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CDC, What’s the Deal?

Reporters-and-false-reportsThe CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has never been totally on board with e-cigarettes, though lately they have been on a tear to keep smokers from transitioning. While it is clearly understood that as a major institution for the international health community, they cannot back anything without scientific reasoning, it is rather astounding that they would choose to be so certainly adamant about users not using electronic cigarettes.

Currently, they are negatively targeting the industry by producing negative advertisements and trying to urge people from using these devices by wrongfully associating electronic cigarettes with tobacco products. While to the naïve or those who are not aware, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and even though they work similarly, enabling users to have an alternative nicotine delivery device, these products do not belong in the same category as tobacco cigarettes.

The CDC furthers their misinformation by saying that alternative cigarettes should be avoided because the long-term effectiveness, safety, and results are yet to be seen. And yes, they may not have a long-term evidence to prove anything, positive or negative, simply knowing that they do not contain the thousands of toxic chemicals cigarettes do, and the fact that there is no tobacco, is enough of a reason to use them for most smokers who have switched over.

Any responsible electronic cigarette company in any aspect of this niche market would not promote their product in a way that guarantees safety, cigarette cessation, or any kind of not scientifically backed fact. While the industry is just around a decade old, millions of smokers have turned to e-cigarette’s in an effort to get away from tobacco.

As part of this industry, we feel it is our responsibility to provide unbiased research, information, and electronic cigarette news for those who are interested in knowing more about the products in the industry, how things work, research as it gets published by institutions and about how these products are helping smokers successfully live lives of better quality.

Even without proof and long-term studies and research, the majority of these people who have switched to vapor have done so because they have found a great number of benefits in doing so. And while the CDC continues with these cheap shots and scare tactics, smokers who are aiming for other ways to go about things will continue to turn to smokeless electronic cigarettes as an alternative.


E-cigarettes in Public

1399608977000-e-cigaretteWith the recent talks about electronic cigarette regulations, and more discussion on the products in general, one subject that continues to be approached is whether electronic cigarettes should be used in public. New York City recently implemented a ban on their usage in public places, categorizing them right along with traditional cigarettes, even though they are entirely different. What do you feel on the subject matter?

Obviously users and those in this industry feel they should be able to be used freely, as they are not the same as traditional cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco, and they do not emit smoke. While those on the other side of the argument feel they should not be tolerated in public because they recreate the experience, they do emit something, and because of a lack of testing we do not know if they carry a second hand smoke risk.

While their concerns are definitely worth addressing, electronic cigarettes can be used amidst a crowd and not even produce the faintest hint of an odor. Many people have used them covertly in public without being detected whatsoever, which is an obvious sign that they are not producing something relative of smoke.

Perhaps the most important thing in this debate would be to stress the importance of education. While it is one thing to believe every rumor and spread of propaganda being published, electronic cigarettes only continue to grow in popularity, and users are not experiencing negative affects the way they did with traditional cigarettes. It is extremely important for those who are not aware of what electronic cigarettes really are, what they contain, what they emit, and what their effects are to have a true understanding, and hopefully in time the public will become more aware and educated.

For those who have no true experience with the products, it can be easy to judge them and write them off as no different than cigarettes, however that isn’t the case. For example, traditional cigarettes are filled with not only tobacco, but tobacco that has been treated with a variety of thousands of additives, many of which are toxic. E-cigarettes contain a very small number of ingredients in them, no added toxins, and many companies disclose their formulas.

So, while many are unsure of electronic cigarettes and whether they have a right to be used in public, this decision should be looked at with facts as a basis. They are not traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are cigarette alternatives that produce clouds of vapor, and that is how they should be regarded, whether used in public or private.

For retailers: Understanding the Market

1ZLL_e_cigarettes04If you are a retailer interested in carrying electronic cigarettes, you may be wondering which products would be ideal to sell. When working with a large company such as International Vapor Group, the options are very extensive, and it may be difficult knowing which  specific products to choose. You have to have a general idea of your clientele, and where their interests may lie.

The e-cigarette market is filled with many different types of products, and with millions of people using them, variety is obviously of great importance. Many experienced users are looking for specific products, that do specific things, and work according to their specifications. Beginners tend to be looking for something that works as an alternative to cigarettes, and many want two-piece e-cigarettes that resemble them.

