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Selling E-Liquids? Why You Should Carry Only the Best

Selling Quality E-LiquidsIf you are a vape shop owner, or are the owner of a website selling e-liquids, one aspect of great importance to consider is carrying only the highest quality products. Here is a look at the top reasons we feel this is greatly imperative to all businesses in the vape industry, both on an individual level, as well as for the overall industry.

Legitimacy for the Industry

First and foremost, with all of the public’s attention these days focused on “what’s in those e-cigarettes,” carrying brands that do a great deal of independent research and testing is really important for credibility. When an industry is constantly being attacked by “scientists” who produce erroneous, biased, and misinformed studies based on bad data findings, it is really important to be able to refute these claims head-on. A perfect way of doing this is by carrying brands such as VaporFi and Motley Brew whose e-liquid formulas hold some of the highest standards in the US, in addition to being made exclusively in the USA, containing no diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, are manufactured in labs registered with the FDA for total disclosure, are made with the purest ingredients, going even beyond “food grade” standards as they are made for inhalation, and have been labeled as having cGMP standards of operation. (IVG brands do not take the easy way out!)

Gaining Trust

Considering that the vast majority of vapers are very hands-on, research-ready, and know their products inside and out, getting crap quality past them will not work. You’re more likely to insult their intelligence. However, as a retailer, one way of gaining trust is to offer top quality products, focusing on the purity of ingredients, safe manufacturing standards, and the fact that you do “know what’s in them.”

More Income

Better products, greater customer satisfaction, repeat business. It’s a solid, time-tested business model, and one we’re rather familiar with!

So, when it comes to e-liquids, don’t skimp quality and go for cheap. Your customers will know the difference, and you’ll be giving them prime reason to shop with your competitors.

Why IVG? Quality is Our Foundation

Wholesale Quality E-CigarettesOne of the more astounding generalizations of the e-cigarette industry is the concept of quality. For those on the outside looking in, as well as for beginners, choosing a random brand, found at a gas station or convenience store, at the lowest price is typically not the best point of entry into the world of vaping. Now, I’m not attempting to say that users should jump in and grab the most expensive mod they can get their hands on right from the start, all in the name of quality, however there are some things to keep in mind.

Quality: It’s not just a selling point; it’s the selling point. It can make or break the experience, and can leave a user satisfied enough that they feel confident switching to vapor. A bad vape can do the opposite, and make them turn away in disgust. It is our aim to satisfy the user, delight them with our options, and inspire them with the possibilities.

When customers purchase from any of our companies, they are getting the best of the best liquids, all created in the USA, and under the strictest standards available. We wouldn’t have our liquids for VaporFi and South Beach Smoke on file with the FDA otherwise. Our products include the highest-performing, top of the line vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Our customer service is continuously revered for its genuineness as well as thoroughness. When you work with our brand for electronic cigarette wholesaling, you are getting a full-on, dedicated brand.

So, think about it. You pay for what you get. Yes, there are certainly products on the lower tier that will cost less than those made by International Vapor Group. However, consider that you are getting solid quality, top shelf variety, and expertise from a reputable name that has stood the test of time in this ever-changing industry. Seriously, you wouldn’t expect farm-to-table, grass-fed organic beef burgers at your local $1 order menu fast food joint, would you? Different options, from different companies; wholesale e-cigs and e-liquids are no different from any other industry in this matter. There are tons of choices out there, and not all are equal. The IVG difference is what sets us apart.

Spotlight on SBS

South Beach SmokeAs one of the most exciting brands in the e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke is always on the move. This brand has earned its success due to an ever expanding drive to meet the needs of the market, while focusing on the aspects of innovation and being ahead of the trends. One of the founding principles is constantly being aware of what users want, and what they’re going to want in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As one of the first companies to specialize in high quality electronic cigarettes, with a signature look, feel and attitude designed specifically for those who want style as much as performance, South Beach Smoke is always up to something good. If you are looking to wholesale with a solid brand that has great reach with electronic cigarette users while appealing to all levels of the market, here is a look at what this hot brand is up to at the moment!

