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Motley Brew: No Ordinary Brew

Motley-Brew-EJuiceThis is a little spotlight on one of our most exciting brands: Motley Brew, one of the premier lines of vape liquids available on the market. Here is an overview of what this brand is all about, and why every vape retailer needs to be carrying these juices!

Artisan Crafted

Small batches and using top-secret aging methods, these are much different from most mass-produced liquids out there.

Top Quality

Because bad quality sucks, and the very highest standards are what every e-liquid maker should aspire to! These liquids are formulated in an FDA-registered lab, diacetyl-free, and made with only the finest ingredients.

Gourmet Taste

And in addition to the exceptional quality, the attention to detail implemented into these juices has created the most interesting, unique, and deliciously exquisite e-liquids! With flavors like

Grateful Red, Froot Fighters, and Old Fashioned, these are so far beyond the majority of other offerings in the e-juice market.

Here’s a briefing on each flavor:

  • Grateful Red: The finest apple tart made with a mix of apple varieties, complemented by notes of fine vanilla and rich caramel.
  • Old Fashioned: complex but never complicated! Perfectly aged bourbon whiskey, a dash of spiced bitters, a splash of citrus, all topped with the sweetness of raw sugarcane! Yes, it is as delectable as it sounds!  
  • Brews Brothers: Evocative of the requisite coffee and a smoke, this flavor enhances the experience as it is comprised of fine espresso, vanilla cream, a mellow tobacco, and the slightest hint of butterscotch!
  • Pearadise City: The juiciest pears, coupled with sweet lychee and finished off with vanilla bean cream, this flavor is a gourmet sensation!
  • Almost Famous: Sweet cake with fresh, wild blueberries and praline pecans make this flavor an incredibly rich flavor with delicious depth!
  • Froot Fighters: A triple shot of melon, this fruity taste is comprised of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe!

That about sums it up the amazingness of Motley Brew e-liquids, and for retailers looking to amp up their selection, it doesn’t get better than this! These are some pretty incredible juices, and the quality totally speaks for itself when they’ve been experienced!

The Allure of the Vape Lounge

Franchising with VaporFiVape lounges are becoming more and more common. As the industry continues to expand, and more people begin vaping as an escape from tobacco, there has been increasing awareness towards ‘vape culture.’ In many major cities, as well as throughout suburbs and smaller metropolitan areas, vape lounges are opening frequently to offer vapers settings of cool relaxation where they can mingle and vape without feeling out of place, or worse, discriminated against. VaporFi, crossing the boundaries of all areas of the electronic cigarette industry, has succeeded immensely with this concept within all of their stores, giving users a retail location that doubles as an inviting lounge with a chill vibe.

Why are Vapers Flocking to Lounges?

More people vaping has allowed the industry to flourish on a social level; people want to be immersed in a setting that caters to all things vapor. From the comfort of being able to vape publicly with other like minded individuals, to having an atmosphere that is accepting of the enjoyment of vapor, the vape lounge gives users that sense of relaxation, pleasure, and social camaraderie. Vaping has taken on a unique subculture identity, and users want to enjoy their vapor among others who get it. The act of vaping goes so far beyond smoking; it’s a lifestyle for many that gives them full control over their nicotine usage without sacrificing the pleasure of smoking.

So What’s the Difference between a vape shop and a vape lounge?

Vape shops and vape lounges are distinctly different. Yes, the lines can be blurred, as in the case of VaporFi, which is not the typical vape retail environment, however vape lounges cater more to the concept of relaxing, socializing and indulging. On the other hand, vape shops are business-focused, with more emphasis on retail sales.

VF Franchise: Get in on the Hype

Have you considered starting a vape retail and/ or vape lounge? Have you considered the opportunities that lie ahead with an established name such as VaporFi? As one of the most exciting names in the industry, and one of the trailblazing companies always doing new things, partnering with VaporFi can open many doors that would not be available otherwise. Likewise, offering a variety of specialities in this market, your options are plentiful, with a low overhead, plus a fully developed and proven path to success. Partnering with us and VaporFi means you are fully backed by a highly advanced, experienced team of industry experts.

Ready to jump into the world of electronic cigarette retail or open your own vape lounge? Consider the many options with VaporFi. Feel free to contact us about getting started! There’s no better time than right now; this industry is only getting hotter!

Franchise with VaporFi: Now is the Best Time

VaporFi FranchiseWith the electronic cigarette market heating up, and more and more locations opening seemingly everywhere, right now is the perfect time to be involved in an e-cigarette retail franchise. As millions of smokers become vapers, and the lifestyle grows in popularity, there is a great demand for vapor shops. Along the same lines, the VaporFi brand is growing at an exceptionally rapid rate, and this brand remains the top choice for customers and franchisees alike.

