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Research and Development

e-cigarette business research home pageAs far as electronic cigarette businesses go, we have a serious dedication to producing our products from all of our brands according to the latest research, innovations, and developments in the industry. As a cutting edge industry based on technology and innovation, it is of most importance to our customers that we remain ahead of the game. E-cigarette, vaporizer, and e-liquid quality remains one of the hottest topics in the industry, e-cigarette users demand the best.

We feel this is one of the key factors that enables us to lead the industry. We are always looking to advance and expand, because we know technology changes daily and it is the absolute core of our industry. It’s essential to this business, and precisely what customers are looking for.

We know that innovation is integral to every part and every level of our business. Not only when it comes to products but also how our products are made, our standards, and the mindsets of everyone at IVG. Electronic cigarette consumers are among the most educated consumers. They know what they are looking for, and they know what goes into the technology. Brands that aim to get things past these customers are obviously not seeking the hardcore enthusiasts.

Development and design is major when it comes to electronic cigarettes because they bridge technology with smoking, resulting in a clean, smoke-free, tar-free, tobacco-free way to have nicotine. And as an extremely competitive market, we know that staying ahead is one of the keys to our success. In doing so, we have amassed great followings, and have been able to grow our e-cig and vaporizers businesses as a result.

Manufacturing is another area we are absolutely strict and uncompromising on. All International Vapor Group products are manufactured using the highest standards in place and to ensure we are producing the purest liquids. We remain staunch about having the highest quality, the highest level of product safety, and absolute regulatory compliance. The result has created products IVG customers trust, rely on, and know to be the best in the industry. While others in the market aim to get by on the minimum requirements necessary, we are steadfast in our belief that our success is owed to not skipping steps. When it comes to research and development, no one tops IVG.

Time to Focus on Issues That Matter

e-cigarette negotiationsRecently, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association Conference occurred, and was attended by vaping industry experts, insiders, and peoples of importance. It was an excellent meeting for those with great influence to discuss the current scene, as well as progressions for the future. Among those in attendance were Bonnie Herzog, the senior tobacco analyst for Wells Fargo, and Mitch Medder, the  Director of the Center for Tobacco Products for the FDA. Conversations between these two heavyweights revolved around the subject of e-cigarette and nicotine usefulness and regulations. Particularly focusing on matters at hand, and what issues are playing into the decisions on how e-cigarettes will be classified and considered in the future.

When it comes to e-cigarette regulations there has been a lot of focus on issues that don’t exactly play a crucial role, both parties agreed. With so much emphasis placed on under age users, flavors that err on the sweet side (you know, fruit, dessert, and candy flavored varieties), and the role of marketing, it seems as though we’re losing sight of the most important aspects of the products. While these hot topics are of course important, they should not be used to create drama unnecessarily.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have the potential to offer smokers another avenue. Instead of turning to prescription drugs, or continuing on with smoking because they feel trapped, having the option of controling one’s level of nicotine in a similar manner enables an incredible method, and alternative to the traditional routes.

One of the issues discussed centers around the role of electronic cigarettes and how they may be used as a tool in harm reduction. While there is a huge focus on the necessity of scientific research and data, when it comes to defining regulations, Zeller emphasized that beginning a dialogue with stakeholders on the subject of nicotine is of great importance. Zeller also stated that the entire debate of the e-cigs and nicotine and the FDA (as well as other entities such as the center for drug evaluation and research and the center for devices and radiological health) needs to be addressed, especially in regards to nicotine being used therapeutically.

As far as news outlets and reporting go, sensationalism sells, however when it comes to electornic cigarettes, their benefits need not be overlooked in favor of outrageous, eyebrow-raising reports aimed at garnering attention. The real focus on these products and their future regulations should revolve around their effectiveness, usefulness, and scientific data.

How Have E-Cigarettes Changed the Smoking Landscape?

e-cigarettesIn a relatively short time, electronic cigarettes have done a feat that many consider to be revolutionary. They were introduced at a pivotal moment, when globally, smokers as well as the general public, began looking for alternatives to unhealthy habits. E-cigarettes came at a time when people were hungry for options, and becoming fearful of the future if they continued to maintain their destructive ways. Here are the factors that have set the tone for the e-cigarette industry to prosper.

Changing Mindset

Less youth start smoking every year, and trends have shown more teens making an effort to stop smoking. Along these same lines, more adults are also looking to quit the habit, instead of stubbornly assuming they have no choice but to remain tobacco smokers their whole lives. More and more people, regardless of age are concerned with their health and making intelligent decisions to benefit their long term health, and electronic cigarettes have enabled many to change their ways from tobacco to electronic smoking.

