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Vaping: Headed for High-Tech

vape industrySmoke and mirrors? No illusions here; vapor and mirrors is the real deal. Smoking continues to decrease in popularity, while vaping is soaring. Users have gone way beyond the days of processed tobacco burnt and smoked in little chemical-filled paper tubes. Today’s “smokers” are “vapers,” and they’re of a different breed. Tech-savvy, in the know about everything, and impossible to push half-truths past, the days of Big Tobacco are numbered now that vaping has hit the scene.

As the industry continues to progress, despite the continuous talk of regulations, bans, and restrictions, clearly this market is headed for further advancements, greater technology, and more innovative products available to customers at a moment’s whim. What originally started as an alternative smoking movement, as an effort to offer smokers more options beyond just tobacco cigarettes in the conventional method, has become an industry all on its own. More than a decade into the existence of electronic cigarettes, vaping, as it’s known, is its own phenomena, and continues to push the boundaries of what smoking can offer.

This dynamic industry is fueled by users who are equally innovatively-minded. Their ever pressing desire for better products, more advanced mechanics, greater performing devices, products that are continuously pushing limits and doing more of what they want is carving the niche even further. What was once an industry filled with electronically simulated cigarettes, where the point was to emulate a tobacco cig to the T, is now going in so many varied paths, the cig-a-like has become an almost vintage-like pastime!

That isn’t to say no one is using e-cigs anymore, that is far from reality, but the industry is certainly pushing ahead in different directions. Vape pens, mods, DIY vaping, dry herb vaping have all truly come into the scene, and more and more smokers are finding product options that resonate with their tastes. Modern smokers are looking for convenience. They are also very concerned with their health and prefer the clear conscience being smoke-free avails. Thought electronic cigarettes were just a fad? Think again; they’re here to stay!

Fast Times and Fast Evolution in the E-Cigarette Market

Modern VapingThe electronic cigarette industry has been around for just over a decade, internationally. The technology is ever-changing and the products as a whole have undergone various evolutions in such a short time. They are indicative of the era we now live in where technology is always progressing and constantly improving. Here’s a look at how a simple technological concept has challenged the tobacco industry like nothing before in just a few short years.

Before electronic cigarettes emerged and became a global phenomenon, nothing truly was able to compete with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who wanted an alternative had the option of nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and prescription drugs that came with their own possible side effects. The options were slim and not with a great success rate, often leaving smokers to their own devices, either going cold turkey or finding some other distraction in order to leave the smoke behind.

When e-cigarettes hit the market in China in 2003, they took off immediately. They were the first product of their kind to give smokers exactly what they wanted without the negatives. It was not long before the products started expanding overseas, throughout Asia and eventually into Europe and then the United States.

Since around 2009, e-cigarettes have been a commonplace item in the American market. Many brands have come and gone and those that have remained have been able to harness the technology to develop and craft products that resonate with users. In such a competitive market, offering quality and innovation goes very far.

This type of groundbreaking success is indicative of the magnitude of e-cigarettes. While in the beginning people might’ve assumed they were just a trend, time has shown that they are anything but. Because e-cigarettes are able to be marketed under strict terminology, they’re used by smokers effectively as an alternative, and give the absolute for users to have the type of experience they want, plus added benefits like freedom, cost savings, and versatility. This makes them the ultimate modern way to smoke.

International Vapor Group has been a part of this industry since the beginning, and our products are examples of how innovation and high-quality have gone a really long way in this market. All of our brands surpass user expectations, while maintaining a strict devotion to innovation.

South Beach Smoke Wholesale

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There is so much variety with this brand it’s hard to know where to begin. They encompass the whole spectrum of the e-cigarettes, with offerings that range from basic to superiorly advanced, and just about everything in between. They carry cartridges for e-cigarettes and a vast multitude of e-liquids. Accessories range from necessities to novelties, and cover all ground.


Affordable is what most people are after, and they are all about keeping it fair. South Beach Smoke is loved by many for their awesome options, great quality, all at a great price. Too many times, consumers and retailers are dissuaded from a number of brands due to their high prices. South Beach Smoke offers an economical track into the world of e-cigarettes, with endless options to satisfy any retail selection you’re aiming to curate.

