a financial standpoint gives users the ability to track exactly how much they vape, and how much liquid they use, making their cost very evident.

It’s the little details that amount to successful products, and IVG brands are chock full of them. One of the ways we ensure our customers’ satisfaction is through this commitment to creating products that fulfill and make vaping more beneficial. Innovative thinking amounts to more innovative vaping; the premise behind IVG!

Vaping Hotspot: SoFla

3337680_GSouth Florida is where our company, International Vapor Group is based, and we have to admit, it’s a pretty hot location. We’ve got the sun, sand, warm turquoise beaches, palm trees, killer sunsets, a melting pot of interesting cultures, and tons of beautiful people who vape. On top of all of these amazing features, it’s also very cool how big vaping culture has gotten here, and we love being at the epicenter of this pulsating industry.

Anywhere you go down here, people have their vape pens and e-cigs out, and the vapor is flowing. Every public place; from supermarkets to shopping centers, movie theaters, concert venues, at the beach, restaurants, bars, and all over the hot nightlife scene, vaping is the new smoking, and vapers are proud to show that they are not smoking cigarettes anymore.

Vapor shops have popped up all throughout South Florida. From kiosks in malls, to full out locations in malls, to strip malls, to freestanding stores; vaping stores are a really hot commodity. They are opening everywhere because the need has become so big that users are looking for specific products, and want the instant gratification that comes with purchasing from a store, especially where they can get inspired and explore the market a little further.

IVG’s VaporFi has completely taken over the vaping scene in South Florida. These locations are so much more than a place to buy goods; they are absolute vaping hotspots, where only the best products are sold. All staff members are vaping experts, who truly understand the products and the culture. Every VaporFi location features a vapor tasting bar, where vapers can come in and experience it all in action. The vaporizers, the liquids, and all the many flavors are ready to be enjoyed, and should you have questions, they will get answered.

Anyone familiar with South Florida will agree that it’s a pretty happening place, but when it comes to vaping it really couldn’t be any hotter! As an example of a population that has really embraced electronic smoking, we are loving how open everyone down here has been about beyond the smoke!

How IVG’s Quality Standards Lead to Better Products

vf_pro_vaporfi_1International Vapor Group is solidly committed to having exceptional quality in all of our products, as we know this is truly how you please your customers (in addition to having great, dynamic products that are affordable, work well and do what they need to without trouble). In short, quality is part of our foundation and not something we take lightly. Read on to learn more about our quality standards and how our products benefit from them!

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

You can expect the tops products when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers when purchasing from any IVG brands. We manufacture at very high standards, and spend a great amount of time developing products we know will please our customers by performing at optimal levels and fulfilling their needs. We are also committed to producing new and innovative alternative cigarette products that surpass others in the industry.


There are endless e-liquid companies out there and we know that in order to be above the rest, we have to offer better options, more options, and give people what they want. Flavor is a very subjective thing, and that is one of our driving forces in offering such a wide assortment of flavors both individually and with the option of custom e-liquid blending with South Beach Smoke and VaporFi

Customer Service

We know that quality extends even beyond our products, and that quality includes how we treat our customers. They are more likely to return to our products and services if they are indeed supported and heard when there are issues and concerns.

With so many electronic cigarette and vaporizer brands out there, why IVG? Because quality means more than just claiming to have it. We walk the walk.

Announcing VaporFi!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.25.53 PMWe are proud to announce that VaporZone, our hugely successful, all encompassing line of advanced personal vaporizers has now become VaporFi.

While all of the products will remain the same, and the level of quality will continue to be exceptional, recently we felt that we needed a name that better suited the brand’s uniqueness was necessary. This move was done to reflect the evolution of our brand, to represent our adherence to innovation as well as our commitment to the customer experience. This is a brand unlike any other on the market, and we felt that our name needed to convey that exclusivity.

VaporFi is a more distinctive and fitting name, and it was chosen based on the double definition of the word “fidelity,” which technically means (1) adherence to detail, accuracy, and exactness, and (2) the degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces its effect; both of which underly our core mission.

In other words, VaporFi products perform with fidelity. For the vaper, they provide an experience with vapor smoking like no other, as these products were designed to surpass all others in accuracy and detail. They were designed for those who demand the very best, and want the ability to customize every aspect of the experience to their personal needs.

Having a very different perspective on vaping and exceeding ordinary standards with our vaping products, we are pleased to offer hi-fidelity vaping. Our products and customer experience are a step outside of the typical electronic cigarette box, and that is a testament to our success. Our new name is a testament to these principles and we are very excited about our transition from VaporZone to VaporFi. Over the next few weeks we will be updating all of our company branding, including all products and retail store branding.

To all of our customers and business associates: we want to graciously thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to many exciting prospects in the near future, and we are excited to be influencing this industry with hi-fidelity!

