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South Beach Smoke Takes Over NYC!

1186007_530972736957494_1239624841_nProving they are entirely here to stay, South Beach Smoke has been taking over New York City over the past couple of weeks with our marvelous Mobile Showroom. Hitting up nearly every major street corner, and connecting with several local vapor shops such as Smoke Scene, The Tobacco Store, and the Village Smoke Shop, South Beach Smoke has really made a presence in NYC! It’s been great connecting with fans and making many new ones as they experience the power of vaping South Beach style with free samples and the ability to try our exciting line of flavors! New Yorkers are definitely not known for being a shy community, and these vapers have been taking full advantage of the opportunities to pose for pictures with our products as well!

South Beach Smoke, as you very well may know, was our first brand. They launched to immediate acclaim, winning over fans and Hollywood rather quickly. To this day they remain one of the most visible e-cigarette brands, and have garnered quite the reputation for quality. As the perfect entry-level electronic cigarette for users who are just switching over to vaping, as well as experienced vapers who want the best product they can get in quality and price, South Beach Smoke remains the leading brand among users. With continuous top ratings from industry experts, South Beach Smoke has accrued many thousands of fans.

If you are a retailer, South Beach Smoke is a brand that will make your current e-cigarette or traditional cigarette selection a bit more electrifying. This is a name that resonates with customers, promises quality, and is highly user-friendly. As we continue our expansion into the retail market, we are pleased to be adding new retail partners regularly. We invite you to be a part of the excitement; if you are a retailer, let’s expand together!

International Vapor Group’s Customers 3 brands; 3 customers

hero_3brands2dOur three brands were designed to appeal to three different customer demographics. We understand the importance of appealing to a wide range of customers, and having products that meet the needs of many people is essential to a brand’s success. Our three brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs were designed to meet the needs of three different types of smokers. It’s this conscious planning that has lead to their great success, and being able to satisfy customers in what they want.

South Beach Smoke was designed to be a high quality introduction to e-smoking. They have become the top choice of tens of thousands of smokers, and have earned a great reputation for affordable performance. Those who use South Beach Smoke are often attracted to the trendy looks and popularity, with a large customer base in their 20’s and 30’s. With a presence in popular culture, having been included in MTV Movie Award gift bags, and frequent media mentions has given them easy recognition among many people.

EverSmoke was launched to take the technology implemented in South Beach Smoke even further. This brand became popular with more sophisticated customers, often in their 40’s and 50’s, who were looking for an even higher level of quality, great flavors, more accessory options, with similar functioning to South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke appeals to those who are somewhat older than the South Beach Smoke crowd, yet till want similar sleek looks and higher performance.

NutriCigs were aimed at an even broader scope of customers. Having three distinct types of products, aimed at supporting different needs, they have allowed us to bring our products to even more people, offering great benefits. NutriCigs customers run the gamut in age, and what appeals to these users is having the ability to have  increased energy, an appetite suppressant, or a sleep aid just by using their electronic cigarette. Another benefit is the disposable design, adding convenience to their many benefits.

While our motto says “3 Customers, 3 Brands” it’s really way more than that when it comes to our customer base! We reach out to all smokers, and aim to provide an exceptionally pleasing smoking experience, hoping to satisfy and meet the needs of many.

IVG Partners with F & M Merchant Group

partnershipAdding to our current state of excellence, we are pleased to announce that International Vapor Group has partnered with the front running sales team, F & M Merchant Group. This is of utmost excitement because F&M has been the power behind brands such as Blu during their immediate success as they expanded into the retail markets of supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores.

Having an established team such as F&M’s to navigate IVG’s expansion into an extensive list of retailers across the US is monumental. With more than one million customers currently, IVG is ready to bring their customers the convenience of purchasing locally, as we garner even more attention with the retail presence. While products from South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke are currently offered at select retail locations, the further expansion is expected to increase business because of the reach F&M has throughout the retail market. The combination of International Vapor Group’s level of exemplary products, paired with a dynamic and unique company such as F&M, will be setting the stage for consumers to have top quality products very easily.

