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A Look at Our Brands: South Beach Smoke

Screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-9_42_10-AM1Offering three of the top electronic cigarette brands around, here is a look at our first brand: South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offers excellent products, a trendy design scheme, and will appeal to any budget. This line of e-cigs launched to nearly instantaneous success. Soon after launching, starter kits from South Beach were given in the gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, solidifying their presence among Hollywood, and it was pretty much all a go from there.

Customers adore this brand for the options, exquisite, fun flavors, and the powerful throat hit. They love the high-performance SuperMaxTM batteries, and the convenience of the Home Delivery Program. One of the highlights for many is the open communication made available through social media, and the very high level of customer service keeps the customer base both satisfied and excited.

South Beach Smoke was designed with a stylish, yet realistically cigarette-like look. They feature a crystal end piece, which glows with an orange LED light, for an amber effect, similar to a truly lit cigarette. They are available in two battery colors, as well as two battery styles, with two different switch modes.

Starter kits come with a wide range of options, starting with Reusable Express Kits, which are the very basic, necessities-only kits, and the others they go up in price based on accessories, cartridges, and amount of products contained within. They are very well put together, making vaping easily accessible to anyone who is interested.

E-Cigarette accessories are another area South Beach Smoke excels in. They have a wide variety of them, yet not too many products making it hard to decide. On the contrary, this line focuses on convenience and improving the e-smoking experience, and the accessories only add to this. The Personal Charging Case is on the top of many smoker’s list of must-haves, and it allows for outlet-free charging of batteries. The Lanyard, and the PowerCig have also been met with acclaim, and serve the customer to their maximum pleasure!

This brand should be a staple on the shelves of any retailer who wants to carry a high quality product, with great options, and still remains reasonably priced. Check out all that they have to offer today, it may just what your selection needs!