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Regulation that Makes Sense

E-Cigarette RegulationsThe subject of electronic cigarette regulations is a common topic of discussion, debate, and rumor. While there are endless conflicting opinions, the FDA has been slow to make judgements and formally put most rules into play as there still remains a lack of firm evidence to choose a side. However, as positive as the response has been to these products from the public, and with little evidence to side with those who claim they are fully negative, it is a positive sign that we are beginning to see a rise in regulations that make sense and are in favor of e-cigarette usage. The most recent is coming from Washington State, where lawmakers are imposing a rule requiring electronic cigarette companies to sell their liquids with child-proof caps.

We are definitely in support of this, and are quite pleased. Child safety has long been a concern of the e-cigarette industry, and those on the outside looking in. One of the biggest concerns has always been keeping nicotine e-liquids out of the hands of children, and a rule such as this one aims to keep children safe, while still enabling adult users to have their liquids. It allows for more peace of mind, and less worry over accidents occurring. While nicotine is absolutely safe for inhalation and proper usage by adults, it can be toxic if ingested or harmful if it comes directly in contact with the skin.

Our brand VaporFi is firmly on board with this type of regulation because simply, it makes sense. As we are completely against our products being used by minors and those underage, adding an additional measure to keep children safe and our products out of the hands of those who should not be handling them is a very good thing that can seriously do no harm.

As the industry progresses and we continue to see electronic cigarette products being used more and more regularly, we are happy to see smart, intelligent regulations being implemented alongside. This adds to the credibility of the industry, and adds to the safe use of these innovative, life changing products.

Why Manufacturing Makes a Difference

hero_about_us_what_is_itManufacturing is a broad concept, and in the electronic cigarette industry it can have great significance on the final product and can have a direct impact on products’ overall performance. In addition, it is also of major importance on the subject of nicotine e-liquids. As a company, we are steadfast in our commitment to manufacturing all of our products, under all of our different brands, and this extends even into our nicotine liquids as well. For a deeper look into our e-cigarette manufacturing practices, continue reading on!

When a company controls and oversees all aspects of their manufacturing, there is no middle-man involved. There are no secondary channels to complicate communication. There is no mistaking what gets done and why. While this can sometimes mean it costs more, the end result is usually of higher quality and there are less mishaps; essentially why we choose to produce all of our products, for all of our brands: South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporFi, ourselves 100%.

When you purchase any of our electronic cigarette products, you are purchasing those which have been manufactured under the strictest of conditions, both in the USA and China. Strict audits are conducted at all of our facilities by outside agencies, to guarantee the conditions are continuously up to standard.

We are very confident in the quality that comes from producing e-liquids in the USA, and we are very strict about carrying e-juice that has been manufactured in America. Because this enables us to have full control and view of the production, we are able to guarantee higher standards and more high-quality liquids, resulting in better performance and more satisfied customers.

In all of our manufacturing plants, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our workers. We strive towards maintaining full compliance in every possible aspect, and are fully committed to our product quality and product safety.

Manufacturing is an essential aspect of producing top quality products, and our commitment to the highest quality electronic cigarettes is unwavering. With IVG products and brands, this is a part of our foundation we never compromise upon, and it shows in the finished product.

IVG Brands: Progressing Further

454642333_640If you’re familiar with International Vapor Group, you know we are always on the cutting edge of the industry; creating new products, and innovating. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are some of the industry’s top examples of advanced electronic cigarette lines, with products that consistently pleased their customers. In line with this adherence to innovation and creative development, we are pleased to offer some of the most advanced vaporizer and e-cigarette devices available.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke was one of the very first brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, and this brand was developed to give smokers a top choice product, with great style, options, and a very simple to use setup. New products are always in development, and currently their options range from the best 2-piece e-cigarettes on the market, with excellent cartridges, to top of the line e-liquids, and a very advanced vaporizer that has brought South Beach Smoke style and performance to those who want a higher performing vaping machine. Be on the lookout for more products such as these, in line with current trends and total South Beach Smoke quality.


VaporFi is the industry’s leading innovator when it comes to top of the line devices. This brand launched and instantly changed the market with a whole line of advanced products made for all levels of vapers, who want the best quality. Custom-blended e-liquids were not even a thought before this brand hit the scene, and customers have raved about the options ever since. As a brand committed to total quality, customers cannot get enough of the ability to have devices that perform how they want them to, without common malfunctions found across most other products of a similar nature. Expect even more advanced products and exciting new designs in the near future; this brand is taking vaping devices to a whole new level; this brand is revolutionizing the industry!

