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E-Cigarettes in Bars: Why they should be sold there

imagesLooking to up the offerings available at your bar? E-cigarettes are the answer. While they may not contain any alcohol, the correlation is simple. Smokers cannot smoke in bars, yet consuming a couple drinks or beers makes nicotine that much more appealing. Being in a fun, exciting social scene typically inspires the urge to have a few puffs of a cigarette, yet smokers have to exit to do so. Selling e-cigarettes cut out the inconveniences for smokers, allowing them to stay in the establishment, all without creating an uncomfortable environment for nonsmokers.

Electronic cigarettes in social settings are very practical, and many business owners understand this. Hotels, bars, and other venues that attract socializing people are starting carry a selection of electronic cigarettes for purchase, and smokers are really taking to this concept. They cut out the “no smoking” rules, but also appease guests on both sides of the barrier. Also beneficial, e-cigarette sales add additional income, which is never a negative.

One aspect to selling e-cigarettes in bars is that those venues which have sold them, have found that it increases business in additional ways beyond just their sales. E-cigs have a way of keeping customers who smoke in the establishment longer, and therefore spending more as they do so. Smoking bans can be greatly annoying to customers who smoke because they create limitations (obviously not so much to nonsmokers who want nothing to do with tobacco). However, nonsmokers are also inclined to support electronic cigarettes because it allows them to stay as well, instead of leaving due to the annoyance of the smoke. E-cigarettes have increased the ability for nonsmokers as well as smokers to have a good time, and enjoy themselves, as well as each other’s company, even more.


These days, it’s pretty common to find electronic cigarettes in any nightlife scene. If you own a bar, or handle the ordering and merchandising of one, contact us about supplying your shelves with IVG brands of electronic cigarettes; make your customers happier!