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Vapor Product Trends Outlook for 2016

2016 Vaping TrendsWith a new year right upon us, we are looking forward to what’s to come. Every year, we watch the vapor products industry evolve in new directions, unveil all sorts of new innovations, and experience the technology in action.

In 2015, the availability and options in regards to the most high-tech box mods, sub ohm devices, and exceptionally high quality e-liquids became extremely mainstream. What used to be reserved for only the most eager of DIY vape enthusiasts became accessible to any and everyone who wanted to experience the power of taking the control of a box mod into their own hands. In a few short months, the industry changed entirely. Trailing on this trend, we expect 2016 to offer even greater offerings in terms of technology, and making very advanced products available to those who want them, without having to construct them on their own, if they do not want to.

As for regulations, we are awaiting them because it seems rather imminent in the US. One way or another, (and hopefully they will be created with fairness and common sense in mind), it is only a matter of time before they are here. While we do not know what to expect exactly, we do hope that all regulations instituted are fair and not oppressing to the industry and its users.

It has been predicted that the overall sales of electronic cigarette products sales for 2015 would be somewhere in the vicinity of $3.5 billion; quite a legitimate market when you weigh all angles. In fact, current models show that by 2018, the vapor products industry is expected to reach the $10 billion range. The growth is imminent, and despite the impending regulations that are clearly an obstacle the vapor products market is contending with, this industry is way greater than a single trend; it’s a thriving niche.

So, 2016 is almost here and we are most definitely looking to the future with promise and optimism. We expect growth, innovation, and continuing to evolve with this ever-changing industry. From everyone here at IVG, we wish you a super, happy New Year!

Top 10 Places to Carry Electronic Cigarettes

img_vz_sunriseWhere can e-cigarettes be sold? When it comes to retail, almost any venue. However when it comes to where retailers will get the most bang for the customer’s buck, certain types of locations make the most sense. With electronic cigarettes popping up for sale seemingly everywhere, here is a list of places that work effectively and effortlessly for e-cig sales.

  1. Gas Stations: One of the most obvious and sure-shot places to find cigarettes, gas stations are convenient and always ready when it comes to smokes. For e-cigarettes, more gas stations are constantly adding the electronic alternatives, making it more convenient for e-smokers to find what they’re looking for on the go.

  1. Convenience Stores: The most convenient option, right? They sell everything imaginable, including traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

  1. Hotel Gift Shops: A great location for carrying e-cigarettes, hotel gift shops offer products that appeal to guests, and are in line with the hotel’s policies, so for hotels that have strict smoking rules, having options like e-cigs make a great compromise, exemplifying their level of service.

  1. Liquor Stores: A no-brainer; they carry cigarettes, liquor, and other products geared towards adults. Perfect for impulse purchases.

  1. Cigar Shops: In the business of selling things to be smoked, e-cigarettes work amazingly in cigar shops. Perfect example is Coco Cigar in CocoWalk, Miami, one of our top retailers for our brand VaporFi.

  1. Discount Stores: Giving the people the goods at fair prices, these are great spots for e-cigarette sales.

  1. Bars: If smoking isn’t tolerated, but vaping is, give your customers an alternative option they can purchase right then and there. It ups the business, and pleases the customer.

  1. Pharmacies: Big name pharmacies carry all varieties of cigarette products, and many are extending into the e-cig market; this sector would benefit exponentially from top quality products from our brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

  1. E-Cigarette Shops: Obvious, right?

  1. Head Shops/ Smoke Shops: For decades these shops have  carried all sorts of alternative smoking products, and top quality e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and especially top of the line dry herb vaporizers fit right into the selection.

Where can E-Cigarettes be Sold?

header-gift-shop1There are many places electronic cigarettes should be sold, for both the benefit of smokers and the benefit of retailers who can capitalize on the growing demand. If you have a retail store, or purchase the inventory for one, here are some of the best places for selling e-cigs. If you are interested in adding IVG brands and products to your store, please contact us to see if we can establish a relationship.


This is an obvious one, as retail pharmacies are one of the top hits for traditional cigarettes. However, not only do these locations cater to current e-smokers, they are also great for catering to curious tobacco smokers. As these locations bring customers in the door for a large range of different products, having e-cigarettes will open up an additional channel of sales. Pharmacies are great for impulse purchases, and having e-cigarettes available can be a great option for those who want disposable e-cigarettes as well as products like Express Starter Kits such as those from EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. These settings are excellent for bringing customers back for products such as refill cartridges and additional accessories, enabling you to offer products beyond the impulse buys.