IVG brands represent the future of smoking, and we are proud to be advancing this burgeoning industry. If you are interested in working with passionate innovators and the next level of the electronic cigarette industry, contact us about franchising and wholesale opportunities!

VaporFi: The One Stop Shop for Everything Vaping-Related

vaporfiOne of the top reasons VaporFi has become so immensely popular is that this brand truly offers a wealth of options for everyone interested in vaping. They don’t cater to one corner of the market; they cater to everyone in the market, and do so with quality, affordability, and choices. Here is a list of reasons this is the brand to watch and why they are excelling in this industry. If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette brand to become a part of, this is the one!

-Exciting Locations: VaporFi locations are hotspots, and more are opening everywhere! They offer all VaporFi products, feature the signature vaping bars, are staffed with vaping experts, and are doing extremely well in profits. The vapor shop, redefined.

-Affordability: It’s no lie that there are many e-cigarette products that cost a lot of money to get your hands on. Typically, vaping is much less expensive than traditional cigarettes, however if you’re in pursuit of the very best products that offer the most technology, they are not going to come cheap. VaporFi offers top quality products that are always affordable. Our customers are continuously praising the prices and the premise that they spend the money once, but not having to replace the items in short time makes them even more worth it.

Innovation: We like to go where no one has gone before, and with VaporFi, we definitely do! The products are enabling users to get the most out of their vaping, and allowing them to enjoy the experience further. While they may be small products, adding daily pleasure to the lives of others is huge!

Quality: Can’t stress this enough! Top quality e-cigarettes, top quality vaporizers, top quality accessories, and top quality e-liquids give customers what they are looking for and reliability they can count on. This is exactly what builds long-term customers!

Dynamic Products: The brand offers e-cigarettes and vaporizers for every customer, level of experience, and budget. Affordable products with high-tech features, simple and complex machines, and VaporFi’s e-liquids are praised across the industry for their delicious flavors and the many custom-blended choices; this company specializes in exactly what vapers are demanding.

VaporFi is hi-fidelity. This company is defining where the industry is going, and they are doing it in a hurry. For franchise opportunities, please contact us to learn more about being a part of this exciting expansion!

Current Happenings in the E-Cig Industry

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nRight now, the e-cigarette industry is in a state of evolution. More and more smokers are switching to these products, and the technology is in constant progression; change is happening at a rapid rate. Here is a look at where things stand, and what is currently making this industry so very exciting.

It’s All About Vaporizers

People are really into vaporizers right now, and it’s because they offer a truly supreme experience. These advanced products are amazing, and as users become more interested in technologically dynamic devices, the technology advances as a result. The more versatile and customizable the products, the better. Like any other digital devices, users are thrilled with the ability to modify and fine-tune APV’s to their personal tastes and individual liking.


Technology is a beautiful thing, and it is always being improved upon. E-cigarette users love technology. We live in an era where things are being created constantly, and this has a direct effect on the e-cigarette industry. International Vapor Group has always been about constantly innovating and improving upon our existing technology, and that has allowed us to get ahead in this market.

Versatile Products

We are seeing more and more types of versatile e-cigarette products, and users cannot get enough of them. Simple and basic are mainstays, however most people want their products to be able to satisfy various needs. We understand that every product should satisfy a variety of different people, and therefore be able to be used in a variety of ways.

FDA regulations

There was talk about regulations for years, and the FDA has finally addressed this. They recently began discussion of plans to implement age restrictions towards e-cigarette sales, along the same lines as traditional cigarettes. However, currently they have no plans of restricting online sales, marketing, or banning any flavors.

The electronic cigarette industry may be relatively new, however it remains exciting because it is continuously changing and growing. As more and more users switch to these products, and the demand continues to grow, it drives the need, further propelling the technology and advancing of the products. Currently, the present time is a fantastic time for this market.

What’s Hot in the E-Cigarette Market Right Now

variable-tipIn an ever changing market, it can be hard to decipher what customers are using at the moment, and what they are going to want in the future. Right now, in the e-cigarette market, vapers are going in two directions: beginning to use the products, and those who are looking for more advanced products because they enjoy vaping so much.

