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Top 10 Places to Carry Electronic Cigarettes

img_vz_sunriseWhere can e-cigarettes be sold? When it comes to retail, almost any venue. However when it comes to where retailers will get the most bang for the customer’s buck, certain types of locations make the most sense. With electronic cigarettes popping up for sale seemingly everywhere, here is a list of places that work effectively and effortlessly for e-cig sales.

  1. Gas Stations: One of the most obvious and sure-shot places to find cigarettes, gas stations are convenient and always ready when it comes to smokes. For e-cigarettes, more gas stations are constantly adding the electronic alternatives, making it more convenient for e-smokers to find what they’re looking for on the go.

  1. Convenience Stores: The most convenient option, right? They sell everything imaginable, including traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

  1. Hotel Gift Shops: A great location for carrying e-cigarettes, hotel gift shops offer products that appeal to guests, and are in line with the hotel’s policies, so for hotels that have strict smoking rules, having options like e-cigs make a great compromise, exemplifying their level of service.

  1. Liquor Stores: A no-brainer; they carry cigarettes, liquor, and other products geared towards adults. Perfect for impulse purchases.

  1. Cigar Shops: In the business of selling things to be smoked, e-cigarettes work amazingly in cigar shops. Perfect example is Coco Cigar in CocoWalk, Miami, one of our top retailers for our brand VaporFi.

  1. Discount Stores: Giving the people the goods at fair prices, these are great spots for e-cigarette sales.

  1. Bars: If smoking isn’t tolerated, but vaping is, give your customers an alternative option they can purchase right then and there. It ups the business, and pleases the customer.

  1. Pharmacies: Big name pharmacies carry all varieties of cigarette products, and many are extending into the e-cig market; this sector would benefit exponentially from top quality products from our brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

  1. E-Cigarette Shops: Obvious, right?

  1. Head Shops/ Smoke Shops: For decades these shops have  carried all sorts of alternative smoking products, and top quality e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and especially top of the line dry herb vaporizers fit right into the selection.

Electronic Cigarettes: Better for the Environment, Better for the Future

eco-friendly-businessHaving environmentally friendly products is more than a passing trend, more than a bragging point, and more than a cool sales pitch; it’s rather responsible. As consumers become more aware of their buying choices, many choose to go the more sustainable route because it avails some peace of mind. Retailers understand this, and many see the great profitability in providing products that are more environmentally conscious.

In every sense, electronic cigarettes are much better for the environment than traditional cigarettes. They are not part of the destructive farming industry that is tobacco, and they do get filled with a long list of harmful additives. Tobacco farming is known for its use of radioactive fertilizer, having incredibly negative farming practices that ruin soil and contribute to widespread pollution.

Traditional cigarettes are an environmental problem beyond just their roots however. They are excessively polluted, in fact the most polluted item in the world, as so many users consider it easy to discard them on the ground, instead of in receptacles where they belong. Cartridges do not exactly decompose, and as they break down, all those chemicals that they are created with slowly leak out, polluting the water and earth as they travel along. When they make their way into natural water systems, they become a threat to bird, fish, and other wildlife species who mistakenly consume these butts for food.

Another issue is the concept of constant disposing. Cigarettes are used and tossed nonstop. The constant stream of garbage is an environmental disaster, and it’s not just a pollution issue, as cigarette butts surprisingly take up a lot of landfill space when they do make into trashcans. If the average smoker goes through a pack of 20 a day, that figures out to about 7,280 cigarettes yearly!

So as a result of these issues, e-cigarettes are a much better choice for smokers who want a more eco-friendly way to smoke, and the better choice for retailers who want to expand their selection with tobacco-free, eco-friendly alternatives. While many smokers may not turn to e-smoking simply for the environmental impact, it is a great advertising point. Selling “green” products is responsible and maintains your modern edge. It enables customers to have a choice if they wish, and in addition to all of the other benefits e-cigarettes avail, the option of being a little more conscious of their footprint with their smoking choice is a big one.

Our future lies in our planet; little decisions can amount to big ones, and electronic cigarettes allow us to cut back in one very destructive area. If your selection of tobacco and cigarette products is in need of more modern, “greener” e-cigs, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities!

Sell a More Eco-Friendly Cigarette; E-Cigarettes

imagesMany retailers have caught on in recent years, selling products that are more environmentally conscious. Many consumers are seeking out products that have a better impact on the planet, and for others it is a big reason to choose one product over the other. Consumer awareness of eco-friendly products has grown tremendously, and more people opt for the greener product when it is available, especially when the price point is comparable. Offering more responsible products gives customers more options in your selection, and it can be a moral boost, knowing you are selling a product with a multitude of benefits, that isn’t negatively affecting the environment.

Many people, including smokers, are not necessarily inclined to go green in every aspect of their lives, but many do make a conscious effort to do a little more to reduce their footprint. Choosing recycled paper products, opting to walk, using public transportation, choosing organic foods, turning off lights more often; these are all little steps towards actively living more consciously, and choosing to smoke vapor cigarettes – for whatever reason the smoker goes for is right up there as well.

Cigarettes are known to be dangerous, and they are not by any means “green.” Electronic cigarettes however, offer users an alternative when getting their nicotine, and allow them to feel more confident and satisfied with the purchase. They can be marketed as a reusable, less wasteful product that does not encourage polluting of cigarette butts. They do not create a toxic air environment with second hand smoke, nor do they produce carbon monoxide, or combustion when they are used. The beauty of smoking electronically is that e-cigs are a very convenient way to have a greener choice. They add so much to a smoker’s life, giving options, freedom, and saving them money. The amount of benefits they provide is excellent, and when it comes to tobacco alternatives that offer nicotine, consumers are open minded and willing to try! As a retailer, are you looking to incorporate more eco-friendly e-cigarette brands for your customers?