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Let’s Talk About Customer Service

customer-service-1Customer service is not just applicable to customers in the retail sense. Part of the core of our business is having excellent customer care, and offering the proper support to developing business relationships. It’s one of our central areas of pride and one of the aspects that makes our business stand out from many others. When we say “we’re here for you,” we really mean it.

E-Cigarette customer service covers so much more than just dealing with our customers when they have problems with our products. It is a concept of making ourselves available to them in any circumstances as they relate to using our electronic cigarettes. We offer multiple platforms for communication (phone, email and social media), and have a fully established team in place to handle customer needs across the board. We are happy to communicate with the purpose of customer satisfaction and ensuring our products are pleasing!

The commitment to having excellent customer service is simple. If the products are superior and customers continuously feel supported in their challenges, as well as feel that they are being taken care of properly, they will be happy to remain loyal customers. That “WOW” factor is what we’re all about, and we don’t look to achieve it with just our products!

In doing your research across the electronic cigarette market, and looking into the many reviews you will find the various companies that exist, one common area of complaint among users is not having adequate customer service. Many consumers are more than willing to leave a company whose products they appreciate if the service cannot measure up. Many of the largest e-cigarette companies are especially guilty of this, as it can be difficult to maintain to individualized, attentive customer care when you’re entity is so large. Also to consider is that these mega companies rely on the popularity of their names to sustain them; i.e.; they lack the quality and attention to the customer in lieu of the dollar.

We aren’t your standard electronic cigarette company, and we aren’t in the business of mediocrity. Every member of our team is dedicated to these core principles of excellence, in every aspect of the company. We urge our customers as well as business partners to choose wisely because why settle for less if you don’t have to?