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CDC Study Shows Nonsmokers Are Not into Vapor

CDC Data on E-Cigarette UseYou are probably aware of the long-standing rumor among electronic cigarette critics that claims the popularity of e-cigarettes is promoting the products to the point of re-normalizing smoking, and will be luring in nonsmokers to become tobacco users. Yes, as farfetched as this is, it is an ongoing myth. However, to the benefit of those who are aware of how e-cigarettes are actually used, and to clarify the situation to all the misguided anti-e-cig folks out there, the CDC recently published a study, done by the National Health Interview Study, providing statistics on the electronic cigarette usage habits of smokers and nonsmokers. Suffice it to say, the evidence has completely buried the argument of e-cigarettes being a threat to the nonsmoking community, as well as shedding light on how smokers are using electronic cigarettes.

This study offers the most conclusive evidence, with hard statistics on the habits of smokers, recently quit nonsmokers, and ex-cigarette smokers, and we applaud the CDC for taking such a progressively common sense stance on the matter.

Stats of Note:

  • 12.6% of American adults have tried an e-cigarette at least once
  • 3.7% of American adults use e-cigarette devices regularly, minimally some days.
  • 47% of smokers & 55% of recently-quit former smokers have tried a vapor device at least once
  • 15.9% of smokers & 22% of recently-quit former smokers use e-cigarettes somewhat regularly
  • Less than 0.4% of electronic cigarette users were nonsmokers prior to trying them

*Also noteworthy: the study also found that tobacco users who currently smoke cigarette who had also attempted to quit smoking in the past year were more likely to  use vapor devices in their strategy to quit smoking.

Considering these are statistics taken from a legitimate study, the findings are pretty interesting, right? While there is the slightest hairline of a fraction of a percentage of nonsmokers who have actually been turned on to vaping, this figure is extremely small, and certainly not notable enough to convince anyone that electronic cigarettes are a threat to the non smoking community. The bottom line here is that the vast majority of those using e-cigarettes are doing so to avoid tobacco, and nonsmokers are absolutely not in danger of becoming the next big smoking demographic as a result of vapor products; we are quite pleased the CDC is recognizing this data.  

Common Myths About E-Cig Regulation

E-Cigarette Regulations and MythsRegulation continues to be a hot subject in the e-cigarette community due to the lack of definitive action and acute direction. The media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, focusing on issues of little importance, and not paying attention to definitive facts, leaving the actual, factual reality from reaching the public. Ah, the media. Where would we be without their dramatically entertaining spin on real life? Sure, we’d be bored, but we’d probably be better informed. So, if you find yourself part of the vast majority who are interested in hearing the facts, and want to know the real facts behind e-cigarette regulation, here is a look at common e-cig myths, and the truth that backs them up.

  1. The FDA is trying to ban e-cigarettes.

False. The FDA is not willing to endorse or approve products until there has been a sufficient amount of research behind them. At this time, the FDA has no interest in banning electronic cigarettes, and has begun working with the e-cigarette industry. The ultimate goal is to provide a standard of safety, quality, and assurance that manufacturers can abide by to sell the safest products.

  1. The Gateway Effect.

Yes, a gateway to vapor, freedom, choices, and the ability to have nicotine without the smoke and tar. Not a gateway to tobacco! The myth that e-cigs propel users into a lifetime of traditional smoking, by re-normalizing smoking, is simply wrong. All scientific data on this one point in the opposite direction, with no evidence whatsoever that users start smoking as a result of vaping.

  1. All E-Liquids are Dangerous.

This could not be further from the truth because with so many brands on the market, all products do not fit into the same level of standards. You pay for what you get, and if you purchase liquids off some random guy on the street, who’s wearing a trenchcoat that opens up into a mini-street-corner shop, you can’t expect top quality, as you would with brand-assured products. All IVG brands are committed to quality, and standards of the highest level. We disclose what goes into our liquids, and quality is part of what we do on every level.

When it comes to regulations on e-cigarettes, they’re on the horizon. Fortunately, the FDA is going cautiously, and hopefully everything that regulations cover will be for the best in terms of safety, standards, quality, and benefitting for all parties involved.