VaporFi offers a variety of setups that can be tailored to your specific needs in a retail setting. As a brand, it is at the forefront of the industry, with innovative products of every variety. As a retail setting, there is no other name that can compare. Delivering a unique and luxurious atmosphere, that is equal parts a niche shopping experience and social environment. Customers are treated to a vapor bar upheld by “vapetenders,” who are responsible for mixing the custom blends, and are respective vape experts.

Some of the best perks of working with VaporFi franchises include high profitability and excellent profit margins. VaporFi is among only a few brands that maintain full control of their products from design, through manufacturing, production, and distribution. This enables us to offer a low overhead, and maximum profits. It also guarantees quality because we oversee everything.

Other benefits to working with VaporFi include the level of experience, and backing we provide all of our business partners. Because we work with you through the entire process, you have the security of knowing you are supported. We provide the tools, training, expertise  and logistics, and you can rely on the fact that we offer nearly around the clock support.

Another factor is the name. Why go in on a venture along when you can have a bold, trusted name like VaporFi behind you? We are known for our quality, advancements, and excellent products; all attributes you want behind you.

The market is changing and growing, and so are we. Franchising in the format of VaporFi locations is a hot entrepreneurial move. As the industry burgeons, we have every intention of not only keeping up, but remaining a key player in the innovation of it. In this light, we invite you to join us as we continue to grow and change the way vaping is done; both in terms of a business model and as a lifestyle.

IVG: The Top Choice in the E-Cigarette Market

IVG 4 BrandsThe vast multitude of electronic cigarette and vaporizer options on the market is more than plentiful. With new vapor shops opening in every town and major city across the country, and new brands emerging all the time, as well as new technology being developed at an excessively rapid rate, it is clear that the e-cigarette industry is booming.

For those looking to embark on a venture in this industry, whether it’s carrying e-cigs in your retail store, or opening a vapor shop of your own, the options are quite inclusive, and we have everything you could possibly wish to work with.

Working with International Vapor Group in either scenario gives you the ability to tap into the industry’s best products, with a solid company backing you up. Our expertise ranges from every level; from Manufacturing and production, to branding, distribution, marketing and franchising. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, we basically have every corner covered.

As for retailers of the South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke brands, our top choices among consumers, offer easy-to-use design as well as eye-catching imagery. The products are specifically geared towards entry-level e smokers, yet have been developed with the best quality and performance capabilities to fulfill users’ expectations of e-cigarettes, as well as deliver the most desirable price point. For retailers they’re an exceptional addition to any inventory, especially were cigarettes are concerned because they offer users the option of impulse purchases as well as a need for repeat purchases due to e-cigarette nicotine cartridges being disposable. With deeper and further usage of e-cigarette products, consumers are continuously searching for new ways to enjoy the experience as well as personalized and customize it to suit their needs.

When it comes to franchising, our brand VaporFi is unsurpassed. As the popularity of vapor shop grows, the need for brands such a VaporFi  grows as well. This company features standalone shops that can be tailored to a number of different settings – from freestanding shop locations to mall locations, kiosks, and even the VaporFi express which features a store with in a store concept carrying only VaporFi products. The popularity of these vapor shops is immense! The atmosphere, products, and experience these stores offers is unlike any others. VaporFi offers the most luxurious concept in the industry, and there is great substance behind the success.

If the electronic cigarette business is in your future, contact us about exciting opportunities at every level! We are growing tremendously and always on the lookout for others who share the entrepreneurial spirit!

The E-Cigarette Market: Retail Expansion

img_vz_ft_lauderdale It’s been quite apparent for some time now that the e-cigarette market is expanding rapidly in the area of retail. As an industry that truly got its footing online, the market has shifted in such a direction that brick-and-mortar retail is the next frontier. As more and more smokers have switched to e-cigarettes, and more are encouraged to do so by the increasing popularity, electronic cigarette retail is getting hotter than ever.

The e-cigarette industry is exploding, as many already are aware. Last year, the industry saw profits over $1 billion, and this year it has climbed to nearly $2 billion (so far); showing incredible growth. Along these lines, the retail sector is expanding rapidly as well, with approximately 35,000 stores currently open and serving the vaping public.

