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International Vapor Group: Who We Are

Who is International Vapor Group?International Vapor Group has risen to the top of the electronic cigarettes industry over the years. What started when the products were first emerging, has now blossomed into a massive, billion-dollar, thriving market, and like the market itself, this company has evolved right along with it, with every intention of serving the need. So, what makes this company unique, amidst a sea of vapor companies? Everything. Here is a little more about what we do, what our brands stand for, and why we are leading this industry, one cloud of vapor at a time.

Passion for the Product

The possibilities that lie in the technology and innovation of e-cigarettes amaze us, truly. This industry fills us with passion, because we live and breathe the ability to change people’s lives for the better. E-cigs are not merely recreational to us; oh no, quite the contrary. They offer the potential to have a major impact on lives of those who use them, for the better, offering greater convenience, exceptional options for controlling usage, and being extremely versatile. They are game changers in every way.


IVG been rooted to this industry from the start, and we have been a part of the innovation as it has occurred. We know this industry, and we know our customers. We don’t just aim for pleasing; we aim to set the bar and then raise it, because when it comes to innovative tech products, such as our many different e-cigs, you need to be ahead of the curve.

Exercising All Possibilities

As the industry is so new and growing at such a rapid rate, as well as changing every minute, the present time is crucial to the development of the future. We are more than ready to handle the changes ahead, as well as ready to evolve where necessary to continue to assist in the long-term growth of it.

What IVG brands stand for is innovation in a new way, as it pertains to this industry. We ultimately believe fully in our product lines, and what they can do for the positive benefit of our customers. We look forward to forging ahead into the future, into new possibilities, and continuing to advance this sector in every way we can, and for the better.

A Look at E-Cig Innovations

VaporFi Vox One of the most interesting aspects of the electronic cigarette is how many variations exist. For connoisseurs, it’s easy to get heavily involved in devices because they really are just that intriguing. Here is a look at the most common varieties, and how things have changed since the early days of electronic cigarettes when it was all about mimicking traditional cigarettes.

Basic E-Cigs: They are cornerstone of brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. These devices still are a common point of entry into vaping for beginners. They were made to resemble every nuance of a traditional cigarette, and basically recreate the concept of smoking for tobacco smokers who wanted an alternative.

Basic Vaporizers: Because serious vapers were getting more and more into vaping as an art and hobby, the need for evolving products was growing. Basic vaporizers enabled users to have larger batteries, more power, more choices, and allowed users to use and fill their own e-liquids.

Hi-Tech: More innovation lead to even more advanced personal vaporizers. These began to include variable voltage, more control options, customizable options for very personal use, and batteries that could withstand immense usage. VaporFi is loaded with great vaporizer options for every level of vaper.

Rebuildable & Mods: With the vaping population getting further involved in their devices, and knowing every aspect and ability of each spec, users began to build their own devices based on the availability of technology. This lead to solidified vape geeks needing greater technology to match their increasing drive for more powerful, advanced devices. Now, if your concept of vaping includes only e-cigs that simulate traditional cigarettes by looking and feeling the same, these RBA’s and mods will blow your mind! Again, VaporFi is leading the industry in this category, offering streamlined advanced devices, executed with the most up to the minute technology.

As the population has evolved, so have the devices. Being a tech-based industry, the growth has been immense and extremely fast, and we could not be more intrigued with the way things continue to progress forward. Where will the industry be in a year? We don’t know yet, but can’t wait to see!

2015 Trend Forecasting

2015_22014 was a monumental year for electronic cigarettes. We saw the FDA finally address the need for sensible regulations, as the industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. We saw the innovation of products happen at a crazy fast speed, with consumers wanting more and more advanced products. We received plenty of success, watched as Oxford Dictionaries named “Vape” the word of the year, and have seen firsthand how mainstream vaping overall has become. It has been a good year! So what lies ahead in 2015? Here is a look at our predictions, as we have a feeling it will only continue to get more epic!

-More Smokers Switching

As the products get more exciting, and more users are taking to them, there will be even more smokers switching to vapor cigs. With the expanding popularity, more smokers are beginning to feel comfortable and confident switching to e-cigs.

-Better Products

Gotta love innovation, right? Better products will be hitting the market, especially geared towards beginners. Beginners will also be more inclined to start up with more advanced electronic cigarette products because they are becoming so popular.

