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Vaping: Headed for High-Tech

vape industrySmoke and mirrors? No illusions here; vapor and mirrors is the real deal. Smoking continues to decrease in popularity, while vaping is soaring. Users have gone way beyond the days of processed tobacco burnt and smoked in little chemical-filled paper tubes. Today’s “smokers” are “vapers,” and they’re of a different breed. Tech-savvy, in the know about everything, and impossible to push half-truths past, the days of Big Tobacco are numbered now that vaping has hit the scene.

As the industry continues to progress, despite the continuous talk of regulations, bans, and restrictions, clearly this market is headed for further advancements, greater technology, and more innovative products available to customers at a moment’s whim. What originally started as an alternative smoking movement, as an effort to offer smokers more options beyond just tobacco cigarettes in the conventional method, has become an industry all on its own. More than a decade into the existence of electronic cigarettes, vaping, as it’s known, is its own phenomena, and continues to push the boundaries of what smoking can offer.

This dynamic industry is fueled by users who are equally innovatively-minded. Their ever pressing desire for better products, more advanced mechanics, greater performing devices, products that are continuously pushing limits and doing more of what they want is carving the niche even further. What was once an industry filled with electronically simulated cigarettes, where the point was to emulate a tobacco cig to the T, is now going in so many varied paths, the cig-a-like has become an almost vintage-like pastime!

That isn’t to say no one is using e-cigs anymore, that is far from reality, but the industry is certainly pushing ahead in different directions. Vape pens, mods, DIY vaping, dry herb vaping have all truly come into the scene, and more and more smokers are finding product options that resonate with their tastes. Modern smokers are looking for convenience. They are also very concerned with their health and prefer the clear conscience being smoke-free avails. Thought electronic cigarettes were just a fad? Think again; they’re here to stay!

E-Cigarettes: Looking Beyond the Misreporting

E-Cig GossipOne of the current themes occurring in the media regarding electronic cigarette use is in how the products and the industry as a whole are being reported. This is a very unfortunate occurrence, as it is preventing e-cigarettes from receiving the proper reputation they deserve, and it is also casting a dull tarnish over what these products have been able to accomplish thus far.

While e-cigarettes are seeing such tremendous growth and popularity, it is still unfortunate the way certain media outlets choose rumor and outrage in regards to e-cigarette news instead of stating straightforward facts and the many positives those who use them are experiencing. Half truths are commonly reported, facts are omitted entirely, and like so many areas of the news, the focus is on strategically marring the facts, sensationalism and misinforming for a more dramatic agenda.

One of the biggest “gray areas” when it comes to electronic cigarettes surrounds regulations. It has been a topic for years, with some advocating for extremes, and others seeking more moderate laws designed to protect minors and ensure that the products are made of safe ingredients.

In the past few years, the industry has experienced great public acceptance, however mass acceptance has seemed to dwindle in the past year or so due to a general bias against electronic cigarettes from the public health community. Yes it is true that the FDA isn’t backing anything (yet), however they have begun taking measures to regulate the products; not outright banning them. And while they are not considered “cessation devices,” the industry as a whole cites their countless benefits as “alternatives” to traditional cigarettes a great part of their success.

Electronic cigarettes have become as enormously popular, year after year, because they are a benefit to users. The industry would not be hitting $2 billion if they were not a comfortable, enjoyable product that gives users a better option to cigarettes. They are constantly being re-innovated, advanced, and further developed, which is why so many people, experts included, consider them to be the future of smoking. Besides, the gossip and rumors should be expected; you know you’ve attained success when the spin starts rolling in!

The Latest Generation of E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-e-liquid-packagingIn the past few years, with the accelerated growth of the e-cigarette industry, the level of advancements and innovations that have occurred has been tremendous. It seems, as soon as one new development emerges, a slew of others are in the works and will be hitting the market in no time, rendering last week’s hot new product a thing of the past.

Like all technology niches, e-cigarettes appeal to this current generation of tech-savvy individuals who want bigger, better, more convenient, higher performing, cleaner, sleeker, more versatile devices. So, it’s pretty obvious why e-cigs are a perfect fit for those looking for nicotine without the mess and inconveniences of smoke.

One area that has seriously blossomed in the industry over the last few years (along with the products themselves) has been e-liquids.

In the past, liquids were considered troublesome, inconvenient, difficult to handle, hard to find in good quality, and even somewhat intimidating. Yet, with proper usage, most users have realized the world of possibilities that lie ahead with them.

