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Why IVG Brands Have Stood the Test of Time

IVG Brands International Vapor Group has long been committed to excellence in our products. We have been a part of this market since its inception, and will continue to change, grow, and evolve with it as time progresses. So, what has enabled IVG vapor product brands to exist through the continuous changes in this market? Here’s a look.

Dedication to Innovation

We are interested in technology, and what is possible for the continuous evolution of vapor products, including e-cigarettes, mods, vaporizers, e-liquids, and all accompanying accessories. While creating things that are currently enjoyable, useful, and fulfilling, we want to go further. We have been dedicated to creating cutting edge products since the beginning, and it’s what we aim to do for the long term.

Understanding Our Clients

Understanding what our customers’ needs are has enabled us to create products that stand the test of time, while satisfying their needs. Quality, variety, and products they can trust are the tenets we never compromise because they are what our customers rely on IVG brands for.

Predicting the Future

No, we aren’t into metaphysics or anything like that; we study market trends, and what our customers are doing now, to understand what they’re going to want in the future. While we want satisfaction for our users in the present-day, we think several steps ahead, and are fully concerned with what they’re going to want down the road.

Quality Above All

Quality, as mentioned before, is not a factor we take lightly or sacrifice under any circumstances. Vapor products make life better, and we understand this. Creating items that perform as needed and do not falter when you need them most is what customers want, above all. This has allowed us to sell million of products over the years, and continuously create items that fit our customers’ needs. People want quality, especially when vaping since so much of the industry is loaded with bad quality. Knowing IVG brands such as VaporFi and DIRECTVAPOR put this aspect above any others, customers are more inclined to repeat their business.

So, why has IVG managed to last in an industry where the competition has been cut-throat? Because we understand the market, our customers, and have a passion for creating products that make life more enjoyable.

Fast Times and Fast Evolution in the E-Cigarette Market

Modern VapingThe electronic cigarette industry has been around for just over a decade, internationally. The technology is ever-changing and the products as a whole have undergone various evolutions in such a short time. They are indicative of the era we now live in where technology is always progressing and constantly improving. Here’s a look at how a simple technological concept has challenged the tobacco industry like nothing before in just a few short years.

Before electronic cigarettes emerged and became a global phenomenon, nothing truly was able to compete with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who wanted an alternative had the option of nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and prescription drugs that came with their own possible side effects. The options were slim and not with a great success rate, often leaving smokers to their own devices, either going cold turkey or finding some other distraction in order to leave the smoke behind.

When e-cigarettes hit the market in China in 2003, they took off immediately. They were the first product of their kind to give smokers exactly what they wanted without the negatives. It was not long before the products started expanding overseas, throughout Asia and eventually into Europe and then the United States.

Since around 2009, e-cigarettes have been a commonplace item in the American market. Many brands have come and gone and those that have remained have been able to harness the technology to develop and craft products that resonate with users. In such a competitive market, offering quality and innovation goes very far.

This type of groundbreaking success is indicative of the magnitude of e-cigarettes. While in the beginning people might’ve assumed they were just a trend, time has shown that they are anything but. Because e-cigarettes are able to be marketed under strict terminology, they’re used by smokers effectively as an alternative, and give the absolute for users to have the type of experience they want, plus added benefits like freedom, cost savings, and versatility. This makes them the ultimate modern way to smoke.

International Vapor Group has been a part of this industry since the beginning, and our products are examples of how innovation and high-quality have gone a really long way in this market. All of our brands surpass user expectations, while maintaining a strict devotion to innovation.

Regulation that Makes Sense

E-Cigarette RegulationsThe subject of electronic cigarette regulations is a common topic of discussion, debate, and rumor. While there are endless conflicting opinions, the FDA has been slow to make judgements and formally put most rules into play as there still remains a lack of firm evidence to choose a side. However, as positive as the response has been to these products from the public, and with little evidence to side with those who claim they are fully negative, it is a positive sign that we are beginning to see a rise in regulations that make sense and are in favor of e-cigarette usage. The most recent is coming from Washington State, where lawmakers are imposing a rule requiring electronic cigarette companies to sell their liquids with child-proof caps.

