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Electronic Cigarettes and Taxation

imagesE-Cigarette regulations have been a big source of discussion in recent times, and even with the FDA ruling that regulations regarding their usage by minors are necessary, many users are still wondering where talks of taxing electronic cigarettes will go.

Many are concerned that electronic cigarettes will soon be taxed similarly traditional cigarettes, as many people, most notably legislators, are pushing for them to regarded in the same manner. Among the states considering taxing electronic alternatives are Rhode Island, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Washing, New York, New Jersey, and Indiana. They see this form of taxation as a positive gesture because the revenue on e-cigarettes is growing, and with sales encroaching upon the $2 billion mark, and expected to hit around $10 billion worldwide by 2017, the potential of taxation looks promising to legislators who see the move as beneficial to the economy.

The city of Olympia, Washington has been pushing for a high tax on e-cigarettes and accessories for some time now. Their House approved at 75% tax on e-cigarette products, however the committee is attempting to amend this bill, which is currently slated to incur $35 million yearly just for the city of Olympia. A taxation of this magnitude goes beyond even the taxes currently implemented on marijuana, alcohol, and even some types of tobacco products, which seems rather incongruent in terms of fairness.

However, this sort of drastic taxation, which would clearly drive the prices of electronic cigarettes and their accompanying products to much greater expenditures, will not be met without immense controversy and debate from the electronic cigarette community. A large portion of small business that specialize in e-cigarette products would be detrimentally affected, and the industry as a whole would see decreases in sales if this sort of taxation were to become national.

While no major decisions have been made, with this burgeoning industry comes the impending decisions on how to handle the massive sales electronic cigarettes continue to bring in. Many feel that e-cigarette taxation is merely a matter of time away, and we all hope that the most fair, practical decisions be made without harm to the industry. Electronic smokers deserve the products they want, without unfair costs attached.


E-Cigarettes are Booming; Altria Purchases Green

123312555_394212cThis week, news broke that tobacco giant Altria purchased the electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke. The move shows how the tobacco industry continues to diversify as tobacco sales continue to decline. The purchase announcement served as a further indication of the tobacco industry’s commitment and confidence in the electronic cigarette market. In their announcement, Altria stated that their subsidiary Nu Mark LLC would be acquiring Green Smoke for approximately $110 million, expecting to close finally during the second quarter.

As you most likely already know, Altria is not the first tobacco company to purchase an already successful electronic cigarette brand. In April of 2012, Lorillard became the first tobacco company to acquire an electronic cigarette brand when they purchased the line Blu.

As the tobacco industry continues to expand into the electronic cigarette industry, it becomes more and more certain that e-cigarettes are a force to be reckoned with. Predictions have e-cigarettes completely overtaking tobacco sales in the coming decade. While this industry is still in its infancy by comparison, as international tobacco sales are at approximately $697 billion, the tobacco industry knows their time is limited as smokers continue to lessen their smoking, and switch to electronic alternatives.

Further promise for consumers are talks of the FDA regulating e-cigarette products, to ensure safety and their efficacy, especially in regards to their effects on the body. Additional regulations will be geared towards underage usage, as there will be strict age limits towards the products as there are with tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more accepted, and this recent acquisition of Green Smoke by Altria proves it. The tobacco industry is sure of it, e-cigarette users are sure of it, and e-cigarette companies are sure of. Electronic smoking literally is the future’s way of smoking.

Vapor Shops: Carry IVG

9848135-largeVapor shops are an obvious carrier for IVG brands of e-cigarettes, after all their specialty lies in all varieties of alternative cigarette products! What many vapor shops are missing, however, are brands of our caliber in performance and quality.

If you own a vapor shop, or handle the ordering for one, consider adding International Vapor Group brands to your current selection. We lead the industry in innovation and quality, and our brands are very well known.

We all know there are thousands of brands in this market, and there is an enormous varietey in quality among them. Where IVG stands out is that this is the foundation of our brand.

South Beach Smoke, our first brand made a name almost as soon as it hit the market. Having received promotion from sources such as MTV and OK! Magazine, South Beach Smoke has been in the public eye since the beginning. It’s also a brand recognized among users for their trendy looks as well as their excellent quality.

EverSmoke was the second brand we released, and it offers the same top quality as South Beach Smoke, with different options to appeal to additional users who were not exactly relating to the trendy approach of South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke offers excellent flavors, great batteries, and very versatile accessories.

NutriCigs was the next brand we launched, and what this brand offers is all natural, supplement-fortified e-cigarettes that enable the user to have more with each e-cigarette than just a nicotine rush. Need energy, appetite curbing, or more restful sleep? NutriCigs will do the trick!

VaporZone is the latest brand we have released, and this brand branches further into the e-cigarette market, targeting advanced users and those who want the most technological products available. This brand features top of the line, highly innovative products as well as giving the user the ability to custom blend e-liquids for unique flavors.

So if your vapor shop or tobacco shop is need of better products, higher quality, adding additional diversity to your selection, or just need some better known products: talk to us! We have excellent wholesale opportunities available!


International Vapor Group: Not Your Ordinary Wholesale

imgresInternational Vapor Group offers three top electronic cigarette brands. Having built our business first online, in the e-commerce setting, our products were perfectly suited for the transition to brick-and-mortar retail. Our brands became well known, and sought after quickly, and being recognized by the customer has allowed greater sales. Succeeding in the convenience store retail sector has come naturally for us, and it’s not just because our products rock. Much of the success is due to the team behind the scenes and the business acumen that has been the focal strategy for getting it all done. Passion is one of the underlying aspects of our foundation. It’s more than just selling a product; it’s a lifestyle, and the ability to offer our customers more convenience in their daily lives is what drives us.

We target more than one customer demographic. Each of our brands offers different e-cigarette products, options, and ways they can be used, appealing to plenty of different smokers and making our three separate lines ultimately useful. Part of our marketing has been in designing excellent graphics and branding ourselves visually. Our products and packaging stand out, so customers recognize them.

Our wholesale development is more than just great products; it’s logistics and having the expertise to know how to drive sales. We are currently working with numerous retailers globally, however the process in choosing the right venues to work with is discerning. While we want to expand rapidly, sell our products to the highest degree, and create relationships where all entities profit exponentially, we are decisive about those we form partnerships with. It takes commitment from both ends.

We are committed 100% to all of our retailers, and there is no limit to what we will do to keep our presence in a positive light. IVG wholesale opportunities are expanding, and if you desire our products in your store or stores, we want to hear from you!