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E-Cigarettes and Evidence-Based Research

Evidence Based E-Cigarette ResearchOne of the things we are happy this industry is seeing a lot of these days is evidence-based research. It can be confounding that studies such as the unfairly biased, seriously erroneous item published in the New England Journal of Medicine could have been released so inconclusively by a major and reputable publication, however to the benefit of the industry, and everyone involved, there is plenty of other research emerging, from trusted sources, with all the facts included.

It can be very frustrating to a movement such as the e-cigarette industry, when misconstrued reports, half-truths, and twisted facts are published as truth. We want the truth, as do the millions of people who use these products, as well as the millions of other smokers who are interested yet waiting for more research and evidence.

Luckily, there have been several excellent recent studies that dispel many of the common myths of electronic cigarettes, while debunking some of the fraudulent truth-bending, and helping to promote the need for more evidence-based research.

One of the best examples of such is a 2014 study that included 1300 college students in America. Its purpose was to examine the myth of electronic cigarettes being touted as a gateway to smoking. It’s findings? That e-cigarettes do not lead to traditional cigarette usage.

Another great example is a study published by Oxford Journal, that examined exactly what could be found in secondhand vapor. The study was conducted by 6 doctors performing a variety of different tests to obtain their data. The results concluded that some nicotine was present (in trace amounts, precisely), however there were no combustible toxins.

In addition, there have been many other studies published, as well as those in the works, aiming to make clear how electronic cigarettes affect the body, especially in regard to the heart and lungs. One recent study done by The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that vaping does not affect the heart. Another study done by researchers in Greece found that e-cigarettes did not negatively affect the lungs either.

So what this means for the e-cigarette industry, is that while these studies may be coming slowly, and research may be in its infancy, evidence is emerging in favor of e-cigarettes and proving the negative speculation wrong.

Vaping & College Campuses

Hampshire_collegeSmoking and college campuses is like an occurrence from a time long gone. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, college classrooms were fair game for chain smoking students and instructors. In fact, it was a well accepted method of dealing with the stress of tests and cramming. Nowadays, reality could not be further from this memory, as cigarettes are not only considered completely irrelevant in the classroom but many college campuses have adopted “Smoke-Free Campus” policies that prohibit students and faculty from using tobacco products on their property.

Banning tobacco has been a big move throughout our society in an effort to help curb the smoking rate. Year after year, the numbers of smokers continue to decrease, with special focus being paid to those in the younger generation, who are typically the most susceptible to picking up this detrimental habit.

As responsible of a move as this is, college students who want nicotine have found themselves in a bind. Many have turned to electronic cigarettes as an alternative, and have found a great amount of relief and convenience in doing so. The benefits have been plentiful, and being able to abide by campus policies while having the satisfaction they crave is a tremendous benefit. College life is stressful; nicotine is revered for it’s calming effects, the correlation is obvious.

Vaping enables students to walk the fine line between smoking and having nicotine. As smoking bans are enacted as a measure to protect nonsmokers from unwanted second hand smoke, electronic cigarettes offer a middle ground that satisfies those who crave the sensation they get from nicotine without producing smoke or an offensive odor.

While all college campuses throughout the nation may hold different policies on their stance on electronic cigarettes, many have been accepting of the alternative products due to their many benefits, and because they are not producing offensive smoke. As less young people start smoking, and those who are smokers seek alternatives, expect to see more e-cigarettes on college campuses in the near future!

Truth VS Misreporting: Education is Key

E-Cigarette ReportsToo many times as of late are we hearing reports of public officials totally denouncing the use of electronic cigarettes, with little to no true credibility backing up their statements. Grouping them into the same lump as traditional cigarettes because they contain nicotine (yet no tobacco), and banning their usage simply because they mimic the look of conventional cigarettes. This attitude and method of action is simply erroneous. While they can get by under the premise that “there is not enough information at this time” or “there has yet to be valid research on these products,” the truth is that research is being performed, and electronic cigarettes are entirely different in nearly every way, from their tobacco counterparts.