We are definitely in support of this, and are quite pleased. Child safety has long been a concern of the e-cigarette industry, and those on the outside looking in. One of the biggest concerns has always been keeping nicotine e-liquids out of the hands of children, and a rule such as this one aims to keep children safe, while still enabling adult users to have their liquids. It allows for more peace of mind, and less worry over accidents occurring. While nicotine is absolutely safe for inhalation and proper usage by adults, it can be toxic if ingested or harmful if it comes directly in contact with the skin.

Our brand VaporFi is firmly on board with this type of regulation because simply, it makes sense. As we are completely against our products being used by minors and those underage, adding an additional measure to keep children safe and our products out of the hands of those who should not be handling them is a very good thing that can seriously do no harm.

As the industry progresses and we continue to see electronic cigarette products being used more and more regularly, we are happy to see smart, intelligent regulations being implemented alongside. This adds to the credibility of the industry, and adds to the safe use of these innovative, life changing products.

How and Why E-Cigarettes Work

south_beach_smoke_batteriesElectronic cigarettes are considered a very modern option for smokers who want alternatives to the tradition version of smoking. So how and why are they replacing the conventional method? Here’s a look at how they work, and why they’re working so well traditional tobacco is getting overlooked in favor of vapor.

E-cigarettes are electronic devices. Powered by batteries, and rather simple in construction. Batteries come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and power levels, but one way or another, vaping cannot be done without a battery for power. They also contain an atomizer, which is the component responsible for heating up the liquid that holds the nicotine, and vaporizing it into the hit the user takes by puffing on the device. So, there is the device, a component that holds liquid (either a disposable cartridge that comes pre-filled, or a tank that the user fills), an atomizer, and a battery. That’s it, and all it takes for a traditional cigarette to be totally, utterly, replaced by technology without tobacco.

Why they work is simple; the design of this amazingly innovative technology has been perfected over time. Now, having been on the international market for over 10 years, e-cigarettes have seen many incarnations. So many styles and types exist, yet they all basically reel in the same result: nicotine-happy, satisfied vape-smokers.

E-cigarettes recreate the experience of smoking in every way. They satisfy the feeling of heavy smoke in the mouth. The repetitive motion of inhaling, exhaling, and having the hand-to-mouth desire satiated. There is flavor (and lots of it!), and the ability to have the habit in moments of boredom. Vaping is, simply, smoking redefined, reinvented, and revised for the modern smoker.

And with so many different smokers out there, there are now endless varieties to please nearly everyone. As makers of a variety of top brands in the market, we know firsthand. For a look at all of our different brands, check out our e-cigarette brand lineup here!

History of the E-Cigarette

Letter LandscapeIt’s interesting that the e-cigarette is constantly being reinvented, and while it is a very innovative product, it still has a history that can be traced. To learn about the origins of the e-cig, and how we got to the point we are at today keep reading!

The first incarnation of the electronic cigarette was developed in 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert developed the prototype and even had a patent for this product. Understanding the many hazards of tobacco smoking and understanding that with the millions of people who were smokers, it was only a matter of time before all of the health implications became a major, widespread problem. However, at the time, smoking was so en vogue and the harmful effects of cigarettes were not yet widely known, the market was not yet ready for the electronic cigarette. So the concept was filed away, only to be reintroduced some forty years later by a Chinese pharmacist whose father died of lung cancer due to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Han Lik is considered the modern-day inventor of the electronic cigarette.

Seeing a way to bring a positive outcome from these unfortunate circumstances, Han Lik developed a method in which smokers were able to have the same experience as using a traditional cigarette, including holding a similar device, puffing on it, inhaling, exhaling, and essentially receiving nicotine from it, only without the thousands of chemicals and negatives of tobacco.

Han Lik received complete support from the company he was employed with, and with their funding, his vision and design became a reality. It was only a matter of time before the products hit the Chinese market. Once they did, it became immediately clear what a success vapor cigarettes would soon become all over the world. The products’ popularity spread quickly, and before long, people all over Europe were smoking with e-cigarettes, which was a very groundbreaking occurrence as Europeans are quite famous for enjoying the habit of smoking.

By 2007, electronic cigarettes hit the American market, and were met with instant success as well. Now, more than 7 years into their tenure in the US, they are more popular than ever, and so many different varieties have been developed to please smokers of all sorts. To the extent that e-cigarettes have completely offset the tobacco market, and more and more smokers switch to alternative cigarettes all the time. From their past, to the present, this ingenious invention continues to benefit the lives of nicotine connoisseurs everywhere.

