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Commitment to Quality of Life

International Vapor Group Mission StatementAt International Vapor Group, we are sincerely committed to improving the quality of life for our customers. We are absolutely staunch about maintaining a high level of passion that we see as having a direct benefit for our customers. Yes, making innovative products that push limits and change the world is definitely part of our grand scheme, however the purpose behind this is to truly make an impact for the better on the lives of those who use the products. Simply, it’s not just about the awesome products; it’s about the people who use them, who drive the underlying purpose of the company, who derive pleasure and function from vaping, whose lives have become better in the long and short terms from switching.

Our customers are our reason for everything. This industry has gotten massive, but that hasn’t changed our commitment to making products that put our people first, nor has it changed our commitment to ensuring the happiness of our customers in our products.

Quality of life is about upping the daily positivity, and we are certain our products do that, above all. Vaping allows smokers to replace a nasty habit with a cleaner, more versatile product that they can rely on, with minimal hassle.

Vaping offers them the ability to have what makes them happy, in a convenient format, while saving money and adding options. Our many customers have raved over the years that our products have changed their lives for the better, while enabling them to fully grasp control over their smoking.

With all of IVG’s different brands: South Beach Smoke, VaporFi, Motley Brew, and DIRECTVAPOR, the aim has always been to bring useful, enjoyable, quality products to the market to serve those who are searching for the best vaping devices. With a full commitment to quality design in an effort to maximize both form and function, we have managed to please our customers and up their quality of life since our inception. And for this reason alone, our purpose in continuing to drive innovation will continue. Our customers are our reason, our mission.

International Vapor Group: Who We Are

Who is International Vapor Group?International Vapor Group has risen to the top of the electronic cigarettes industry over the years. What started when the products were first emerging, has now blossomed into a massive, billion-dollar, thriving market, and like the market itself, this company has evolved right along with it, with every intention of serving the need. So, what makes this company unique, amidst a sea of vapor companies? Everything. Here is a little more about what we do, what our brands stand for, and why we are leading this industry, one cloud of vapor at a time.

Passion for the Product

The possibilities that lie in the technology and innovation of e-cigarettes amaze us, truly. This industry fills us with passion, because we live and breathe the ability to change people’s lives for the better. E-cigs are not merely recreational to us; oh no, quite the contrary. They offer the potential to have a major impact on lives of those who use them, for the better, offering greater convenience, exceptional options for controlling usage, and being extremely versatile. They are game changers in every way.


IVG been rooted to this industry from the start, and we have been a part of the innovation as it has occurred. We know this industry, and we know our customers. We don’t just aim for pleasing; we aim to set the bar and then raise it, because when it comes to innovative tech products, such as our many different e-cigs, you need to be ahead of the curve.

Exercising All Possibilities

As the industry is so new and growing at such a rapid rate, as well as changing every minute, the present time is crucial to the development of the future. We are more than ready to handle the changes ahead, as well as ready to evolve where necessary to continue to assist in the long-term growth of it.

What IVG brands stand for is innovation in a new way, as it pertains to this industry. We ultimately believe fully in our product lines, and what they can do for the positive benefit of our customers. We look forward to forging ahead into the future, into new possibilities, and continuing to advance this sector in every way we can, and for the better.

International Vapor Group Covers All Ground in the Market

ivg logoWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, the market is flooded with variety. One area that is lacking however, is quality. If you are looking for a brand to represent, and carry in your location, look no further than the offerings of International Vapor Group. Having a wide variety of products, brands, and offerings, and with a great image, we make products that stand out and stand the test of time. Here is a look at what we offer, and why our brands make the best electronic cigarette items to carry in your location.

-Quality: Our premise is to always have unsurpassed quality. This is something we don’t compromise on, and we know it shows in our customers’ satisfaction. It is one of the best ways to get ahead, and build a solid reputation. Customers trust us for it, and retailers expect it of us.

-Diversity: Millions of smokers mean millions of individual tastes, so we aim to offer a lot of different products in hopes of pleasing everyone. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re determined to do it.

-Experience in the Electronic Cigarette Industry: We’ve been around a while, and we’ve seen a lot of others come and go in this market. We owe our success to a variety of factors such as quality, customer service, options, and just all around great products.

-User-Friendly: Things should not be so complex our users have to stress out over them. With the exception of the most advanced products designed to please the most advanced vape geeks who build, the majority of our products offer simplicity and ease of use. There is great satisfaction in instant gratification.