The electronic cigarette market is loaded with many different types of products. There truly is something for everyone, and something to satisfy every whim, whether the vaper is looking for a novelty type product or something that satisfies long term. Some vapers find one type of product, such as traditional 2-piece e-cigarettes, which work with disposable cartridges, and stick with them for an extended period of time. This style of alternative cigarette became so popular because it fulfills so many needs, feels comfortable to the user, and features a slim design that can go practically anywhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, consumers are very much into very advanced vaping products. People who have gotten into vaping as a hobby typically enjoy trying new things and exploring the many different options around. While some switched to e-cigs as a means of getting away from tobacco, with the intention of eventually halting their vaping as well, some find that they enjoy vaping so much as a hobby they want more and more exciting products.

At the same time, there are many different electronic cigarettes that fall between those categories. Disposable e-cigarettes are one such type, as they offer a similar experience to 2-piece e-cigarettes, however they are used straight from the package, do not need setting up, and they get disposed of when used through.

While there are many very advanced types of vaporizers, there are many that fall into the more basic end, and many consumers love these for their simplicity and ability to offer more power than a standard 2-piece e-cig, but still remain small and easy to use.

Currently, the e-cigarette market is loaded with options and plenty of offerings for anyone who wants to experience vapor smoking. As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, feel free to browse through all of the different offerings from our four different brands, all of which target specific customers.

Electronic Cigarettes and Taxation

imagesE-Cigarette regulations have been a big source of discussion in recent times, and even with the FDA ruling that regulations regarding their usage by minors are necessary, many users are still wondering where talks of taxing electronic cigarettes will go.

Many are concerned that electronic cigarettes will soon be taxed similarly traditional cigarettes, as many people, most notably legislators, are pushing for them to regarded in the same manner. Among the states considering taxing electronic alternatives are Rhode Island, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Washing, New York, New Jersey, and Indiana. They see this form of taxation as a positive gesture because the revenue on e-cigarettes is growing, and with sales encroaching upon the $2 billion mark, and expected to hit around $10 billion worldwide by 2017, the potential of taxation looks promising to legislators who see the move as beneficial to the economy.

The city of Olympia, Washington has been pushing for a high tax on e-cigarettes and accessories for some time now. Their House approved at 75% tax on e-cigarette products, however the committee is attempting to amend this bill, which is currently slated to incur $35 million yearly just for the city of Olympia. A taxation of this magnitude goes beyond even the taxes currently implemented on marijuana, alcohol, and even some types of tobacco products, which seems rather incongruent in terms of fairness.

However, this sort of drastic taxation, which would clearly drive the prices of electronic cigarettes and their accompanying products to much greater expenditures, will not be met without immense controversy and debate from the electronic cigarette community. A large portion of small business that specialize in e-cigarette products would be detrimentally affected, and the industry as a whole would see decreases in sales if this sort of taxation were to become national.

While no major decisions have been made, with this burgeoning industry comes the impending decisions on how to handle the massive sales electronic cigarettes continue to bring in. Many feel that e-cigarette taxation is merely a matter of time away, and we all hope that the most fair, practical decisions be made without harm to the industry. Electronic smokers deserve the products they want, without unfair costs attached.


International Vapor Group: Not Your Ordinary Wholesale

imgresInternational Vapor Group offers three top electronic cigarette brands. Having built our business first online, in the e-commerce setting, our products were perfectly suited for the transition to brick-and-mortar retail. Our brands became well known, and sought after quickly, and being recognized by the customer has allowed greater sales. Succeeding in the convenience store retail sector has come naturally for us, and it’s not just because our products rock. Much of the success is due to the team behind the scenes and the business acumen that has been the focal strategy for getting it all done. Passion is one of the underlying aspects of our foundation. It’s more than just selling a product; it’s a lifestyle, and the ability to offer our customers more convenience in their daily lives is what drives us.

We target more than one customer demographic. Each of our brands offers different e-cigarette products, options, and ways they can be used, appealing to plenty of different smokers and making our three separate lines ultimately useful. Part of our marketing has been in designing excellent graphics and branding ourselves visually. Our products and packaging stand out, so customers recognize them.

Our wholesale development is more than just great products; it’s logistics and having the expertise to know how to drive sales. We are currently working with numerous retailers globally, however the process in choosing the right venues to work with is discerning. While we want to expand rapidly, sell our products to the highest degree, and create relationships where all entities profit exponentially, we are decisive about those we form partnerships with. It takes commitment from both ends.

We are committed 100% to all of our retailers, and there is no limit to what we will do to keep our presence in a positive light. IVG wholesale opportunities are expanding, and if you desire our products in your store or stores, we want to hear from you!