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New Regulations for E-Liquid Packaging Hit the Vape World

Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act Regulations E-Liquid packaging is now officially regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as of July 26, 2016. Earlier this year, President Obama signed this legislation into law, as the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, and it has come to its fulfillment. On the part of the industry as a whole, this has been a very welcome regulation, as it is clear the intention is to ensure safety, and to make the products even safer.

This newest e-cigarette regulation will require all packages of e-liquid that contain nicotine which can be accessed through typical use by a consumer, will require a child resistant cap. All manufacturers will be required to have their packaging tested out, and upon the completion of this testing, they will have to show proof of authenticity with a General Certificate of Conformity.

Packages of e-liquids that contain no nicotine/ 0mg, and those that are prepackaged, sealed upon manufacturing, and disposable containers that are used directly with the electronic cigarettes (cartridges) are exempt from this regulation because these products do not come with the same level of danger as bottles of liquids do.

While this regulation may not come as a surprise for many in the industry, most reputable and responsible brands have taken it upon themselves for quite a while to equip their packages with such safety precautions. And though regulations of any kind are usually met with some resistance, especially when people feel their rights to freedom are being infringed upon, regulations that honestly take into account the need for precautions are the responsible way to go.

All IVG brands have used child-resistant caps on e-liquids for quite some time now, understanding that this type of regulation was going to be occurring one way or another. Clearly that time has come to fruition, and while we are happy to have been ahead of the curve, we look forward to all manufacturers in this industry taking a step in the right direction to ensure safety across the board.  

Why More Users are Transitioning to E-Liquids

Best Quality E-LiquidsWhen the industry first started out, there was a major market for cartridges that came pre-filled with liquids, enabling the user to just pop one onto their e-cigs and go. When it was used all the way through, they simply swapped the old for a new one and went vaping along on their merry way. When people started transitioning to more advanced products, such as personal vaporizers and realized their options in filling their tanks and cartridges themselves, along with the ability to save some money over the cost of cartridges, the market for liquids exploded and more and more users began demanding e-liquids of higher quality.

Understanding the traction of this trend, International Vapor Group has established two of the best options in the market with VaporFi E-Liquids and Motley Brew E-Liquids. Both carry juices designed to please the serious vapers in the industry, and have aimed to maintain the highest level of standards in existence anywhere in the world for e-liquid production.

VaporFi, which has redefined what the e-liquid industry can do, set the bar really high for brands looking to tap into this market, offering exceptional quality and a wildly unlimited range of flavor possibilities. The result has been a brand that has achieved international success, and customers who are beyond satisfied knowing they can get exactly what they want in an e-liquid without having to create it themselves. Also of note, VaporFi’s range of liquid offerings has expanded into two additional lines of specialty product, with an even greater emphasis on exclusivity and quality.

Motley Brew, a newcomer to the industry, set forth a new direction, offering a select level of flavors, made in small batches, of the most supreme quality around. These liquids have garnered a cult following very fast, and were even awarded top honors as “Best in Show” at the 2015 Vape Summit.

Currently, users are increasingly gravitating to using top-caliber e-liquids made by the best brands in the industry because they have realized the potential for ultimate performance, experiences, and they understand that the better made liquids are, the better their own results will be. We could not be more pleased to be raising the standard, and keeping the crowd happy with the best liquids out there!

Why USA-Made E-Liquids Are the Best

American Made E-LiquidsWhen it comes to e-liquids, for all of our brands we are staunchly all about the USA. While manufacturing of other items is done with great precision abroad, when it comes to nicotine e-liquids, specifically intended for the American market, USA made juices is the best way to go. Here is a look at why American-made liquids are the only way we’ll do it.

-Freshness: American-made e-liquids are able to reach the customer in a shorter amount of time, enabling a fresher product from manufacturing through shipping and usage.

Better Tasting: American made nicotine juice has a reputation for tasting better, and it is well-deserved. Fresher liquids taste better, because they have not been sitting in crates crossing the oceans, nor are they unintentionally steeping as they wait through weeks of lines in Customs. More direct from production to the customer means a fresher, better-tasting product.

-Standards: America is a pretty strict place when it comes to manufacturing, and there is a higher level of quality associated with items produced here, as opposed to elsewhere overseas.

