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California’s Current Take on E-Cigs

State of California Anti-VapingElectronic cigarettes are making the news quite often these days. As the whole industry gains more and more notice, both for the positive attributes and negative speculation, the attention really shines a light on how popular these products have become. With millions of people using them, billions of dollars being raked in, and the tobacco industry keeping a close eye on the progress, it is a given that news is going to circulate due to the hype. Along these same lines, there is a great amount of misinformation abound, and it is rather unfortunate that such speculation, and not hard facts, can lead to a major health agency urging the community not to use products as a result.

So, with this in mind, the big news of the industry at the moment is the state of California. In specific, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has announced that residents of California should not use electronic cigarette products, citing that their many “toxins,” “chemicals,” and nicotine make them a health hazard. Dr. Ron Chapman, the head of the CDPH and who is responsible for this campaign, makes these statements on the behalf of the public, yet at the same time, makes declarations based on speculation (claiming that nicotine from e-cigarettes is as addictive as the nicotine from traditional cigarettes, for instance).

The problem with this is that it unfairly targets e-cigarettes as dangerous, when there is no definitive evidence to prove this. Yes, we understand the necessity for moderate and reasonable regulations, however to make a declaration that all residents avoid usage of these products that contain no tobacco, produce no smoke, tar or combustion, and very few ingredients is boldly biased.

Electronic cigarette devices are not undoing the progress the anti-smoking coalition has achieved in the past several decades, and it is a shame that the concept of tobacco-free devices continue to draw comparisons. E-cigarettes do not serve as a gateway, and nor are they really able to be compared to traditional cigarettes on the basis of what they consist of.

It is a given that anytime something becomes very popular and the trend transitions into a solidified movement that there will be negative press, however the state of California should embrace a more open view, and understand exactly how electronic cigarettes are being used.


What Lies Ahead in the Future Market

Vaping in the FutureThe e-cigarette industry is one based on technology. In fact, many people believe that these products should be viewed less as “smoking” items and more in line with tech items as they fit the description of technology more than smoking. Considering this industry has evolved several times over in just the past decade, and seemingly every year new products take precedence, it shows that this is a market ready for the current age of technology. Vapers as a whole are always looking to experiment with the latest innovations, and as new products emerge, users are consistently at the forefront to try them.

So what will we be seeing in the coming years? Here is a look.

Pay As You Go Devices

Using apps, vapers will be able to track their nicotine, ‘pay as they go’ for doses with an app, and have their e-cig know when to shut off due to settings they create for further control. Whether intended for regulating the amount of nicotine used, or to control the amount of puffs taken, control settings are the next generation of electronic cigarette devices.

Vape Supplementing

Another territory that will be explored further is that of vaping products that delve into the nutrition sector, by offering vaporized supplements and caffeine. With the concept of dry herb vaping having taken off tremendously, many experts see this expanding further into products that enable you to vape different supplements such as valerian, vitamins, and even THC. As the general public becomes more aware of the many benefits of using herbal supplements, IVG will be ahead of the game when offering a convenient way to reap their benefits.

At International Vapor Group, we have always been at the cutting edge of this industry. Innovation is the very core of our business, and you bet, as the times change, we will be evolving with them. It is a very exciting time to be involved in this industry, and all of our brands are committed to bringing you the latest technology out there. While the future remains to be seen, for the best in current e-cigarette technology, look no further.