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The Current State of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigaretteWith each year, electronic cigarettes prove to be even more successful than years prior, and they have currently reached the status of widespread acceptance and a certain level of normalcy. They are continuously used by celebrities, as well as by thousands of others who are choosing to live better without the smoke. And there is very good reason why: e-cigarettes offer the same pleasure and sensations as traditional cigarettes without the smoke, tar, residual odor, and inconveniences that come with burning.

Financially, each year the industry has grown massively. In fact, the growth has been so rapid that since 2012, tobacco companies have slowly come over to the electronic side, with Lorillard being the first with their acquisition of a major e-cigarette company.

However, with this expedited growth, and the subsequent decline in traditional tobacco cigarette sales, federal and state governments are looking to recoup lost income from taxes, and e-cigarettes are their target. As many states have started implementing e-cigarette sales bans, restricting their usage in public places, and attempting to categorize them as traditional cigarettes, it leaves the question to be asked about the motives behind these strategic movements. Is it a public health issue or does it really come down to finances?

Currently, 46 of the 50 states are receiving an approximate $10 billion annually from taxes of tobacco companies, as a result of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement. Seeing that tobacco sales continue to lessen, and electronic cigarettes are currently subject only to sales tax, 30 states are contemplating taxing electronic cigarettes to cut losses and make gains where smokers are using alternatives.

While government regulation is certainly imminent, only time will tell what that means for the electronic cigarette industry. Most people involved are vying for restrictions that include age verifications, ingredient labels, clear information on manufacturing practices, and others that validate the quality because they make sense. However, legislation that benefits only governments, and impedes smokers who want affordable, legitimate alternatives to cigarettes is simply wrong.

Let’s Talk About Customer Service

customer-service-1Customer service is not just applicable to customers in the retail sense. Part of the core of our business is having excellent customer care, and offering the proper support to developing business relationships. It’s one of our central areas of pride and one of the aspects that makes our business stand out from many others. When we say “we’re here for you,” we really mean it.

E-Cigarette customer service covers so much more than just dealing with our customers when they have problems with our products. It is a concept of making ourselves available to them in any circumstances as they relate to using our electronic cigarettes. We offer multiple platforms for communication (phone, email and social media), and have a fully established team in place to handle customer needs across the board. We are happy to communicate with the purpose of customer satisfaction and ensuring our products are pleasing!

The commitment to having excellent customer service is simple. If the products are superior and customers continuously feel supported in their challenges, as well as feel that they are being taken care of properly, they will be happy to remain loyal customers. That “WOW” factor is what we’re all about, and we don’t look to achieve it with just our products!

In doing your research across the electronic cigarette market, and looking into the many reviews you will find the various companies that exist, one common area of complaint among users is not having adequate customer service. Many consumers are more than willing to leave a company whose products they appreciate if the service cannot measure up. Many of the largest e-cigarette companies are especially guilty of this, as it can be difficult to maintain to individualized, attentive customer care when you’re entity is so large. Also to consider is that these mega companies rely on the popularity of their names to sustain them; i.e.; they lack the quality and attention to the customer in lieu of the dollar.

We aren’t your standard electronic cigarette company, and we aren’t in the business of mediocrity. Every member of our team is dedicated to these core principles of excellence, in every aspect of the company. We urge our customers as well as business partners to choose wisely because why settle for less if you don’t have to?




Work with a Brand Who Knows the Business

ivg_logo-dec42ea0-1e94-427e-ae03-22288cde3821International Vapor Group products have achieved a high level of success due to a solid commitment to our products and understanding the needs of the consumer as well as the market as a whole. The foundation we are built on is having great electronic cigarettes, always innovating, and knowing how to keep our prices low.

Excelling in Business

We work directly with retailers, and we are in control of supplying our products to those who are selling them. Working with us means you will not be dealing with intermediaries. It enables us to keep our pricing low, so when purchasing wholesale, your prices remain even lower and therefore your profits higher. We also happen to be known for having great customer service, and this extends even on a business-to- business level. Establishing a relationship with us is generally very simple; unlike most other e-cigarette brands.

More Research = Better Made Products

Having been a part of the electronic cigarette industry since its earliest days, we know where this industry began, and where it’s going firsthand. Work with innovators, companies who are committed to long-term relationship building between companies, and those who are certain of their ability to last in a fickle market. We invest heavily in cutting edge research, for long-term results, and it shows.

Quality at a Low Price

Experience gives you options, and as an electronic cigarette company, we have always been about affordable quality. While such a task is not easy for most companies to achieve, due to our popularity and high sales volume, we have always been able to keep this a major aspect of our company. Customers are always looking for the best prices, and no one wants bad quality; finding that middle ground has enabled us to be one of the most popular and sought after e-cigarette companies in the world.

Readily A vailable

As a retailer, one of your biggest concerns about carrying certain brands is how readily available they are. Whatever the size of your sales volume, we can handle, and service it! Our products are sold in many different types of stores, and it is not a problem to find them. Customers are most concerned with convenience, easy ordering, great prices, and being able to get the shopping done quickly, whether they are purchasing online or through a brick and mortar retailer.

At IVG, we strive to grow our business with companies who are able to match our drive for success. We’re easy to work with, and we’re expanding in this industry by the day. Let’s grow together!