High Tech Vaporizers

The past year saw the expansion into the market of vaporizers, and it added an additional aspect of growth. Recently, South Beach Smoke launched their Custom Vaporizer Builder on their site which offers their full line of advanced personal vaporizers, in a clean, easy-to-use setup that allows users to custom build their dream devices with all available accessories and colors in a few convenient steps.


Also knowing how popular using nicotine e-liquids has become, South Beach Smoke released an exceptional line of liquids that took off instantly. Comprised of thousands of singular flavors, with the option of custom blending all of them into thousands of new flavors, users have unlimited options of flavors to choose from. The standout feature is the quality; make no mistake, there are no liquids like South Beach’s; they are made under the strictest industry standards, in the USA, of the finest ingredients.

Understanding the need for continuous advancement, the brand is always debuting something new to keep up with their customer base! If you are looking to work with a brand with a serious reputation and a never ending commitment to quality, South Beach Smoke is at the top of their game!


E-Liquid: Why it Matters

VaporFi-E-LiquidWhen you are looking at different brands of electronic cigarettes and what they offer, you have to take into consideration a variety of factors. One of the most influential, when it comes to how devices perform, is e-liquid.

E-liquid, also known as e-juice, or simply juice, is an essential when vaping. There is no substituting it. It can be made of all sorts of different formulations, it can include a wide array of ingredients as well as be comprised of just a few. It can carry a very high dosage of nicotine, contain a moderate level, or even be nicotine-free. It can be vegetable glycerin (VG) based, propylene glycol based (PG), or some combination of these two. It can be made of the lowest quality ingredients around, or you can be lucky enough to find brands such as VaporFi that carry only the highest grade e-liquids available.

With all of this disparity, all to perform a basic function, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Does it really matter what is going on inside? Does what constitutes the e-liquid even make a difference because it’s getting vaporized? We are certain it does.

You see, when you inhale the vapor, which is a by-product of the e-liquid, it goes straight into your lungs. Wouldn’t you prefer the cleanest, purest substances going into your vital organs?

Experience has taught us that the best liquids are made of the best ingredients, which originate from the best sources. It results in the best flavors, the best nicotine sensation, the best throat hit, and overall satisfaction. We make a point to avoid diacetyl, ensuring we carry only diacetyl-free e-liquids. We use responsible sources such as Malaysian Palm for our glycerin to avoid run-ins with peanut allergies. All other ingredients are Kosher-grade and inhalation-grade; meaning they are literally designed for inhalation.

We believe in having the best electronic cigarette products, and part of this equation is having the best e-liquid. It is what holds the flavor and is the key to the experience. You can have the best mod or e-cig on the planet; if your liquid is mediocre, you can expect the same in performance. We strive to go beyond.

The Latest Generation of E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-e-liquid-packagingIn the past few years, with the accelerated growth of the e-cigarette industry, the level of advancements and innovations that have occurred has been tremendous. It seems, as soon as one new development emerges, a slew of others are in the works and will be hitting the market in no time, rendering last week’s hot new product a thing of the past.

Like all technology niches, e-cigarettes appeal to this current generation of tech-savvy individuals who want bigger, better, more convenient, higher performing, cleaner, sleeker, more versatile devices. So, it’s pretty obvious why e-cigs are a perfect fit for those looking for nicotine without the mess and inconveniences of smoke.

One area that has seriously blossomed in the industry over the last few years (along with the products themselves) has been e-liquids.

In the past, liquids were considered troublesome, inconvenient, difficult to handle, hard to find in good quality, and even somewhat intimidating. Yet, with proper usage, most users have realized the world of possibilities that lie ahead with them.

VaporFi, for example, has become an industry leader in the area of top quality e-liquids. With every effort in place to provide exceptional quality at a very desirable price. Customers are able to rest assured, that when they use VaporFi liquids, they are getting the highest grade, (diacetyl-free, Kosher-Grade, inhalation-grade, Malaysian-Palm derived glycerin) ingredients, made exclusively in the USA for safety, security, standards, and peace of mind.