-Designed for Every User: expert to beginner. We aim to please… everyone! We offer so many different products across our different e-cigarette brands. South Beach Smoke is for the beginner to moderately experienced user, who aims for more trendy products. EverSmoke was created for the mature beginner who doesn’t have the time for lesser quality items. VaporFi for the beginner to expert user, looking for the most versatility, advanced items, and endless options.

-Price: People work hard for their money, and we know that in order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to keep your prices fair. So with that, we are pleased to offer some of the best prices around, on the best devices.

-Innovative: This is another aspect of the core of our business. It’s gotta be innovative; users expect technology, and we rely on it to create the most edgy, up to the minute products.

So, that is the IVG difference. We offer the best, and we only aim to get better. Whether it’s for our customers or retail partners, offering quality and innovation is what we do!

How and Why E-Cigarettes Work

south_beach_smoke_batteriesElectronic cigarettes are considered a very modern option for smokers who want alternatives to the tradition version of smoking. So how and why are they replacing the conventional method? Here’s a look at how they work, and why they’re working so well traditional tobacco is getting overlooked in favor of vapor.

E-cigarettes are electronic devices. Powered by batteries, and rather simple in construction. Batteries come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and power levels, but one way or another, vaping cannot be done without a battery for power. They also contain an atomizer, which is the component responsible for heating up the liquid that holds the nicotine, and vaporizing it into the hit the user takes by puffing on the device. So, there is the device, a component that holds liquid (either a disposable cartridge that comes pre-filled, or a tank that the user fills), an atomizer, and a battery. That’s it, and all it takes for a traditional cigarette to be totally, utterly, replaced by technology without tobacco.

Why they work is simple; the design of this amazingly innovative technology has been perfected over time. Now, having been on the international market for over 10 years, e-cigarettes have seen many incarnations. So many styles and types exist, yet they all basically reel in the same result: nicotine-happy, satisfied vape-smokers.

E-cigarettes recreate the experience of smoking in every way. They satisfy the feeling of heavy smoke in the mouth. The repetitive motion of inhaling, exhaling, and having the hand-to-mouth desire satiated. There is flavor (and lots of it!), and the ability to have the habit in moments of boredom. Vaping is, simply, smoking redefined, reinvented, and revised for the modern smoker.

And with so many different smokers out there, there are now endless varieties to please nearly everyone. As makers of a variety of top brands in the market, we know firsthand. For a look at all of our different brands, check out our e-cigarette brand lineup here!

Vaping Hotspot: SoFla

3337680_GSouth Florida is where our company, International Vapor Group is based, and we have to admit, it’s a pretty hot location. We’ve got the sun, sand, warm turquoise beaches, palm trees, killer sunsets, a melting pot of interesting cultures, and tons of beautiful people who vape. On top of all of these amazing features, it’s also very cool how big vaping culture has gotten here, and we love being at the epicenter of this pulsating industry.

Anywhere you go down here, people have their vape pens and e-cigs out, and the vapor is flowing. Every public place; from supermarkets to shopping centers, movie theaters, concert venues, at the beach, restaurants, bars, and all over the hot nightlife scene, vaping is the new smoking, and vapers are proud to show that they are not smoking cigarettes anymore.

Vapor shops have popped up all throughout South Florida. From kiosks in malls, to full out locations in malls, to strip malls, to freestanding stores; vaping stores are a really hot commodity. They are opening everywhere because the need has become so big that users are looking for specific products, and want the instant gratification that comes with purchasing from a store, especially where they can get inspired and explore the market a little further.

IVG’s VaporFi has completely taken over the vaping scene in South Florida. These locations are so much more than a place to buy goods; they are absolute vaping hotspots, where only the best products are sold. All staff members are vaping experts, who truly understand the products and the culture. Every VaporFi location features a vapor tasting bar, where vapers can come in and experience it all in action. The vaporizers, the liquids, and all the many flavors are ready to be enjoyed, and should you have questions, they will get answered.

Anyone familiar with South Florida will agree that it’s a pretty happening place, but when it comes to vaping it really couldn’t be any hotter! As an example of a population that has really embraced electronic smoking, we are loving how open everyone down here has been about beyond the smoke!