If you carry traditional cigarettes, chances are, your customers are going to be interested in e-cigarettes, generally speaking. If you are going to start implementing e-cigarettes, going with a very recognizable brand like South Beach Smoke is a great idea, as customers can identify with the name and products. Starting off with a selection of starter kits, cartridges and disposables would be ideal. This offers a variety of choices for different budgets, especially catering to beginners to get them started, and hopefully in the future, getting them back to your location for additional products and cartridges.

If you know your clientele consists of experienced e-cigarette users, who want to expand their horizons with a selection of great products, you may consider carrying a variety of our brands, especially our latest, VaporZone. This brand has become the top choice of many vapor smokers, and the advanced products with great performance appeal to many.

If you are wanting to add electronic cigarettes to your retail selection but are not sure where to begin, hopefully this has helped! If you are interested in adding International Vapor Group products to your store, and need further assistance, do contact us; we’d be glad to help!

Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes at the Golden Globes

Globes-Leonardo-DiCaprio-lit-up-electronic-cigarette-his-table-where-he-sat-rest-his-Wolf-Wall-Street-castE-cigarettes have reached a pinnacle of status, and one factor has been very influential to this: Hollywood and celebrities. Want to get your product sold? Make sure it’s being seen in the hands of Hollywood’s favored few. Take a cue from e-cigarettes; they’ve been embraced by the stars from the start.

Nothing solidifies a trend like celebrities. When a star starts doing something that is on the verge of popularity, and it gets photographed, whatever the item may be, it automatically gains attention instantaneously. Such is the case with e-cigarettes. When they first emerged, celebs were among their first users and advocates, and just a few short years later, they are a very hot commodity. This isn’t to say that celebrities are the sole reason why e-cigs are so popular, but it sure doesn’t hurt that so many of them are proud to use them in the public eye, especially in lieu of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Back on January 12, when the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony happened, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were seen indulging in their electronic cigarettes. DiCaprio is one of the e-cigarette movement’s most famous users. He is not only one of the most famous actors in the world, he stands as a generational trendsetter. He has been using electronic cigarettes for quite some time now, having even appeared in a movie using one. During the Golden Globes ceremony, he enjoyed his e-cig, and had no problem displaying it while being photographed.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld and Veep fame didn’t just use her e-cig as a stress relief tool during the awards program; she used it as an impromptu prop, exemplifying her cooler-than-thou status. When cameras focused on her in the audience, she was playfully teased by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for not associating with other big name stars, and Louis-Dreyfus made sure to have her dark shades on while she smoked her e-cig! The move elicited quite the reaction from the audience! Talk about a comedienne who knows her craft!

So as you can see, Hollywood and e-cigarettes are quite intertwined, and it’s more than just a trend. Celebs have long been known for having the bad habit of cigarette smoking, and it’s great to see that pop culture arbiters are choosing the more intelligent way to smoke!

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes the Better Alternative to Tobacco?

e-cigarettes-vs-tobacco-cigarettesFor both users and retailers, electronic cigarettes are becoming the more sensible alternative. They offer a lucrative endeavor for retailers who carry traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, and smokers continue to choose them over cigarettes. Here is a look at why e-cigarettes are the better alternative, whether you are using them or selling them.

For users: Everyone has become overwhelmingly aware over the past century how dangerous cigarettes are. Not only bad for the health and inconvenient to use, they are also exceedingly expensive. For consumers, it was only a matter of time before a legitimate alternative was developed. E-cigarettes have proven to do just that, and smokers have taken to them by the millions. They offer a nearly identical experience as smoking a cigarette, without the vast number of problems associated with cigarettes. There is no tobacco, no tar, no ash, and no smell. They come with or without nicotine, in varying amounts, as well as numerous flavors. Smokers are finding tobacco cigarettes to be immensely old fashioned and wasteful by comparison; saving money, having modern devices, and much more ability to use them simply make e-cigarettes the better choice for smokers.

For retailers: Electronic cigarettes represent the future of smoking enjoyment. Cigarette sales and use have been on the downfall for decades and with e-cigarettes more than picking up the slack, retailers who are on this bandwagon are wise to do so. This is not just merely an emerging market, it’s a quickly expanding market proven to have high growth, as sales reach more than $1 billion. As it has become evident that consumers are happy to switch to these products, and stay with them, it only makes sense that tobacco retailers cater to their needs and expand their businesses further with electronic cigarettes. Consumers want choices; e-cigarettes offer them in mass variety. Why lose sales when they are there to be made?

