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E-Cigarettes and Travel: Best Places to Carry them for Travelers

ecigs_912_2Smokers travel just like nonsmokers, however it can be difficult for those who want to enjoy nicotine while they are on the move. So, among the many places that should be selling e-cigarettes, count in airport gift shops, hotels, newsstands, and any places where an influx of travelers are passing through. With more people smoking alternative cigarettes, and the limitations being imposed on travelers as to where they can smoke, e-cigs offer the perfect opportunity for smokers to smoke without smoke, and offer retailers the ability to add more items for sale.

Airport Gift Shops

Yes, it is common knowledge that electronic cigarettes cannot be used on airplanes, however many airports allow their use, and once out of the constrains of the airport altogether they are able to be used in areas where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. Because travelers understand that tobacco has many limitations, airport gift shops make the ideal location to carry e-cigarettes for travelers who are looking for alternative options.

Hotel Gift Shops

Hotels are another location specific to travelers where restrictions on tobacco cigarettes may get in the way of guests’ enjoyment. Many hotels do not allow cigarettes to be used anywhere on the premises, and others have designated areas where they can be used. In most cases, smoking in hotel rooms is strictly prohibited, both in terms of cleanliness as well as fire safety, while e-cigarettes pose neither of the same circumstances. Electronic cigarettes are the ideal compromise for hotels to please all of their guests, while avoiding tobacco. Carrying electronic cigarettes in their gift shops would enable hotel staff to offer an alternative to guests who want to smoke, without compromising those who have an aversion to tobacco, all the while adding sales.

Electronic cigarettes make the ideal nicotine option for travelers, as well as those in the industry. As an alternative to tobacco, they offer an additional method of revenue to businesses operating in the travel sector, and they give smokers an option outside of tobacco when they wish to smoke (traveling is stressful!). If you are interested in adding high quality electronic cigarette brands to your business, do not hesitate to contact us in regards to wholesale opportunities.