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A Look at E-Cig Innovations

VaporFi Vox One of the most interesting aspects of the electronic cigarette is how many variations exist. For connoisseurs, it’s easy to get heavily involved in devices because they really are just that intriguing. Here is a look at the most common varieties, and how things have changed since the early days of electronic cigarettes when it was all about mimicking traditional cigarettes.

Basic E-Cigs: They are cornerstone of brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. These devices still are a common point of entry into vaping for beginners. They were made to resemble every nuance of a traditional cigarette, and basically recreate the concept of smoking for tobacco smokers who wanted an alternative.

Basic Vaporizers: Because serious vapers were getting more and more into vaping as an art and hobby, the need for evolving products was growing. Basic vaporizers enabled users to have larger batteries, more power, more choices, and allowed users to use and fill their own e-liquids.

Hi-Tech: More innovation lead to even more advanced personal vaporizers. These began to include variable voltage, more control options, customizable options for very personal use, and batteries that could withstand immense usage. VaporFi is loaded with great vaporizer options for every level of vaper.

Rebuildable & Mods: With the vaping population getting further involved in their devices, and knowing every aspect and ability of each spec, users began to build their own devices based on the availability of technology. This lead to solidified vape geeks needing greater technology to match their increasing drive for more powerful, advanced devices. Now, if your concept of vaping includes only e-cigs that simulate traditional cigarettes by looking and feeling the same, these RBA’s and mods will blow your mind! Again, VaporFi is leading the industry in this category, offering streamlined advanced devices, executed with the most up to the minute technology.

As the population has evolved, so have the devices. Being a tech-based industry, the growth has been immense and extremely fast, and we could not be more intrigued with the way things continue to progress forward. Where will the industry be in a year? We don’t know yet, but can’t wait to see!

The Path to Success: VaporFi

IMG_1327The electronic cigarette industry started out almost entirely online with some products being sold in mall kiosks, gas stations, and convenience stores. Now, the products have become so immensely popular, it is easy to find electronic cigarettes in so many different retail settings. As this growth has occurred, it has  become clear that as much of a niche market that the cigarette industry is, it is also growing to the point where the need for high-quality vapor shops has become a necessity. Enter VaporFi.

Well many companies rushed to the retail market from the start, International Vapor Group saw the need to build our business online. As the industry grew and our expansion continued, we eventually moved into the retail market with our brands South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. When VaporFi launched, it was evident that having an online selection that surpassed all others was a necessity, but also having the most exceptional retail experience as well.

Over the past few years, vapor shops have popped up seemingly everywhere, but what was lacking most of all among them was quality, selection, and optimally desirable products. VaporFi satisfies all of these needs, giving customers a very trendy, comfortable and luxurious experience, with premium advanced vaporizer products, the best e-liquid’s available, and a sincerely unique experience within every one of our locations.

Suffice it to say, VaporFi launched to immediate success, both online and within the retail setting. It wasn’t long before VaporFi stores started opening all over the surrounding South Florida area. Not just a year in, they have begun national, as well as international expansion. It’s safe to say that the rise of the high-end vapor shop is on the move and customers are actively seeking out this one of a kind experience.

The success of VaporFi has been no chance of occurrence, however. This is a brand that was tailored by some of the pioneers of the electronic cigarette industry, with the full understanding of the need for superior quality, appealing design and seriously advanced innovations in the area of vaporizers. This brand was made to please the vaping public, and inevitably made to succeed.

If you’re looking for an entrance into this exciting, growing industry, consider working with VaporFi, through one of their exciting franchise opportunities. With this growing brand slated for very big happenings, their calculated success is expected to only continue on.

All in Variety

south-beach-smoke-vaporizersWe’re all about variety. Here at IVG, we don’t feel it’s necessary to cater exclusively to one particular market when we can cater to all markets in the e-cig industry. The electronic cigarette genre has grown to such a degree that we feel it’s necessary to include everyone. And in that vein, we really aim to mindfully design and manufacture products for all levels of this market.

We offer a great selection of different e-cigarettes that are geared towards everyone, from trendy, youthful college-age people to older folks looking for an alternative cigarette that resonates with them, while maintaining quality and style.

When it comes to more advanced products such as our vaporizers, we also understand the need to cover all ground. Between South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, we have a huge selection of different vaporizers, which include the most basic of models, eye-catching trendy vape pens, super advanced mods, and the most highly designed, rebuildable mods for the hardcore vapers; it’s quite obvious that variety is our thing.

