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Time to Focus on Issues That Matter

e-cigarette negotiationsRecently, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association Conference occurred, and was attended by vaping industry experts, insiders, and peoples of importance. It was an excellent meeting for those with great influence to discuss the current scene, as well as progressions for the future. Among those in attendance were Bonnie Herzog, the senior tobacco analyst for Wells Fargo, and Mitch Medder, the  Director of the Center for Tobacco Products for the FDA. Conversations between these two heavyweights revolved around the subject of e-cigarette and nicotine usefulness and regulations. Particularly focusing on matters at hand, and what issues are playing into the decisions on how e-cigarettes will be classified and considered in the future.

When it comes to e-cigarette regulations there has been a lot of focus on issues that don’t exactly play a crucial role, both parties agreed. With so much emphasis placed on under age users, flavors that err on the sweet side (you know, fruit, dessert, and candy flavored varieties), and the role of marketing, it seems as though we’re losing sight of the most important aspects of the products. While these hot topics are of course important, they should not be used to create drama unnecessarily.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have the potential to offer smokers another avenue. Instead of turning to prescription drugs, or continuing on with smoking because they feel trapped, having the option of controling one’s level of nicotine in a similar manner enables an incredible method, and alternative to the traditional routes.

One of the issues discussed centers around the role of electronic cigarettes and how they may be used as a tool in harm reduction. While there is a huge focus on the necessity of scientific research and data, when it comes to defining regulations, Zeller emphasized that beginning a dialogue with stakeholders on the subject of nicotine is of great importance. Zeller also stated that the entire debate of the e-cigs and nicotine and the FDA (as well as other entities such as the center for drug evaluation and research and the center for devices and radiological health) needs to be addressed, especially in regards to nicotine being used therapeutically.

As far as news outlets and reporting go, sensationalism sells, however when it comes to electornic cigarettes, their benefits need not be overlooked in favor of outrageous, eyebrow-raising reports aimed at garnering attention. The real focus on these products and their future regulations should revolve around their effectiveness, usefulness, and scientific data.

How do Vaporizers Work?

How vaporizers workThe market of e-cigarettes has seen tremendous growth, expansion, and evolution in such a short period of time. It has always been such an innovative industry, and coupled with consumers who are equally creative, hands-on, and knowledgable about everything this industry entails, part of the growth has been spurred by these consumers who have assisted in the pioneering and great innovations that have taken place. For example, 5 years ago, mods were items better left to the experts. They were often comprised of different parts, and you really had to know what you were doing to use them properly.

In actuality, this is still the case, however, vapers now have the ability to purchase their items from reputable e-cigarette companies, such as VaporFi, to get exactly what they want, made specifically for vaping, and without needing to explore the world of electrical engineering to get the experience they’re desiring. While true mods, such as the VaporFi Vox II, are still for the most advanced among us, advanced vaporizers have entirely won the hearts of most vapers.

So if you’ve wondered how personal vaporizers work, here is an in-depth look at their inner functions, and how the vaping gets done with these advanced, high-powered personal devices that bring so much satisfaction to the lives of former tobacco smokers. Going beyond basic e-cigs, but expanding on that same technology, these machines are amazing!

There are several essential components within a vaporizer:

-The body or battery, for power and the actual device itself.

-The tank that holds the liquid.

-The atomizer that may or may not be included in the tank that vaporizes the liquid.

-The mouthpiece which the user inhales on.

The battery receives power via charging, and it powers the whole process. When the user puffs on the device, a charge of power is sent to the atomizer, heating it up and allowing it to vaporize the nicotine e-liquid instantly. The user then inhales, exhales, and enjoys the hit, which can vary in size, intensity, complexity, flavor, and consistency. When the liquid is used up, the device gets refilled. Simple, to the point, and entirely satisfying

Advanced vaporizers are just one example of how technology is changing the way everyday things are done with greater functionality, ease, and convenience without sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment. They have added great diversity into this market, and have made users very happy with their more technical, high-powered capabilities.