-More Research

Research has been happening increasingly over the years, and it is definitely continuing. The public wants research. E-cig users want research. Scientists want research. E-Cigarette companies want research. Everyone wants research, and it will be coming. Evidence supports the cause, and it’s exactly what users and businesses want on their side.

-A Bigger Push From Big Tobacco

They aren’t willing to let e-cigs take over without a fight! And with vaping as popular as it is, and their own industry on the decline, they will certainly be inching into the e-cigarette market both by appealing to lobbyists however they can, and also by introducing their own vaporizer type products.

-Vape Shops

Vapor shops will continue to open and receive business, as more people begin vaping there will be a need for brick and mortar options.

Wells Fargo E-Cig Forum

International Vapor GroupLast week, Wells Fargo held their second annual E-Cig Forum, hosted by their senior tobacco analyst, Bonnie Herzog. The goal of the meeting was to gather the industry’s top minds to discuss the current environment as well as the future. While discussions went in every possible direction, the biggest area of concentration among all involved was centered on the innovation of products. International Vapor Group’s Nick Molina was in attendance at this meeting, and brought much insight to the discussions on the present state, and future of the market.

The conference had a greatly positive affect, enabling the industry as a whole to meet, discuss, exchange ideas and focus on the future. Because as much as there is competition in the market, there is still the common ground of innovating for the betterment of the products, which all who are truly passionate about the potential of these products is committed to.

The topic of innovation was very much a focus, as most people in this industry consider electronic cigarettes more along the lines of tech products as opposed to tobacco products. Our CEO made the excellent point that consumers are extremely pleased with using electronic cigarette products, especially for the endless options of flavors, and this is one sector of the market that is not being given enough attention. Tobacco and menthol flavors are obviously popular choices, especially for smokers who first start using e-cigarettes, however more and more users want greater variety. Vape shop owners were in total agreement that long term users’ purchases account for 60-90% of non tobacco and/or menthol e-liquid flavors. “Tank consumers want choice,” Molina said. “They haven’t had that in cigarettes.”

All members across the conference, regardless of which sector of the industry they belong to, agreed that the industry is still in its earliest stages, and there is still a long way to go, especially in the direction of developing products that truly appeal to the widest reach of smokers. The world’s smokers are seeking products that come even closer to the real thing, and they still have not been invented yet despite the immense growth and usage. It is the goal of all in the e-cigarette industry to create the product that will inherently appeal to all smokers in such a way that makes them want to switch. Every manufacturer present at the conference, however, shared optimism that these innovations will come with time.

Puff Counters: Why Users Love Them and Why They’re a Necessity

The VaporFi Pulse mod featuring an LED screen wtih puff count to 999.

The VaporFi Pulse Digital Screen w/ Puff Counter 

One of the most popular features on advanced vaporizers are “puff counters.” And while such a thing may seem to be an unnecessary luxury, in actuality they are not. Many users are actively seeking them out when choosing a device, and here is a look at why.

South Beach Smoke and VaporFi make an extensive variety of different digital vaporizers, and many of them include the “puff count” feature. What this does, basically, is count the puffs the user takes. It can be used in different ways, depending on how the user chooses to, and it can be very useful for those interested in tracking their e-cigarette usage.

How it works:

Most advanced personal vaporizers have a certain limit the puffs cannot exceed, typically 999, and after that it will automatically reset to 0. Continuously pressing the power button will allow you to reset the counter, so this can be done as often as the user wants for the desired level of control.

Why users love it:

Why do you really need to count your puffs? Well, different users have different reasons, and some of them really appreciate the benefits of having the option. Some want to count puffs because they want to control the amount they vape because when an activity is that enjoyable, they can be prone to excessiveness. It gives a certain number to hold a standard to; for instance, 5 puffs may be the limit per vaping session, and being able to see that number allows them to stop while they’re ahead. Others want a puff counter because it allows them to save money by limiting their puffing. Like those who want to control how much they’re vaping out of pleasure, being able to keep track of your puffing from a financial standpoint gives users the ability to track exactly how much they vape, and how much liquid they use, making their cost very evident.

It’s the little details that amount to successful products, and IVG brands are chock full of them. One of the ways we ensure our customers’ satisfaction is through this commitment to creating products that fulfill and make vaping more beneficial. Innovative thinking amounts to more innovative vaping; the premise behind IVG!

