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E-Cigarettes & Taxes

uncle-sam-taxesThere has been so much talk and rumors abound for a while regarding e-cigarettes, ranging from what sort of regulations we will be seeing from the FDA, and what the government plans on doing about taxation. We all know this has been a hot button issue for so many reasons, as electronic cigarettes and other alternative smoking products have completely changed the landscape of smoking. Here’s what is presently occurring in the US regarding taxes on e-cigarettes, and what we can expect in the future.

Many e-cigarette users fear that their popularity will encourage lawmakers to seek higher taxing of the products due to their displacing of traditional cigarettes, which have always brought in millions upon millions of dollars. This would drive the price of the products up in a drastic way, making them unaffordable to many. To this point, cities and states have been on their own to decide how electronic cigarettes should be taxed. Some have instituted excise taxes, however there is still pressure from lobbyists, anti e-cigarette groups, city and state policymakers, among other special interests groups who are seeking to tap into the ability of taxing electronic cigarettes in the same manner as traditional cigarettes.

The problem with that, however, lies in the fact that alternative cigarettes are not tobacco products, and they contain no tobacco. Many sates, such as Hawaii, Utah, and Oklahoma, have attempted implementing taxes, but they have been met with failure. Other states are still contemplating such moves, seeing the immense potential of bringing in billions of dollars.

While the future remains to be seen, it seems as though taxation is going to be inevitable in some way or another. Like all forms of profit, taxes are just part of the big picture, however we can only hope that things are done in all fairness.

The Beauty of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Perfect for Retail

NutricigsEnergyDisposable electronic cigarettes are immensely useful, and for both retailers and consumers, they offer an excellent alternative to standard reusable e-cigarettes.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are similar to standard reusable e-cigarettes in that they work very similarly, however they are able to used right out of the package. They need no charging, filling, or attaching of cartridges, so they are really great impulse purchases.

Many people who are new to e-cigarettes find them to be very convenient, as they enable them to experience electronic smoking without the expense or commitment of purchasing a starter kit. They are the ideal introduction, and at fair prices, customers are typically comfortable giving them a go, regardless of outcome.

While perfect for beginners, disposable electronic cigarettes are also great for experienced users because they offer the same simplicity and convenience to those who are accustomed to reusable e-cigarettes.

International Vapor Group brands offer a selection of disposable e-cigarettes that cover an excellent range of options, making them ideal to carry in stores. Because they are affordable, and offer no-strings-attached kind of commitment, users can feel confident purchasing them to experience electronic smoking.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer disposables in two flavors: menthol and tobacco. They promise the same satisfaction both brands are known for, only in the convenient one-piece unit.

All NutriCigs products are disposable e-cigarettes, and they not only come in a variety of flavors plus nicotine, but each type is geared towards a specific goal, be it having a little more energy, curbing your appetite, or having a little easier time relaxing before bed. They are essentially disposables that do a whole lot more!

If you’re looking to ramp up your tobacco selection, increase your electronic cigarette sales, or just expand your selection to cater to those who want electronic alternatives to tobacco, think about the possibilities of adding disposable e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Introducing the Redesigned South Beach Smoke Website!

main_banner_made_in_the_usaSouth Beach Smoke, one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes, has just unveiled their recently redesigned website! The new look was done to refresh the visual appeal, and to make a historical reference to the “golden era” of smoking, only updated and tailored to fit the more modern version of smoking; electronic smoking.

The look is clearly influenced by the brand’s South Beach namesake, taking a cue from the locale’s signature art deco past. It is a fresh new take for this brand that has been in existence since the earliest days of e-cigarettes, and the look clearly shows where the brand is headed. The South Beach Smoke customer tends to be wary of trends, and up for trying new things, so adding some fun and style is right up their alley. Feeling good about being able to smoke freely is not something smokers are typically used to anymore, but because of e-cigarettes, this can once again be experienced.

The design of the site is meant to evoke the glamour, the social acceptability, and the appeal smoking once had, only in a more modern, people-friendly, non-invasive way, because e-smoking is all of these things. The redesign is meant to show users that vaping can be as enjoyable, if not more so, than traditional smoking. It can be every bit as stylish and attractive as smoking once was, only without the excessive negative attributes. We want South Beach Smoke users to feel great about their products, knowing they are getting so much more out them than was ever possible with traditional cigarettes.