EverSmoke specializes in simple e-cigs that provide great quality, elegant style, a very simple to use design, and are close to a traditional cigarette as it gets. This brand especially caters to the mature crowd.

South Beach Smoke is all about diversity. Having built a reputation among 20- somethings who want the hottest, trendiest electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, this brand carries it all for all levels of vapers. High style, bold visuals, and great performance are the foundations with SBS.

VaporFi has taken the industry and done a number on it. Top of the line everything, exceptional engineering, fierce style, and the most innovative vaping products out there round out this brand.

When you work with International Vapor Group, you get not just one area of the electronic cigarette industry; you get it all. We seek to offer a myriad of products that appeal to the vast range of e-cigarette users, all the while focusing our attention on quality, engineering, and doing what others are not. It comes down to variety and blazing our own trail of vapor!

Benefits to Diverse Products

southbeachsmokeOne of the reasons we are proud to offer such a wide variety of different brands with different offerings is that having a large selection allows us to reach a very broad customer base. Our four different brands cater to a wide range of customers, everyone from smokers who are looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time to digital cigarette hobbyists and everyone in between; we cater to all who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Understanding that smokers are all unique and seeking a different type of experience, we are pleased to take advantage of the innovation and offer so many various choices for enjoying alternative smoking. Electronic cigarettes are available in so many variables, in so many different styles, with varying options, flavors, nicotine levels, performance choices, and the list goes on!

The one thing most smokers want though, regardless of the type of product is quality. It is a mainstay when it comes to everything we offer, as we know when it comes to satisfaction, lacking quality will not do much for anyone.

Here is a brief look at our 4 different electronic cigarette brands and how they appeal to different customers.

VaporFi: VaporFi is the brand for those who are looking for supreme quality and innovation. Their products for are designed for every type of smoker, from experts to novices. They offer a large selection of everything, including basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers available. Standout features include the largest selection of e-liquids as well as top of the line, affordable mods.

South Beach Smoke: Great for beginners and experienced e-cigarette users who like advanced performance from a 2-piece e-cigarette with cartridge. This brand offers e-cigs and vaporizers, plenty of innovative accessories such as the PowerCig and the Personal Charging Case, plus the same extensive line of custom blended e-liquids as VaporFi.

EverSmoke: Based on the same technology as South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke offers similar e-cigarette products that appeal to smokers who want quality, options, and a great looking product.

NutriCigs: NutriCigs goes further into the realm of innovation, offering the first and only fortified, disposable e-cigarettes.

Diversity matters when it comes to selling electronic cigarettes. Being able to appeal to a small group will get some sales; offering products that are made for everyone cover all ground; and that is exactly what we aim to do!

Where can E-Cigarettes be Sold?

header-gift-shop1There are many places electronic cigarettes should be sold, for both the benefit of smokers and the benefit of retailers who can capitalize on the growing demand. If you have a retail store, or purchase the inventory for one, here are some of the best places for selling e-cigs. If you are interested in adding IVG brands and products to your store, please contact us to see if we can establish a relationship.


This is an obvious one, as retail pharmacies are one of the top hits for traditional cigarettes. However, not only do these locations cater to current e-smokers, they are also great for catering to curious tobacco smokers. As these locations bring customers in the door for a large range of different products, having e-cigarettes will open up an additional channel of sales. Pharmacies are great for impulse purchases, and having e-cigarettes available can be a great option for those who want disposable e-cigarettes as well as products like Express Starter Kits such as those from EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. These settings are excellent for bringing customers back for products such as refill cartridges and additional accessories, enabling you to offer products beyond the impulse buys.


Hotels are often fiercely non-smoking zones, to the dismay of smokers who are looking to relax and enjoy themselves. Maintaining an air of accommodation, nonsmokers typically get first preference and smokers are left with few options. It is very common for smoking to be prohibited inside of hotel rooms, as well as in public areas, such as lounges and the pool, and it can make for a rather uncomfortable experience for smokers altogether. In an effort to cater to all guests, carrying e-cigarettes and making them available and acceptable for use is a viable option for hotels who want to please all guests without creating barriers. Selling e-cigarettes in hotel bars as well as in gift shops would add one more option for sales, and give smokers a solution that enables them to be comfortable and satisfied.

Gas Stations

Long one of the top spots for grabbing goods like cigarettes, beverages, candy and snacks on the go, gas stations are excellent venues for selling e-cigarettes successfully. The majority of gas stations do not offer a large selection of e-cigarettes, nor do they emphasize top quality, and that is one of the benefits of carrying IVG brands in your inventory; better than the competition, and more likely to drive customers back for repeat purchases knowing you have the better products.