IVG Brands: Progressing Further

454642333_640If you’re familiar with International Vapor Group, you know we are always on the cutting edge of the industry; creating new products, and innovating. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are some of the industry’s top examples of advanced electronic cigarette lines, with products that consistently pleased their customers. In line with this adherence to innovation and creative development, we are pleased to offer some of the most advanced vaporizer and e-cigarette devices available.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke was one of the very first brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, and this brand was developed to give smokers a top choice product, with great style, options, and a very simple to use setup. New products are always in development, and currently their options range from the best 2-piece e-cigarettes on the market, with excellent cartridges, to top of the line e-liquids, and a very advanced vaporizer that has brought South Beach Smoke style and performance to those who want a higher performing vaping machine. Be on the lookout for more products such as these, in line with current trends and total South Beach Smoke quality.


VaporFi is the industry’s leading innovator when it comes to top of the line devices. This brand launched and instantly changed the market with a whole line of advanced products made for all levels of vapers, who want the best quality. Custom-blended e-liquids were not even a thought before this brand hit the scene, and customers have raved about the options ever since. As a brand committed to total quality, customers cannot get enough of the ability to have devices that perform how they want them to, without common malfunctions found across most other products of a similar nature. Expect even more advanced products and exciting new designs in the near future; this brand is taking vaping devices to a whole new level; this brand is revolutionizing the industry!

IVG brands represent the future of smoking, and we are proud to be advancing this burgeoning industry. If you are interested in working with passionate innovators and the next level of the electronic cigarette industry, contact us about franchising and wholesale opportunities!

What’s New with Our Brands

hero_newsIf you are wondering what’s going on with our brands, here is a little update on cool new happenings, products, and current news. We love keeping things exciting with each of them, and should you be interested in carrying any of them in your retail selection, keep in mind that we aim to always try new things and stay at the forefront of this industry!

South Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke has been seeing tremendous growth and positive feedback from the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air and the additional line of e-liquids. Customers have been greatly enjoying the many options for different flavor options, and having an advanced vaping device such as the Air, made with the same South Beach Smoke technology and craftsmanship they are accustomed to.

EverSmoke: EverSmoke continues to be one of the top names in the e-cigarette industry, as well as one of the top points of entry for smokers looking to experience electronic smoking in a classy, comfortable, and affordable way. The brand also continues to provide users with an extensive library of information regarding electronic cigarette usage, legislation, and education through it’s innovative learning center.

VaporZone: Vapor Zone continues to blaze trails throughout the e-cigarette industry, gaining widespread praise and new users continuously with their impeccably designed advanced personal vaporizers. By offering exceptionally high-quality machines that appeal to every budget, and constantly coming out with new products that appeal to their ever-growing fan-base, this brand is always on the up-and-up. They recently unveiled a new Pro Starter Kit, featuring a stainless steel vaporizer body and a Platinum clearomizer tank, it’s a step up from the more basic Pro kit. The brand also launched a 3-Pack Sampler for their e-liquids, enabling users to purchase three flavors at once, in 10ml quantities which allow for them to sample more flavors and save some money at the same time.

Always innovating and expanding in new directions, we are all about keeping our brands ahead of the game. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with International Vapor Group, do not hesitate to contact us regarding such.

Why Technology Counts

urlOne of our main points of focus is on technology. In this industry, it’s part of the foundation of the products, and as technology is always improving and advancing, in order to stay on top of things, it is absolutely essential to be ever-innovating.

All International Vapor Group brands have been developed on state of the art technology. Whether it’s on our more basic e-cigarette models, or on our highly advanced different vaporizer models, we aim to surpass all others in the market when it comes to our options and offerings.

South Beach Smoke was our first foray into the world of electronic cigarettes, in the earliest days of the industry. We focused our efforts into perfecting the 2-piece e-cigarette design, producing excellent vapor that smokers could relate to, and creating flavors that pleased overwhelmingly. We knew the importance then, that having products made with high quality, high technology, and were able to please a broad range of customers would lead to lasting results. And due to that philosophy, the brand was able to expand and grow exponentially very quickly. In no time at all, South Beach Smoke became one of the most recognized and sought-after brands in the market.

EverSmoke was our next brand, and we started with the same technology as South Beach Smoke, and expanded the available options to branch out to additional customers. Having implemented already successful technology allowed this brand to grow in new directions for us, reaching customers who were looking for something other than what we offered with South Beach Smoke.