The redesigned look of South Beach Smoke can be seen throughout all products, the website, and just about all branding. It was done precisely with the customer in mind, and so far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. With our new design, we are definitely looking to the prospects ahead of us!

In the very near future, at the request of our loyal fans, we will be unveiling a new lineup of flavors to add to our already diverse collection. And to celebrate, we will be hosting a very exciting sweepstakes contest we’re sure customers will be thrilled to enter. So stay tuned!

South Beach Smoke Takes Over NYC!

1186007_530972736957494_1239624841_nProving they are entirely here to stay, South Beach Smoke has been taking over New York City over the past couple of weeks with our marvelous Mobile Showroom. Hitting up nearly every major street corner, and connecting with several local vapor shops such as Smoke Scene, The Tobacco Store, and the Village Smoke Shop, South Beach Smoke has really made a presence in NYC! It’s been great connecting with fans and making many new ones as they experience the power of vaping South Beach style with free samples and the ability to try our exciting line of flavors! New Yorkers are definitely not known for being a shy community, and these vapers have been taking full advantage of the opportunities to pose for pictures with our products as well!

South Beach Smoke, as you very well may know, was our first brand. They launched to immediate acclaim, winning over fans and Hollywood rather quickly. To this day they remain one of the most visible e-cigarette brands, and have garnered quite the reputation for quality. As the perfect entry-level electronic cigarette for users who are just switching over to vaping, as well as experienced vapers who want the best product they can get in quality and price, South Beach Smoke remains the leading brand among users. With continuous top ratings from industry experts, South Beach Smoke has accrued many thousands of fans.

If you are a retailer, South Beach Smoke is a brand that will make your current e-cigarette or traditional cigarette selection a bit more electrifying. This is a name that resonates with customers, promises quality, and is highly user-friendly. As we continue our expansion into the retail market, we are pleased to be adding new retail partners regularly. We invite you to be a part of the excitement; if you are a retailer, let’s expand together!

International Vapor Group’s Customers 3 brands; 3 customers

hero_3brands2dOur three brands were designed to appeal to three different customer demographics. We understand the importance of appealing to a wide range of customers, and having products that meet the needs of many people is essential to a brand’s success. Our three brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs were designed to meet the needs of three different types of smokers. It’s this conscious planning that has lead to their great success, and being able to satisfy customers in what they want.

South Beach Smoke was designed to be a high quality introduction to e-smoking. They have become the top choice of tens of thousands of smokers, and have earned a great reputation for affordable performance. Those who use South Beach Smoke are often attracted to the trendy looks and popularity, with a large customer base in their 20’s and 30’s. With a presence in popular culture, having been included in MTV Movie Award gift bags, and frequent media mentions has given them easy recognition among many people.

EverSmoke was launched to take the technology implemented in South Beach Smoke even further. This brand became popular with more sophisticated customers, often in their 40’s and 50’s, who were looking for an even higher level of quality, great flavors, more accessory options, with similar functioning to South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke appeals to those who are somewhat older than the South Beach Smoke crowd, yet till want similar sleek looks and higher performance.

NutriCigs were aimed at an even broader scope of customers. Having three distinct types of products, aimed at supporting different needs, they have allowed us to bring our products to even more people, offering great benefits. NutriCigs customers run the gamut in age, and what appeals to these users is having the ability to have  increased energy, an appetite suppressant, or a sleep aid just by using their electronic cigarette. Another benefit is the disposable design, adding convenience to their many benefits.

While our motto says “3 Customers, 3 Brands” it’s really way more than that when it comes to our customer base! We reach out to all smokers, and aim to provide an exceptionally pleasing smoking experience, hoping to satisfy and meet the needs of many.

A Look at Our Brands: South Beach Smoke

Screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-9_42_10-AM1Offering three of the top electronic cigarette brands around, here is a look at our first brand: South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offers excellent products, a trendy design scheme, and will appeal to any budget. This line of e-cigs launched to nearly instantaneous success. Soon after launching, starter kits from South Beach were given in the gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, solidifying their presence among Hollywood, and it was pretty much all a go from there.