Eat, Drink, Vape: Why restaurants are allowing e-cigs into the dining scene.

e-cig-restaurantAmong the many reasons to sell electronic cigarettes is that they are becoming increasingly accepted in many public places. As awareness of them grows, so does the amount of public complacency with them. This is a sign that their growth is serious, and the public, whether they smoke or not, are understanding that e-cigarettes are entirely different than traditional cigarettes. In restaurants, diners are finding that e-cigarettes are becoming very acceptable to use, and owners are finding that they are benefitting business in a positive manner.

Not all restaurants have a tolerant policy towards the devices, but many do. As the general acceptance grows, many restaurant managers and owners have seen a trend that allows customers on both sides of the smoking barrier to have a comfortable compromise. As e-cigarettes produce none of the negative qualities associated with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to producing no smoke, no tar, and no smell, nonsmokers cannot detect them at all. Happier customers creates a more comfortable environment, and likely creates return business.

Restaurants that do allow the devices to be used withinin their premises have also experienced increased sales overall, because enabling their clientele to use the devices enables them to stay longer, and therefore spend more. On the contrary to cigarette use, which generally made it more difficult for smokers to smoke in public, having to leave the restaurant to smoke, e-cigarettes allow business to be more accommodating.

And restaurants are not the only venues benefitting from e-cigarettes. The more time passes, the more obvious it becomes that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. More and more smokers are turning to them, and likewise, more businesses are finding an excellent source of revenue in them, even from just making them accessible. Whether you sell e-cigs or not, they are definitely gaining ground exponentially fast and smokers are happy.

The Beauty of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Perfect for Retail

NutricigsEnergyDisposable electronic cigarettes are immensely useful, and for both retailers and consumers, they offer an excellent alternative to standard reusable e-cigarettes.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are similar to standard reusable e-cigarettes in that they work very similarly, however they are able to used right out of the package. They need no charging, filling, or attaching of cartridges, so they are really great impulse purchases.

Many people who are new to e-cigarettes find them to be very convenient, as they enable them to experience electronic smoking without the expense or commitment of purchasing a starter kit. They are the ideal introduction, and at fair prices, customers are typically comfortable giving them a go, regardless of outcome.

While perfect for beginners, disposable electronic cigarettes are also great for experienced users because they offer the same simplicity and convenience to those who are accustomed to reusable e-cigarettes.

International Vapor Group brands offer a selection of disposable e-cigarettes that cover an excellent range of options, making them ideal to carry in stores. Because they are affordable, and offer no-strings-attached kind of commitment, users can feel confident purchasing them to experience electronic smoking.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer disposables in two flavors: menthol and tobacco. They promise the same satisfaction both brands are known for, only in the convenient one-piece unit.

All NutriCigs products are disposable e-cigarettes, and they not only come in a variety of flavors plus nicotine, but each type is geared towards a specific goal, be it having a little more energy, curbing your appetite, or having a little easier time relaxing before bed. They are essentially disposables that do a whole lot more!

If you’re looking to ramp up your tobacco selection, increase your electronic cigarette sales, or just expand your selection to cater to those who want electronic alternatives to tobacco, think about the possibilities of adding disposable e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Vapor Facts: Why Consumers Are Choosing the Alternative

art.e.cigarette.cnnInternational Vapor Group’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed by ehow.com for a feature on electronic cigarettes and the vaping movement. Here are his reasons as to why this industry is seeing such tremendous growth, and why these products are such a hit with consumers. It’s really more than just a craze now!

-With cigarette prices souring to as much as $12-$13 because of taxes, and the cost of is significantly less when vaping. Even when it means putting out between $50-$100 for a starter kit in the beginning, the expenses of vaping are dramatically less than those of smoking traditional cigarettes. “Our cartridges are $2 to $3 each, which is equivalent to a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes,” said Molina.

-Same experience, little hassle. “It gives the same type of sensations as a traditional cigarette and provides the oral fix,” Molina said. Electronic cigarettes have enabled users to have all of the things they love about smoking without the most troublesome: the actual smoke and tobacco. E-cigarettes are made to give the same pleasure, including the overly important need to take care of the hand-to-mouth and oral habits, in addition to the desire for nicotine.

-Peace of mind. Those 4,000 chemicals that get laced into cigarettes and their filters are nowhere to be found within e-cigarettes. They produce no second hand smoke, so they can be used around others, including the elderly and children, without concern over fumes. “In addition, there’s no fire, no tar, no smell and less occurrence of yellowing teeth,” said Molina.