VaporFi, for example, has become an industry leader in the area of top quality e-liquids. With every effort in place to provide exceptional quality at a very desirable price. Customers are able to rest assured, that when they use VaporFi liquids, they are getting the highest grade, (diacetyl-free, Kosher-Grade, inhalation-grade, Malaysian-Palm derived glycerin) ingredients, made exclusively in the USA for safety, security, standards, and peace of mind.

And to boost the quality factor, VaporFi offers the benefit of custom blending, which enables consumers to have 30,000 different flavor choices. They can choose from vaper-tested  “Top Blends” or they can dream up their own preferred varieties. It takes personalized flavor enjoyment to new levels, and backed with the high performing, top of the line e-liquid base behind them, it’s a no-fail recipe for vaping perfection. Resulting in very satisfied customers.

Not all e-liquids are developed with the same standards, therefore the market holds a tremendous disparity. It’s all part of the IVG difference; we don’t play around!

E-Cigarettes and the Economy

e-cigaretteThe sales of electronic cigarettes are on the move, ever-increasing as the industry explodes in popularity and demand. While traditional cigarettes have always been a source of controversy, as they are known to have devastating, often deadly long-term effects, their sales and profitability, as well as how high they are taxed, have enabled them to stay in business regardless.

So, as the sales of tobacco cigarettes decline, both due to users switching to e-cigarettes and from people being less inclined to smoke cigarettes in general because of the awareness of their dangers, electronic cigarettes are prospering, profits are skyrocketing.

So are electronic cigarettes good for the economy? With their rapid growth, yes they are in several ways.

This year, electronic cigarettes and accompanying products are slated to become a $2 billion industry. Every year since the products hit the market less than a decade ago in the US, the industry has seen explosive growth, and that alone would be an obvious indication that e-cigarettes are positively contributing to the growth of the economy. Predictions, however, place even greater growth on this market, and within the next 3 years it is expected to be raking in over $10 billion annually.

E-cigarettes have also contributed to economic growth by aiding in recovery with so many added jobs in an innovative industry. Many e-cigarette retail businesses are small, and because it is a growing niche market, the individual owners are doing very well and being able to add jobs in their respective communities is a great benefit to the bigger picture. As this industry is ever-evolving and driven by advancing technology, there will be many more opportunities for growth in a great variety of different areas as it grows.

To employers and business owners, workers who do not use tobacco are statistically more productive and miss less work due to tobacco-related illnesses, and this equates to more money made as a result of having more able workers; also an indirect but positive contribution to economic rebuilding.

Overall, electronic cigarettes are having a very good effect on the economy. Smokers are switching all the time, and business are growing. Jobs are being added to the economy regularly and products are selling. It’s a great time to be involved with tobacco alternatives!

E-Cigarettes: More Popular than Traditional Cigs

Big-TobaccoThe e-cigarette industry is getting so big and so hot that tobacco bigwigs are shaking in their boots! Or should we say filters? After carrying on selling dangerous, deadly products for decades and spending billions to have their way in the market, they are getting outdone by technology, and a more health-conscious population.

E-cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs and electronic cigarettes, are on the verge of becoming a $2 billion industry, and they are pushing ahead at full steam; with no indication of slowing down.

Users adore the products as they offer a slew of benefits, and a massive amount of control for the user. Many smokers have found them to be very easy to transition to from smoking cigarettes, and they are able to do so easily. E-cigarettes cost less, and are actually quite enjoyable to use, some users get so into the products, e-cigs actually become a hobby for them! While traditional cigarettes have became rather old fashioned and filthy in appearance and stigma, the opposite is true of e-cigs, which offer all the futuristic benefits of the digital age: a streamlined approach, high design that offers both attractive looks and great functioning, the fact that they are digital products, and they provide all the many different options in flavor and usability a bored smoker could want!

Suffice it to say, e-cigs are really hot, and big tobacco knows they have to make drastic moves to keep up. Which is precisely why Lorillard and Reynolds American are gearing up to merge into one e-cigarette superpower in efforts of doing so. Lorillard, which owns Blu eCigs, sees the need to expand and evolve if they are to remain in the game, as the future for tobacco is increasingly on the decline. Mergers happen all the time in big business, and it only goes to show how big the industry is getting if the top names in tobacco are desperate enough to have to work this hard to keep up.

Innovation usually surpasses older modes that have become outdated and right now we are watching e-cigarettes do just that. As the landscape for nicotine and smoking changes, you know you can count on International Vapor Group to be at the heart of it!