VaporFi, our top of the line brand that combines advanced vaporizers and e-cigarettes and our very own, high-end retail locations has truly tapped into the possibilities that lie in this market. While e-cigarette vapor shops are popping up everywhere, opening seemingly in every town these days, what most lack is superb quality. VaporFi offers not just the best quality and advancements this industry is seeing, when you walk into one of these locations you are getting a distinctive experience. You are embraced by a luxurious atmosphere, incredible products, and a scene that inspires socializing. Every VaporFi location is outfitted with a “vapor bar” where customers can sit down, get comfortable, and sample any flavors they wish, which are mixed by expert “Vapetenders.”

VaporFi’s rapid expansion also speaks volumes as to the company’s impact, having succeeded so immensely in such a short amount of time. One new store opens weekly, on average, and before the end of 2015 we are on target to have 50 stores open. Suffice it to say, this brand is leading the industry.

For those looking to get into the e-cigarette industry via franchising, VaporFi is an excellent point of entry. With exceptionally high markups and low overhead, this is the brand to be a part of!

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee with VaporFi, contact us about available opportunities!

How VaporFi is Changing the Electronic Cigarette Industry

vf_pro_vaporfi_1VaporFi, our unique brand that combines state of the art vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, coupled with state of the art retail locations has completely altered the course of the industry. FIlling a void in the market where the majority of e-cigarette stores were less than spectacular, VaporFi has given vaping connoisseurs not only a retail space where they can purchase everything they need, but also serving as a place to discover all the latest happenings in the industry, along with the hottest products.

VaporFi has brought the best vaporizers and e-cigarettes to the market, enabling customers to find products that meet their expectations of quality and performance at truly reasonable prices, they have tapped into the retail sector and given users the kind of retail experience they’ve sought. VaporFi locations are staffed with industry experts and people who not only use the products, but are fully knowledgeable about how they perform and function at every level.

Before VaporFi, the market had no single source of high quality products and locations. There were individual products being sold by a variety of different brands, and retail spots that ranged in quality and diversity in every possible way. With VaporFi, however, the concept is streamlined. Users know what to expect, know what they’re going to get, and know to expect excellent service. VaporFi handles every aspect of their products; from development through manufacturing, so there is no mistaking anything.

For those considering entering this market on a retail level, this brand is one of the most exciting ways to get involved. With a variety of different options for those interested in franchising under the VaporFi name, having the solid reputation of innovative quality, a wide range of products that cater to all reaches of the e-smoking culture, and a highly advanced team with excellent expertise behind the scenes, VaporFi is changing the landscape of this fledgling industry at a rapid scale.

If you are interested in embarking on a highly lucrative business within the e-cigarette industry, contact us about working with this revolutionary brand; the industry is only just heating up!

Top 10 Places to Carry Electronic Cigarettes

img_vz_sunriseWhere can e-cigarettes be sold? When it comes to retail, almost any venue. However when it comes to where retailers will get the most bang for the customer’s buck, certain types of locations make the most sense. With electronic cigarettes popping up for sale seemingly everywhere, here is a list of places that work effectively and effortlessly for e-cig sales.

  1. Gas Stations: One of the most obvious and sure-shot places to find cigarettes, gas stations are convenient and always ready when it comes to smokes. For e-cigarettes, more gas stations are constantly adding the electronic alternatives, making it more convenient for e-smokers to find what they’re looking for on the go.

  1. Convenience Stores: The most convenient option, right? They sell everything imaginable, including traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

  1. Hotel Gift Shops: A great location for carrying e-cigarettes, hotel gift shops offer products that appeal to guests, and are in line with the hotel’s policies, so for hotels that have strict smoking rules, having options like e-cigs make a great compromise, exemplifying their level of service.

  1. Liquor Stores: A no-brainer; they carry cigarettes, liquor, and other products geared towards adults. Perfect for impulse purchases.

  1. Cigar Shops: In the business of selling things to be smoked, e-cigarettes work amazingly in cigar shops. Perfect example is Coco Cigar in CocoWalk, Miami, one of our top retailers for our brand VaporFi.

  1. Discount Stores: Giving the people the goods at fair prices, these are great spots for e-cigarette sales.

  1. Bars: If smoking isn’t tolerated, but vaping is, give your customers an alternative option they can purchase right then and there. It ups the business, and pleases the customer.

  1. Pharmacies: Big name pharmacies carry all varieties of cigarette products, and many are extending into the e-cig market; this sector would benefit exponentially from top quality products from our brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

  1. E-Cigarette Shops: Obvious, right?

  1. Head Shops/ Smoke Shops: For decades these shops have  carried all sorts of alternative smoking products, and top quality e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and especially top of the line dry herb vaporizers fit right into the selection.

