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Rep. Duncan Hunter: Vaping in Congress

Rep. Duncan Hunter Vaping in Congress One of the vaping community’s greatest voices, Congressman Duncan Hunter has been a very vocal, very proud proponent of vaping. While legislation looms from all angles of American government, this fine gentleman has been very outspoken on his personal views of promoting the acceptance of vapor, as well as sharing his personal accomplishments that have occurred due to having switched to vaporizers.

In a rather bold move this week, in an attempt to make himself seen and have his voice heard, the California Republican Representative decided to use his vape as a tool of expression, and during a meeting designated to determine the fate of vaping on airplanes, he made it clear how passionate he is about the usefulness of these awesome alternatives to tobacco. He opened his argument with a lusciously bold cloud of vapor, explaining what a vaporizer is and does, and certainly got a lot of attention with his dramatic gesture: “So this is called a vaporizer,” Hunter announced, while at the same time, causing some annoyance as the woman sitting next to him fanned his vapor from her air space. “There’s no combustion, there are no carcinogens … there is no burning, there is nothing noxious about this whatsoever.” While we do agree with him wholeheartedly, this method didn’t achieve the anticipated reaction from fellow lawmakers.

Rep. Hunter’s effort to sway the judgement in his favor, despite putting out all the stops to make a point for the positivity of vaping, was ultimately shot down. Unfortunately, he did not gain the support of his peers in the House, and it looks as though this amendment will be getting a Federal banning in regards to vaping on aircraft. Regardless, we do appreciate his unwavering support for the industry, common sense in regards to vaping, as well as using himself as an example.

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