Benefits to Diverse Products

southbeachsmokeOne of the reasons we are proud to offer such a wide variety of different brands with different offerings is that having a large selection allows us to reach a very broad customer base. Our four different brands cater to a wide range of customers, everyone from smokers who are looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time to digital cigarette hobbyists and everyone in between; we cater to all who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Understanding that smokers are all unique and seeking a different type of experience, we are pleased to take advantage of the innovation and offer so many various choices for enjoying alternative smoking. Electronic cigarettes are available in so many variables, in so many different styles, with varying options, flavors, nicotine levels, performance choices, and the list goes on!

The one thing most smokers want though, regardless of the type of product is quality. It is a mainstay when it comes to everything we offer, as we know when it comes to satisfaction, lacking quality will not do much for anyone.

Here is a brief look at our 4 different electronic cigarette brands and how they appeal to different customers.

VaporFi: VaporFi is the brand for those who are looking for supreme quality and innovation. Their products for are designed for every type of smoker, from experts to novices. They offer a large selection of everything, including basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers available. Standout features include the largest selection of e-liquids as well as top of the line, affordable mods.

South Beach Smoke: Great for beginners and experienced e-cigarette users who like advanced performance from a 2-piece e-cigarette with cartridge. This brand offers e-cigs and vaporizers, plenty of innovative accessories such as the PowerCig and the Personal Charging Case, plus the same extensive line of custom blended e-liquids as VaporFi.

EverSmoke: Based on the same technology as South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke offers similar e-cigarette products that appeal to smokers who want quality, options, and a great looking product.

NutriCigs: NutriCigs goes further into the realm of innovation, offering the first and only fortified, disposable e-cigarettes.

Diversity matters when it comes to selling electronic cigarettes. Being able to appeal to a small group will get some sales; offering products that are made for everyone cover all ground; and that is exactly what we aim to do!

And the Market Continues to Grow…

main_secondary_banner_our_companyWith the electronic cigarette market heading towards solidifying itself as a $2 billion industry, there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, more smokers continue to switch to the alternative methods of obtaining nicotine, and the number of products available continues to expand as well. While interested smokers may have had a hard time finding products they wanted in the beginning stages of this industry, it’s a completely different landscape now. The number of different products available, styles, types, and models of e-cigarettes is now so diverse, and widely accessible, customers are consistently satisfied with their options, and open to trying new things.

In addition to availability and accessibility, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is also part of the growth. With so many people using them, acceptance has become very much mainstream, and it’s becoming more and more normal to see users vaping in all varieties of places, particularly in public, with a level of comfort and confidence that was not there 4 years ago.

Even with the many e-cigarette regulations that have popped up, as well as others that look to be implemented in the future, users are still content to be vaping, and able to have the same pleasure of nicotine they are used to without the hassles of smoke and tobacco. States such as New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Utah have all instituted some type of e-cigarette ban, including regarding them as traditional cigarettes and banning them from public usage.

After years of debate, speculation, and rumor, recently the FDA announced that it would begin regulating electronic cigarettes in terms of sales to minors and quality assurance in regards to the ingredients contained within the products. It has refrained from halting companies from selling their products online, as well as limiting manufacturers from carrying different e-cigarette flavors, both of which circumstances would be devastating to the market as well as users who enjoy both of these options.

As the market grows, more and more smokers are making the switch to e-smoking. Research continues to be produced, the FDA is making its first moves in regulating the industry in a (so far) positive manner, and almost all parties involved are happy. If you are interested in learning more about top quality e-cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers, have a look at our different brands and catalog of products available; we are thrilled to be a part of this lucrative industry’s growth!

10 Reasons IVG Brands are the Best to Carry in Retail

hero_3brands2d1. Variety; IVG is four different brands targeting four different customers. Target your market right.

2. Quality. Yeah, we are quite adamant about this, however there is a severe lack of quality throughout the e-cigarette market, and we have built all IVG brands around this. There are many gimmicks you can sell, add all the bells and whistles you want, a high quality product is irreplaceable, and electronic cigarette consumers are looking for quality they can trust, depend on, and enjoy.

3. Experience. Our company has been built by innovative minds with more than 100 years of combined experience in business; we know where this industry is going.

4. The right price. While we strive to innovate and manufacture the next big thing, and we pride ourselves on having the very best electronic smoking products in the market, we also understand the importance of keeping our products affordable, both from a consumer and a retailer’s perspective. Quality does not necessarily mean more expensive.

