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Consumer Buying Trends

VF Pro Consumer Buying TrendsBuying trends among consumers are currently at a new period in time. Times have completely changed and today’s customer is quite different from decades past. The Great Recession had an astounding impact upon, and really changed the way consumers think and spend their money. So where does this place today’s buyer in terms of spending their money? Here is a look at the themes surrounding where modern consumers are at currently.

Times Are A-Changin’

What worked in the past, does not hold a candle today. Not only do consumers know what they’re buying, they typically research everything they look to get into. Old business techniques and tactics are no longer relevant in today’s era of Internet sourcing, which enables information at everyone’s fingertips. Social media, and the ability to research any and everything give consumers the upper hand, and you bet these consumers have the potential to know more about your products than even you know about your products. In sales, middleman are of little use and are virtually nonexistent now.

Low Prices

Consumers watch every penny now, even if they have is a surplus, they remain cautious. The average consumer is willing to search and fight for the lowest price possible. The demand for low prices is very high as customers demand it to be.

Abundant Knowledge

What also defines this era is that consumers are no longer in the dark. In today’s day and age, businesses cannot assume the consumer knows nothing. Customers have in-depth product knowledge, so businesses best not try to get things past.

How Businesses Get Ahead

What gives e-cigarette brands the upper hand nowadays is offering their consumers the best of the industry; offering the best innovations, the best quality, the best experiences, and providing an exceptionally enjoyable sales process. Give them what they can’t get elsewhere, and they’ll be back!

In addition to the changing climate among consumers, the e-cigarette industry has evolved alongside as well. Niche industries, such as this one, have become quite mainstream, and maintaining prominence depends on understanding where your customers are at. At IVG, we always seek to stay on top of these industry trends, and you can expect to find us always at the forefront.

Health: A Healthy Reason to Switch

E-Cigarettes and HealthMore and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes every day because more and more people are concerned with their health. While there has been no approval publicly by any major health organizations endorsing electronic cigarettes as a valid alternative to traditional tobacco, many users are confident, based on their own intelligent judgement, that vapor is simply better than smoke.

While we are in no position to make claims on either behalf, what we do know is that smoke is extremely detrimental to the body. It has a negative effect on most major organ systems, can contribute to a wide variety of deadly cancers, and can greatly reduce the quality of life for those who smoke by compromising health. Cigarette smokers are acutely at risk for a wide range of cardiovascular risks, including aneurysms, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, chest pain, high blood pressure, damage to the arteries, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), stroke, and heart attacks. Also of importance, smoking can impede the lungs and one’s ability to breathe, putting smokers at risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and asthma.

For smokers who are looking to better their lives, and avoid the risks smoke (not nicotine) put them in line for, switching to electronic cigarettes enables an incredible way to have nicotine without the smoke. Vapor smoking allows smokers to continue the lifestyle they enjoy, with an alternative that allots all of the same experience and pleasure, without touching tobacco.

Millions have made the switch, and millions more will do so as a result of the benefits of vapor. As an e-cig brand who has been at the forefront since the earliest days of this industry, we could not be more proud of all the smokers out there who make the conscious choice to better their lives by choosing to live without smoke. Vapor cigarettes offer endless amounts of choice, variety, and excitement for smokers who want an alternative. We are beyond passionate about what these products are doing for people’s’ quality of life!

Spotlight on SBS

South Beach SmokeAs one of the most exciting brands in the e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke is always on the move. This brand has earned its success due to an ever expanding drive to meet the needs of the market, while focusing on the aspects of innovation and being ahead of the trends. One of the founding principles is constantly being aware of what users want, and what they’re going to want in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As one of the first companies to specialize in high quality electronic cigarettes, with a signature look, feel and attitude designed specifically for those who want style as much as performance, South Beach Smoke is always up to something good. If you are looking to wholesale with a solid brand that has great reach with electronic cigarette users while appealing to all levels of the market, here is a look at what this hot brand is up to at the moment!

High Tech Vaporizers

The past year saw the expansion into the market of vaporizers, and it added an additional aspect of growth. Recently, South Beach Smoke launched their Custom Vaporizer Builder on their site which offers their full line of advanced personal vaporizers, in a clean, easy-to-use setup that allows users to custom build their dream devices with all available accessories and colors in a few convenient steps.


Also knowing how popular using nicotine e-liquids has become, South Beach Smoke released an exceptional line of liquids that took off instantly. Comprised of thousands of singular flavors, with the option of custom blending all of them into thousands of new flavors, users have unlimited options of flavors to choose from. The standout feature is the quality; make no mistake, there are no liquids like South Beach’s; they are made under the strictest industry standards, in the USA, of the finest ingredients.