Quality Control: Due to the higher standards, the various methods of quality control and monitoring are of an elevated, compared to most places abroad. Many consumers feel safer using products, especially when concerning unregulated nicotine e-liquid products, that have been manufactured here in the US.

-Shorter Shipment Time: Being created in America means a faster amount of time between production and reaching the customer, as well as, a shorter time in transit from the manufacturing plant to the distributer and/ or customer. Faster means fresher in this industry.

-No Waiting on Customs: When products are coming in from overseas, due to enhanced security nowadays, shipments can get tied up in customs for unspecified amounts of time. This means no guarantees on how long it will take to get the products ourselves, or be able to sell them. This can equate to lost profits.

American made nicotine e-liquids are the best; no getting around it! While they may be costlier, when it comes to standards, we don’t play around! If you’re looking for the best wholesale e-liquids available, guaranteed made in the USA, contact us about working with our innovative brands!

Our Thoughts on PG & VG

Pg and VG CloudsWhen it comes to e-liquid companies, there’s so much discussion out there about what is safe, what isn’t, what is and is not regulated, what users should steer clear of, and what should absolutely not be on the market. As industry insiders, here is our take on the matter. We do not take the safety of our users lightly, and while regulation is not in place as of now to keep the e-liquids market in order, we are 100% committed to offering only the highest quality liquids available.

Safety Standards

Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi carry some of the most extensive offerings of liquids in the industry. Our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the level of quality that goes into these formulas, and the result shows in the performance; there are none that surpass. We manufacture liquids only in the USA, in a lab registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer, and list all of our formulas on file with them for transparency.

PG: General Use is Common

PG, or propylene glycol is a controversial topic because some feel it should be avoided, while others feel it is safe for inhalation due to its being used in many products, both for body care and for ingestion. Some people do have allergies to it, which can pose a small level of risk, however these individuals have the option of using VG-based liquids. As for the rest of us, PG liquids are considered fine for general usage.

VG: Not all the Same

Vegetable glycerin can also bring up a discussion about standards. Where this is sourced from can be an issue, as sometimes it comes from peanuts, which can cause issues for individuals allergic to peanuts/ tree nuts. Ours is sourced from select producers of Malaysian palm for purity and safety.

Don’t Know What’s in E-Liquids?

Not with IVG brands. We disclose ingredients, and don’t use very many of them to produce our top-rated liquids, and we invite you to  think critically here: if e-liquids were so excessively dangerous, do you think they would be legally sold?

As far as e-liquids, PG, and VG go, their safety, and where standards are concerned, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry.

Spotlight on SBS

South Beach SmokeAs one of the most exciting brands in the e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke is always on the move. This brand has earned its success due to an ever expanding drive to meet the needs of the market, while focusing on the aspects of innovation and being ahead of the trends. One of the founding principles is constantly being aware of what users want, and what they’re going to want in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As one of the first companies to specialize in high quality electronic cigarettes, with a signature look, feel and attitude designed specifically for those who want style as much as performance, South Beach Smoke is always up to something good. If you are looking to wholesale with a solid brand that has great reach with electronic cigarette users while appealing to all levels of the market, here is a look at what this hot brand is up to at the moment!

High Tech Vaporizers

The past year saw the expansion into the market of vaporizers, and it added an additional aspect of growth. Recently, South Beach Smoke launched their Custom Vaporizer Builder on their site which offers their full line of advanced personal vaporizers, in a clean, easy-to-use setup that allows users to custom build their dream devices with all available accessories and colors in a few convenient steps.


Also knowing how popular using nicotine e-liquids has become, South Beach Smoke released an exceptional line of liquids that took off instantly. Comprised of thousands of singular flavors, with the option of custom blending all of them into thousands of new flavors, users have unlimited options of flavors to choose from. The standout feature is the quality; make no mistake, there are no liquids like South Beach’s; they are made under the strictest industry standards, in the USA, of the finest ingredients.

Understanding the need for continuous advancement, the brand is always debuting something new to keep up with their customer base! If you are looking to work with a brand with a serious reputation and a never ending commitment to quality, South Beach Smoke is at the top of their game!