Work With the Best, Work With IVG

ECIGS-articleLargeWith so many e-cigarette companies on the market, and having so many different products and brands, it may seem to retailers that it makes no difference which they carry within their selection. However, having been a part of this industry since its inception, we understand and know firsthand that is not entirely the case. Having developed a variety of different brands, products, and innovations, we can attest, from experience, to that large dispersion of quality across the industry. Here is a list of reasons to work with International Vapor Group brands if you are considering adding electronic cigarette products to your inventory. We know this industry, we know e-cigarettes, and we know where this market is headed.

American e-liquids: e-liquids can be manufactured in the USA as well as anywhere else, however we believe they are best made in the States due to the higher standards when it comes to manufacturing. More costly, yes, however the final result produces a more satisfying experience. We see the obvious difference it makes, and our customers’ feedback has only solidified it.

Commitment to innovation: We aim not to replicate what others are doing, instead to look ahead and create what has not yet been done. This is a hi-tech industry, and consumers are looking for advancements. We are driven to offer quality as well as products that surpass users’ expectations, and we have succeeded thus far with all of our brands.

Variety: It’s not just the spice of life, it’s essential to life, even when we’re discussing electronic cigarettes. We firmly understand the importance in offering a wide range of products and options because targeting just one demographic limits our reach, and limits our abilities to stretch further into this market. We offer products for the novice as well as the expert; for the heaviest of smokers who want a serious alternative, to the casual smoker who wants tobacco-free enjoyment. We offer products that appeal to many, that offer great versatility, and are designed to function at the highest level without inconveniences of difficulties. In short, we make the kind of products we know customers want; which is a huge attribute of our success.

So why work with International Vapor Group brands? Because we know what we are doing! We know where we are going, and we understand what our customers want! We invite you to join us!

And the Market Continues to Grow…

main_secondary_banner_our_companyWith the electronic cigarette market heading towards solidifying itself as a $2 billion industry, there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, more smokers continue to switch to the alternative methods of obtaining nicotine, and the number of products available continues to expand as well. While interested smokers may have had a hard time finding products they wanted in the beginning stages of this industry, it’s a completely different landscape now. The number of different products available, styles, types, and models of e-cigarettes is now so diverse, and widely accessible, customers are consistently satisfied with their options, and open to trying new things.

In addition to availability and accessibility, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is also part of the growth. With so many people using them, acceptance has become very much mainstream, and it’s becoming more and more normal to see users vaping in all varieties of places, particularly in public, with a level of comfort and confidence that was not there 4 years ago.

Even with the many e-cigarette regulations that have popped up, as well as others that look to be implemented in the future, users are still content to be vaping, and able to have the same pleasure of nicotine they are used to without the hassles of smoke and tobacco. States such as New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Utah have all instituted some type of e-cigarette ban, including regarding them as traditional cigarettes and banning them from public usage.

After years of debate, speculation, and rumor, recently the FDA announced that it would begin regulating electronic cigarettes in terms of sales to minors and quality assurance in regards to the ingredients contained within the products. It has refrained from halting companies from selling their products online, as well as limiting manufacturers from carrying different e-cigarette flavors, both of which circumstances would be devastating to the market as well as users who enjoy both of these options.

As the market grows, more and more smokers are making the switch to e-smoking. Research continues to be produced, the FDA is making its first moves in regulating the industry in a (so far) positive manner, and almost all parties involved are happy. If you are interested in learning more about top quality e-cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers, have a look at our different brands and catalog of products available; we are thrilled to be a part of this lucrative industry’s growth!

10 Reasons IVG Brands are the Best to Carry in Retail

hero_3brands2d1. Variety; IVG is four different brands targeting four different customers. Target your market right.

2. Quality. Yeah, we are quite adamant about this, however there is a severe lack of quality throughout the e-cigarette market, and we have built all IVG brands around this. There are many gimmicks you can sell, add all the bells and whistles you want, a high quality product is irreplaceable, and electronic cigarette consumers are looking for quality they can trust, depend on, and enjoy.

3. Experience. Our company has been built by innovative minds with more than 100 years of combined experience in business; we know where this industry is going.

4. The right price. While we strive to innovate and manufacture the next big thing, and we pride ourselves on having the very best electronic smoking products in the market, we also understand the importance of keeping our products affordable, both from a consumer and a retailer’s perspective. Quality does not necessarily mean more expensive.

5. Customer service at every level. We are there for our customers 100% and we are there for our business partners and partners in retail ventures 100%. Establishing relationships is very important, and we focus a great deal of attention to those we are in business with.