Reasons VaporZone is the Top E-Cigarette Brand Right Now!

454642333_640Many of the names in the electronic cigarette industry come and go. Some stick around for long periods of time, and others stay simply because they are known, even if their quality is lackluster. VaporZone on the other hand, has become the premier name in e-cigarettes and vaporizers over the past year, and it’s due to having not only exceptional quality, but also great marketing, and being able to offer users the diversity and options they are looking for.

As the electronic cigarette market evolves, so do its users. Many who started out with the basic e-cigarettes, after switching from traditional cigarettes eventually quit using any nicotine products altogether, and others enjoyed the experience so much it has become a hobby and something of great enjoyment and have only sought more advanced products over time. While there are countless different reasons behind using e-cigarettes, and countless different types of users, one thing remains certain and that is what people are looking for is a great experience, enjoyable options, and quality that will not fail them.

VaporZone was developed to tackle these issues, as well as give e-smokers exactly the kind of experience they were looking for, whether they were beginner e-smokers who wanted something that compared well to traditional cigarettes, advanced users who wanted better made hi-tech devices, or those who wanted more options from the market besides low-end e-cigarettes that did not produce enough vapor or flavor.

As their popularity grows, VaporZone continues to win applause across the market from experts and users. Their wide range of flavor options, with the availability of custom blending flavors has garnered a lot of attention, as well as pleased users who enjoy having any flavors they crave. Having a very wide array of products, giving users the option to choose from numerous advanced models that have excellent performance allows them to continuously expand and gain new followers who want the best they can get – and at a great price. E-cig industry experts have given this brand rave reviews for their quality, selection, and unwavering performance.

All of this equates to one thing: VaporZone knows exactly what they are doing, exactly what this market needs, and exactly what it takes to be the best electronic cigarette brand out there!

The Science Behind Switching

79365658-woman-smokingA recent study done by Robert West of University College London’s epidemiology and public health department, and published by Yahoo! Tech reported that electronic cigarettes are very effective at helping smokers switch to the smokeless alternative, and helping them steer completely away from tobacco use. This study concluded with a success rate of 60% for users when switching to e-cigarettes, in comparison to using other methods including nicotine patches, gum, or without any methods of assistance. Funded by the Cancer Research UK, and published in the journal Addiction, West surveyed smokers between 2009 and 2014 who attempted to quit smoking without the use of prescription drugs or the help of professionals.

The study was performed on 6,000 smokers over a period of 5 years, and the results suggest that electronic cigarettes have the potential to significantly assist in cutting down cigarette smoking rates, and as a result, assist in reducing tobacco-related illnesses and mortality rates.

As it is common knowledge, cigarette smoke-related diseases are plentiful, including numerous types of cancer, a variety of different respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases. In relation to public health, electronic cigarettes have the ability to improve and enhance public health because of their ability to assist smokers in switching to a tobacco-free method of obtaining nicotine.

20% of the people in the survey stopped smoking traditional cigarettes entirely when aided by electronic cigarettes, compared to 10% of those in the study who used nicotine patches and gum, and 15% whose success was based on their willpower alone, without additional methods of assistance.

While public opinion varies about the success rates and true abilities of electronic cigarettes assisting smokers with switching, many smokers have achieved excellent results when switching to electronic cigarettes based on their ability to control many factors of the experience, including how much nicotine they consume, how often they smoke, and how long each smoking session is. What this study shows is that e-cigarettes are a valid alternative to traditional tobacco products, and many smokers have achieved great success when switching because they provide all the same sensations, in a smoke and tobacco-free format.

If you are interested in learning more about different electronic cigarette products that are available, feel free to browse International Vapor Group’s different brands, all of which offer high quality alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Who Smokes Electronic Cigarettes?

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTESWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, there is a large demographic. Millennials seem to be choosing e-smoking over traditional tobacco cigarettes, however the age range for electronic smokers covers all ground. Suffice it to say, if you want to know who is using alternative cigarettes, it’s everyone! Here is a look at the different groups of people who have found them to be even better than the real thing, and have made the switch.

Former Smokers

Nearly all electronic cigarette smokers are former cigarette smokers. Their reasons for switching run the gamut- some wanted to be done with tobacco altogether, some wanted a more affordable option, some prefer the ability to enjoy the sensation without smoke or nicotine, others list all of the reasons above for switching. And whatever their reasoning, e-cigarettes have given millions of people more of what they want out of life and their smoking habit.