Regulation that Makes Sense

E-Cigarette RegulationsThe subject of electronic cigarette regulations is a common topic of discussion, debate, and rumor. While there are endless conflicting opinions, the FDA has been slow to make judgements and formally put most rules into play as there still remains a lack of firm evidence to choose a side. However, as positive as the response has been to these products from the public, and with little evidence to side with those who claim they are fully negative, it is a positive sign that we are beginning to see a rise in regulations that make sense and are in favor of e-cigarette usage. The most recent is coming from Washington State, where lawmakers are imposing a rule requiring electronic cigarette companies to sell their liquids with child-proof caps.

We are definitely in support of this, and are quite pleased. Child safety has long been a concern of the e-cigarette industry, and those on the outside looking in. One of the biggest concerns has always been keeping nicotine e-liquids out of the hands of children, and a rule such as this one aims to keep children safe, while still enabling adult users to have their liquids. It allows for more peace of mind, and less worry over accidents occurring. While nicotine is absolutely safe for inhalation and proper usage by adults, it can be toxic if ingested or harmful if it comes directly in contact with the skin.

Our brand VaporFi is firmly on board with this type of regulation because simply, it makes sense. As we are completely against our products being used by minors and those underage, adding an additional measure to keep children safe and our products out of the hands of those who should not be handling them is a very good thing that can seriously do no harm.

As the industry progresses and we continue to see electronic cigarette products being used more and more regularly, we are happy to see smart, intelligent regulations being implemented alongside. This adds to the credibility of the industry, and adds to the safe use of these innovative, life changing products.

E-Liquid: Why it Matters

VaporFi-E-LiquidWhen you are looking at different brands of electronic cigarettes and what they offer, you have to take into consideration a variety of factors. One of the most influential, when it comes to how devices perform, is e-liquid.

E-liquid, also known as e-juice, or simply juice, is an essential when vaping. There is no substituting it. It can be made of all sorts of different formulations, it can include a wide array of ingredients as well as be comprised of just a few. It can carry a very high dosage of nicotine, contain a moderate level, or even be nicotine-free. It can be vegetable glycerin (VG) based, propylene glycol based (PG), or some combination of these two. It can be made of the lowest quality ingredients around, or you can be lucky enough to find brands such as VaporFi that carry only the highest grade e-liquids available.

With all of this disparity, all to perform a basic function, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Does it really matter what is going on inside? Does what constitutes the e-liquid even make a difference because it’s getting vaporized? We are certain it does.

You see, when you inhale the vapor, which is a by-product of the e-liquid, it goes straight into your lungs. Wouldn’t you prefer the cleanest, purest substances going into your vital organs?

Experience has taught us that the best liquids are made of the best ingredients, which originate from the best sources. It results in the best flavors, the best nicotine sensation, the best throat hit, and overall satisfaction. We make a point to avoid diacetyl, ensuring we carry only diacetyl-free e-liquids. We use responsible sources such as Malaysian Palm for our glycerin to avoid run-ins with peanut allergies. All other ingredients are Kosher-grade and inhalation-grade; meaning they are literally designed for inhalation.

We believe in having the best electronic cigarette products, and part of this equation is having the best e-liquid. It is what holds the flavor and is the key to the experience. You can have the best mod or e-cig on the planet; if your liquid is mediocre, you can expect the same in performance. We strive to go beyond.

How E-Liquids and Cartridges Create Repeat Customers

sbs flavorsFor retailers who are used to the sales of tobacco cigarettes which easily created generations of repeated customers and the need for customers to continuously return to purchase the product, the fact of electronic cigarettes being reusable may seem like a business failure by comparison. However they are anything but. While they happen to be a reusable product, with a very reusable format, these traits only make them more socially responsible. Alternative cigarettes work with cartridges and e-liquids, which are the portion the product that the consumer actually consumes, and this usage creates a need for the customer to return to purchase refills.

E-cigarette cartridges last anywhere between 1 to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. They’re more cost-effective for the user because of this, and they go a lot longer than single-use packs of cigarettes. They create less waste and as an added benefit they are available in a multitude of different flavors to please the customer. They offer a great amount more control than traditional cigarettes being available in a great variety of nicotine levels, including 0mg (nicotine free) to 24 mg. Consumers have endless options of different choices to fulfill their needs by using them.