5. Customer service at every level. We are there for our customers 100% and we are there for our business partners and partners in retail ventures 100%. Establishing relationships is very important, and we focus a great deal of attention to those we are in business with.

6. Consistent top reviews. All of our brands have received great praise throughout the industry for excellence in a variety of areas.

7. Consistent innovation. We are never satisfied. We are constantly looking to improve, even when we feel we have executed the best product possible. Innovation is about sensing where things are headed, and what our customers are going to want down the road.

8. Knowing what’s out there, and surpassing. For example, our brand Vapor Zone is all about top of the line Advanced Personal Vaporizers. They were not the first brand creating these by any means, however the market was missing quality, usability, and versatility, and with a keen attention to detail, engineering, and design, the line was developed.

9. Why carry lower-end products that will leave your customers unsatisfied, when you can carry IVG brands that please?

10. We are a pleasure to work with. Our brands are among the most sought after in the market, we offer a very large selection of different types of products, and our brands have achieved a level of popularity that customers recognize.

Working with International Vapor Group for your electronic cigarette retail needs may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We offer a multitude of options, and offer support every step of the way. If you are interested in working with us, contact us to find out more! 

The IVG Difference

imageIn the world of electronic cigarette retail, it may seem as though there are nearly endless brands offering what seem to be the same product. Where we differ amidst the crowd is that our products are different, our technology is different, and there are a multitude of facets to our company that go above and beyond simply retail and selling products.

Top Level Customer Care

The International Vapor Group difference starts with a dedication to innovation, and extends into all the different areas of our company. We pride ourselves on having top customer service, at every level. Whether we are working directly with customers who purchase through our websites to ensure their satisfaction, or are working with our vendors to ensure that all parts of the business relationship are working fluidly and beneficially. Customer service is a major part of what we do, and we understand the human aspect behind the transaction. We are all about that “WOW” factor, and know that it directly relates to better business.

Advancing the Industry

Research and Development is another part of what we do and an essential element to our foundation. We aim not to create what everyone else is offering in the e-cigarette market; our aim is to produce products beyond what others are doing. We want to create what customers are going to want in the future, and we want to create products that surpass current ideas of satisfaction.

Passion, Above All

We are a passionate company, made up of passionate individuals. We are passionate about what we do, and what electronic cigarettes bring to the world. We are passionate about how they have changed the lives of millions of people, for the better. We are passionate about the enjoyment we know our customers receive from using them. We are passionate about the future, where this industry is heading, and we are optimistic about what these products are capable of doing.

International Vapor Group is a company looking to the future, with a solid commitment to expertise. We are not playing catch-up to anyone; instead we are creating the next big thing. If your business views are in line with ours, and you are interested in high quality electronic cigarettes; let’s talk, shall we?

Reasons to Carry Electronic Cigarettes in Your Store

Electronic-cigaretteWhen it comes to product selection, there are a multitude of different things to consider. When taking on a type of product, you have to consider your customers, the popularity of the items, and whether or not they are worth the gamble of the initial investment. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, have you considered adding them to your store? Here is a list of reasons they make excellent additions to retail selections of the right retailers, in the event you are considering them and want further details.

Less People Smoking, More People Vaping.

With cigarette costs always on the rise, and more people consciously aware of taking care of their health, smokers are continuously looking to move beyond tobacco. In seeking out alternatives to traditional cigarettes, millions have turned to e-cigarettes, and with great success.

Cost Differential; E-Cigarettes are Less Costly than Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are drastically less costly than tobacco cigarettes, and it is a very large motivator for those who are sick of spending an arm and a leg on cigarettes. Similar experience, less expensive.

Repeat Sales

Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes create a need for future purchases, so consumers who buy them at your location will be more likely to come back in the future for additional products such as accessories and refill cartridges.


It’s no secret how popular e-cigarettes are. Everyone from Millennials to grandparents, and dozens of celebrities have made the switch because having a smoke-free, tar-free, odor-free alternative to tobacco that offers the same nicotine sensation yet incredible amounts of freedom is very, very good.

Diversifying your selection shows consumers you are keeping up with the evolving markets. Being able to offer products that meet the needs of your customers, and potential customers can increase your sales and create an additional avenue for future revenue. If you feel your store can benefit from high quality e-cigarette products, have a look at the different, top selling, innovative offerings of International Vapor Group’s brands.