-Greater sense of control. E-cigarettes offer users the ability to choose many options with their products. This often enables them to gradually lessen their nicotine intake, consciously. The choice of flavors and features on products are also there for the choosing, allowing users to get even more comfortable with their e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional cigarettes which offer not even a fraction of the conveniences and options.

There is a lot of discussion happening these days in regards to e-cigarettes, and simply, these products are seeing this ever expanding popularity because they are truly working for smokers who want another option. “A lot of consumers do look to e-cigs as an alternative to quitting smoking with a high level of success,” Molina said. “They are no longer smoking traditional cigarettes. Our motto is: ‘If you can’t quit, switch.’ ”

Best Places to Sell E-Cigarettes

g12c000000000000000e877631ac8738c8df05b654099948b0f981e15ffAny location that carries traditional cigarettes makes an excellent venue for electronic cigarettes. Of course the level of quality is of utmost importance, and if your retail location is looking to broaden the selection of offerings for smokers, or those who have switched to vaping, International Vapor Group offers a wide range of products that appeal to beginners, novices, dabblers and hobbyists. Hotels, bars, liquor stores, gas stations, and convenience stores are all typically known for carrying a selection of cigarettes, and because this industry is expanding, they can help expand your profits. As more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes, these are the perfect products to help pick up the sales that are dropping due to smokers switching.

A simple example of great places to sell e-cigarettes is any location that sells traditional cigarettes. They are also great to carry in locations where traditional cigarettes are not allowed, but catering to smokers who still want the freedom of having their nicotine is possible, such as in the case of bars and hotels. Many locations looking to appease their smoking and nonsmoking customers have taken to selling electronic cigarettes because they are a major benefit to all, in addition to their profitability.

Obvious choices that have been in the e-cigarette game for years include gas stations and convenience stores, as these locations have always been the go-to spots for cigarette sales. It was only fitting that e-cigarettes would fit right into their inventories, right from the start. However one situation that has come to light in recent times is that the majority of gas stations and convenience stores do not carry electronic cigarettes of a higher level; and this is where carrying International Vapor Group products may be in your best interest. Our wholesale opportunities present high profit margins and brands that are recognized for their quality.

If you sell traditional cigarettes, think about selling electronic cigarettes. If you feel that your business can benefit from the sales of smoke-free, tobacco-free cigarette alternatives, consider e-cigarettes as a way of making all of your customers satisfied.

It’s as simple as that! Why lose out on sales, and making your customers happy if you don’t have to?

Liquor Stores: Perfect for Electronic Cigarette Sales.

sbs_express_kits_combinedLiquor stores sell more than just alcohol; they also sell traditional cigarettes, and this alone makes them a perfect candidate for selling electronic cigarettes. If you own a liquor store, or handling the purchasing for one, have you considered the profitability of including electronic cigarettes in your inventory? Not all smokers these days are looking for tobacco, and expanding your selection to cater to the needs of all is always a smart idea.

Liquor stores carry a wide selection of products aimed at the adult clientele, which is precisely the target market for e-cigarettes. As this industry has exploded in popularity and sales, why not make your store available to the movement? Less people start smoking every year, and more smokers are quitting than ever before. Millions have switched to vaping, and offering these products gives your customers an additional benefit to buy from you.

While bigger ticket items such as starter kits may not be the biggest sellers in a liquor store, where patrons are typically going to be spending on liquor, having a selection of disposable e-cigarettes, as well as smaller Express Kits make excellent items for those who tend to buy on impulse.

International Vapor Group brands are ideal in this instance because they cover a lot of ground where selection is concerned. Disposables and Express Kits are solid, economical choices, and avail the products to consumers who are initially looking to try the products. Express Kits from South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer the same great e-cigarettes from these brands, in basic packages that include one battery, one charger, and one cartridge.

The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines have different disposable e-cigarettes, which are highly convenient and available in different flavors. Made as a single unit, each lasts about the length of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and when it’s used through, it gets tossed. They are ready for use straight from the package, and need no set up or charging. The NutriCigs e-cigarettes are similar as they are disposables as well, however they are very much beyond traditional electronic cigarettes. They are infused with all-natural supplements for additional benefits, not just nicotine, and they would be excellent additions to a cigarette inventory.

If your liquor store needs some updating done to the selection of tobacco alternatives, consider adding International Vapor Group products to your selection. Tobacco only goes so far these days, the future of smoking is electronic; our products give you the best the market has to offer!