6. Consistent top reviews. All of our brands have received great praise throughout the industry for excellence in a variety of areas.

7. Consistent innovation. We are never satisfied. We are constantly looking to improve, even when we feel we have executed the best product possible. Innovation is about sensing where things are headed, and what our customers are going to want down the road.

8. Knowing what’s out there, and surpassing. For example, our brand Vapor Zone is all about top of the line Advanced Personal Vaporizers. They were not the first brand creating these by any means, however the market was missing quality, usability, and versatility, and with a keen attention to detail, engineering, and design, the line was developed.

9. Why carry lower-end products that will leave your customers unsatisfied, when you can carry IVG brands that please?

10. We are a pleasure to work with. Our brands are among the most sought after in the market, we offer a very large selection of different types of products, and our brands have achieved a level of popularity that customers recognize.

Working with International Vapor Group for your electronic cigarette retail needs may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We offer a multitude of options, and offer support every step of the way. If you are interested in working with us, contact us to find out more! 

IVG: What We Do

img_illustration_lgInternational Vapor Group makes top quality electronic cigarettes. We are leaders in the industry, designing, manufacturing, producing, distributing, and marketing some of the top names of smokeless cigarettes available. Our extensive variety of products can be found online, as well through brick and mortar retailers around the world. Each of our different brands specializes in innovation, and offering consumers the greatest level of quality and performance available.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of several essential parts, the most important being the battery, which is responsible for supplying power and serving as the “brain” of the devices. They also all contain some variation of an atomizer, which is what vaporizes the liquid nicotine into the vapor hits, a tank, cartridge or cartomizer that holds the liquid, and a mouthpiece made for puffing and inhaling on. And while these are the necessary parts that the majority of all vaping devices use, not all brands create them the same, or with the same level of technology to function at the highest level possible.

Each of our different lines, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, specialize in unique product offerings, while all being based on the same technology. We focus on producing an experience customers are looking for, and with each of these lines, we aim to satisfy the needs and requests of our users.

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative option to traditional cigarettes, without smoke, tobacco, tar, or odor. They also modernize the smoking experience, allowing users the many benefits of reducing waste and simplifying usage with digital accessories as opposed to the mess, fire, and pollution that come with standard tobacco cigarettes.

At the same time, e-cigarettes recreate the experience, eliminating none of the pleasure or sensations, offering users a method that is both familiar and satisfying. While many find there to be an adjustment period when starting out with electronic cigarettes, typically getting used to the devices is not difficult or time consuming. What many are seeking is the same satisfaction they are used to with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to vapor production, throat hit, flavor, and the effects of the nicotine, and our products are made to directly target these goals.

What IVG does is innovate, create, and supply our customers with the very best options available to enjoy electronic smoking. We believe in being ahead of the pack, and that’s the foundation of our business!

Reasons to Carry Electronic Cigarettes in Your Store

Electronic-cigaretteWhen it comes to product selection, there are a multitude of different things to consider. When taking on a type of product, you have to consider your customers, the popularity of the items, and whether or not they are worth the gamble of the initial investment. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, have you considered adding them to your store? Here is a list of reasons they make excellent additions to retail selections of the right retailers, in the event you are considering them and want further details.

Less People Smoking, More People Vaping.

With cigarette costs always on the rise, and more people consciously aware of taking care of their health, smokers are continuously looking to move beyond tobacco. In seeking out alternatives to traditional cigarettes, millions have turned to e-cigarettes, and with great success.

Cost Differential; E-Cigarettes are Less Costly than Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are drastically less costly than tobacco cigarettes, and it is a very large motivator for those who are sick of spending an arm and a leg on cigarettes. Similar experience, less expensive.

Repeat Sales

Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes create a need for future purchases, so consumers who buy them at your location will be more likely to come back in the future for additional products such as accessories and refill cartridges.


It’s no secret how popular e-cigarettes are. Everyone from Millennials to grandparents, and dozens of celebrities have made the switch because having a smoke-free, tar-free, odor-free alternative to tobacco that offers the same nicotine sensation yet incredible amounts of freedom is very, very good.

Diversifying your selection shows consumers you are keeping up with the evolving markets. Being able to offer products that meet the needs of your customers, and potential customers can increase your sales and create an additional avenue for future revenue. If you feel your store can benefit from high quality e-cigarette products, have a look at the different, top selling, innovative offerings of International Vapor Group’s brands.