Hotels are often fiercely non-smoking zones, to the dismay of smokers who are looking to relax and enjoy themselves. Maintaining an air of accommodation, nonsmokers typically get first preference and smokers are left with few options. It is very common for smoking to be prohibited inside of hotel rooms, as well as in public areas, such as lounges and the pool, and it can make for a rather uncomfortable experience for smokers altogether. In an effort to cater to all guests, carrying e-cigarettes and making them available and acceptable for use is a viable option for hotels who want to please all guests without creating barriers. Selling e-cigarettes in hotel bars as well as in gift shops would add one more option for sales, and give smokers a solution that enables them to be comfortable and satisfied.

Gas Stations

Long one of the top spots for grabbing goods like cigarettes, beverages, candy and snacks on the go, gas stations are excellent venues for selling e-cigarettes successfully. The majority of gas stations do not offer a large selection of e-cigarettes, nor do they emphasize top quality, and that is one of the benefits of carrying IVG brands in your inventory; better than the competition, and more likely to drive customers back for repeat purchases knowing you have the better products.

And the Market Continues to Grow…

main_secondary_banner_our_companyWith the electronic cigarette market heading towards solidifying itself as a $2 billion industry, there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, more smokers continue to switch to the alternative methods of obtaining nicotine, and the number of products available continues to expand as well. While interested smokers may have had a hard time finding products they wanted in the beginning stages of this industry, it’s a completely different landscape now. The number of different products available, styles, types, and models of e-cigarettes is now so diverse, and widely accessible, customers are consistently satisfied with their options, and open to trying new things.

In addition to availability and accessibility, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is also part of the growth. With so many people using them, acceptance has become very much mainstream, and it’s becoming more and more normal to see users vaping in all varieties of places, particularly in public, with a level of comfort and confidence that was not there 4 years ago.

Even with the many e-cigarette regulations that have popped up, as well as others that look to be implemented in the future, users are still content to be vaping, and able to have the same pleasure of nicotine they are used to without the hassles of smoke and tobacco. States such as New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Utah have all instituted some type of e-cigarette ban, including regarding them as traditional cigarettes and banning them from public usage.

After years of debate, speculation, and rumor, recently the FDA announced that it would begin regulating electronic cigarettes in terms of sales to minors and quality assurance in regards to the ingredients contained within the products. It has refrained from halting companies from selling their products online, as well as limiting manufacturers from carrying different e-cigarette flavors, both of which circumstances would be devastating to the market as well as users who enjoy both of these options.

As the market grows, more and more smokers are making the switch to e-smoking. Research continues to be produced, the FDA is making its first moves in regulating the industry in a (so far) positive manner, and almost all parties involved are happy. If you are interested in learning more about top quality e-cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers, have a look at our different brands and catalog of products available; we are thrilled to be a part of this lucrative industry’s growth!

E-Cigarette Regulations Announced

gavelThis week brought about a lot of news that the FDA was very much set to begin electronic cigarette regulations. While the regulations they plan to begin imposing are certainly not unexpected news for the industry, it’s been a long time coming, with all e-cigarette companies awaiting to know what the industry would eventually be facing.

Yesterday, US health officials proposed rules that would prohibit the sales of e-cigarettes, including both products and liquids, to minors. This is exactly the kind of regulating the e-cigarette industry was hoping for, and what those against e-cigarettes have been claiming makes the products dangerous. This proposal is the first attempt in the US to start regulating these devices, and it did not include recommendations that restrict online advertising, or online sales.

To the happiness of most e-smokers, regulations at this time will not be limiting the sale of flavored liquids, as was previously suspected. E-cigarette opposition groups have long cited that flavored e-liquids were enticing to children, even though the vast majority of electronic cigarette users are not under the age of 18. Most brands selling electronic cigarettes have not permitted minors to purchase from their sites, understanding the importance.

The electronic cigarette industry is expected to hit the $2 billion mark this year, and even with cities such as New York imposing their on e-cigarette bans, the popularity of these products continues to grow. If the industry were faced with limitations regarding the sale of flavors, it would most likely be catastrophic, because so many users have come to truly enjoy the wide range of flavor options.

