Rising E-Cigs Sales Are High Profit Margins for Retailers

IMG_00304 years ago, electronic cigarettes were first getting attention in the US. They were reaching the mainstream, and smokers were definitely interested. Fast-forward to now, smokers are switching over all the time, and most smokers are very much aware of them, according to the latest stats. Smokers are seeking them out, and they want high quality products. E-cigarettes present retailers with products from a quickly expanding industry that is very promising, both in what they do, and the profits they are generating.

Electronic cigarettes have been available readily for sale online, but there are is an even greater market waiting to be tapped into with retail. Yes, they have been also available in smaller numbers, from a limited selection of brands in the brick-and-mortar arena, but the majority of these brands have acclaimed a reputation for lacking quality, service, options, and overall products.

E-cigarettes are a great idea for retailers, and even more so with companies like International Vapor Group, where the offerings cover a multitude of target customers, and the products cover a broad range to please everyone. Our products have very high profit margins, and we are all about residual income. IVG’s Wholesale Program can be fit to service any size relationship, with order sizes starting at $1000. Our pricing is highly competitive, and depending on the volume of the order, the markups can be as high as 400%. Our products are made to generate sales, and to encourage future sales. One of the best points of working with IVG products is that we are a hands-on company, and want to drive your sales, and drive your customers back for repeat sales.

Why should retailers consider adding electronic cigs to their inventories? Because now is the time! The sales of electronic cigarettes continue to rise, and they allow for very high, very attractive margins for those who carry them in their stores.