Understanding the need for continuous advancement, the brand is always debuting something new to keep up with their customer base! If you are looking to work with a brand with a serious reputation and a never ending commitment to quality, South Beach Smoke is at the top of their game!


How Have E-Cigarettes Changed the Smoking Landscape?

e-cigarettesIn a relatively short time, electronic cigarettes have done a feat that many consider to be revolutionary. They were introduced at a pivotal moment, when globally, smokers as well as the general public, began looking for alternatives to unhealthy habits. E-cigarettes came at a time when people were hungry for options, and becoming fearful of the future if they continued to maintain their destructive ways. Here are the factors that have set the tone for the e-cigarette industry to prosper.

Changing Mindset

Less youth start smoking every year, and trends have shown more teens making an effort to stop smoking. Along these same lines, more adults are also looking to quit the habit, instead of stubbornly assuming they have no choice but to remain tobacco smokers their whole lives. More and more people, regardless of age are concerned with their health and making intelligent decisions to benefit their long term health, and electronic cigarettes have enabled many to change their ways from tobacco to electronic smoking.

More in Line with the Digital Age

The digital age has made digitizing every aspect of life in sync; why store files on discs, CD’s, or hard copies anymore when you’ve got the cloud and the option of remote storage? Streamlining everything has become the norm, and electronic cigarettes fit this lifestyle way better than old school cigarettes. In fact, cigarettes seem rather synonymous with the old Marlboro icons of cowboys on horses in the Wild West, pre-industrial revolution. Why smoke when you can have so much more with vaping? There’s a reason those images are more fitting of a bygone era.

Options, Endless Options

Today’s customer is hard to please and wants options. The digital age and the advent of internet shopping has enabled everyone to get exactly what they want, when they want it; without compromise. E-cigarettes are part of this equation, offering the features smokers want, in whatever format they want, at better prices.

Every so often, something comes along and changes the way things have always been done. No, it cannot be predicted, but that lightbulb moment of change and progression is what propels all major movements. It’s amazing to see what the electronic cigarette has done for smokers.

Big Pharma Can’t Handle the E-Cig

electronic cigaretteWith the popularity of electronic cigarettes ever so steadily growing and outpacing traditional cigarette usage, it goes as no surprise that Big Pharma doesn’t know how to deal with the changing climate. Electronic cigarettes, and all products of this niche market are not cessation devices, they are considered to be alternative, smoke-free, tar-free, odorless options, however they are filling the void smokers have when faced with the conventional options. So is this really about the health of the general public and smokers, or is about the money?

Recently, a report came out, stating that Big Pharma was having a rather difficult time adjusting to the changes that have been occurring as a result of cigarette smokers taking it into their own hands on how to deal with their tobacco habits. Instead of going the route advocated by Big Pharma (aka the drug companies), and using their endorsed cessation aids by the likes of gums and nicotine patches, users have opted for the alternative in alternative cigarettes, and totally bypassing the actual cessation products. This breaking away from conventional wisdom and following the herd, doing as the drug companies tell you to do, is showing where the general public is at presently. People, smokers and otherwise, are not willing to blindly take advice any longer without their own investigating behind it. They are not so willing to just follow orders and do as they’re told without any knowledge on the subject.

They are willing however, to use common sense to make decisions for themselves. They are able to put 2-and-2 together, make conclusions, and experiment to find out what works for them. While they may be told a whole lot of rhetoric on electronic cigarettes not being regulated, not knowing what’s in them, and all sorts of other propaganda, the modern smoker knows how to read between the lines. They are willing to learn, and are not going to take every statement at face value.

So with this current speculation that the real antagonist isn’t actually Big Tobacco, and in reality, it’s Big Pharma, who spends more on lobbying than any other source, it’s wise for consumers and everyone in this industry to take a close look at how strings are getting pulled.

IVG brands of electronic cigarettes are not endorsed, nor promoted as cessation devices, and we are more than happy to consider them as alternatives to the traditional, both in regards to cigarettes and cessation products. It’s great to see that the modern smoker is embracing alternatives, understanding their health and their options are not one-way streets, and we are happy, more than ever to be a part of such an innovative, game-changing industry!

Teen Vaping: Trendy Gateway or Typical Experimentation?

E-Cigarette-Age-LimitTeens and vaping have been a very hot subject as of late. There’ve been many reports of high school aged teens getting into vaping and it is getting much discussion in the press this week.

So, are teenagers getting into the habit of nicotine now at a higher rate than previously reported? Are electronic cigarettes truly serving as a gateway into a smoking habit? Will this have the consequence of creating a new generation of tobacco smokers? Is the e-cigarette industry to blame for marketing their products in such a way that is enticing to the youth?

Well, to answer these questions bluntly, the answer is no.

