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The Future of E-Cigs: The Greatest Influencing Factors

the future of electronic cigarettesAs it is quite obvious the electronic cigarette industry has seen such growth so quickly over the past five years that projections place this sector to be a $10 billion industry by the year 2017. Many experts predict e-cigarettes to be the future of smoking and with the surging popularity, we are certain of it. Here is a list of the five factors that will be affecting the industry the strongest.

1. FDA Input
The FDA holds a tremendous amount of control over products on the market designed for human consumption, and having government input over legislative decisions add further credibility to the industry. While the first regulations the FDA instituted classified the devices as tobacco cigarettes and following regulations were set to control who purchases the products, the next round will include regulating production standards.

2. Industry Red Tape
There’s much concern throughout the e-cigarette community regarding unnecessary and unfair regulations. For instance, there has been talk that the FDA is looking into restricting the sale of e-liquid, which could entail limiting flavor availability. Fortunately this will most likely not come to fruition, however it has been discussed numerous times.

3. Public Vaping Bans
One of the biggest debates regarding e-cigarettes is public usage. Because of the lack of  education  on the products, many people are concerned about exposure to secondhand vapor. This has led to bans in certain places restricting usage of electronic cigarette devices. The antidote to this is education, and hopefully as time passes, more people will be understanding and knowledgeable about vaping, and they will no longer associate these products with traditional tobacco.

4. Public Opinion
Educating the public on electronic cigarettes is paramount. Stigma around tobacco cigarettes is well-deserved, however vapor cigarettes need to be distinguished as different.

5. Marketing
Marketing will be one of the most influential factors on electronic cigarette sales in the coming years. How a product is marketed can make or break it success and manufacturers have to abide by strict rules on terminology when marketing, particularly in regards to content on the Internet.

2015 Trend Forecasting

2015_22014 was a monumental year for electronic cigarettes. We saw the FDA finally address the need for sensible regulations, as the industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. We saw the innovation of products happen at a crazy fast speed, with consumers wanting more and more advanced products. We received plenty of success, watched as Oxford Dictionaries named “Vape” the word of the year, and have seen firsthand how mainstream vaping overall has become. It has been a good year! So what lies ahead in 2015? Here is a look at our predictions, as we have a feeling it will only continue to get more epic!

-More Smokers Switching

As the products get more exciting, and more users are taking to them, there will be even more smokers switching to vapor cigs. With the expanding popularity, more smokers are beginning to feel comfortable and confident switching to e-cigs.

-Better Products

Gotta love innovation, right? Better products will be hitting the market, especially geared towards beginners. Beginners will also be more inclined to start up with more advanced electronic cigarette products because they are becoming so popular.

-More Research

Research has been happening increasingly over the years, and it is definitely continuing. The public wants research. E-cig users want research. Scientists want research. E-Cigarette companies want research. Everyone wants research, and it will be coming. Evidence supports the cause, and it’s exactly what users and businesses want on their side.

-A Bigger Push From Big Tobacco

They aren’t willing to let e-cigs take over without a fight! And with vaping as popular as it is, and their own industry on the decline, they will certainly be inching into the e-cigarette market both by appealing to lobbyists however they can, and also by introducing their own vaporizer type products.

-Vape Shops

Vapor shops will continue to open and receive business, as more people begin vaping there will be a need for brick and mortar options.