And to boost the quality factor, VaporFi offers the benefit of custom blending, which enables consumers to have 30,000 different flavor choices. They can choose from vaper-tested  “Top Blends” or they can dream up their own preferred varieties. It takes personalized flavor enjoyment to new levels, and backed with the high performing, top of the line e-liquid base behind them, it’s a no-fail recipe for vaping perfection. Resulting in very satisfied customers.

Not all e-liquids are developed with the same standards, therefore the market holds a tremendous disparity. It’s all part of the IVG difference; we don’t play around!

All in Variety

south-beach-smoke-vaporizersWe’re all about variety. Here at IVG, we don’t feel it’s necessary to cater exclusively to one particular market when we can cater to all markets in the e-cig industry. The electronic cigarette genre has grown to such a degree that we feel it’s necessary to include everyone. And in that vein, we really aim to mindfully design and manufacture products for all levels of this market.

We offer a great selection of different e-cigarettes that are geared towards everyone, from trendy, youthful college-age people to older folks looking for an alternative cigarette that resonates with them, while maintaining quality and style.

When it comes to more advanced products such as our vaporizers, we also understand the need to cover all ground. Between South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, we have a huge selection of different vaporizers, which include the most basic of models, eye-catching trendy vape pens, super advanced mods, and the most highly designed, rebuildable mods for the hardcore vapers; it’s quite obvious that variety is our thing.

EverSmoke specializes in simple e-cigs that provide great quality, elegant style, a very simple to use design, and are close to a traditional cigarette as it gets. This brand especially caters to the mature crowd.

South Beach Smoke is all about diversity. Having built a reputation among 20- somethings who want the hottest, trendiest electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, this brand carries it all for all levels of vapers. High style, bold visuals, and great performance are the foundations with SBS.

VaporFi has taken the industry and done a number on it. Top of the line everything, exceptional engineering, fierce style, and the most innovative vaping products out there round out this brand.

When you work with International Vapor Group, you get not just one area of the electronic cigarette industry; you get it all. We seek to offer a myriad of products that appeal to the vast range of e-cigarette users, all the while focusing our attention on quality, engineering, and doing what others are not. It comes down to variety and blazing our own trail of vapor!

Better Standards, Better E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-E-LiquidWe don’t mess around when it comes to standards. We understand the importance of having quality our customers can depend on, and we know that taking shortcuts will typically create less than stellar results, so it’s not something we’re willing to sacrifice. Simply put, we know there is no compromise when it comes to producing top-quality electronic cigarette products and e-liquids, and that is exactly what we put our name to. As the market gets increasingly competitive, with more and more brands emerging constantly, we are proud to offer nicotine e-liquids of the highest caliber, performing, tasting, and vaporizing better than any others out there. Read on to learn why there is no comparison.

Nicotine e-liquids have become increasingly popular over the years. While they been around for a while, they are in extremely high demand now. Many electronic cigarette smokers have gotten over the concept of filling liquids themselves, and truly embrace the control they have over their products in doing so. While many people considered it to be an extra, troublesome step in smoking electronically, the many positives outweigh the small amount of extra effort. E-liquids offer a greater level of performance, allow the user so many more flavors, and are far more cost effective than using pre-filled cartridges.

International Vapor Group understands the many possibilities for creating the industry’s best nicotine liquids. Our liquids are made with top ingredients, in state of the art manufacturing plants, that are registered with the FDA. While the FDA does not impose strict regulations over the cigarette industry at this time, we appreciate the transparency of allowing them into our settings so that they can be sure of our safety as well as other standards. We want to represent the industry as a whole, and we want to be evident that our standards cannot, and will not, be mistaken for others in the market who choose not to disclose what they are up to.

Some of the examples of why our liquids are tops include being made in the USA, being made of the very best ingredients such as glycerin that is sourced from Malaysian palm, being diacetyl free, and having 30,000 different flavor combinations available to our users.

We are in the business of offering the alternative smoking community top products and the best e-liquids, which we feel are the result of having unwavering standards. If you are interested in carrying the best e-liquids out there, contact us about e-cigarette wholesale and franchising opportunities!