Older Folks

The older people get, the more imperative it becomes to drop the cigarettes. It’s no secret that we are more susceptible to life threatening ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer when smoking cigarettes. Seeing this, and wanting to go an alternative direction, aging people understand the importance of finding other options to smoking, and many are happy to trade their tobacco cigarettes for electronic.

Younger Folks

While health reasons become more of a threat to the aging population, cigarettes can cause illness no matter what your age. As you know, people have many reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes, and regardless of age, most adults are interested in living a better quality of life and investing in their health.

College Students

College students often smoke cigarettes. They are also notoriously short on cash. Many campuses are not fond of cigarettes, even instituting bans on smoking altogether. This has lead many students to invest in e-cigarettes, in an effort to enjoy their nicotine in a more cost effective, tolerable, modern and enjoyable way.


Getting noticed, and being proud to flaunt their e-cigarettes, celebs have been a part of the vapor cigarette movement since the start. Hollywood’s trend setters can always be counted on to inspire others, and they sure have done their part to promote electronic cigarettes since the earliest days; especially since tobacco cigarettes make them look so passé.

So who is smoking e-cigs? Just about everybody! Millions of people all over the world have switched, so if you are wondering who your target demographic is for e-cigarette sales, it’s as varied as those who smoke cigarettes! If you want the best possible way to reach them, our advice is to carry a well-rounded selection of electronic cigarette products that cover all ground.

Why Are Smokers Switching to Vapor?

12VAPORIUM-master675Electronic cigarettes remain an excellent alternative to tobacco, both for consumers as well as retailers. So why are customers so happy to switch to electronic, and not revert back to tobacco? Here are some of the reasons e-cigarettes are the better way to go, whether you are selling them or using them!


E-cigarettes give their users added freedom that was never possible with traditional cigarettes. No one likes being told “no.” Smokers are tired of dealing with smoking bans, tired of having to adjust their smoking to accommodate others, and tired of their habit being an inconvenience. E-cigarettes give smokers the freedom to smoke in many public places, and around people who have aversions to smoke. As a retailer, you avail them the ability to have more freedom, which is priceless.

More Affordable

Everyone knows how expensive traditional cigarettes are, and having an alternative that feels as good and costs less alleviate many problems. Carrying a product that customers are seeking, and is a cost effective alternative gives you additional opportunities to tap into additional markets, and make up losses from dwindling cigarette sales.

More Choices

Pleasing a large array of customers is not the easiest thing to do, especially in today’s era of convenience and getting what you want, as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait, and people expect their needs to be met at light speed; what this means is that products need to be adaptable and available. E-cigarettes give smokers many more choices, many more options, the ability to have what they want when they want it, and being able to customize the smoking experience to suit their needs easily.

Smokers continue to switch to electronic cigarettes at a very rapid rate, and the industry is expanding every year. Having a more modern, more convenient way to smoke allows users to have their way, without sacrificing any enjoyment, all the while avoiding tobacco. As a retailer, selling electronic cigarettes is in your best interest because it enables you to offer a product that is in demand, opening more channels to business!

For retailers: Understanding the Market

1ZLL_e_cigarettes04If you are a retailer interested in carrying electronic cigarettes, you may be wondering which products would be ideal to sell. When working with a large company such as International Vapor Group, the options are very extensive, and it may be difficult knowing which  specific products to choose. You have to have a general idea of your clientele, and where their interests may lie.

The e-cigarette market is filled with many different types of products, and with millions of people using them, variety is obviously of great importance. Many experienced users are looking for specific products, that do specific things, and work according to their specifications. Beginners tend to be looking for something that works as an alternative to cigarettes, and many want two-piece e-cigarettes that resemble them.

If you carry traditional cigarettes, chances are, your customers are going to be interested in e-cigarettes, generally speaking. If you are going to start implementing e-cigarettes, going with a very recognizable brand like South Beach Smoke is a great idea, as customers can identify with the name and products. Starting off with a selection of starter kits, cartridges and disposables would be ideal. This offers a variety of choices for different budgets, especially catering to beginners to get them started, and hopefully in the future, getting them back to your location for additional products and cartridges.

If you know your clientele consists of experienced e-cigarette users, who want to expand their horizons with a selection of great products, you may consider carrying a variety of our brands, especially our latest, VaporZone. This brand has become the top choice of many vapor smokers, and the advanced products with great performance appeal to many.

If you are wanting to add electronic cigarettes to your retail selection but are not sure where to begin, hopefully this has helped! If you are interested in adding International Vapor Group products to your store, and need further assistance, do contact us; we’d be glad to help!