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E-Cigarettes are Booming; Altria Purchases Green

123312555_394212cThis week, news broke that tobacco giant Altria purchased the electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke. The move shows how the tobacco industry continues to diversify as tobacco sales continue to decline. The purchase announcement served as a further indication of the tobacco industry’s commitment and confidence in the electronic cigarette market. In their announcement, Altria stated that their subsidiary Nu Mark LLC would be acquiring Green Smoke for approximately $110 million, expecting to close finally during the second quarter.

As you most likely already know, Altria is not the first tobacco company to purchase an already successful electronic cigarette brand. In April of 2012, Lorillard became the first tobacco company to acquire an electronic cigarette brand when they purchased the line Blu.

As the tobacco industry continues to expand into the electronic cigarette industry, it becomes more and more certain that e-cigarettes are a force to be reckoned with. Predictions have e-cigarettes completely overtaking tobacco sales in the coming decade. While this industry is still in its infancy by comparison, as international tobacco sales are at approximately $697 billion, the tobacco industry knows their time is limited as smokers continue to lessen their smoking, and switch to electronic alternatives.

Further promise for consumers are talks of the FDA regulating e-cigarette products, to ensure safety and their efficacy, especially in regards to their effects on the body. Additional regulations will be geared towards underage usage, as there will be strict age limits towards the products as there are with tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more accepted, and this recent acquisition of Green Smoke by Altria proves it. The tobacco industry is sure of it, e-cigarette users are sure of it, and e-cigarette companies are sure of. Electronic smoking literally is the future’s way of smoking.

Why Convenience Stores Should Sell E-Cigs

CHN_interiorConvenience stores and electronic cigarettes, seems like a good fit, right? Hence the name Convenience; where you’d go to grab any of the little life essentials that you need in an instant. The go-to shops where any and everything important is sold. Since they’re known to be well stocked with cigarettes, wouldn’t it make sense to sell electronic cigarettes as well? Convenience stores have excellent accessibility because of the amount of customers flowing in on a daily basis, and due to the high volume of business, having innovative, in demand products gives customers more choices.

Because smokers just keep switching, and the quality and availability of cigarette alternatives keeps growing, convenience stores are the perfect venue for selling them. Recognized for their impulse purchases, and selling quick fixes, smokers would be very much inclined to purchase them.

Product selection is a big deal too, and if there is one thing our companies specialize in, it’s having a huge selection. E-cigarette disposables as well as starter kits and refill cartridges would all do great in the convenience store environment. This is because there will be customers who just want disposables, perhaps to try them or those who alternate them with traditional cigarettes. Then there will also be other customers who want to invest in starter kits, and this will open the doors to those who come back continuously for cartridge refills.

Beyond the customer, e-cigarette retail sales offer high profit margins. They are more popular than ever, and as the technology develops, it is projected that more smokers will be switching in the coming years. Electronic cigarettes are giving smokers a great reason to give up their tobacco for good; and those who are selling them are going to be banking.

Highly profitable, easily attainable, and very much in demand, e-cigs make great business sense. Convenience stores sell convenience, and what could be more convenient for smokers than having an alternative to tobacco, that offers them so much more?



Rising E-Cigs Sales Are High Profit Margins for Retailers

IMG_00304 years ago, electronic cigarettes were first getting attention in the US. They were reaching the mainstream, and smokers were definitely interested. Fast-forward to now, smokers are switching over all the time, and most smokers are very much aware of them, according to the latest stats. Smokers are seeking them out, and they want high quality products. E-cigarettes present retailers with products from a quickly expanding industry that is very promising, both in what they do, and the profits they are generating.

Electronic cigarettes have been available readily for sale online, but there are is an even greater market waiting to be tapped into with retail. Yes, they have been also available in smaller numbers, from a limited selection of brands in the brick-and-mortar arena, but the majority of these brands have acclaimed a reputation for lacking quality, service, options, and overall products.

E-cigarettes are a great idea for retailers, and even more so with companies like International Vapor Group, where the offerings cover a multitude of target customers, and the products cover a broad range to please everyone. Our products have very high profit margins, and we are all about residual income. IVG’s Wholesale Program can be fit to service any size relationship, with order sizes starting at $1000. Our pricing is highly competitive, and depending on the volume of the order, the markups can be as high as 400%. Our products are made to generate sales, and to encourage future sales. One of the best points of working with IVG products is that we are a hands-on company, and want to drive your sales, and drive your customers back for repeat sales.