How IVG’s Quality Standards Lead to Better Products

vf_pro_vaporfi_1International Vapor Group is solidly committed to having exceptional quality in all of our products, as we know this is truly how you please your customers (in addition to having great, dynamic products that are affordable, work well and do what they need to without trouble). In short, quality is part of our foundation and not something we take lightly. Read on to learn more about our quality standards and how our products benefit from them!

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

You can expect the tops products when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers when purchasing from any IVG brands. We manufacture at very high standards, and spend a great amount of time developing products we know will please our customers by performing at optimal levels and fulfilling their needs. We are also committed to producing new and innovative alternative cigarette products that surpass others in the industry.


There are endless e-liquid companies out there and we know that in order to be above the rest, we have to offer better options, more options, and give people what they want. Flavor is a very subjective thing, and that is one of our driving forces in offering such a wide assortment of flavors both individually and with the option of custom e-liquid blending with South Beach Smoke and VaporFi

Customer Service

We know that quality extends even beyond our products, and that quality includes how we treat our customers. They are more likely to return to our products and services if they are indeed supported and heard when there are issues and concerns.

With so many electronic cigarette and vaporizer brands out there, why IVG? Because quality means more than just claiming to have it. We walk the walk.

Announcing VaporFi!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.25.53 PMWe are proud to announce that VaporZone, our hugely successful, all encompassing line of advanced personal vaporizers has now become VaporFi.

While all of the products will remain the same, and the level of quality will continue to be exceptional, recently we felt that we needed a name that better suited the brand’s uniqueness was necessary. This move was done to reflect the evolution of our brand, to represent our adherence to innovation as well as our commitment to the customer experience. This is a brand unlike any other on the market, and we felt that our name needed to convey that exclusivity.

VaporFi is a more distinctive and fitting name, and it was chosen based on the double definition of the word “fidelity,” which technically means (1) adherence to detail, accuracy, and exactness, and (2) the degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces its effect; both of which underly our core mission.

In other words, VaporFi products perform with fidelity. For the vaper, they provide an experience with vapor smoking like no other, as these products were designed to surpass all others in accuracy and detail. They were designed for those who demand the very best, and want the ability to customize every aspect of the experience to their personal needs.

Having a very different perspective on vaping and exceeding ordinary standards with our vaping products, we are pleased to offer hi-fidelity vaping. Our products and customer experience are a step outside of the typical electronic cigarette box, and that is a testament to our success. Our new name is a testament to these principles and we are very excited about our transition from VaporZone to VaporFi. Over the next few weeks we will be updating all of our company branding, including all products and retail store branding.

To all of our customers and business associates: we want to graciously thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to many exciting prospects in the near future, and we are excited to be influencing this industry with hi-fidelity!

Quality is What We Do

10014545_484128235022595_5968037398556267879_nWhy work with IVG brands? Simply, quality. It’s part of our foundation, and an essential part of all of our products. When you sell International Vapor Group brands, you are selling recognizable quality.

When it comes to quality, the term isn’t used lightly with any International Vapor Group product. It’s a conscientious standard, of producing products we are proud of, and maintaining a company we are confident in. Quality is in every aspect of what we do, and what we are. One of the main reasons we have managed to stay at the top of this industry for this long is because we are committed to having excellent quality, and we understand its importance when it comes to how we treat our customers. If you are curious about what has made us, it’s this unwavering level of commitment to high standards.

Top of the Line Products

Across all of our brands, we are known for our high standards, regardless of the type of product. From our basic model electronic cigarettes, to the most advanced vaping pens, we strive to keep the technology and durability at the highest level.


In the electronic cigarette market, innovative products are exceptionally important. There are countless products that fail to meet the expectations of users, and we choose to create products we stand by, instead. We have always sought to be ahead of the game, and have chosen to create products to meet the demands of the industry and beyond; rather than just recreating what is already out there.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond even the products however. From how IVG is run, to the people who manage the intrinsic operations; we emphasize quality because it enables us to provide the very best products and services, in a well functioning team environment.

International Vapor Group is a company of leaders and innovators. Having helped shape the modern electronic cigarette industry, we are committed to offering the best, in every aspect of our business.