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Best Venus for E-Cigarette Sales

NutricigsEnergyIf you are a retail carrier of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are probably right up your alley. With the continuous expansion of these innovative products, more and more places are beginning to carry them. If you own, or are involved in choosing the merchandise for your establishment, you may want to consider adding high quality e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Gas Stations: These are pretty obvious, and gas stations were among the first retailers to start selling e-cigarettes. The problem with them for the most part has been however, that the vast majority of brands being sold have been lackluster in quality. Consider IVG brands for the great quality, especially in regards to our advanced disposable e-cigs, including the NutriCigs line.

Convenience Stores: Just like gas stations, convenience stores have sold e-cigarettes for a while. Any venue that carries traditional cigarettes is a good match for carrying e-cigs with success. Customers are looking for them, and having the option to purchase (especially when it comes to impulse purchases) quickly makes them ideal in this setting. In addition to our different lines of disposables, our starter kits are great for those customers looking for reusbales. Because these work with cartridges, they create long term, recurrent business as it drives the customer back to your store for future refills and additional accessories. Quality at a great price goes very far in the long run!

Hotels: Hotels have recently started carrying electronic cigarettes because they are a prime alternative that solves the staunch “no smoking” predicament! Cigarettes in hotel rooms are generally not tolerated, and using them against the rules can often result in hefty fines. Even in public spaces like near pools and other outdoor areas, cigarette smoke is an annoyance. Along this same line, hotels would prefer not having to issue these fines, nor be under the stress of fire hazards and creating discomfort for other guests who do not want to smell the smoke. Electronic cigarettes solve all of these issues, as they do not create second hand smoke, they do not create a fire hazard, they keep guests happy with their nicotine and they keep hotel management free from stressing over something like cigarettes. They can be sold in hotel gift shops, in the same way cigarettes have always been, in reusable or disposable form.

Electronic cigarettes can fit into the retail selections of a variety of different retailers, and with the constant growth, if you are carrying traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is in your best interest to carry e-cigarettes as well! Don’t inhibit your ability to generate sales, expand with the times!

The Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

imagesA few years ago, electronic cigarettes were just becoming known in the public eye. They were not nearly as popular as they are now, and many smokers had no interest in trying them, much less switching to them.

As more and more smokers learned about them, and as more smokers started using them successfully, the word spread really quickly to where we now stand. What started with a few users here and there, and a slow influx of celebrity users, has now become a major movement in our culture, as well as in Hollywood, where it seems a new star switches to vapor nearly every day! Three years ago, Katherine Heigl made a point of using her e-cig wherever she went, and was one of the very first to do so. At the time, she practically introduced the phenomenon to David Letterman during an appearance on his show, and in doing so, she became very much affiliated with the e-cigarette movement.

The amount of media coverage has become quite commonplace, with mentions on television programs such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Doctors, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC, Saturday Night Live, and most recently, the Today Show. On the Today Show,  experts examined the usefulness of e-cigs, asserting that smokers are switching in massive numbers and that Big Tobacco companies are finding ways to keep up with the competition -including buying out other e-cig brands and coming up with their own varieties.

What all of this means is that the electronic cigarette movement is huge. It means that sales are growing consistently, and quickly. It means that smokers are embracing these products, and as popularity grows, as a retailer you should be carrying great electronic cigarette lines. More and more electronic cigarette brands are showing up on store shelves, especially in major cities where cigarette prices typically skyrocket. Customers are looking to buy, so give them what they want!



Rising E-Cigs Sales Are High Profit Margins for Retailers

IMG_00304 years ago, electronic cigarettes were first getting attention in the US. They were reaching the mainstream, and smokers were definitely interested. Fast-forward to now, smokers are switching over all the time, and most smokers are very much aware of them, according to the latest stats. Smokers are seeking them out, and they want high quality products. E-cigarettes present retailers with products from a quickly expanding industry that is very promising, both in what they do, and the profits they are generating.

Electronic cigarettes have been available readily for sale online, but there are is an even greater market waiting to be tapped into with retail. Yes, they have been also available in smaller numbers, from a limited selection of brands in the brick-and-mortar arena, but the majority of these brands have acclaimed a reputation for lacking quality, service, options, and overall products.

E-cigarettes are a great idea for retailers, and even more so with companies like International Vapor Group, where the offerings cover a multitude of target customers, and the products cover a broad range to please everyone. Our products have very high profit margins, and we are all about residual income. IVG’s Wholesale Program can be fit to service any size relationship, with order sizes starting at $1000. Our pricing is highly competitive, and depending on the volume of the order, the markups can be as high as 400%. Our products are made to generate sales, and to encourage future sales. One of the best points of working with IVG products is that we are a hands-on company, and want to drive your sales, and drive your customers back for repeat sales.

Why should retailers consider adding electronic cigs to their inventories? Because now is the time! The sales of electronic cigarettes continue to rise, and they allow for very high, very attractive margins for those who carry them in their stores.




Hotels Are Now Offering Electronic Cigarettes to Guests

2361376_f520Smoking in your hotel room has long been one of those taboo instances, and most of them are not too fond of guests lighting up indoors. In fact, these days, they aren’t really fond of smokers lighting up anywhere! So it makes perfect sense that they would be thrilled to have smokers using electronic cigs instead, and some cutting edge hotels are even starting to offer them to their guests, instead of selling traditional cigarettes. The Clarendon Hotel, of Phoenix, Arizona was one of the first to sell e-cigs, and their response has been excellent. A happier environment and happier guests is the ultimate aim in the hospitality industry! And accommodating your guests in creative new ways is never a bad thing for your reputation, either!

Hotels are taking this new approach to keep smokers from smoking where they shouldn’t yet still make them happy, to protect their property, and to keep the peace with their nonsmoking clientele. Some hotels even fine people for breaking rules applying to smoking, and this is even a burden. Hotels just don’t want to deal with smoke!

E-cigarettes and hotels go together pretty darn well. Think about it; cigarettes have long been sold in hotels, but since they are increasingly more burdensome, this is just another scenario electronic cigarettes will work better in. Because of the high profit margins, it’s also a lucrative opportunity for hotels because they will offer another avenue of income, all the while giving their guests a healthier option to use instead of cigarettes.

The options of different e-cig products hotels can sell is excellent. E-cigarette starter kits, fortified e-cigarettes, express kits, refill cartridges, and e-cig disposables would all make convenient additions to their products, and having them would give their guests choices instead of straight up restrictions. If you own or manage a hotel, have you considered adding electronic cigarettes to your offerings? Do contact us if you’re up for pleasing all of your guests, smokers included! This is just one of the many situations showing that e-smokes are the perfect medium, giving smokers what they want, nonsmokers what they want, and business owners what they want!