This is a strategic partnership gearing up to present both parties with unlimited profitability as the e-cigarette sector grows from a niche market to a wide-reaching, permanent, and influential cigarette subcategory. F&M Merchant group gained extensive recognition in this industry after Blu was purchased by tobacco giant, Lorillard. This lead to a number of companies seeking to partner with them, however they remained quite selective in those they chose to work with. It is a huge honor to have been able to secure this representation.

The characteristics that intrigued F&M about IVG included the high level of quality, as well as the unique advancements and innovation found in all of our products. As a firmly established company, with a wide selection of products that appeal to a wide range of customers, F&M and IVG make ideal partners for expanding further into the electronic cigarette and tobacco markets. To say the least, we are more than ready for what the future brings as a team!

Top Products get Top Ratings

top-ratedInternational Vapor Group products are top rated for a reason. Here is a look at why we are consistently voted number 1 from our customers and top review sites. Our products are excellent, and it shows!

Pricing: Our customers know they are getting a good deal with us! We understand the importance of competitive pricing. We are proud to offer excellent quality, while maintaining a very strict adherence to prices we know more people can afford. We do not believe electronic cigarettes should be categorized as luxury products, nor available only to those who can afford them. While we carry a large range of products, no matter what your budget is, we have something for every budget!

Quality: You can’t get top ratings without it! Great quality is another testament to IVG brands. It’s not something we compromise on, and even though there are products that are less expensive than others in the market, the quality will prove itself. We don’t budge on it!

Customer Service: We pay attention to needs. Outstanding customer service is another area that we excel in. Many brands in the e-cigarette industry forget about this, concentrating only on sales, but we will do everything possible to answer questions, relay information, provide accurate communication, and simply be there for our customers. Above all, we have a never-ending commitment to delight and please with our products.

These staunch commitments have resulted in the happiness of our customers, and excellent reviews from them. Instead of rushing to the retail scene in the beginning, we focused on fine-tuning all the minute details. Slow and steady wins the race every time, and we have built an empire on it. We are now beginning to push strongly into the retail front, but we are still just as selective now as when we started this. We want to work with retailers who are committed to the product, and want the same reputation and steady sales we are looking for. Think you’re a match for us?

How Can Your Business Benefit From E-Cig Sales?

Tips-to-make-your-business-grow-onlineElectronic cigarettes are being grouped in the same market-growth category as energy drinks. What started out as a nice idea, caught on quickly as a fad, and has rapidly moved into a nearly billion-dollar industry. Why? They resolve several needs in consumers and take care of a larger problem, creating an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

So why are they great for business? Because they are rising in sales, and people are wanting them more than ever. Making these products available in your store means you can tap into this business now, rather than waiting for them to be everywhere. Why fall behind when your competitors are probably already on it, anyway?

One of the many positives is that International Vapor Group offers a very inclusive selection of brands, to appeal to a number of different customer profiles. We carry very basic products that beginners and those on a budget will be interested in, as well as higher end starter kit packages that offer every luxurious accessory a smoker could want, all with unwavering dedication to high quality standards. Our selection includes general electronic cigarette disposables, of the one-piece design, and other products specially geared towards those who are just getting interested in using e-cigs. We have just begun to venture into the realm of specialty products with our NutriCigs line, which are the first and only fortified e-cigarettes.

Your business can greatly benefit from working with us because we are leading the industry in innovation, with products made to target a multitude of different customers, and having the logistical know-how to get it done!

Offering your customers top quality electronic cigarettes as well as numerous appealing options as they become acquainted with the vaping will open the door to those who are seeking them. You will also invite current e-smokers who want the option to purchase their products in a brick-n-mortar venue, instead of online. If you currently sell cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are perfect for your inventory, working with International Vapor Group will take your product selection, and customer base a step further.

Hotels Are Now Offering Electronic Cigarettes to Guests

2361376_f520Smoking in your hotel room has long been one of those taboo instances, and most of them are not too fond of guests lighting up indoors. In fact, these days, they aren’t really fond of smokers lighting up anywhere! So it makes perfect sense that they would be thrilled to have smokers using electronic cigs instead, and some cutting edge hotels are even starting to offer them to their guests, instead of selling traditional cigarettes. The Clarendon Hotel, of Phoenix, Arizona was one of the first to sell e-cigs, and their response has been excellent. A happier environment and happier guests is the ultimate aim in the hospitality industry! And accommodating your guests in creative new ways is never a bad thing for your reputation, either!