What’s New with Our Brands

hero_newsIf you are wondering what’s going on with our brands, here is a little update on cool new happenings, products, and current news. We love keeping things exciting with each of them, and should you be interested in carrying any of them in your retail selection, keep in mind that we aim to always try new things and stay at the forefront of this industry!

South Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke has been seeing tremendous growth and positive feedback from the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air and the additional line of e-liquids. Customers have been greatly enjoying the many options for different flavor options, and having an advanced vaping device such as the Air, made with the same South Beach Smoke technology and craftsmanship they are accustomed to.

EverSmoke: EverSmoke continues to be one of the top names in the e-cigarette industry, as well as one of the top points of entry for smokers looking to experience electronic smoking in a classy, comfortable, and affordable way. The brand also continues to provide users with an extensive library of information regarding electronic cigarette usage, legislation, and education through it’s innovative learning center.

VaporZone: Vapor Zone continues to blaze trails throughout the e-cigarette industry, gaining widespread praise and new users continuously with their impeccably designed advanced personal vaporizers. By offering exceptionally high-quality machines that appeal to every budget, and constantly coming out with new products that appeal to their ever-growing fan-base, this brand is always on the up-and-up. They recently unveiled a new Pro Starter Kit, featuring a stainless steel vaporizer body and a Platinum clearomizer tank, it’s a step up from the more basic Pro kit. The brand also launched a 3-Pack Sampler for their e-liquids, enabling users to purchase three flavors at once, in 10ml quantities which allow for them to sample more flavors and save some money at the same time.

Always innovating and expanding in new directions, we are all about keeping our brands ahead of the game. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with International Vapor Group, do not hesitate to contact us regarding such.

Where Innovation Has Taken Us

hero_3brands2dWhen it comes to innovation, it’s at the core of our business. It’s the premise on which we build our products, and how we plan for the future. Each of IVG’s brands are unique in their approach to maintaining an innovative edge, and while we know the importance of staying competitive in this industry, we also know the importance of being ahead. Here is a look at each of our brands, and what they bring to the table and the market. If you’re looking for the most innovative electronic cigarette lines available, look no further!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke launched during the beginning stages of the e-cigarette boom. They were certainly not the first e-cig company in the USA to hit the scene, however they offered comparable technology to what was out there, only with more advanced batteries, accessories, and performance. This lead to further advancements in all of their products, and set the tone for continuous innovation, as well as product developments. 4 years in, South Beach Smoke continues to be the first choice among thousands of users, as well as the first brand many turn to when they begin vaping.


EverSmoke was developed on the same technology and concept as South Beach Smoke, however aimed towards a more mature demographic, as South Beach Smoke tends to be a brand more associated with younger, trendier users. EverSmoke differs in product styling, accessories, and flavors, however the quality and innovation remains the same as their forerunner.


Still in their burgeoning stages, NutriCigs are the world’s first and only fortified electronic cigarettes. Disposable design, with fortified e-liquid, these e-cigarettes offer more than just nicotine; there is a blend designed to promote restfulness, a blend for curbing the appetite, and a blend made to promote boosting one’s energy.


VaporZone has taken the world by storm, receiving rave reviews and countless converts in the less than a year they have been on the market. Offering some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers and mods available, this brand is hotter than hot at the moment. As a unique concept, VaporZone does many things that other brands are nowhere near doing. With their top of the line electronic cigarettes, custom-blended e-liquids, and exceptional retail locations, they have become the top choice among vapers everywhere.

When it comes to innovation, look no further than IVG. We know what we’re doing, and we invite you to come along for the ride; the future is looking very promising!

The Beauty of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Perfect for Retail

NutricigsEnergyDisposable electronic cigarettes are immensely useful, and for both retailers and consumers, they offer an excellent alternative to standard reusable e-cigarettes.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are similar to standard reusable e-cigarettes in that they work very similarly, however they are able to used right out of the package. They need no charging, filling, or attaching of cartridges, so they are really great impulse purchases.

Many people who are new to e-cigarettes find them to be very convenient, as they enable them to experience electronic smoking without the expense or commitment of purchasing a starter kit. They are the ideal introduction, and at fair prices, customers are typically comfortable giving them a go, regardless of outcome.