More in Line with the Digital Age

The digital age has made digitizing every aspect of life in sync; why store files on discs, CD’s, or hard copies anymore when you’ve got the cloud and the option of remote storage? Streamlining everything has become the norm, and electronic cigarettes fit this lifestyle way better than old school cigarettes. In fact, cigarettes seem rather synonymous with the old Marlboro icons of cowboys on horses in the Wild West, pre-industrial revolution. Why smoke when you can have so much more with vaping? There’s a reason those images are more fitting of a bygone era.

Options, Endless Options

Today’s customer is hard to please and wants options. The digital age and the advent of internet shopping has enabled everyone to get exactly what they want, when they want it; without compromise. E-cigarettes are part of this equation, offering the features smokers want, in whatever format they want, at better prices.

Every so often, something comes along and changes the way things have always been done. No, it cannot be predicted, but that lightbulb moment of change and progression is what propels all major movements. It’s amazing to see what the electronic cigarette has done for smokers.

Big Pharma Can’t Handle the E-Cig

electronic cigaretteWith the popularity of electronic cigarettes ever so steadily growing and outpacing traditional cigarette usage, it goes as no surprise that Big Pharma doesn’t know how to deal with the changing climate. Electronic cigarettes, and all products of this niche market are not cessation devices, they are considered to be alternative, smoke-free, tar-free, odorless options, however they are filling the void smokers have when faced with the conventional options. So is this really about the health of the general public and smokers, or is about the money?

Recently, a report came out, stating that Big Pharma was having a rather difficult time adjusting to the changes that have been occurring as a result of cigarette smokers taking it into their own hands on how to deal with their tobacco habits. Instead of going the route advocated by Big Pharma (aka the drug companies), and using their endorsed cessation aids by the likes of gums and nicotine patches, users have opted for the alternative in alternative cigarettes, and totally bypassing the actual cessation products. This breaking away from conventional wisdom and following the herd, doing as the drug companies tell you to do, is showing where the general public is at presently. People, smokers and otherwise, are not willing to blindly take advice any longer without their own investigating behind it. They are not so willing to just follow orders and do as they’re told without any knowledge on the subject.

They are willing however, to use common sense to make decisions for themselves. They are able to put 2-and-2 together, make conclusions, and experiment to find out what works for them. While they may be told a whole lot of rhetoric on electronic cigarettes not being regulated, not knowing what’s in them, and all sorts of other propaganda, the modern smoker knows how to read between the lines. They are willing to learn, and are not going to take every statement at face value.

So with this current speculation that the real antagonist isn’t actually Big Tobacco, and in reality, it’s Big Pharma, who spends more on lobbying than any other source, it’s wise for consumers and everyone in this industry to take a close look at how strings are getting pulled.

IVG brands of electronic cigarettes are not endorsed, nor promoted as cessation devices, and we are more than happy to consider them as alternatives to the traditional, both in regards to cigarettes and cessation products. It’s great to see that the modern smoker is embracing alternatives, understanding their health and their options are not one-way streets, and we are happy, more than ever to be a part of such an innovative, game-changing industry!

E-Cigarettes: Gateway to Smoke or Being Smoke Free?

IVG Industry TrendsRecent surveys are showing that electronic cigarettes are continuing to displace traditional cigarette usage. While there were many occasions over the past few years where anti-smoking groups aimed to claim electronic cigarette and vaping products were not only unsafe, but going to lead to greater smoking numbers.

Not too long ago, one of the anti-smoking coalition’s loudest voices, Stanton Glantz, was reported in USA Today stating that “there’s no question that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.” However, reality has proven otherwise.

If e-cigarettes were truly this gateway to a tobacco smoking frenzy, smoking numbers would be on the rise, not on the decline as they currently are. Yes, electronic cigarette numbers are up as expected, but there is no data or evidence to indicate that new smokers are starting with the digital variety and then moving towards tobacco. The reality is quite the contrary, and nonsmokers are really not getting on the e-cig trend at all. E-cigarettes appeal to current smokers who want alternatives to the traditional version.

Another factor proving e-cigarettes are trumping traditional tobacco cigarettes is that if e-cigs were really serving as a gateway, increasing tobacco usage figures would be on the rise, paralleling electronic cigarettes. Yet that is also not occurring, and adds to the argument that electronic cigarettes are not opening the doors to tobacco usage. There is no data on electronic cigarette users who have never used tobacco first, because these instances are few and far between. Less people are starting to smoke, and those who are current smokers are looking for other ways to enjoy nicotine.

Despite what the anti-electronic cigarette folks have to say, vaping is here to stay. They have not been able to convince the population or the regulators thus far as to their claims (which lack any scientific evidence), and sales figures do not lie: tobacco is on the decline, and vaping products are on the rise big time. In the US, teenage smoking numbers are the lowest they have been in decades, hitting record lows. This makes one fact clear: electronic cigarettes are not convincing American teens to start smoking, and tobacco is getting majorly upstaged.