Customers adore this brand for the options, exquisite, fun flavors, and the powerful throat hit. They love the high-performance SuperMaxTM batteries, and the convenience of the Home Delivery Program. One of the highlights for many is the open communication made available through social media, and the very high level of customer service keeps the customer base both satisfied and excited.

South Beach Smoke was designed with a stylish, yet realistically cigarette-like look. They feature a crystal end piece, which glows with an orange LED light, for an amber effect, similar to a truly lit cigarette. They are available in two battery colors, as well as two battery styles, with two different switch modes.

Starter kits come with a wide range of options, starting with Reusable Express Kits, which are the very basic, necessities-only kits, and the others they go up in price based on accessories, cartridges, and amount of products contained within. They are very well put together, making vaping easily accessible to anyone who is interested.

E-Cigarette accessories are another area South Beach Smoke excels in. They have a wide variety of them, yet not too many products making it hard to decide. On the contrary, this line focuses on convenience and improving the e-smoking experience, and the accessories only add to this. The Personal Charging Case is on the top of many smoker’s list of must-haves, and it allows for outlet-free charging of batteries. The Lanyard, and the PowerCig have also been met with acclaim, and serve the customer to their maximum pleasure!

This brand should be a staple on the shelves of any retailer who wants to carry a high quality product, with great options, and still remains reasonably priced. Check out all that they have to offer today, it may just what your selection needs!

Innovation is What Sets Us Apart

EverSmoke_Review_Electronic_Cigarette_Crystal_TipAt IVG, innovation is at the core of our company. From the start, we have sought to offer advanced products to satisfy our customers. We have grown into a company that our customers know and trust to always deliver the best.

Our SuperMaxTM batteries were released at a time in the electronic cigarette industry when customers were seeking a powerful, yet comfortable e-cigarette battery that performed more similarly to traditional cigarettes. It was a combination of having the right technology, and coming out at the perfect time that enabled us to get so grounded, so quickly. Released to nearly instant acclaim, three years in, our electronic cigarettes are more popular than ever. Our first brand, South Beach Smoke, has been revered by thousands, including many in the Hollywood spotlight.

When the EverSmoke brand was developed, the same award-winning SuperMax technology was employed, and was used to create yet another award winning brand. Further diversifying our available options, EverSmoke broadened our offerings with products of an even higher quality caliber, and additional options and flavor choices. Over the years, both companies evolved to offer a wide range of starter kits, and both include lines of disposable e-cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke have now added a serious collection of useful, advanced accessories, which have greatly benefitted the needs of our customers. We were one of the first companies to develop a Personal Charging Case, and among the few to actually produce a model that worked well without destroying batteries.

Our latest development has been with the introduction of the NutriCigs line, taking the electronic cigarette concept even further, adding a greater purpose and usefulness. They are the first e-cigarette to include supplements that take the smoking concept further, giving the customer the ability to have an energy boost, a sleep aid, and an appetite suppressant included in their e-cigarette for a more satisfying experience.

Technology and innovation are deeply embedded in our culture of creating exceptional electronic cigarette products. While other companies are doing the same things over and again, we are forging into the future with new ideas and ways to blow the minds of our customers. If you want the same, do contact us about e-cigarette wholesale opportunities!


Rising E-Cigs Sales Are High Profit Margins for Retailers

IMG_00304 years ago, electronic cigarettes were first getting attention in the US. They were reaching the mainstream, and smokers were definitely interested. Fast-forward to now, smokers are switching over all the time, and most smokers are very much aware of them, according to the latest stats. Smokers are seeking them out, and they want high quality products. E-cigarettes present retailers with products from a quickly expanding industry that is very promising, both in what they do, and the profits they are generating.

Electronic cigarettes have been available readily for sale online, but there are is an even greater market waiting to be tapped into with retail. Yes, they have been also available in smaller numbers, from a limited selection of brands in the brick-and-mortar arena, but the majority of these brands have acclaimed a reputation for lacking quality, service, options, and overall products.