What’s Hot Now: Vaporizers

sbs-storm-vaporizersElectronic cigarette vaporizers are getting hotter than ever, as customers are beginning to move away from traditional, more basic models of e-cigarettes to try more advanced options available with vaporizers.

With two of our brands, South Beach smoke and VaporFi, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different products for customers looking for advanced personal vaporizers. Each brand offers distinct products that appeal to a wide range of customers, with much attention paid to performance and style.

The market has changed as electronic cigarette use has evolved over the past few years. Many users are using these products out of pure enjoyment now, showing that while many people started using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they have found the experience to be more than just an alternative to eventually discontinue usage. This has led to further growth of the market as people try new products, experiment with customizable products, and have gotten into the many available customized options there are with mods.

International Vapor Group is proud to be part of the electronic cigarette industry’s growth. Our different brands give customers a very large selection of products to choose from, and have become known as leaders in innovation and quality. For retailers, our products offer innovative options that customers are looking for among the trendiest and most popular types of alternative smoking devices. What stands out about our offerings is that our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and design details, unlike many cheaper versions available.

If you are retailer who’s looking to start carrying electronic cigarette products, especially those along lines of advanced personal vaporizers to tap into this area of high growth, contact us about our opportunities available for retail settings. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are excellent choices for carrying, and both resonate with customers through their visual branding and high-performance products.

E-Cigarettes and the Economy

e-cigaretteThe sales of electronic cigarettes are on the move, ever-increasing as the industry explodes in popularity and demand. While traditional cigarettes have always been a source of controversy, as they are known to have devastating, often deadly long-term effects, their sales and profitability, as well as how high they are taxed, have enabled them to stay in business regardless.

So, as the sales of tobacco cigarettes decline, both due to users switching to e-cigarettes and from people being less inclined to smoke cigarettes in general because of the awareness of their dangers, electronic cigarettes are prospering, profits are skyrocketing.

So are electronic cigarettes good for the economy? With their rapid growth, yes they are in several ways.

This year, electronic cigarettes and accompanying products are slated to become a $2 billion industry. Every year since the products hit the market less than a decade ago in the US, the industry has seen explosive growth, and that alone would be an obvious indication that e-cigarettes are positively contributing to the growth of the economy. Predictions, however, place even greater growth on this market, and within the next 3 years it is expected to be raking in over $10 billion annually.

E-cigarettes have also contributed to economic growth by aiding in recovery with so many added jobs in an innovative industry. Many e-cigarette retail businesses are small, and because it is a growing niche market, the individual owners are doing very well and being able to add jobs in their respective communities is a great benefit to the bigger picture. As this industry is ever-evolving and driven by advancing technology, there will be many more opportunities for growth in a great variety of different areas as it grows.

To employers and business owners, workers who do not use tobacco are statistically more productive and miss less work due to tobacco-related illnesses, and this equates to more money made as a result of having more able workers; also an indirect but positive contribution to economic rebuilding.

Overall, electronic cigarettes are having a very good effect on the economy. Smokers are switching all the time, and business are growing. Jobs are being added to the economy regularly and products are selling. It’s a great time to be involved with tobacco alternatives!

Opportunities: Franchise with VaporZone

img_vz_south_miamiUp until very recently, the e-cigarette market has been an almost exclusively online industry. This has enabled it to grow tremendously, reaching customers directly and enabling them to have the products they sought, which were, for the most part, unavailable in the brick-and-mortar setting. As the market and mainstream acceptance has grown, and the technology has advanced, top quality electronic cigarette names are starting to reach retail stores.

VaporZone, one of International Vapor Group’s most successful concepts, has now started to offer exciting franchising opportunities, enabling driven entrepreneurs to tap into this exciting, growing, booming market. The franchises are to feature all of this brand’s top quality products, including their widely popular line of advanced personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, custom e-liquid blends, and versatile accessories, available at a wide variety of price points, which appeal to a very wide array of customers. VaporZone franchises are also to feature the brand’s signature custom e-liquid blending and vaping bars in every location.

When you embark on this endeavor, VaporZone will provide you with all the tools necessary for success. Franchisees will be trained on-site, and provided with continuous support, as well as guidance for the location and the format. An additional aspect to consider as well, is that franchisees who work with VaporZone are equipped to profit from our industry-exclusive revenue sharing program that allows them to generate additional income from online sales in their area.

The e-cigarette industry is booming, and more and more opportunities are arising, making way for potential businesses and lucrative opportunities for those interested in being a part of it. VaporZone is one of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brands, and if you are considering being a part of an electronic cigarette retail venture, consider becoming a part of one the quickest growing brands in the brick-and-mortar sector.