Restricting the usage and sale of e-cigarettes to minors is an obvious move; the products are intended and created for use by adults only. However, it is great to see the regulations moving in a responsible way, and not creating a disservice to the adults who use the products with success.

Selling E-Cigarettes at Gas Stations

Disposable_Electronic_Cigarette_t700Purchasing electronic cigarettes at gas stations has gotten a rather skewered reputation. With so many low-grade brands, consumers are often suspicious about buying them at said locations. Considering they are such convenient places to purchase cigarettes and cigarette alternatives, it would seem that gas station owners would be more inclined to carry electronic cigarettes of a higher quality. If you are in such a position of maintaining the electronic cigarette selection of a gas station, here is a look at the different reasons to go with brands such as those from International Vapor Group, instead of lower-end versions.


All IVG brands maintain a consistent level of quality, of which our customers have come to expect from us. As a retailer, you can expect this as well, because not only does it draw in sales, it gives customers the confidence to purchase again. We believe in quality above all else; the e-cigarette market is filled with products that cover all ground; and we choose to have top quality. It creates repeat customers and repeat sales, as well as contributes to an overall great reputation.


We believe in offering a wide selection of products, ranging from electronic cigarette disposables, to different types of e-cigarette models, starter kits, accessories, cartridges, and now vaporizers and e-liquids. We offer a large variety because there are endless needs to meet when you consider smokers as individuals. More of what people are looking for will create greater sales.

Longtime Experience and Recognition

Having been a part of the electronic cigarette market since its earliest days, we have built a longstanding reputation for quality and excellence. Our customers have come to know this about us, and expect it. Our brands are synonymous with high standards and great selection, and our brand names are instantly recognized.

Electronic cigarettes are exceptional products, when the user can find good ones. They provide many benefits over traditional cigarettes, and offer a real alternative to the trouble that comes with smoke; so many millions of smokers would not have switched if that weren’t the case. If you have control over the inventory of cigarettes at a gas station, consider the benefits of carrying International Vapor Group brands. Our quality, selection, and solid presence in the industry will enable you to broaden your selection while giving customers products they truly want to use, and purchase again in the future.

For retailers: Understanding the Market

1ZLL_e_cigarettes04If you are a retailer interested in carrying electronic cigarettes, you may be wondering which products would be ideal to sell. When working with a large company such as International Vapor Group, the options are very extensive, and it may be difficult knowing which  specific products to choose. You have to have a general idea of your clientele, and where their interests may lie.

The e-cigarette market is filled with many different types of products, and with millions of people using them, variety is obviously of great importance. Many experienced users are looking for specific products, that do specific things, and work according to their specifications. Beginners tend to be looking for something that works as an alternative to cigarettes, and many want two-piece e-cigarettes that resemble them.

If you carry traditional cigarettes, chances are, your customers are going to be interested in e-cigarettes, generally speaking. If you are going to start implementing e-cigarettes, going with a very recognizable brand like South Beach Smoke is a great idea, as customers can identify with the name and products. Starting off with a selection of starter kits, cartridges and disposables would be ideal. This offers a variety of choices for different budgets, especially catering to beginners to get them started, and hopefully in the future, getting them back to your location for additional products and cartridges.

If you know your clientele consists of experienced e-cigarette users, who want to expand their horizons with a selection of great products, you may consider carrying a variety of our brands, especially our latest, VaporZone. This brand has become the top choice of many vapor smokers, and the advanced products with great performance appeal to many.

If you are wanting to add electronic cigarettes to your retail selection but are not sure where to begin, hopefully this has helped! If you are interested in adding International Vapor Group products to your store, and need further assistance, do contact us; we’d be glad to help!

Add Vaporizers to Your Retail Selection of E-Cigarettes

VaporZone-eCig-reviewElectronic cigarettes have certainly advanced since their earliest days, when the majority of products being sold generally all looked and worked the same. These were the days of e-cigarettes mimicking traditional cigarettes, attempting to recreate the look, feel, and taste of the original. As time progressed, different versions emerged, and more users began to take to using models that look entirely different, perform with exceptional power, and happen to give off throat hits that any smoker can appreciate. We are now in the age of electronic cigarette vaporizers, and these products are hotter than ever.