Teen vaping has become a topic of discussion because it is very much is a given. As the anti-tobacco coalition has been pushing hard for decades to keep cigarettes out of the hands of minors, and with cigarette use by teens increasingly on the decline, seeing any slight uptick in teen smoking is cause for examination. As a whole, teens are not looking at electronic cigarettes as a way to start smoking, and using e-cigarettes is not having the effect of introducing teens to smoking, leading them to begin smoking cigarettes as a result.

Typically, teenagers are into experimenting. On the verge of adulthood, you can expect those pesky teens to get into just about everything; from alcohol, to drugs, to crime (both petty and extreme) to breaking curfews and testing their parents’ rules. It comes with the territory that teens are going to be poking their underage fingers into things they don’t belong in, and that is precisely why age restrictions are being enforced, and responsible e-cigarette brands and retailers will be doing their best to keep their products out of the hands of underage persons.

Recent statistics have stated that teenage usage of e-cigarettes has been increasing, with a report from Forbes magazine stating that current numbers have shown that electronic cigarette use by high schoolers has rose from 1.5% to 4.5%, and this figure includes teens who have stated that they have used e-cigarettes at least one time in a 30-day period. While at first glance, a 3% increase is alarming for some, it must be taken into account that the majority of the teens who are vaping are seeking alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

The e-cigarette industry as a whole is focused on adult usage, and products are designed and marketed to the adult population. It must be noted that the majority of electronic cigarette companies are not gearing their products towards impressionable young people, and teens are an inherently curious sector. While numbers have not been published as of yet, stating how many teens are using e-cigarettes as an introduction to the world of smoking tobacco, it is highly unlikely anyone will be.

The Celeb Effect on Vaping

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.58.00 PMCelebrities have been a major force in the use and promotion of electronic cigarettes since the beginning. These days, not only are celebrities being seen everywhere using the products, (and all varieties of electronic cigarettes at that) but they are being tapped by major brands to star in ads.

When electronic cigarettes first hit the scene, Hollywood starlets and big names were among the trailblazers who ditched tobacco smoke in favor of vapor. Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Katherine Heigl, Kevin Connolly, Nikki Reed, Michelle Rodriguez, Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, and Sienna Miller have all been pretty public about choosing the electronic version of smoking over the past few years, proudly letting it be known they were vaping.

In recent months, at several major entertainment events, celebrities have been flaunting their electronic smoking devices loud and proudly. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, during this year’s Oscar’s happily used her e-cigarette during a segment of the broadcast when cameras aimed at her. Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg penned a column on her lasting love affair with her vape pen, entitled “My Vape Pen and I, a Love Story.” This past weekend saw comedienne Sarah Silverman brandish her cutting edge vape pen on the red carpet during the Emmy’s, mere hours before giving an animated acceptance speech proclaiming our existence as molecules.

All e-cigarette companies recognize the allure of star power, and that is why so many have worked with celebs in getting their products noticed. Being in the spotlight, they are the foremost trendsetters, and people take notice. Stephen Dorff, Jenny McCarthy, and Courtney Love have appeared in advertisements for different e-cigarette brands, displaying their love of vapor and urging the public to opt for vapor over smoke.

South Beach Smoke has been associated with the Hollywood scene from their inception, having been used in gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, receiving praise from OK! Magazine, as well as being the top e-cigarette choice among many stars.

The celeb effect on e-cigarettes has been fantastic, and they have certainly held a place in solidifying electronic cigarettes in the mainstream. They’ve helped push their credibility, and prove what excellent alternatives to tobacco they are. E-cigarettes are big business, and Hollywood is all over this trend! As the industry grows and becomes more and more accepted in the public eye, it’s an obvious indicator of how well these products are doing.

Benefits to Diverse Products

southbeachsmokeOne of the reasons we are proud to offer such a wide variety of different brands with different offerings is that having a large selection allows us to reach a very broad customer base. Our four different brands cater to a wide range of customers, everyone from smokers who are looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time to digital cigarette hobbyists and everyone in between; we cater to all who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Understanding that smokers are all unique and seeking a different type of experience, we are pleased to take advantage of the innovation and offer so many various choices for enjoying alternative smoking. Electronic cigarettes are available in so many variables, in so many different styles, with varying options, flavors, nicotine levels, performance choices, and the list goes on!

The one thing most smokers want though, regardless of the type of product is quality. It is a mainstay when it comes to everything we offer, as we know when it comes to satisfaction, lacking quality will not do much for anyone.

Here is a brief look at our 4 different electronic cigarette brands and how they appeal to different customers.

VaporFi: VaporFi is the brand for those who are looking for supreme quality and innovation. Their products for are designed for every type of smoker, from experts to novices. They offer a large selection of everything, including basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers available. Standout features include the largest selection of e-liquids as well as top of the line, affordable mods.