While perfect for beginners, disposable electronic cigarettes are also great for experienced users because they offer the same simplicity and convenience to those who are accustomed to reusable e-cigarettes.

International Vapor Group brands offer a selection of disposable e-cigarettes that cover an excellent range of options, making them ideal to carry in stores. Because they are affordable, and offer no-strings-attached kind of commitment, users can feel confident purchasing them to experience electronic smoking.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer disposables in two flavors: menthol and tobacco. They promise the same satisfaction both brands are known for, only in the convenient one-piece unit.

All NutriCigs products are disposable e-cigarettes, and they not only come in a variety of flavors plus nicotine, but each type is geared towards a specific goal, be it having a little more energy, curbing your appetite, or having a little easier time relaxing before bed. They are essentially disposables that do a whole lot more!

If you’re looking to ramp up your tobacco selection, increase your electronic cigarette sales, or just expand your selection to cater to those who want electronic alternatives to tobacco, think about the possibilities of adding disposable e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Be an Affiliate with IVG Brands

slide2International Vapor Group brands are growing at a rapid rate, and all four brands have solidified a place among consumers in the market for top quality, high performing electronic cigarettes. Join the affiliate programs for South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs and VaporZone and you could be earning money for all the customers you send our way. Currently, top affiliates are earning thousands each month. If you’re in the business of promoting e-cigarette brands, why not be a part of this exciting company? IVG brands cover a lot of ground, and we are doing many things other companies in this industry aren’t.

The Affiliate Programs for each of our brands work very similarly. We provide all the necessary tools to get you started, such as banners and text links that will go on your website and route back to ours. Your customers will be tracked using sophisticated affiliate tracking software, and we even have in place measures to cover your customers who choose to order by phone. When your customers purchase our products because of your links, you will receive generous percentages of the e-cigarette sales, as well as lifetime residuals from Home Delivery Membership purchases, which typically entail monthly payouts. We even cover the circumstances should a customer get to our site via yours, and come back at a later date to make the purchase. We are firm believers in your commission being yours!

We also feature a 2-tier program, for all of our brands that offer even more opportunities to rake in the earnings. Should you refer others to our Affiliate Programs, and they join, you will earn 5% of the sales they bring in. So the more you promote, and the more people you send our way, the more money you will make whether they are buying or selling!

At International Vapor Group, we are staunchly proud of our products, and we know that connecting with likeminded, goal oriented folks is one of the keys to our success. Visit any of our brands’ websites to learn more about these lucrative programs. Our Affiliate Programs offer valuable commissions, and a true opportunity to be a part of our growth: join us!


Targeting the Customer

hero_3brands2dHaving the right products for the right customers is ideal when you are thinking in terms of sales. While there is a great element of guessing involved, knowing who your customers are, and what they are going to be looking for can really impact your sales. International Vapor Group makes four different brands with four different profiles in mind. Also, we aim to target a multitude of customers with them. Here is a look at our four brands and the customers they aim to reach.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke conveys the glamorous, exciting side of electronic smoking. They especially appeal to users in their 20s and 30s, who want stylish looks and great performance. These are excellent for beginners, and perfect for those who’ve used similar products but want better performance. South Beach Smoke offers many e-cigarette options, with a wide variety of starter kits, disposable e-cigarettes, accessories, and flavors to appeal to the smoking masses.


EverSmoke was designed to mimic South Beach Smoke in quality and selection, however the target audience is somewhat older. In an effort to take care of everyone, we saw the need to cater to those who are not necessarily attracted to the looks of South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke offers similar products with additional options, and flavor choices, as well as standard products like starter kits, disposables, and accessories.


NutriCigs was created for goal-oriented smokers who want more out of their electronic cigarettes, and those who want specific results. For adults who smoke, and want to have greater benefits from vaping, in addition to the nicotine, NutriCigs are available in three all-natural blends that can improve your daily life. Designed to help boost energy, curb cravings, and to get a better night’s rest, NutriCigs give e-smokers additional freedom and enjoyment of life.


VaporZone was made for vapers who are looking for more than a basic experience when vaping. As the industry advances, so do the customers, and while most don’t take up vaping as a hobby, there are many who do. For those looking for the highest performing, top of the line vaping machines, VaporZone offers a comprehensive selection of vaporizers targeted towards the “experts” of this market. Also unique, the VaporZone concept includes the addition of vapor shops, signature retail locations.

Our products were made with the customer in mind. One brand can stretch far, however four enables us to cover this market exceptionally well! 4 brands, 4 customers, 1 company!