While there are many e-smokers and first time e-cigarette users who are still gravitating to the two-piece e-cigs, and many who prefer the simplicity and experience of them, countless others are going after the advanced models that are known for their power and ability.

If you are a retailer of electronic cigarette products, and/or traditional cigarette products, you need to be in the know about vaporizers. These new vaping machines are becoming massively popular, and users are thrilled with the performance. Adding VaporZone vaporizers, starter kits, and e-liquids to your product selection would be a very wise move, as this brand has quickly become the go-to brand of vaporizers for e-cigarette users.

For retailers, VaporZone offers a unique take on e-cigarette retail sales with their store-within-a-store concept: a well-designed satellite location available to set up within your retail space. Known as the VaporZone Express store, they are set up to be both exceptionally visually appealing, as well as fully stocked with all of VaporZone’s most popular products.

Vaporizers are the next wave of e-cigarette technology, and VaporZone has received only positive feedback for quality, craftsmanship, and total performance. If you’re interested in being a part of the growth, and are looking to expand your business in this highly profitable direction, let’s talk!

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes the Better Alternative to Tobacco?

e-cigarettes-vs-tobacco-cigarettesFor both users and retailers, electronic cigarettes are becoming the more sensible alternative. They offer a lucrative endeavor for retailers who carry traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, and smokers continue to choose them over cigarettes. Here is a look at why e-cigarettes are the better alternative, whether you are using them or selling them.

For users: Everyone has become overwhelmingly aware over the past century how dangerous cigarettes are. Not only bad for the health and inconvenient to use, they are also exceedingly expensive. For consumers, it was only a matter of time before a legitimate alternative was developed. E-cigarettes have proven to do just that, and smokers have taken to them by the millions. They offer a nearly identical experience as smoking a cigarette, without the vast number of problems associated with cigarettes. There is no tobacco, no tar, no ash, and no smell. They come with or without nicotine, in varying amounts, as well as numerous flavors. Smokers are finding tobacco cigarettes to be immensely old fashioned and wasteful by comparison; saving money, having modern devices, and much more ability to use them simply make e-cigarettes the better choice for smokers.

For retailers: Electronic cigarettes represent the future of smoking enjoyment. Cigarette sales and use have been on the downfall for decades and with e-cigarettes more than picking up the slack, retailers who are on this bandwagon are wise to do so. This is not just merely an emerging market, it’s a quickly expanding market proven to have high growth, as sales reach more than $1 billion. As it has become evident that consumers are happy to switch to these products, and stay with them, it only makes sense that tobacco retailers cater to their needs and expand their businesses further with electronic cigarettes. Consumers want choices; e-cigarettes offer them in mass variety. Why lose sales when they are there to be made?

Expand Your Business, Recover Sales Lost From Tobacco

cigaretteIf you are a business owner who has seen sales fall due to cigarettes becoming less of a commodity, you are not alone. Many businesses (especially smaller, mom and pop shops) have been through the same situation, and have been able to recover due to the rise in popularity and success of e-cigarettes.

The rate of smokers who begin smoking decreases each year, and along the same lines, the number of smokers who are quitting are also on the rise. What this means for businesses whose sales have included that of cigarettes in the past are most likely looking at decreased sales in tobacco. The rising taxes, rising prices, and the many health disadvantages have caused smokers to either quit or seek alternatives. If this is something your business has faced, have you thought about the possibilities of selling electronic cigarettes to help pick up the slack?

Smaller shops are beginning to implement e-cigarettes in their inventories because even in today’s economy, they are selling right along their analog counterparts. In many instances, they have even helped salvage tobacco businesses on the brink of failure. And what is even more promising, is that there are still many smokers who are not yet aware of e-cigarettes, and that switching to the electronic alternatives can offer many conveniences and benefits.

There are many reasons consumers are happy to be switching to electronic cigarettes, and our variety of brands are perfect for filling your shelves if you are looking to add e-cigarettes to your selection of tobacco products. International Vapor Group brands are being sold all over the country, in all types of retail shops.

If you are thinking about getting into electronic cigarette retail, have a look at our different wholesale opportunities. Our products are top rated and top selling, and cover many different options customers are looking for.

Don’t let the end of the era of tobacco hurt your sales! Everyone is going electronic, follow suit!