E-cigarettes are a great idea for retailers, and even more so with companies like International Vapor Group, where the offerings cover a multitude of target customers, and the products cover a broad range to please everyone. Our products have very high profit margins, and we are all about residual income. IVG’s Wholesale Program can be fit to service any size relationship, with order sizes starting at $1000. Our pricing is highly competitive, and depending on the volume of the order, the markups can be as high as 400%. Our products are made to generate sales, and to encourage future sales. One of the best points of working with IVG products is that we are a hands-on company, and want to drive your sales, and drive your customers back for repeat sales.

Why should retailers consider adding electronic cigs to their inventories? Because now is the time! The sales of electronic cigarettes continue to rise, and they allow for very high, very attractive margins for those who carry them in their stores.




Hotels Are Now Offering Electronic Cigarettes to Guests

2361376_f520Smoking in your hotel room has long been one of those taboo instances, and most of them are not too fond of guests lighting up indoors. In fact, these days, they aren’t really fond of smokers lighting up anywhere! So it makes perfect sense that they would be thrilled to have smokers using electronic cigs instead, and some cutting edge hotels are even starting to offer them to their guests, instead of selling traditional cigarettes. The Clarendon Hotel, of Phoenix, Arizona was one of the first to sell e-cigs, and their response has been excellent. A happier environment and happier guests is the ultimate aim in the hospitality industry! And accommodating your guests in creative new ways is never a bad thing for your reputation, either!

Hotels are taking this new approach to keep smokers from smoking where they shouldn’t yet still make them happy, to protect their property, and to keep the peace with their nonsmoking clientele. Some hotels even fine people for breaking rules applying to smoking, and this is even a burden. Hotels just don’t want to deal with smoke!

E-cigarettes and hotels go together pretty darn well. Think about it; cigarettes have long been sold in hotels, but since they are increasingly more burdensome, this is just another scenario electronic cigarettes will work better in. Because of the high profit margins, it’s also a lucrative opportunity for hotels because they will offer another avenue of income, all the while giving their guests a healthier option to use instead of cigarettes.

The options of different e-cig products hotels can sell is excellent. E-cigarette starter kits, fortified e-cigarettes, express kits, refill cartridges, and e-cig disposables would all make convenient additions to their products, and having them would give their guests choices instead of straight up restrictions. If you own or manage a hotel, have you considered adding electronic cigarettes to your offerings? Do contact us if you’re up for pleasing all of your guests, smokers included! This is just one of the many situations showing that e-smokes are the perfect medium, giving smokers what they want, nonsmokers what they want, and business owners what they want!


Why Gas Stations Should Sell E-Cigs

gas-station_2_300Gas stations are a perfect venue for electronic cigarettes because smokers are used to them. They would sell very well in this setting, and be a great entry point for smokers who are curious about trying them because of their visual appeal and convenience. In this setting, they would be ideal for both regular users, as well as whim purchases. Currently some gas stations do sell e-cigarettes, but for the most part they carry lesser quality brands and products, and this is a problem. Should you ask most of the people who have tried electronic cigarettes they purchased at gas stations, chances are you will hear less than wonderful reviews, and a desire to have more advanced, better quality e-cigs. What this means is that gas stations are on to the right idea by carrying e-cigs, but they should be more discerning when choosing the lines they carry.

Many gas stations have upgraded the quality of many products they sell in recent years, carrying more healthful snack and drink options, and now is a great time to do the same when it comes to electric cigarettes. Better products = happier customers, and that will bring repeat sales! Why think just about short-term sales, when you could be bringing your customer back for more?

And if you are a gas station owner, who sees e-cigs as just a one-time purchase, have you considered what additional products e-cigarette companies offer, such as e-cig disposables? These are the essence of convenience, and allow users to use them with even more ease and simplicity than cigarettes. Able to use anywhere, and they are meant to be used straight out of the package, they need no fire to light them, and they last about the same length as two packs of cigarettes.

What smoker isn’t accustomed to grabbing cigarettes when they make a gas run? Gas stations are oh-so-convenient for all those little things, like packs of gum, bottled water, and cigarettes. So now that smokers are switching to e-cigs in droves, it only makes sense that gas stations add them to their inventories.