This sad state of affairs needs to be remedied with education, because if those pointing fingers truly understood what they were denoting, they would realize: 1. Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products. 2. They are designed and intended to be used as alternatives. 3. Users feel more comfortable with them because they are not producing smoke, they leave behind no tar, and have no smell at all. 4. Even though they offer users the ability to inhale and exhale nicotine carried by water vapor, there is no combustion created at all during the process. In any of these scenarios, how do e-cigarettes warrant the description of tobacco, and require the same classification?

Recent reports have stated that teen smoking has decreased tremendously in recent years, however teen vaping has seen a slight increase. Leading these reports to claim that teenage usage is causing a crisis, which will eventually lead to a more negative habit, reversing the progress we’ve seen as of late with significantly lower smoking numbers. Would it occur to those reporting such statistics that teens (very possibly) have been switching to vaping, over smoking? Or even, (realistically) that teens are using electronic cigarette products as an alternative to traditional cigarettes in an effort to gradually halt their smoking altogether using a device they have much more control over?

One thing that is certain for the future of this industry is that change is needed, including regards to how e-cigarette news is conveyed. While it is definitely coming, and the popularity of the products is forcing the issue, common sense is definitely necessary from legislators, the media, and government agencies such as the FDA. Education is key for everyone involved, as knowledge is the antidote to ignorance.

The Future of E-Cigs: The Greatest Influencing Factors

the future of electronic cigarettesAs it is quite obvious the electronic cigarette industry has seen such growth so quickly over the past five years that projections place this sector to be a $10 billion industry by the year 2017. Many experts predict e-cigarettes to be the future of smoking and with the surging popularity, we are certain of it. Here is a list of the five factors that will be affecting the industry the strongest.

1. FDA Input
The FDA holds a tremendous amount of control over products on the market designed for human consumption, and having government input over legislative decisions add further credibility to the industry. While the first regulations the FDA instituted classified the devices as tobacco cigarettes and following regulations were set to control who purchases the products, the next round will include regulating production standards.

2. Industry Red Tape
There’s much concern throughout the e-cigarette community regarding unnecessary and unfair regulations. For instance, there has been talk that the FDA is looking into restricting the sale of e-liquid, which could entail limiting flavor availability. Fortunately this will most likely not come to fruition, however it has been discussed numerous times.

3. Public Vaping Bans
One of the biggest debates regarding e-cigarettes is public usage. Because of the lack of  education  on the products, many people are concerned about exposure to secondhand vapor. This has led to bans in certain places restricting usage of electronic cigarette devices. The antidote to this is education, and hopefully as time passes, more people will be understanding and knowledgeable about vaping, and they will no longer associate these products with traditional tobacco.

4. Public Opinion
Educating the public on electronic cigarettes is paramount. Stigma around tobacco cigarettes is well-deserved, however vapor cigarettes need to be distinguished as different.

5. Marketing
Marketing will be one of the most influential factors on electronic cigarette sales in the coming years. How a product is marketed can make or break it success and manufacturers have to abide by strict rules on terminology when marketing, particularly in regards to content on the Internet.

E-Cigarettes: Looking Beyond the Misreporting

E-Cig GossipOne of the current themes occurring in the media regarding electronic cigarette use is in how the products and the industry as a whole are being reported. This is a very unfortunate occurrence, as it is preventing e-cigarettes from receiving the proper reputation they deserve, and it is also casting a dull tarnish over what these products have been able to accomplish thus far.

While e-cigarettes are seeing such tremendous growth and popularity, it is still unfortunate the way certain media outlets choose rumor and outrage in regards to e-cigarette news instead of stating straightforward facts and the many positives those who use them are experiencing. Half truths are commonly reported, facts are omitted entirely, and like so many areas of the news, the focus is on strategically marring the facts, sensationalism and misinforming for a more dramatic agenda.

One of the biggest “gray areas” when it comes to electronic cigarettes surrounds regulations. It has been a topic for years, with some advocating for extremes, and others seeking more moderate laws designed to protect minors and ensure that the products are made of safe ingredients.

In the past few years, the industry has experienced great public acceptance, however mass acceptance has seemed to dwindle in the past year or so due to a general bias against electronic cigarettes from the public health community. Yes it is true that the FDA isn’t backing anything (yet), however they have begun taking measures to regulate the products; not outright banning them. And while they are not considered “cessation devices,” the industry as a whole cites their countless benefits as “alternatives” to traditional cigarettes a great part of their success.