What’s Hot Now: Vaporizers

sbs-storm-vaporizersElectronic cigarette vaporizers are getting hotter than ever, as customers are beginning to move away from traditional, more basic models of e-cigarettes to try more advanced options available with vaporizers.

With two of our brands, South Beach smoke and VaporFi, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different products for customers looking for advanced personal vaporizers. Each brand offers distinct products that appeal to a wide range of customers, with much attention paid to performance and style.

The market has changed as electronic cigarette use has evolved over the past few years. Many users are using these products out of pure enjoyment now, showing that while many people started using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they have found the experience to be more than just an alternative to eventually discontinue usage. This has led to further growth of the market as people try new products, experiment with customizable products, and have gotten into the many available customized options there are with mods.

International Vapor Group is proud to be part of the electronic cigarette industry’s growth. Our different brands give customers a very large selection of products to choose from, and have become known as leaders in innovation and quality. For retailers, our products offer innovative options that customers are looking for among the trendiest and most popular types of alternative smoking devices. What stands out about our offerings is that our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and design details, unlike many cheaper versions available.

If you are retailer who’s looking to start carrying electronic cigarette products, especially those along lines of advanced personal vaporizers to tap into this area of high growth, contact us about our opportunities available for retail settings. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are excellent choices for carrying, and both resonate with customers through their visual branding and high-performance products.

Big Things Happening with VaporFi!

vaporfi-couponLots of exciting things have been happening with VaporFi. This monumental brand has been taking the industry by storm since launching, and the action is only getting hotter!

We recently announced the brand’s more meaningful name change, a move that was done to exemplify their unique offerings and precision when it comes to design. The response has been great, and customers are obviously happy that their top quality products will remain the same.

Other big happenings with VaporFi are to come in the near future as well. A number of stores will be opening as the brand’s retail locations expand beyond the state of Florida. Several locations will be opening in Maryland (Bethesda, Annapolis, Wheaton, Hanover), Virigina (Woodbridge), Texas (2 spots in Austin), and New Jersey (Paramus), as well as new locations the company’s first international location in Panama. New VaporFi locations will also be opening in Florida as the brand expands throughout the state, with stores coming in the Orlando, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, and Miami areas. Can you tell this brand is taking over the electronic cigarette and vaporizer scene at an infectious rate?

This week, VaporFi also started the preorder period for a most anticipated product: the VaporFi Orbit dry herb vaporizer. This awesome, innovative device enables users the fantastic benefits of vaporizing with the use of dry herbs. This type of product has become quite popular in recent months, and having one on the market from VaporFi gives customers the very best quality from a trusted name in vaporizer products. VaporFi customers are already excited about getting their hands on this one!

VaporFi has filled a great void in the market, and their adherence to absolute quality has enabled the brand to garner an incredibly large customer base in a very short amount of time. The company is also proud to offer exciting franchise opportunities, as well as VaporFi Express locations, which feature a “store-within-a-store” setup, giving retailers the ability to have a portable VaporFi setup available. For more information on joining this innovative brand’s expansion, contact us about future opportunities!

Cost: a Huge Reason E-Cigs are so Successful

cs2One of the best reasons to consider the many financial incentives to carrying electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in your retail stock is that they offer one very promising benefit to customers: saving money. While many retailers have seen drastically lower sales in tobacco cigarettes and products in recent years, especially since electronic cigarettes have taken such precedence, e-cigs have enabled business owners to capitalize on the growing movement, as well as offer products that are in demand, and add revenue in areas where they were seeing declines.

Traditional cigarettes are extremely expensive, and most smokers spend over $2000 yearly on the habit. Saving money is one of the most obvious reasons smokers look to alternative cigarettes, and most are extremely pleased with how much they save over time.