VaporZone heralded in a new age of technology for us, as we wanted to keep in line with the changing tides of the market. VaporZone is a brand heavy on technology, and in it’s design, we set forth to create products that surpass others that are commercially available. As is often the case when new products emerge, the concept is there but not the quality. Knowing the market for advanced vaporizers was expanding, even with a lack of consistent quality, VaporZone was created to target the needs of users who wanted better products with the highest level of technology; and that is exactly what the end result has been.

We take technology very seriously, and we understand how important it is to the e-cigarette industry. Our brands have been founded on it, and it is a testament to where we are headed in the future!

IVG: What We Do

img_illustration_lgInternational Vapor Group makes top quality electronic cigarettes. We are leaders in the industry, designing, manufacturing, producing, distributing, and marketing some of the top names of smokeless cigarettes available. Our extensive variety of products can be found online, as well through brick and mortar retailers around the world. Each of our different brands specializes in innovation, and offering consumers the greatest level of quality and performance available.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of several essential parts, the most important being the battery, which is responsible for supplying power and serving as the “brain” of the devices. They also all contain some variation of an atomizer, which is what vaporizes the liquid nicotine into the vapor hits, a tank, cartridge or cartomizer that holds the liquid, and a mouthpiece made for puffing and inhaling on. And while these are the necessary parts that the majority of all vaping devices use, not all brands create them the same, or with the same level of technology to function at the highest level possible.

Each of our different lines, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, specialize in unique product offerings, while all being based on the same technology. We focus on producing an experience customers are looking for, and with each of these lines, we aim to satisfy the needs and requests of our users.

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative option to traditional cigarettes, without smoke, tobacco, tar, or odor. They also modernize the smoking experience, allowing users the many benefits of reducing waste and simplifying usage with digital accessories as opposed to the mess, fire, and pollution that come with standard tobacco cigarettes.

At the same time, e-cigarettes recreate the experience, eliminating none of the pleasure or sensations, offering users a method that is both familiar and satisfying. While many find there to be an adjustment period when starting out with electronic cigarettes, typically getting used to the devices is not difficult or time consuming. What many are seeking is the same satisfaction they are used to with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to vapor production, throat hit, flavor, and the effects of the nicotine, and our products are made to directly target these goals.

What IVG does is innovate, create, and supply our customers with the very best options available to enjoy electronic smoking. We believe in being ahead of the pack, and that’s the foundation of our business!

Where Innovation Has Taken Us

hero_3brands2dWhen it comes to innovation, it’s at the core of our business. It’s the premise on which we build our products, and how we plan for the future. Each of IVG’s brands are unique in their approach to maintaining an innovative edge, and while we know the importance of staying competitive in this industry, we also know the importance of being ahead. Here is a look at each of our brands, and what they bring to the table and the market. If you’re looking for the most innovative electronic cigarette lines available, look no further!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke launched during the beginning stages of the e-cigarette boom. They were certainly not the first e-cig company in the USA to hit the scene, however they offered comparable technology to what was out there, only with more advanced batteries, accessories, and performance. This lead to further advancements in all of their products, and set the tone for continuous innovation, as well as product developments. 4 years in, South Beach Smoke continues to be the first choice among thousands of users, as well as the first brand many turn to when they begin vaping.


EverSmoke was developed on the same technology and concept as South Beach Smoke, however aimed towards a more mature demographic, as South Beach Smoke tends to be a brand more associated with younger, trendier users. EverSmoke differs in product styling, accessories, and flavors, however the quality and innovation remains the same as their forerunner.


Still in their burgeoning stages, NutriCigs are the world’s first and only fortified electronic cigarettes. Disposable design, with fortified e-liquid, these e-cigarettes offer more than just nicotine; there is a blend designed to promote restfulness, a blend for curbing the appetite, and a blend made to promote boosting one’s energy.


VaporZone has taken the world by storm, receiving rave reviews and countless converts in the less than a year they have been on the market. Offering some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers and mods available, this brand is hotter than hot at the moment. As a unique concept, VaporZone does many things that other brands are nowhere near doing. With their top of the line electronic cigarettes, custom-blended e-liquids, and exceptional retail locations, they have become the top choice among vapers everywhere.

When it comes to innovation, look no further than IVG. We know what we’re doing, and we invite you to come along for the ride; the future is looking very promising!