Electronic cigarettes have become as enormously popular, year after year, because they are a benefit to users. The industry would not be hitting $2 billion if they were not a comfortable, enjoyable product that gives users a better option to cigarettes. They are constantly being re-innovated, advanced, and further developed, which is why so many people, experts included, consider them to be the future of smoking. Besides, the gossip and rumors should be expected; you know you’ve attained success when the spin starts rolling in!

History of the E-Cigarette

Letter LandscapeIt’s interesting that the e-cigarette is constantly being reinvented, and while it is a very innovative product, it still has a history that can be traced. To learn about the origins of the e-cig, and how we got to the point we are at today keep reading!

The first incarnation of the electronic cigarette was developed in 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert developed the prototype and even had a patent for this product. Understanding the many hazards of tobacco smoking and understanding that with the millions of people who were smokers, it was only a matter of time before all of the health implications became a major, widespread problem. However, at the time, smoking was so en vogue and the harmful effects of cigarettes were not yet widely known, the market was not yet ready for the electronic cigarette. So the concept was filed away, only to be reintroduced some forty years later by a Chinese pharmacist whose father died of lung cancer due to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Han Lik is considered the modern-day inventor of the electronic cigarette.

Seeing a way to bring a positive outcome from these unfortunate circumstances, Han Lik developed a method in which smokers were able to have the same experience as using a traditional cigarette, including holding a similar device, puffing on it, inhaling, exhaling, and essentially receiving nicotine from it, only without the thousands of chemicals and negatives of tobacco.

Han Lik received complete support from the company he was employed with, and with their funding, his vision and design became a reality. It was only a matter of time before the products hit the Chinese market. Once they did, it became immediately clear what a success vapor cigarettes would soon become all over the world. The products’ popularity spread quickly, and before long, people all over Europe were smoking with e-cigarettes, which was a very groundbreaking occurrence as Europeans are quite famous for enjoying the habit of smoking.

By 2007, electronic cigarettes hit the American market, and were met with instant success as well. Now, more than 7 years into their tenure in the US, they are more popular than ever, and so many different varieties have been developed to please smokers of all sorts. To the extent that e-cigarettes have completely offset the tobacco market, and more and more smokers switch to alternative cigarettes all the time. From their past, to the present, this ingenious invention continues to benefit the lives of nicotine connoisseurs everywhere.

Tobacco Companies Acknowledge Electronic Cigarettes

how-Electronic-cigarettes-workPhillip Morris International Inc. is the world’s largest publicly traded tobacco company. Responsible for many brands including being the manufacturer and seller of Marlboro cigarettes, even they are feeling the effects of electronic cigarettes hitting mainstream status.

Tobacco companies, particularly Phillip Morris International Inc., have begun to acknowledge the fact that tobacco cigarette sales are being impacted by the rise of electronic cigarettes as the population changes. While they are making note that fluctuations are inevitable, the international tobacco market is seeing an overall decrease due to the increase of alternative cigarettes. Users are simply moving away from tobacco, either quitting smoking outright, or switching to alternatives that offer more options and a less tainted image.

In addition to the lagging sales and the overall depreciation of profits, Phillip Morris is also factoring in a loss of $495 million that has come in the way of the impending closure of their production facility in the Netherlands. This is a result of the decreasing sales in their European market due to less people smoking. And it’s not just their European market where they are seeing a decline in sales, their Asian market has also reduced as well.

There is no getting around the fact that electronic cigarettes are not only becoming immensely popular everywhere but they’re having an incredibly overtaking effect on the traditional cigarette market considering they are sparking worldwide declines. It’s interesting that the largest tobacco companies are beginning to publicly recognize this, despite it being obvious for some time now.

Paralleling the declines of tobacco sales, Phillip Morris recently acquired Nicocigs LTD, an electronic cigarette company based in the UK. They are not the first tobacco company to do so, as Lorillard and Altria have already extended into this competitive market.

The bottom line here is that tobacco cigarette companies are fully aware that electric cigarettes are not going anywhere, and continue to expand at an exceedingly fast rate. Vapor is here to stay.