Reasons to Carry Electronic Cigarettes in Your Store

Electronic-cigaretteWhen it comes to product selection, there are a multitude of different things to consider. When taking on a type of product, you have to consider your customers, the popularity of the items, and whether or not they are worth the gamble of the initial investment. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, have you considered adding them to your store? Here is a list of reasons they make excellent additions to retail selections of the right retailers, in the event you are considering them and want further details.

Less People Smoking, More People Vaping.

With cigarette costs always on the rise, and more people consciously aware of taking care of their health, smokers are continuously looking to move beyond tobacco. In seeking out alternatives to traditional cigarettes, millions have turned to e-cigarettes, and with great success.

Cost Differential; E-Cigarettes are Less Costly than Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are drastically less costly than tobacco cigarettes, and it is a very large motivator for those who are sick of spending an arm and a leg on cigarettes. Similar experience, less expensive.

Repeat Sales

Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes create a need for future purchases, so consumers who buy them at your location will be more likely to come back in the future for additional products such as accessories and refill cartridges.


It’s no secret how popular e-cigarettes are. Everyone from Millennials to grandparents, and dozens of celebrities have made the switch because having a smoke-free, tar-free, odor-free alternative to tobacco that offers the same nicotine sensation yet incredible amounts of freedom is very, very good.

Diversifying your selection shows consumers you are keeping up with the evolving markets. Being able to offer products that meet the needs of your customers, and potential customers can increase your sales and create an additional avenue for future revenue. If you feel your store can benefit from high quality e-cigarette products, have a look at the different, top selling, innovative offerings of International Vapor Group’s brands.