Why should retailers consider adding electronic cigs to their inventories? Because now is the time! The sales of electronic cigarettes continue to rise, and they allow for very high, very attractive margins for those who carry them in their stores.




Hotels Are Now Offering Electronic Cigarettes to Guests

2361376_f520Smoking in your hotel room has long been one of those taboo instances, and most of them are not too fond of guests lighting up indoors. In fact, these days, they aren’t really fond of smokers lighting up anywhere! So it makes perfect sense that they would be thrilled to have smokers using electronic cigs instead, and some cutting edge hotels are even starting to offer them to their guests, instead of selling traditional cigarettes. The Clarendon Hotel, of Phoenix, Arizona was one of the first to sell e-cigs, and their response has been excellent. A happier environment and happier guests is the ultimate aim in the hospitality industry! And accommodating your guests in creative new ways is never a bad thing for your reputation, either!

Hotels are taking this new approach to keep smokers from smoking where they shouldn’t yet still make them happy, to protect their property, and to keep the peace with their nonsmoking clientele. Some hotels even fine people for breaking rules applying to smoking, and this is even a burden. Hotels just don’t want to deal with smoke!

E-cigarettes and hotels go together pretty darn well. Think about it; cigarettes have long been sold in hotels, but since they are increasingly more burdensome, this is just another scenario electronic cigarettes will work better in. Because of the high profit margins, it’s also a lucrative opportunity for hotels because they will offer another avenue of income, all the while giving their guests a healthier option to use instead of cigarettes.

The options of different e-cig products hotels can sell is excellent. E-cigarette starter kits, fortified e-cigarettes, express kits, refill cartridges, and e-cig disposables would all make convenient additions to their products, and having them would give their guests choices instead of straight up restrictions. If you own or manage a hotel, have you considered adding electronic cigarettes to your offerings? Do contact us if you’re up for pleasing all of your guests, smokers included! This is just one of the many situations showing that e-smokes are the perfect medium, giving smokers what they want, nonsmokers what they want, and business owners what they want!


E-Cigarettes Are on the Verge of Exploding… In a Very Good Way!

e-cig-savingsAnyone business savvy, who keeps up on the latest products and what they are doing in the markets knows electronic cigarettes are about to get really big. They are already huge, with many smokers switching all the time, but for various reasons they are a really wise business venture, for electronic cigarette companies, e-cigarette retailers, as well as consumers. They are a great product, with a really great concept, enabling limitless options for users, and extremely high profitability for manufacturers and retailers.

Over the past 20 years, cigarette companies have seen progressive and steady decline. The US tobacco market hails around $100 billion annually, and since the presence of electronic cigarettes on the scene, tobacco companies have seen even more noticeable declines. While e-cigs are not putting a major hit on them yet, it’s only a matter of time. Currently, e-cigarettes are totalling between $250 million and $500 million, and these figures are enough to keep the tobacco giants on notice.

From a business sense, alternative cigarettes offer a world of options and present a very useful product to consumers. Across all of the major e-cigarette brands, the products are yielding high conversions. They are useful, user-friendly, easy to use, and very convenient products that are more than likely going to keep the smokers happy, without them returning to traditional cigarettes if they have the choice. They know what they are getting, and they are much happier having a smokeless option. The other choices they have always had as backup, such as nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and prescription drugs, to help deal with quitting smoking are much less desirable than having something that simulates a cigarette, with the addition of nicotine at levels they can control. E-cigs feel the same in the hand, are used the same, and leave the user feeling just as satisfied afterwards. They come in many flavors, both in line with what they’d typically expect from cigarettes, as well as others that offer more variety. They essentially give the people what they want, at a great price, without dire consequences and negative effects on the health.

Nicotine is not the problem with cigarettes; the smoke and tar are. This is why smokers are switching constantly, and quality e-cigarette brands are seeing rapid growth! It’s only a matter of time before they are everywhere!

What E-Cigarette Smokers Are Looking For

url-2E-cigarette smokers are an interesting community. They run the gamut, come from all walks of life, live in every part of the world, and encompass every legal age imaginable. You are equally to find college-age people and the elderly happily vaping along!

Just like smokers are everywhere, so are e-smokers. Our customers can be found all over the world, and in every corner of the US. So what do they want? What do they look for in an e-cigarette brand? How do you know how to find and target your customers? We know that our customers, as different as they are, all appreciate many of the same principles. They want variety, high performance, products that delight them, and above all, standards they cannot find anywhere else.