South Beach Smoke: Great for beginners and experienced e-cigarette users who like advanced performance from a 2-piece e-cigarette with cartridge. This brand offers e-cigs and vaporizers, plenty of innovative accessories such as the PowerCig and the Personal Charging Case, plus the same extensive line of custom blended e-liquids as VaporFi.

EverSmoke: Based on the same technology as South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke offers similar e-cigarette products that appeal to smokers who want quality, options, and a great looking product.

NutriCigs: NutriCigs goes further into the realm of innovation, offering the first and only fortified, disposable e-cigarettes.

Diversity matters when it comes to selling electronic cigarettes. Being able to appeal to a small group will get some sales; offering products that are made for everyone cover all ground; and that is exactly what we aim to do!

Work With the Best, Work With IVG

ECIGS-articleLargeWith so many e-cigarette companies on the market, and having so many different products and brands, it may seem to retailers that it makes no difference which they carry within their selection. However, having been a part of this industry since its inception, we understand and know firsthand that is not entirely the case. Having developed a variety of different brands, products, and innovations, we can attest, from experience, to that large dispersion of quality across the industry. Here is a list of reasons to work with International Vapor Group brands if you are considering adding electronic cigarette products to your inventory. We know this industry, we know e-cigarettes, and we know where this market is headed.

American e-liquids: e-liquids can be manufactured in the USA as well as anywhere else, however we believe they are best made in the States due to the higher standards when it comes to manufacturing. More costly, yes, however the final result produces a more satisfying experience. We see the obvious difference it makes, and our customers’ feedback has only solidified it.

Commitment to innovation: We aim not to replicate what others are doing, instead to look ahead and create what has not yet been done. This is a hi-tech industry, and consumers are looking for advancements. We are driven to offer quality as well as products that surpass users’ expectations, and we have succeeded thus far with all of our brands.

Variety: It’s not just the spice of life, it’s essential to life, even when we’re discussing electronic cigarettes. We firmly understand the importance in offering a wide range of products and options because targeting just one demographic limits our reach, and limits our abilities to stretch further into this market. We offer products for the novice as well as the expert; for the heaviest of smokers who want a serious alternative, to the casual smoker who wants tobacco-free enjoyment. We offer products that appeal to many, that offer great versatility, and are designed to function at the highest level without inconveniences of difficulties. In short, we make the kind of products we know customers want; which is a huge attribute of our success.

So why work with International Vapor Group brands? Because we know what we are doing! We know where we are going, and we understand what our customers want! We invite you to join us!

Who Smokes Electronic Cigarettes?

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTESWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, there is a large demographic. Millennials seem to be choosing e-smoking over traditional tobacco cigarettes, however the age range for electronic smokers covers all ground. Suffice it to say, if you want to know who is using alternative cigarettes, it’s everyone! Here is a look at the different groups of people who have found them to be even better than the real thing, and have made the switch.

Former Smokers

Nearly all electronic cigarette smokers are former cigarette smokers. Their reasons for switching run the gamut- some wanted to be done with tobacco altogether, some wanted a more affordable option, some prefer the ability to enjoy the sensation without smoke or nicotine, others list all of the reasons above for switching. And whatever their reasoning, e-cigarettes have given millions of people more of what they want out of life and their smoking habit.

Older Folks

The older people get, the more imperative it becomes to drop the cigarettes. It’s no secret that we are more susceptible to life threatening ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer when smoking cigarettes. Seeing this, and wanting to go an alternative direction, aging people understand the importance of finding other options to smoking, and many are happy to trade their tobacco cigarettes for electronic.

Younger Folks

While health reasons become more of a threat to the aging population, cigarettes can cause illness no matter what your age. As you know, people have many reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes, and regardless of age, most adults are interested in living a better quality of life and investing in their health.

College Students

College students often smoke cigarettes. They are also notoriously short on cash. Many campuses are not fond of cigarettes, even instituting bans on smoking altogether. This has lead many students to invest in e-cigarettes, in an effort to enjoy their nicotine in a more cost effective, tolerable, modern and enjoyable way.


Getting noticed, and being proud to flaunt their e-cigarettes, celebs have been a part of the vapor cigarette movement since the start. Hollywood’s trend setters can always be counted on to inspire others, and they sure have done their part to promote electronic cigarettes since the earliest days; especially since tobacco cigarettes make them look so passé.

So who is smoking e-cigs? Just about everybody! Millions of people all over the world have switched, so if you are wondering who your target demographic is for e-cigarette sales, it’s as varied as those who smoke cigarettes! If you want the best possible way to reach them, our advice is to carry a well-rounded selection of electronic cigarette products that cover all ground.