Hotels are taking this new approach to keep smokers from smoking where they shouldn’t yet still make them happy, to protect their property, and to keep the peace with their nonsmoking clientele. Some hotels even fine people for breaking rules applying to smoking, and this is even a burden. Hotels just don’t want to deal with smoke!

E-cigarettes and hotels go together pretty darn well. Think about it; cigarettes have long been sold in hotels, but since they are increasingly more burdensome, this is just another scenario electronic cigarettes will work better in. Because of the high profit margins, it’s also a lucrative opportunity for hotels because they will offer another avenue of income, all the while giving their guests a healthier option to use instead of cigarettes.

The options of different e-cig products hotels can sell is excellent. E-cigarette starter kits, fortified e-cigarettes, express kits, refill cartridges, and e-cig disposables would all make convenient additions to their products, and having them would give their guests choices instead of straight up restrictions. If you own or manage a hotel, have you considered adding electronic cigarettes to your offerings? Do contact us if you’re up for pleasing all of your guests, smokers included! This is just one of the many situations showing that e-smokes are the perfect medium, giving smokers what they want, nonsmokers what they want, and business owners what they want!


What E-Cigarette Smokers Are Looking For

url-2E-cigarette smokers are an interesting community. They run the gamut, come from all walks of life, live in every part of the world, and encompass every legal age imaginable. You are equally to find college-age people and the elderly happily vaping along!

Just like smokers are everywhere, so are e-smokers. Our customers can be found all over the world, and in every corner of the US. So what do they want? What do they look for in an e-cigarette brand? How do you know how to find and target your customers? We know that our customers, as different as they are, all appreciate many of the same principles. They want variety, high performance, products that delight them, and above all, standards they cannot find anywhere else.

Customers want an e-cig company they can rely on, fo good products and service. Consistency is an extremely important detail, and the level of frustration form people who do not receive it with e-cigarettes can be through the roof! Cigarettes have always been pretty consistent, and with the amount of processing they go through, there is no room for error. As e-cigs are competing with them, they have to be just as good and even better at satisfying the customer.

We know that consumers appreciate communication, and especially exceptional customer service. This is one aspect of business that is not possible to compromise on, because if you do not stand for customer satisfaction, and ensuring that your customers are content, the negative feedback will catch up to you.

They want the very best that’s available, and they want great prices. We know how to take concepts from the “idea” phase to actual product development, which is why we’ve been able to stay ahead of electronic cigarette technology since the early days of this industry. When customers purchase International Vapor Group products, they know they are getting the premier products the industry can offer.

Why International Vapor Group? We are confident in our ability to deliver all of these things! With a time-tested approach to reaching people, and helping them meet their goals, we know what works!

Electronic Cigarettes: Choosing Innovation

url-4Electronic cigarettes are the most innovative product to ever be made for smokers. Not cessation devices, nor methods to assist in quitting smoking like gums and patches, they appeal to smokers because unlike other options in the market, they offer the same nicotine they can find in cigarettes. This creates an experience that is second to none, enabling for the same feeling and sensation cigarettes provide under much cleaner, nontoxic circumstances.

E-cigarettes have been developed with the highest level of technology available. They are unparalleled in what they offer smokers, and the amount of convenience they provide. Smokers who switch are always impressed by how their lives improve and all the little ways they save time, money, and energy. They enable smokers to enjoy their cigarettes wherever, and whenever they so choose, without the hassles of smoke and tobacco.

Nothing is burned when an e-cig is used. No tobacco is used whatsoever in the process, and the vapor that gets produced is safe and utterly harmless. There is no carbon monoxide, no fire, and no tar; making them a healthier alternative and much more comfortable to use around others. You can’t even smell them! The levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes come measured to certain amounts, and can range from 24mg to 0mg, giving smokers a very wide range of choices. Many smokers use nicotine free cartridges, just to enjoy the experience and sensation of vaping, without nicotine.