Opportunities: Franchise with VaporZone

img_vz_south_miamiUp until very recently, the e-cigarette market has been an almost exclusively online industry. This has enabled it to grow tremendously, reaching customers directly and enabling them to have the products they sought, which were, for the most part, unavailable in the brick-and-mortar setting. As the market and mainstream acceptance has grown, and the technology has advanced, top quality electronic cigarette names are starting to reach retail stores.

VaporZone, one of International Vapor Group’s most successful concepts, has now started to offer exciting franchising opportunities, enabling driven entrepreneurs to tap into this exciting, growing, booming market. The franchises are to feature all of this brand’s top quality products, including their widely popular line of advanced personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, custom e-liquid blends, and versatile accessories, available at a wide variety of price points, which appeal to a very wide array of customers. VaporZone franchises are also to feature the brand’s signature custom e-liquid blending and vaping bars in every location.

When you embark on this endeavor, VaporZone will provide you with all the tools necessary for success. Franchisees will be trained on-site, and provided with continuous support, as well as guidance for the location and the format. An additional aspect to consider as well, is that franchisees who work with VaporZone are equipped to profit from our industry-exclusive revenue sharing program that allows them to generate additional income from online sales in their area.

The e-cigarette industry is booming, and more and more opportunities are arising, making way for potential businesses and lucrative opportunities for those interested in being a part of it. VaporZone is one of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brands, and if you are considering being a part of an electronic cigarette retail venture, consider becoming a part of one the quickest growing brands in the brick-and-mortar sector.

E-Cigarettes: More Popular than Traditional Cigs

Big-TobaccoThe e-cigarette industry is getting so big and so hot that tobacco bigwigs are shaking in their boots! Or should we say filters? After carrying on selling dangerous, deadly products for decades and spending billions to have their way in the market, they are getting outdone by technology, and a more health-conscious population.

E-cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs and electronic cigarettes, are on the verge of becoming a $2 billion industry, and they are pushing ahead at full steam; with no indication of slowing down.

Users adore the products as they offer a slew of benefits, and a massive amount of control for the user. Many smokers have found them to be very easy to transition to from smoking cigarettes, and they are able to do so easily. E-cigarettes cost less, and are actually quite enjoyable to use, some users get so into the products, e-cigs actually become a hobby for them! While traditional cigarettes have became rather old fashioned and filthy in appearance and stigma, the opposite is true of e-cigs, which offer all the futuristic benefits of the digital age: a streamlined approach, high design that offers both attractive looks and great functioning, the fact that they are digital products, and they provide all the many different options in flavor and usability a bored smoker could want!

Suffice it to say, e-cigs are really hot, and big tobacco knows they have to make drastic moves to keep up. Which is precisely why Lorillard and Reynolds American are gearing up to merge into one e-cigarette superpower in efforts of doing so. Lorillard, which owns Blu eCigs, sees the need to expand and evolve if they are to remain in the game, as the future for tobacco is increasingly on the decline. Mergers happen all the time in big business, and it only goes to show how big the industry is getting if the top names in tobacco are desperate enough to have to work this hard to keep up.

Innovation usually surpasses older modes that have become outdated and right now we are watching e-cigarettes do just that. As the landscape for nicotine and smoking changes, you know you can count on International Vapor Group to be at the heart of it!

Cost: a Huge Reason E-Cigs are so Successful

cs2One of the best reasons to consider the many financial incentives to carrying electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in your retail stock is that they offer one very promising benefit to customers: saving money. While many retailers have seen drastically lower sales in tobacco cigarettes and products in recent years, especially since electronic cigarettes have taken such precedence, e-cigs have enabled business owners to capitalize on the growing movement, as well as offer products that are in demand, and add revenue in areas where they were seeing declines.

Traditional cigarettes are extremely expensive, and most smokers spend over $2000 yearly on the habit. Saving money is one of the most obvious reasons smokers look to alternative cigarettes, and most are extremely pleased with how much they save over time.

While they are very cost effective for users, they also happen to be very lucrative for retailers. They present a variety of different products that fulfill the needs of smokers, offering an extensive range of different items that appeal to a wide range of different smokers, from e-cigarette disposables, to standard e-cigarette starter kits, advanced vaporizers, e-liquids, refill cartridges, and additional accessories that users want and need. Whether users are vaping with disposable units, standard e-cigs that require cartridges, or are using e-liquids with their advanced vaporizers, they will consistently come back to where they purchased their products for more. And even still electronic cigarettes are less pricey than traditional.

Electronic cigarettes offer a great sales opportunity for retailers, and they fill a need that is ever growing. International Vapor Group brands offer great wholesale opportunities to retailers, and the very best quality e-cigarette products to customers; all at enticing prices. These products are seeing such success because everyone on both sides of the sale are benefitting. If your retail selection is lagging behind in this area, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities! We are the forefront of this industry, and offer a variety of exciting ventures.