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How do Vaporizers Work?

How vaporizers workThe market of e-cigarettes has seen tremendous growth, expansion, and evolution in such a short period of time. It has always been such an innovative industry, and coupled with consumers who are equally creative, hands-on, and knowledgable about everything this industry entails, part of the growth has been spurred by these consumers who have assisted in the pioneering and great innovations that have taken place. For example, 5 years ago, mods were items better left to the experts. They were often comprised of different parts, and you really had to know what you were doing to use them properly.

In actuality, this is still the case, however, vapers now have the ability to purchase their items from reputable e-cigarette companies, such as VaporFi, to get exactly what they want, made specifically for vaping, and without needing to explore the world of electrical engineering to get the experience they’re desiring. While true mods, such as the VaporFi Vox II, are still for the most advanced among us, advanced vaporizers have entirely won the hearts of most vapers.

So if you’ve wondered how personal vaporizers work, here is an in-depth look at their inner functions, and how the vaping gets done with these advanced, high-powered personal devices that bring so much satisfaction to the lives of former tobacco smokers. Going beyond basic e-cigs, but expanding on that same technology, these machines are amazing!

There are several essential components within a vaporizer:

-The body or battery, for power and the actual device itself.

-The tank that holds the liquid.

-The atomizer that may or may not be included in the tank that vaporizes the liquid.

-The mouthpiece which the user inhales on.

The battery receives power via charging, and it powers the whole process. When the user puffs on the device, a charge of power is sent to the atomizer, heating it up and allowing it to vaporize the nicotine e-liquid instantly. The user then inhales, exhales, and enjoys the hit, which can vary in size, intensity, complexity, flavor, and consistency. When the liquid is used up, the device gets refilled. Simple, to the point, and entirely satisfying

Advanced vaporizers are just one example of how technology is changing the way everyday things are done with greater functionality, ease, and convenience without sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment. They have added great diversity into this market, and have made users very happy with their more technical, high-powered capabilities.

Puff Counters: Why Users Love Them and Why They’re a Necessity

The VaporFi Pulse mod featuring an LED screen wtih puff count to 999.

The VaporFi Pulse Digital Screen w/ Puff Counter 

One of the most popular features on advanced vaporizers are “puff counters.” And while such a thing may seem to be an unnecessary luxury, in actuality they are not. Many users are actively seeking them out when choosing a device, and here is a look at why.

South Beach Smoke and VaporFi make an extensive variety of different digital vaporizers, and many of them include the “puff count” feature. What this does, basically, is count the puffs the user takes. It can be used in different ways, depending on how the user chooses to, and it can be very useful for those interested in tracking their e-cigarette usage.

How it works:

Most advanced personal vaporizers have a certain limit the puffs cannot exceed, typically 999, and after that it will automatically reset to 0. Continuously pressing the power button will allow you to reset the counter, so this can be done as often as the user wants for the desired level of control.

Why users love it:

Why do you really need to count your puffs? Well, different users have different reasons, and some of them really appreciate the benefits of having the option. Some want to count puffs because they want to control the amount they vape because when an activity is that enjoyable, they can be prone to excessiveness. It gives a certain number to hold a standard to; for instance, 5 puffs may be the limit per vaping session, and being able to see that number allows them to stop while they’re ahead. Others want a puff counter because it allows them to save money by limiting their puffing. Like those who want to control how much they’re vaping out of pleasure, being able to keep track of your puffing from a financial standpoint gives users the ability to track exactly how much they vape, and how much liquid they use, making their cost very evident.

It’s the little details that amount to successful products, and IVG brands are chock full of them. One of the ways we ensure our customers’ satisfaction is through this commitment to creating products that fulfill and make vaping more beneficial. Innovative thinking amounts to more innovative vaping; the premise behind IVG!

What’s Hot Now: Vaporizers

sbs-storm-vaporizersElectronic cigarette vaporizers are getting hotter than ever, as customers are beginning to move away from traditional, more basic models of e-cigarettes to try more advanced options available with vaporizers.

With two of our brands, South Beach smoke and VaporFi, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different products for customers looking for advanced personal vaporizers. Each brand offers distinct products that appeal to a wide range of customers, with much attention paid to performance and style.

The market has changed as electronic cigarette use has evolved over the past few years. Many users are using these products out of pure enjoyment now, showing that while many people started using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they have found the experience to be more than just an alternative to eventually discontinue usage. This has led to further growth of the market as people try new products, experiment with customizable products, and have gotten into the many available customized options there are with mods.

International Vapor Group is proud to be part of the electronic cigarette industry’s growth. Our different brands give customers a very large selection of products to choose from, and have become known as leaders in innovation and quality. For retailers, our products offer innovative options that customers are looking for among the trendiest and most popular types of alternative smoking devices. What stands out about our offerings is that our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and design details, unlike many cheaper versions available.

If you are retailer who’s looking to start carrying electronic cigarette products, especially those along lines of advanced personal vaporizers to tap into this area of high growth, contact us about our opportunities available for retail settings. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are excellent choices for carrying, and both resonate with customers through their visual branding and high-performance products.