International Vapor Group offers a very great selection of product choices, offering such innovations as our fortified electronic cigarettes, NutriCigs. The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines of traditional e-cigs give customers many choices to customize their vapor cig experience, as well as options like disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits in varied configurations, and excellent prices. These brands are adored by customers for the high level of quality, the outstanding customer service, and the very appealing price points.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, they are clearly the more modern, more intelligent way to smoke. Traditional cigarettes are being continuously phased out, as more smokers choose innovation instead of the old fashioned method of smoking chemical-laden tobacco. At least when it comes to smoking, the future is looking a lot greener!

Let’s Talk About E-Cigarette Quality

url-2One of the big things missing in the electronic cigarette industry is quality. Most brands place quantity well above quality, and it shows in the final outcome of their product. They also lack when it comes to the technical, logistical development that is imperative to expanding within a very big, always growing industry.

International Vapor Group brands have been carefully developed with the highest level of quality found in the e-cigarette industry. With products that offer users many different options and the ability for them to fit perfectly into their lives, we understand that versatility is what works for people nowadays. With expertise that has been in place since the early days of e-cigarettes, and a very keen eye for detail, we know what our customers want. With so many products available in the market, what makes our products stand out is the deep seated passion for what electronic cigarettes bring to the table, giving smokers a new lease on life.

IVG brands have not been made to generate quick sales; they were made to create lasting customer relationships. Sales are great, of course that is our target, but longterm sales mean more steady business in the long term. Having customers that continuously return for products, cartridge refills, continuous disposables, and accessories, as well as exemplary customer service and quality they truly trust equates to further business, as well as a very good word of mouth referral.

As you can see, we are in this business for the long haul. The passion behind the power of what alternative cigarettes offer is the core of our business, and it leads to continuous growth and a loyal customer base. We are in the business of changing people’s lives for the better, and we thoroughly enjoy pleasing our people. The kinds of retailers we seek to work with understand what kind of products they are selling. They want more than a quick turn around; they want the longterm business of customers who are equally passionate about the quality of their electronic cigarettes. They will also want strong, lasting relationships with companies such as ours, where the benefits are mutually beneficial for the long term! If your business can benefit from having top quality brands such as ours, and you want to carry the very best the electronic cigarette industry has to offer, contact us now!


Why Carry IVG Brands in Your Store?

-1International Vapor Group is proud to have a wide selection of products from three top quality brands. Why would you want our brands in your curated selection? Because our lines are at the very forefront of the industry, and offer a wider variety of options than most others. With three distinct, well-established, and highly visible e-cigarette lines, those who are interested in vaping will be ultimately pleased. Our brands have grown consistently and rapidly over the past few years, and now that our products are available for purchase in stores, this will only continue onward.

South Beach Smoke was the original line of cigarette alternatives from International Vapor Group. Hitting the vapor cigarette industry during its infancy, they made a name quickly among the trendy Hollywood scene as premier among e-cigarette brands. Affordable, convenient, and good looking, these e-cigs continue to receive rave reviews and a loyal following of users.

EverSmoke was the next foray, diversifying the offerings with a line focused on supreme quality, the latest technology, and exceptional levels of vapor. Another brand to achieve success quickly, there many- both industry professionals and e-smokers alike who will say they are the best e-cigarettes around.

Our newest line, NutriCigs offers users a brilliant new concept: fortified electronic cigarettes. They are beyond all other types of alternative cigarettes, providing users with benefits like a sleep aid, an appetite suppressant, and an energy boost all in the convenient and highly absorbable form of the e-cigarette. The proprietary blends consist of all natural ingredients, proven to be effective. How does this work? Using just nanograms of the active ingredients, when carried by vapor the user is able to get the full benefits of the ingredients.

As you can see, we’ve got it all covered when it comes to selection, quality and diversity! It is our highest reaching goal to reach every customer who could benefit from having the highest level of quality in their electronic cigarettes! International Vapor Group wholesale opportunities are here!