While they are very cost effective for users, they also happen to be very lucrative for retailers. They present a variety of different products that fulfill the needs of smokers, offering an extensive range of different items that appeal to a wide range of different smokers, from e-cigarette disposables, to standard e-cigarette starter kits, advanced vaporizers, e-liquids, refill cartridges, and additional accessories that users want and need. Whether users are vaping with disposable units, standard e-cigs that require cartridges, or are using e-liquids with their advanced vaporizers, they will consistently come back to where they purchased their products for more. And even still electronic cigarettes are less pricey than traditional.

Electronic cigarettes offer a great sales opportunity for retailers, and they fill a need that is ever growing. International Vapor Group brands offer great wholesale opportunities to retailers, and the very best quality e-cigarette products to customers; all at enticing prices. These products are seeing such success because everyone on both sides of the sale are benefitting. If your retail selection is lagging behind in this area, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities! We are the forefront of this industry, and offer a variety of exciting ventures.

South Beach Smoke: Stepping Up Their Game

South-Beach-Smoke-WaveThings have been going really great with our South Beach Smoke brand. In the past year, this iconic electronic cigarette label has undergone a makeover with a fantastic new look, unveiling an array of new flavors, and continuously seen rapid growth. This is one brand that has stood the test of time, and continues to blaze new trails in the market. For retailers, they have made a great impact and are an excellent addition to any product selection in retail venues.

2014 is going to be huge for this company, as South Beach Smoke continues to expand in new directions. As a brand that has always been ahead of trends and understanding what customers want, this year South Beach Smoke will tackle even more new ground: electronic cigarette vaporizers and e-liquids. The South Beach Smoke Wave will be released at some point in the near future, and it is already making waves for it’s innovation.

With the popularity of these products being on the rise, and with South Beach Smoke’s inherent commitment to quality and innovation, this is a very good move. They have seen an increase in sales and trendiness, and there is good reason why. While electronic cigarette vaporizers do not look like traditional cigarettes, and they do require more time and effort from the user, the result is very much worth it. They provide exceptional power, voracious vapor production, and very strong throat hits; all intrinsic parts of e-smoking, and the overall experience for the user.

Putting the South Beach Smoke name on a product means quality, innovation, and dedication to providing only the best. Customers can expect this new direction to be just as excellent as everything else made by this brand, and retailers can expect the same great sales that come with a brand that has such an established reputation. Yes, we concur, 2014 is going to be a great year for everyone involved in this company’s expanding prospects!

VaporZone: A New Direction

hero_vaporzoneOur newest brand, VaporZone was recently launched to much hype. This brand represents a step in a new direction for us, forging ahead in yet another emerging area of the electronic cigarette industry.

Innovation is at the core of who we are, and VaporZone fully embodies this. Having established a solid footing with South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and the very innovative NutriCigs line of electronic cigarettes, VaporZone takes these concepts even further.

VaporZone products are the highest performing, most acutely engineered electronic cigarettes currently made. Consisting of a wide range of e-cigarette vaporizers, these products target the most advanced users who are looking for the most power, the greatest vapor, and the most technologically developed products available. VaporZone also takes us in a new direction with the launching of a series of retail locations, that will serve the vaping community as a hub for all things related to vaping.

To put it bluntly, VaporZone offers everything. From the most advanced vaporizers, such as the VaporZone Rebel, the Pro, and the Pulse, to also standard electronic cigarettes such as 2-piece models that work with disposable cartridges, as well as disposable electronic cigarettes. There is also a very large, very comprehensive selection of accessories that enable the user to customize their products in a multitude of ways as they see fit.

Another of VaporZone’s unique features is the ability to custom blend your e-liquid. With 50 flavor choices that can mixed to over 30,000 different blends, customers are already raving about how exciting it is to have this option.

As this industry grows, so does the available technology. Many e-smokers have begun to move away from the entry-level e-cigarettes, wanting more in every sense of the word. They are embracing the technology, and embracing the unbelievable performance that comes from vaporizers that look nothing like traditional cigarettes (or traditional e-cigarettes!), and perform with exceptional power.

Just like all of our other brands, VaporZone products are available for sale in your location. If you wish to be a part of this exciting new venture, and wish to carry these innovative products, please contact us about wholesale opportunities!