A Shift is Occurring: Customers are Choosing Vaporizers over E-Cigs

c700x420We’ve been preparing for it for a while. The trend has been brewing, and time has proven what we felt was going to eventually be evident: e-cigarette customers are now choosing vaporizers and mods over e-cig look-a-likes. While there is still a substantial market for e-cigs, as not everyone is opting for an APV, more and more vapor smokers are taking to the more advanced models.

In the earlier days of the e-cigarette market, having a product that mimicked everything about a traditional cigarette, along with the experience and accompanying nicotine was ideal. Smokers were more inclined to try them, use them and get familiar with them. But after a while, especially for those who really got into using these alternatives, the desire for a more intense, more powerful product took precedence.

This opened the door for manufacturers to develop more advanced products, as it was becoming apparent that users wanted more than basic e-cigs could deliver, and were more than willing to pay for more extreme products that did more than simulate a traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarette connoisseurs have gotten to the point of enjoying the option of controlling every aspect of their devices, being able to use a variety of accessories such as tanks and atomizers. They enjoy having full control over their vaping, including how their vape pen performs and how they can further manipulate its performance to their own choosing. With all of this in mind, we saw the need for expanding in this direction. We saw the need for our brands to offer advanced vaporizers, and to do so with a great attention to detail while focusing on quality. And the result has been exceptional, as both VaporZone and South Beach Smoke have seen excellent growth and success from the sales of their vaporizers, while giving their customers the type of high-performing products they want.

Like any trend or movement, there has to be room for growth, especially as products and people’s needs evolve. Electronic smoking continues to grow in popularity, and users continue to enjoy the many options and conveniences they receive by choosing vapor over smoke.

What’s Hot in the E-Cigarette Market Right Now

variable-tipIn an ever changing market, it can be hard to decipher what customers are using at the moment, and what they are going to want in the future. Right now, in the e-cigarette market, vapers are going in two directions: beginning to use the products, and those who are looking for more advanced products because they enjoy vaping so much.

The electronic cigarette market is loaded with many different types of products. There truly is something for everyone, and something to satisfy every whim, whether the vaper is looking for a novelty type product or something that satisfies long term. Some vapers find one type of product, such as traditional 2-piece e-cigarettes, which work with disposable cartridges, and stick with them for an extended period of time. This style of alternative cigarette became so popular because it fulfills so many needs, feels comfortable to the user, and features a slim design that can go practically anywhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, consumers are very much into very advanced vaping products. People who have gotten into vaping as a hobby typically enjoy trying new things and exploring the many different options around. While some switched to e-cigs as a means of getting away from tobacco, with the intention of eventually halting their vaping as well, some find that they enjoy vaping so much as a hobby they want more and more exciting products.

At the same time, there are many different electronic cigarettes that fall between those categories. Disposable e-cigarettes are one such type, as they offer a similar experience to 2-piece e-cigarettes, however they are used straight from the package, do not need setting up, and they get disposed of when used through.

While there are many very advanced types of vaporizers, there are many that fall into the more basic end, and many consumers love these for their simplicity and ability to offer more power than a standard 2-piece e-cig, but still remain small and easy to use.

Currently, the e-cigarette market is loaded with options and plenty of offerings for anyone who wants to experience vapor smoking. As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, feel free to browse through all of the different offerings from our four different brands, all of which target specific customers.

Reasons VaporZone is the Top E-Cigarette Brand Right Now!

454642333_640Many of the names in the electronic cigarette industry come and go. Some stick around for long periods of time, and others stay simply because they are known, even if their quality is lackluster. VaporZone on the other hand, has become the premier name in e-cigarettes and vaporizers over the past year, and it’s due to having not only exceptional quality, but also great marketing, and being able to offer users the diversity and options they are looking for.

As the electronic cigarette market evolves, so do its users. Many who started out with the basic e-cigarettes, after switching from traditional cigarettes eventually quit using any nicotine products altogether, and others enjoyed the experience so much it has become a hobby and something of great enjoyment and have only sought more advanced products over time. While there are countless different reasons behind using e-cigarettes, and countless different types of users, one thing remains certain and that is what people are looking for is a great experience, enjoyable options, and quality that will not fail them.

VaporZone was developed to tackle these issues, as well as give e-smokers exactly the kind of experience they were looking for, whether they were beginner e-smokers who wanted something that compared well to traditional cigarettes, advanced users who wanted better made hi-tech devices, or those who wanted more options from the market besides low-end e-cigarettes that did not produce enough vapor or flavor.

As their popularity grows, VaporZone continues to win applause across the market from experts and users. Their wide range of flavor options, with the availability of custom blending flavors has garnered a lot of attention, as well as pleased users who enjoy having any flavors they crave. Having a very wide array of products, giving users the option to choose from numerous advanced models that have excellent performance allows them to continuously expand and gain new followers who want the best they can get – and at a great price. E-cig industry experts have given this brand rave reviews for their quality, selection, and unwavering performance.

All of this equates to one thing: VaporZone knows exactly what they are doing, exactly what this market needs, and exactly what it takes to be the best electronic cigarette brand out there!