E-liquids typically work with vaporizer tank systems as well as with refillable cartridges the user can use, depending on their device. They are available in even more flavors and the many customizable preferences give the user even more ability to have their exact specifications met. Brands such as VaporFi and South Beach Smoke make this readily available with their Custom Blending option, and users have been overwhelmingly satisfied as a result.

As a retailer, you have options beyond tobacco that offer lucrative possibilities. Both cartridges and nicotine e-liquids have become quite popular as of late and can help make up for the loss of profits you’ve seen due to dwindling cigarette sales. With more and more people using alternative products such as these, coupled with the fact of customers needing to find top-quality options, the range of products available from IVG can benefit your retail selection immensely.

The Latest Generation of E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-e-liquid-packagingIn the past few years, with the accelerated growth of the e-cigarette industry, the level of advancements and innovations that have occurred has been tremendous. It seems, as soon as one new development emerges, a slew of others are in the works and will be hitting the market in no time, rendering last week’s hot new product a thing of the past.

Like all technology niches, e-cigarettes appeal to this current generation of tech-savvy individuals who want bigger, better, more convenient, higher performing, cleaner, sleeker, more versatile devices. So, it’s pretty obvious why e-cigs are a perfect fit for those looking for nicotine without the mess and inconveniences of smoke.

One area that has seriously blossomed in the industry over the last few years (along with the products themselves) has been e-liquids.

In the past, liquids were considered troublesome, inconvenient, difficult to handle, hard to find in good quality, and even somewhat intimidating. Yet, with proper usage, most users have realized the world of possibilities that lie ahead with them.

VaporFi, for example, has become an industry leader in the area of top quality e-liquids. With every effort in place to provide exceptional quality at a very desirable price. Customers are able to rest assured, that when they use VaporFi liquids, they are getting the highest grade, (diacetyl-free, Kosher-Grade, inhalation-grade, Malaysian-Palm derived glycerin) ingredients, made exclusively in the USA for safety, security, standards, and peace of mind.

And to boost the quality factor, VaporFi offers the benefit of custom blending, which enables consumers to have 30,000 different flavor choices. They can choose from vaper-tested  “Top Blends” or they can dream up their own preferred varieties. It takes personalized flavor enjoyment to new levels, and backed with the high performing, top of the line e-liquid base behind them, it’s a no-fail recipe for vaping perfection. Resulting in very satisfied customers.

Not all e-liquids are developed with the same standards, therefore the market holds a tremendous disparity. It’s all part of the IVG difference; we don’t play around!

Better Standards, Better E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-E-LiquidWe don’t mess around when it comes to standards. We understand the importance of having quality our customers can depend on, and we know that taking shortcuts will typically create less than stellar results, so it’s not something we’re willing to sacrifice. Simply put, we know there is no compromise when it comes to producing top-quality electronic cigarette products and e-liquids, and that is exactly what we put our name to. As the market gets increasingly competitive, with more and more brands emerging constantly, we are proud to offer nicotine e-liquids of the highest caliber, performing, tasting, and vaporizing better than any others out there. Read on to learn why there is no comparison.

Nicotine e-liquids have become increasingly popular over the years. While they been around for a while, they are in extremely high demand now. Many electronic cigarette smokers have gotten over the concept of filling liquids themselves, and truly embrace the control they have over their products in doing so. While many people considered it to be an extra, troublesome step in smoking electronically, the many positives outweigh the small amount of extra effort. E-liquids offer a greater level of performance, allow the user so many more flavors, and are far more cost effective than using pre-filled cartridges.

International Vapor Group understands the many possibilities for creating the industry’s best nicotine liquids. Our liquids are made with top ingredients, in state of the art manufacturing plants, that are registered with the FDA. While the FDA does not impose strict regulations over the cigarette industry at this time, we appreciate the transparency of allowing them into our settings so that they can be sure of our safety as well as other standards. We want to represent the industry as a whole, and we want to be evident that our standards cannot, and will not, be mistaken for others in the market who choose not to disclose what they are up to.

Some of the examples of why our liquids are tops include being made in the USA, being made of the very best ingredients such as glycerin that is sourced from Malaysian palm, being diacetyl free, and having 30,000 different flavor combinations available to our users.

We are in the business of offering the alternative smoking community top products and the best e-liquids, which we feel are the result of having unwavering standards. If you are interested in carrying the best e-liquids out there, contact us about e-cigarette wholesale and franchising opportunities!