Customers want an e-cig company they can rely on, fo good products and service. Consistency is an extremely important detail, and the level of frustration form people who do not receive it with e-cigarettes can be through the roof! Cigarettes have always been pretty consistent, and with the amount of processing they go through, there is no room for error. As e-cigs are competing with them, they have to be just as good and even better at satisfying the customer.

We know that consumers appreciate communication, and especially exceptional customer service. This is one aspect of business that is not possible to compromise on, because if you do not stand for customer satisfaction, and ensuring that your customers are content, the negative feedback will catch up to you.

They want the very best that’s available, and they want great prices. We know how to take concepts from the “idea” phase to actual product development, which is why we’ve been able to stay ahead of electronic cigarette technology since the early days of this industry. When customers purchase International Vapor Group products, they know they are getting the premier products the industry can offer.

Why International Vapor Group? We are confident in our ability to deliver all of these things! With a time-tested approach to reaching people, and helping them meet their goals, we know what works!

Electronic Cigarettes: Choosing Innovation

url-4Electronic cigarettes are the most innovative product to ever be made for smokers. Not cessation devices, nor methods to assist in quitting smoking like gums and patches, they appeal to smokers because unlike other options in the market, they offer the same nicotine they can find in cigarettes. This creates an experience that is second to none, enabling for the same feeling and sensation cigarettes provide under much cleaner, nontoxic circumstances.

E-cigarettes have been developed with the highest level of technology available. They are unparalleled in what they offer smokers, and the amount of convenience they provide. Smokers who switch are always impressed by how their lives improve and all the little ways they save time, money, and energy. They enable smokers to enjoy their cigarettes wherever, and whenever they so choose, without the hassles of smoke and tobacco.

Nothing is burned when an e-cig is used. No tobacco is used whatsoever in the process, and the vapor that gets produced is safe and utterly harmless. There is no carbon monoxide, no fire, and no tar; making them a healthier alternative and much more comfortable to use around others. You can’t even smell them! The levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes come measured to certain amounts, and can range from 24mg to 0mg, giving smokers a very wide range of choices. Many smokers use nicotine free cartridges, just to enjoy the experience and sensation of vaping, without nicotine.

International Vapor Group offers a very great selection of product choices, offering such innovations as our fortified electronic cigarettes, NutriCigs. The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines of traditional e-cigs give customers many choices to customize their vapor cig experience, as well as options like disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits in varied configurations, and excellent prices. These brands are adored by customers for the high level of quality, the outstanding customer service, and the very appealing price points.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, they are clearly the more modern, more intelligent way to smoke. Traditional cigarettes are being continuously phased out, as more smokers choose innovation instead of the old fashioned method of smoking chemical-laden tobacco. At least when it comes to smoking, the future is looking a lot greener!

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For Your Business?

url-3Electronic cigarettes are getting to be very common amongst adults. Anywhere and at anytime in public you can expect to see them, and it’s a very nice thing. Because of their growing popularity and the immense growing consciousness among people everywhere for a better quality of life, e-cigarettes have arrived at the perfect time, offering the perfect solution to the epidemic of cigarettes. While there are still a vast number of smokers, attitudes and minds are changing and people are getting interested in healthier options. With these changes occurring all the time, it’s a great time to be in the business of e-cigarettes. Here are some of the reasons to consider electronic cigs for your business; they are the future of smoking, after all!

-They keep you at the forefront of a burgeoning, growing industry. Consumers want them in great numbers, while e-cigarette wholesalers and retailers are eager to meet their needs.

-Electronic cigarettes are the smokeless option for those who want to still have nicotine, but are ready to move beyond smoke, tar, and tobacco.

-They are less expensive than traditional cigarettes, often saving users up to 75% from what they spent on tobacco cigarettes. While health reasons are a huge part of why users are switching to electronic cigs, the cost savings is a very large part of this as well. Saving money, for a healthier option, that is much more convenient makes much more sense than smoking cigarettes!

-They allow users to enjoy their nicotine despite smoking bans. This also means they can enjoy them without bothering anyone around them with smoke or any unwanted odors.

-More smokers switch to e-cigs every day. With all the convenience, freedom, and cleanliness, users highly prefer the benefits.

-Selling top of the line products, such as those from our brands, with very good price points draws in customers and creates repeat business. There are many different brands when it comes to e-cigarettes, it’s important to choose wisely and opt for quality.

-It allows you to provide options for more people. Considering your current selection of products, and how you can expand your offerings, carrying highly rated e-cigarettes, as well as innovative concepts such as NutriCigs, give you an edge on your competition.